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Nathaniel Bassey - Hallelujah Challenge Praise Medley ...
Sing hallelujah amen. Your name is a strong tower, Jesus. To You belong all power, Jesus. Whenever I call Your name, You make a way. Your name is a strong tower, Jesus, way maker. Your name is a way maker, Jesus. To You belong all power, Jesus. Whenever I call Your name, You make a way. Your name is a way maker, Jesus.
George Jones - Well It's All Right Lyrics
Well it's all right, it's all right. Long as I've got my Lord beside me, well, it's all right. Long as I've got his hand to hold, long as he's a watchin' over mysoul. Long as everything's in his control, well, it's all right. Well, David said, it's all right. When the Goliath mocked him then he challenged him to a fight.
Nathaniel Bassey - Olorun Agbaye - You Are Mighty Lyrics ...
Nathaniel Bassey shared about "Olorun Agbaye – You Are Mighty", "Shouldn't I release Hope, Faith and Love at a time we need them the most? The children of Israel asked why they should sing the Lord's song in a strange land. Well, I've decided that we would release sounds of heaven to a dark world groaning for the manifestation of The Sons of God.
INCANTATION LYRICS - "The Infernal Storm" (2000) album
Before the mighty and ineffable Master of the darkness Usher in the storms that vex Your sulfurous hail of disobedience Transgresses the will of our grand foe Bent on bloodshed, revenge and destruction Spurn all past allegiance Curse and reject the law with abhorrence Before the mighty and ineffable Master of the darkness Bring forth his ...
DRAGONLAND LYRICS - "Under The Grey Banner" (2011) album
The hero-king Dûrnir challenged the very Gods by stealing the secret of fire from their greedy clutches. Such was the fury of the Gods that the Dwarves dared not venture out from their caves and tunnels for a thousand years, and fueled by the might of fire, they dug ever deeper, into the very roots of the earth.
The mighty flea Ask if I'm a mouse or man The mirror squeaked, away I ran He'll murder me In time for his tea Does it bother me at all? My rival is Neanderthal, it makes me think Perhaps I need a drink IQ is no problem here We won't be playing Scrabble for her hand I fear I need that beer (refrain) Seven days will quickly go The fact remains, I ...
DESASTER LYRICS - "The Oath Of An Iron Ritual" (2016) album
My words will not be challenged By the sinners in this maze Mighty father speak through me Make 'em believe, just let 'em see Sodomize, rape, enslave, oppress, steal, betray, command The Cleric's Arcanum Let the children come to me, for I am the deputy Cum inside, your choice is wise Feel free to make me please I cleance your Soul and feast ...
BEHEMOTH LYRICS - "The Apostasy" (2007) album
By the mighty chant ov every breath In serpentine dance ov blood cells In simplicity ov spells Divine names, meta-games I greet Thy presence Oh Snake! Thou art God! Coiled underneath my throne With Thee I reunite With blood we make this covenant Myself I redefine Look in and above: There is more than the flesh Look careful and Thou may see
Williams's own style slowly evolved as he struggled to find his own voice and place within the country music industry. This trend was interrupted by a near-fatal fall off the side of Ajax Peak in Montana on August 8, 1975. After an extended recovery, he challenged the country music establishment with a blend of country, rock, and blues.
LAWNMOWER DETH LYRICS - "Ooh Crikey... It's Lawnmower Deth ...
Crowley once challenged Ray to a game Losing your soul was the paying stake, Crowley used garlic, brightstone and fire, 'Cos fucking Ray Reardon is a vampire. Ray Reardon, Ray Reardon, We are all doomed Spook, Pery, Snooker Hall Referee, come clean the white, Dracula he makes a bite. 2. Betty Ford's Clinic It's that time of year, It's time to ...
Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason Lyrics
That their nation's heart is bleeding. But I, as a child who plays for fun. With his eye up to the barrel of a gun. Watch the fools believe, as one. In this unrepentant age of unreason. Now that darkness has begun. We decree the pen more mighty than the gun. While the fools believe, as one. In this unrepentant age of unreason.
