I dont know where im heading but i am heading for the light lyrics

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Metro Station - I Don't Know You Lyrics
Lyrics to "I Don't Know You" song by Metro Station: Light another cigarette Burn it down to forget Heading down the ave in a cab I’m on my way Just ano...
Metro Station - I Don't Know You Lyrics
I'm on my way Just another walk of shame I don't even know her name Everything is fun when you're wrong But I am starting to change This is it It's going down Like we're stuck in a cage And now want out Take a look at your cell And scream and shout I don't even know you It feels like I'm supposed to How'd you get this way?
Frank Turner - 1933 Lyrics
Outside it's 1933 so I'm hitting the bar But I don't know what's going on anymore The world outside is burning with a brand new light But it isn't one that makes me feel warm Don't go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn Don't go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn If I was of the greatest generation I'd be pissed
Hey Monday - Run, Don't Walk Lyrics
I'm lost, I'm lost with you I don't care where we are, or where we're heading to But I know I'm lost, I'm lost with you, with you For the record, when I'm with you Things are looking better For once everything is brighter Than the darkness before you Run don't walk the sky is falling through Don't talk, tonight I'm so confused I'm lost, I'm ...
Lene Marlin - Where I'm Headed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where I'm Headed' by Lene Marlin. Pass by, don't dare to stop / Pass by, don't dare to stop / Got a suitcase in my hand / Filled with stuff most
Matchbox 20 - I'm Not Crazy Lyrics
I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell but stay awhile and maybe then you'll see a different side of me I'm not crazy I'm just a little impaired I know right now you don't care but soon enough you're gonna think of me and how I used to be. hey how i used to be how i used to be yeah I'm just a little unwell. how i ...
Natasha Bedingfield - Weightless Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weightless' by Natasha Bedingfield. I have to keep reminding myself / I'm not like anyone else / That's my face on my ID / That makes me V.I.P. / No
Macklemore - Downtown Lyrics
I'm stunting on everybody, hella raw, pass the Wasabi I'm so low that my scrotum's almost dragging up on the concrete My seat is leather, alright, I'm lying, it's pleather But girl, we could still ride together, oh You don't need an Uber, you don't need a cab Fuck a bus pass, you got a moped man She got 1988 Mariah Carey hair
Enjoy - Two Extra Pumps of Bliss Lyrics. I think about all the great times we make And i think about all the burden we take But when it gets down To the end of the day And im sittin
Chief Keef - Mirror Lyrics
I'm going overseas Im so used to Navy Pier My car from overseas, at the light bitches stare But I dont really care Hop out look at my gear I see Almighty Sosa when I look in the Mirror. Take a look up in the Mirror, I see me I dont wanna be nobody, I be me Who your bitch going to see nigga? Prolly me And she Spanish so you know she poppy me
Wave - California Lyrics
Don't need the light on, I can find my way It's been so long, now I have to say. I'm going to California I'm gonna live the life Sipping on tequila, night after night Dreaming of the moment When everything is right A little bit of love goes a long way tonight. I'm on my way (I'm on my way) Heading for the sun That's where I'll stay (That's ...
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Dreams Lyrics
I don't know if I can take this back ... Feel like I'm heading towards a heart attack I pray my soul to keep (Wah-Oh) I feel like I am the only one out here who cares Please prove me wrong. ... But we didn't light the fuse (Noooo) I feel like I am the only one out here who cares Please prove me wrong Come on, Come on,
Jenna Jentry - Wise Advice Lyrics
Im on a runaway train And I am heading east And along the way I dont know who Ill meet Falling for sinners Crying over losin fools And maybe one day, if the Lord has it, Ill stumble into you. So keep the wise advice Im gonna live my life Im never thinking twice Keep it for someone not as adventurous as I [Instrumental break] So keep the wise advice
Weezer - Miss Sweeney Lyrics
I'm waiting until you love me I'm so sorry Miss Sweeney I don't know where that came from I think I was overcome by spontaneous emotion Anyway, the cash deposit of $5,000 will need to be sent to the property owner tomorrow. If there are any problems with the deposit or contract Don't be afraid to holler, I don't want to have a approve each ...
Aviation - You Were My Everything Lyrics
I dont really expect you to either Its just... I dont even know Just listen. Youre the one that I want, the one that I need The one that I gotta have just to succeed When I first saw you, I knew it was real Im sorry about the pain I made you feel. That wasnt me; let me show you the way I looked for the sun, but its raining today
Ronan Keating - Superman Lyrics
I've been heading in the wrong direction Hiding from my own protection Running but my heart was standing still I guess you saw the light inside me Your love has been a torch to guide me I hope I can be all that you deserve [Chorus] Well I'm no superman But I'll love you that best I can And you know I'm just flesh and bones, but with you I feel ...
