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Battle Beast - Touch In The Night Lyrics
Can you help me? I wanna feel your touch in the night Unpure is my dark delight. What a lustful sight before these eyes Oh, darling I'm gonna feel the wrath of the king
Blake Lewis Lyrics - Your Touch
So hold me, and feel me I've been waiting for your touch Your beauty consumes me I never loved someone so much And now I'm lost in your sweet surrender
Anastacia - I Can Feel You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can Feel You' by Anastacia. Yeah / Tell me what have you done to me, oh / How come your eyes feel like your hands on me? / (Am I under some magic
Feel Your Touch Lyrics - Cee & Bekah
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Feel Your Touch" from "Cee & Bekah": I know you want me baby, You know I want you too, I wanna be your lady, I wanna be with ...
KATHARINE MCPHEE - Touch Me lyrics - Directlyrics
KATHARINE MCPHEE - Touch Me lyrics. ... I wanna go somewhere where we can be alone Touch me (touch me) I wanna feel it on my body ... Silenced By The Night lyrics ...
Color Me Badd - Your Touch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Touch' by Color Me Badd. ... Just to hold you at night, yeah. There is no star out of my reach ... Your touch, your touch. I feel you now, ...
Ann Marie Lyrics - Feel Me
Lyrics to "Feel Me" song by Ann Marie: The way we touch, can't get enough I swear it feels like heaven When we making love Caressing my bod...
Krewella - Feel Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feel Me' by Krewella. Can't control it, ... like the music in my brain. You feel me— I feel you ... And your touch is like the only thing that I will ...
No Mercy Lyrics - Kiss You All Over
You can see it in my eyes I can feel it in your touch ... I wanna kiss you all over Till the night closes in ... No one else can ever make me feel the way you do
George Strait Lyrics - Desperately
Desperately, I long to feel your touch But you left me all alone in love And now I ... I feel a night in the breeze I keep on tellin' myself I don't need nobody else
Sarah Geronimo - Felt So Right lyrics
I want to feel your embrace And have a chance to touch your face ... became mine in just one night When you held me tight Oooh ... I can feel your arms enfolding me ...
Cassie Lyrics - Miss Your Touch
Lyrics to "Miss Your Touch" song by Cassie: I don't know why you go cos I miss your touch at night You are the reason why sometimes I can...
Samantha Fox - Touch Me (i Want Your Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touch Me (i Want Your Body' by Samantha Fox. Ahh, touch me / (This is the night) / Ahh, touch me / I want to feel your body / Full moon in the city /
Baccara - Touch Me Lyrics
Touch Me Lyrics Baccara. Touch Me ... so come on boy and touch me, give a little love and feel me, my love for you is true, ... whatever happens to, this is the night ...
Ace Of Base Lyrics - Hear Me Calling
Can you reach me can you touch me Can you hear me calling in the night My love's so strong I can't get it right ... Can you feel my longing through the night
Sarah Connor Lyrics - Touch
Lyrics to "Touch" song by Sarah Connor: Touch Need your hands on me So we can Touch I need your lips on me So we can Touch Boy lic...
The Guess Who Lyrics - When You Touch Me
Lyrics to "When You Touch Me" song by The Guess Who: Projections under your black rims will hide you from the sun And conscience keep you from the fact a...
Sean Kingston Lyrics - I Can Feel It
When me look in your eyes fo' sho' (can you feel it?) Me haffi make you mine lets go ... (can you feel it?) Me ah go' have you when the night ova (oh lord) [verse 1]
Rui Da Silva - Touch Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touch Me' by Rui Da Silva. Touch me in the morning and last thing at night / Keep my body warm baby, you know it feels right / Take it a little
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night Lyrics
Touch in the night It feels like heaven Touch in the night So lucky in love. Tonight I feel, I feel for you Tonight I call, I'm calling your name Tonight I feel, I ...
Cascada - Everytime We Touch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everytime We Touch' by Cascada. I still hear your voice / When you sleep next to me. / I still feel your touch / in my dreams. / Forgive me my
Survivor Lyrics - I Can't Hold Back
Can you feel me tremble when we touch Can you feel the hand of fate ... And in the night the silence ... I can't hold back Your voice explodes
Soundgarden Lyrics - Touch Me
Lyrics to "Touch Me" song by Soundgarden: In the night In the city Alone in my room Oh, wall to wall Touch me, can you feel it Touch me, it f...
The Outfield - Take Me Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Me Home ... Take me home and we can dance all night Shake me, baby, make me feel ... Take me home and we can dance all night. When I touch you set my ...
Samantha Fox - Touch Me lyrics
Touch Me lyrics by Samantha Fox: (m. Shreeve/j. Astrop/pq harris) ... (this is the night) Touch me, touch me I want to feel your body Your heart beat next to mine
Beth Orton Lyrics - Touch Me With Your Love
Lyrics to "Touch Me With Your Love" song by Beth Orton: I dreamed of you last night You had a different face ... Can you touch me with your love? Would I feel it if I ...
Natalie Cole Lyrics - Touch Me
(touch me, touch me, touch me) Ooh, uhm, I can feel the sun in my eyes And I don't ever come alive until you ... (when you did it last night) Touch me, touch me, baby ...
Rainbow - All Night Long lyrics
All Night Long lyrics by Rainbow: (Blackmore/Glover) ... The way you smile lets me know I can't go wrong I wanna touch you, wanna feel you I wanna make you mine
Natalie Lyrics - Going Crazy
Lyrics to "Going Crazy" song by ... when I get your phone call at night But I'd rather have you here with me, ... let you know I feel so weak without your touch
George Strait - Desperately Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Desperately' by George Strait. Every night it's the same / I hear you callin' my name / You're lyin' next to me / I ... Desperately, I long to feel your touch
Air Supply Lyrics - I Can't Let Go
Lyrics to "I Can't Let Go" song by Air Supply: ... I can feel your loving touch inside me ... Every day and every night I never thought your love could feel so right
Critically Injured - To Feel Your Touch lyrics ...
To Feel Your Touch lyrics by Critically Injured: Verse: Everyday your on my mind / Cause what I feel for you is hard to find / But if she
Smash Cast Lyrics - Touch Me
Lyrics to "Touch Me" song by Smash Cast: Look at me baby Tell me, tell me what you see? (oh wow) Wanna watch baby like a like a movie screen...
Prince - Feel U Up Lyrics
Let me touch your body baby Let me feel U up Come on baby, come on ... Let me feel U up. I ain't looking 4 a 1 night stand I only wanna feel U up
And I can feel your presence here with me ... Caught up in the wonder of your touch ... O Holy Night: 25. On My Way to You: 26. Send Me: 27.
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