DEMONIC RESURRECTION LYRICS - "Dashavatar" (2017) album
Enraged Hiranyaksha challenged the beast, with his mighty roar. The boar kept rising while the asura gave chase, Vishnu did succeed in keeping her safe. Blessed Bhoomidevi and he turned to face, Asura versus god, a war they did wage. As the hour of twilight draw near, Brahma spoke to the boar. Slay him before it’s too late.
RHAPSODY LYRICS - "The Dark Secret" (2004) EP
OF THEIR MIGHTY FALL WHEN YOU HEAR THUNDER'S MIGHTY ROAR May the scars use their cosmic energy So the violence will never prevail You will know the day Of their mighty fall When you hear mighty's thunder roar 3. Guardians Of Destiny Iras led his four new friends to the mountain of Erinor the only passage known to men in the plains of the darklands
RAISING FEAR LYRICS - "Mythos" (2005) album
And challenged the Gods. Hrungnir was its name and he had a heart of stone. He came with its giant mate Mekkur Kalvi of clay. Yet the hero of Asgardh with fearless wrath. With the Hammer in hand ready to strike. Tore them apiece with a mighty blow. Still heavens rejoice of his victory. [Chorus] 2.
PELLEK LYRICS - "Ocean Of Opportunity" (2013) album
And we challenged the Sea of Okhotsk Volcanoes and Japanese docks Temples and a kind monk who shared his tea With a freezing Norwegian from the sea We crossed the Pacific in a brigantine, Heard the island tern's soft scream The lighthouse at God's Pocket, sea stars and seals – Orca whales in the gleam Shining down through junipers and silver ...
KMFDM - Intro Lyrics
The mighty swine He loves manchego and a bottle of wine Also known as raymond watts He screams out his lungs while his brain slowly rots The one and only The great steve white His morals are loose but his shirts are tight Challenged by few Rivaled by none He's alow down dirty son of a gun This is the biscuit's crux Solid rock against the flux
REBELLION LYRICS - "Miklagard - The History Of The Vikings ...
A mighty kingdom to last for many a day 7. Kiew As Rurik fought in Novgorod Askod and Dyr they went on To build a town on Dnepr's banks To rise mighty and strong Look out friends there she lies In the days fading light The mighty city of the Rus In all her beauty and pride [Chorus:] Rising mighty and tall The castle guarding your walls On Dnepr ...
IRON SAVIOR LYRICS - "Battering Ram" (2004) album
the mighty storm is setting in rise - and lift me up to where the thunder rolls static in the air charging everywhere ready to ignite ... we challenged creation the arrogance died atomic thunder was burning the sky seems as we're lost in the twilight of decay unbent we'll break the chains
KATAKLYSM LYRICS - "Temple Of Knowledge" (1996) album
album: "Temple Of Knowledge" (1996) 1. The Unholy Signature. 2. Beckoning Of The Xul. 3. Point Of Evanescence. 4. Fathers From The Suns.
ARTILLERY LYRICS - "Terror Squad" (1987) album
We challenged nature - we made it fall instead of rise Our mighty empire - is surely built on sinkin' ground A hopeless challenge - we're on our knees Time's getting nearer We thought we were wise but we cannot survive on this earth Innocent dreams turned to nightmare Palace of glass, turned to dust Day turned to night, don't you care
ReinXeed - Challenge The Storm Lyrics
Wind blows, the sirens calls out in a mighty roar As we sail into the ocean This maiden of steel will put us in motion Set me free so far away on this black hearted sea Rise to the sky, in heaven we belong We know what's been told, together we are strong We are on the biggest ship of history Light's out, the night closes in Warnings have made ...
Black Sabbath - Born Again Lyrics
Can you feel the mighty wall of power. It's waiting waiting in the glow. The distant shadows of forgotten champions. Those who live in me still. And will rise when we challenge and kill. Born again. You'll be born again. Look at this prince of evil. Fighting for your mind.