Bars And Melody - Fall Lyrics
The cry of the crowds heading towards the light Nothing inside of me, too weak to fight And stand out from the sheep, follow the voice ... I am very scared and lonely I don't know if there is a way to get out this place, I'm hoping ... I don't know if I'm strong enough And if I fall the world would know I've tried
Cliff Richard - Till I'm Home Again Lyrics
I don't know where it will go All I know is that It takes me far from you If I had my way I'd be there beside you today Till I'm home again Till I see the morning in your eyes And though the world may spin Here inside my heart I'm only half alive Till I'm home again, oh, till I'm home again When I'm high above the clouds Or alone inside the crowd
PAIN LYRICS - "Dancing With The Dead" (2005) album
Don't count me out cause I'm not here to sit around and rot Don't count me out, it won't get to me Don't count me out, I'm not here to sit around and rot Don't count me out I don't know where I'm heading, just know where I've been There's no use fighting nature cause there's things you can never win
Yuzo Koshiro - I Will Follow You Lyrics
But you thought me the way, I can be as I am That's why I wanted to know More than anything else I will follow you Anytime, anywhere Any danger and fear I may face, I'm willing to take a risk I will follow you Anytime, anywhere And before you might think I don't want They mean nothing to me Just want to be with you... "I don't know where you ...
Lil Yachty - NBAYoungBoat Lyrics
Young nigga, rich nigga, I'm a bad bitch getter Fuck nigga, hoe nigga, I don't fuck with broke niggas Always held my own since I jumped up off the porch, nigga You ain't know, now you know, nigga, Hi-tec pour a four, nigga [Lil Yachty:] Bitch roll me my sack before I come in 80 thousand dollars plus a jet on a backend
Voodoo & Serano - Overload Lyrics
I know I just can't take this, how much longer now? I'm getting ready, I'm getting ready to explode Spark out the fire, light up the fuse, I'm letting go I'm getting ready, I'm getting ready to explode Don't hold me down now, I'm just about to overload. Time's running out, feel I'm walking upon a wire Heading to the edge and I'm starting to ...
Slipknot - Nomadic Lyrics
Fuck it all - light the acetylene No other choice I can't explain Life keeps taking things away Inside all my flaws again I can't let go In spite of you, I'm lost again I still don't know Disguises show me What am I if I am only? The status quo is not a punishment But now it feels like home "The tough guys who came to kill, but stayed to rape ...
Eminem - Headlights Lyrics
Mom, I know I let you down And though you say the days are happy Why is the power off, and I'm fucked up? And, Mom, I know he's not around But don't you place the blame on me As you pour yourself another drink, yeah. [Hook: Nate Ruess] I guess we are who we are Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on Maybe we took this too far [Verse 2 ...
God be with me, Don't know where Im going, will you lead me where the light. I'll be living in the dark, I'll be looking for daylight, you're my daylight. So God come quickly, Only you can save me. And lead me where the light is. And lead me where the light is. Where I'm lost tonight, when I'm losing the fight (lead me where the light is).
Eminem - Headlights Lyrics
Just know that I'm alright, I was not afraid to die Because I put my faith in my little girls, so I never say goodbye cruel world Just know that I'm alright, I am not afraid to die. I guess we are who we are Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on Maybe we took this too far I want a new life
Now I, all my faer is gone and I'm heading in the right Direction, Running No one has to think, before they breathe so how am I gonna Stop myself before I reach, If it all falls down I dont feel The ground, thats not new to m, get back up on my feet and I'm running x3 no catching up to me, I'm running x3 I'm right Where I'm supposed to be ...
THE BENNIES - SENSI MI LYRICS - songlyrics.com
The Bennies - Sensi Mi Lyrics. always seperated but never far apart you fillin up my lungs fillin up my heart im always smoking and toking ya know im keeping six but the p. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. ... i dont care to much cause i fucking love the stuff its a diamond in the rough
Adeaze - Getting Stronger Lyrics
Don't worry because I am strong. I know it gets hard sometimes But remember that I'm only human And the things that I face are the same things That you can help me to overcome. I don't want nobody else, I don't need somebody else To tell me about love I am strong on my own But if you think you can tell me Why the things I'm doing is going wrong ...
NBA Youngboy - Right Or Wrong Lyrics
Don't talk on that phone I know that its tapped Fuck jail I don't wanna go back Fuck hell yeah I am living thru that Need money take me to where is at NBA, I put that on the map Everyday they be in the trap Death for me so I stay with a strap It's gon happen I no runnin from that Hope my son still grow up with a dad I ve been scare really quick ...
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Omarion - O Lyrics
Don't have to say my name Girl I'm just glad you came So you can say Oh, In the morning Oh, In the night You saying Oh means I was hitting it right Oh, oh, oh You can't be mad at me I'm just aiming to please Let me hear you scream Oh. Oh is for that overtime I'm putting in We'll go for hours take a break And go at in again Girl I work my way from A
Youth Club - DTLA Lyrics
Youth Club - DTLA Lyrics. They say the sun it always shines for me and you no cloudy skies and if it rains well that can only mean there'll be rainbows Ain't it stran
PNB Rock - Horses Lyrics
Going so fast, hope I don't crash (skrr, skrr) One false move, that could be my last (yeah) I'm looking at you haters through my rear view mirror I'm sliding in some shit you see in Fast & Furious I'm switching lanes on 'em, but I don't got no gears Shawty say she wanna ride, but she don't know how to steer
The Big Pink - Hit The Ground (Superman) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hit The Ground (Superman)" song by The Big Pink: Flying high at speed of sound On the night bus, heading out I'll call you now We'll meet on streets,...
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