Sinach - I Fly Lyrics
With the strength of God in me. I mount up with wings as Eagle. I fly, I fly. Mountains may rise around me. Trails may come. I will not be moved I have blessed assurance. Whatever may come my way. Your Word is my anchor. You are light.
Bizzy Bone - Godzilla Challenge Lyrics
Wit uh manimal minimum. In am all of it all of em. When I'm mauling I'm haulin em. At the bottom I'm calling em. An when we ballin' they stalling em. The beginning I been gettin it. Taking it to the ceilin. I been kiling em'. And wheeling-n-dealing.
IRON SAVIOR LYRICS - "Megatropolis" (2007) album
Get on your mighty steed You are sheer invincible A bringer of defeat Savior of the universe Protected by the force Fighting 'til the end Without remorse ... We challenged the creation In the hope to reveal The secrets of the maker When the ancient broke the seal Immortal we are suffering For opening the locks
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Born Again" (1983) album
Can you feel the mighty wall of power It's waiting waiting in the glow The distant shadows of forgotten champions Those who live in me still And will rise when we challenge and kill Born again You'll be born again Look at this prince of evil Fighting for your mind Fighting all priests of shame For the thrust of my challenge is aimed
Dethklok - Some Time Ago... Lyrics
If you hack all them into pieces with your mighty shredding axe. then we will forever from this moment on be a four piece and you will be the only guitarist of DETHKLOK. [SKWISGAAR] Alright. [Skwisgaar begins playing. The auditioning guitarist don’t even get a chance to play. They shoot through the roof, blow up, get sucked out of the window.
Notes from Mr. Sandman: The Analog Brothers
Introducing ‘Notes from Mr. Sandman‘ – a column slapping a spotlight on lyricists overlooked, under appreciated, or just plain criminally slept on. Or like a man named Nas once said, “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.”Enter Mr. Sandman with what y’all missed while chasing the REM dragon; Photo: The Analog Brothers
I feel challenged by nothing. Watch karma devour its prey. This time I'll do it my own way. And plain fuck all those who oppose me. I am the arsonist and architect a contradiction. A revelation. Self loathing is one thing that I know all too well. I see the pig inside us all and it makes me fuckin sick.
EARTHGANG - This Side Lyrics
EARTHGANG Lyrics. "This Side". [Olu:] I pray for all my Niggas and Niggets and Non Niggas and Non Niggets. Things change, people change, love grows, come and goes, sometimes I get overwhelmed. Diving in over my head. Put my life on line for sell, put that wish up on a star. Put that money on my self.
SPAWN OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Cabinet" (2003) album
A mighty demon horde, on wings That brought them through the storms Was no of this earth Still it was not flesh they craved The smell of human souls Made them rage upon this world 3. Hidden In Flesh Septic spirit establish birth Gruesom and enormous pain it will inflict Convulsion the breeding of a Demon reached its final stage of tormentation
ReinXeed - Farewell Lyrics
ReinXeed "Farewell": On a cold dark winter night When the moon light owns the night A mighty steamer born on Ireland Came...
Hezekiah Walker - I Need You To Survive Lyrics
I need you to survive. I won't harm you. With words from my mouth. I love you. I need you to survive. [Repeat until director's signals for next part] [Sopranos:] It is his will that every need be supplied. You are important to me.
Eidola - Dendrochronology Lyrics
As the path intwined grows cold and dim. Inside the labyrinth of the mind. Take a step back. Breathe in the golden air and let your notions go. Tracing lineage through the wrists of kings. To find room to expand on how we came to be. A history through the rings of trees. Now I've heard you need a savior.
RHAPSODY OF FIRE LYRICS - "From Chaos To Eternity" (2011 ...
Mighty Earthquake, invincible thunder Now unleash your utmost power Lift the wings, the wings of our angels In this new and horrific war Send the North wind to freeze Any fear in our hearts Finally allied for an angel who spoke Against the unborn March from the corners of the Earth
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