I got to many hoes sometimes i take 3 sometimes im alone i gotta get high so i can go low lyrics

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Sometimes I don't even know they name before it even happen. ... Looking at the phone wondering what taking so long for you to get wet. ... Even if I never ever make it to the top, you here to make me feel good you give me a natural high. ... If you gotta real ass bitch that you in love with, holla “right chea”. hoes, I can't love ...
So when they call my number, I don't never pick up. I don't owe you shit, bitch, leave me alone. I'm going big, suck my dick. I'm going big, ... Get high by myself, I' m not in the mood ... Too many niggas, and not enough hoes ... I'm a take my time , I'm a master it ... [Verse 3: Schoolboy Q (Kendrick Lamar)] ... Can I get a hell yea ?
Now you can get all of me. A lot of things ... 'Member comin up dudes talkin bout hoes, boastin ... Once I got it shit wasn't even cool to me ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey ... Look, its three types of niggas in this world ya know. So ... When you shoot for the stars, sometimes you gonna jam
Always throwing crosses that's what lil' hoes get, Claim to be a boss but ... Rather stand alone before I pull a nigga dick, All you pussy ... If you cross can't take a loss, I can't walk away (I can't), There's no way ... Shot it out so many times, Got to see who was truly my friends, I was one deep ... [Kevin Gates Verse 3:] Imagine a  ...
(We got) racks on racks on raaacks (Leh'go!) Ayy! I got ... when the club 'bout to hear this soooong (Whatchu got?) ... Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (Yeaaaaaaaah!) ... Been blood with them bricks pimp, get (off) a ( key) like I can't sing. Got .... Tell the truth, I ain't gon' lie (lie), I got so many rides ( rides)
And I be getting high to balance out the lows. ... So every word I utter will be mine. ... [Verse 3:] Look. Fuck all yall. We ignore feelings here. Premature millionaires. ... And realize when your there, sometimes the shit don't feel the same. ... security follow me everywhere so I never actually am alone, I just always feel alone.
Lost Frequencies - Reality Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reality' by Lost Frequencies: Decisions as I go, to anywhere I flow Sometimes I believe, at times where I should know I can fly high, I can go long. ... I can fly high, I can go long. Today I got a million, tomorrow, I don't know ... We're all playing the same game, laying down alone ... The down-low on Aubrey Graham.
[Payroll:] I ain't got no issues wit these bitches ... [Payroll:] Fuck bitches, get money. ... get ugly. I don't trust a bitch far as I could throw her ... This bitch just a snake so i nick named her Culvert (Yep) ... My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent ... They say love will get you killed so my heart gotta shield.
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Going Thru Some Thangs
Lyrics to "Going Thru Some Thangs" song by LIL BOOSIE: Uh huh Lil Boosie this me nigga ... I wanna get rich ... sometimes I wish I shoulda take the good route ... and these hoes they for the money ... and you can't go platinum now here ... Not wearin a rubber got me stuck now with three kids ... she like boosie leave it alone
So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing ... Jasper got the Henny, my nigga we get it in ... I call a ho, you call a ho, and all the hoes tell ... I need a bitch to go down like a Nitty beat ... That's great - I'm home alone dreamin' of two on ones ... Now, how many fuckin' crystal balls can I buy and own
Drake - Best I Ever Had Lyrics
We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it. You be up on everything, other hoes ain't never on it. I want this ... When I get right I promise that we gone live it up ... Know you gotta roommate, ... Always felt like you were so accustomed to the fast life ... That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong
Go head maan. Boy that's ... So grab the extinguisher ... Bout to get emphysema ... Sometimes I'm real selfish and I'll smoke my weed ... I take two charges it's really quite harmless ... You can say I was in high school. True smoker [Low-G] I got married at an early age ... [Verse 3: Diamond and Grimm] ... Boppin hoe after close
I knew these three niggas for years but when they each get in that booth they make a first ... Get drunk and pop shit about running the can ... What any other thorough nigga in my hood was going through ... Still thankful though cause so many hungry nights I ate sleep ... He said crook who we gotta kill to get you a Dre beat
Lyrics to "Too Many Years" song by KODAK BLACK: I done gave the jails too many years Years that I won't get back And I swear I done shed too many te... ... Yeah I got niggas in the graveyard, niggas in the state yards ... I wish that I could rewind ... So I'm up all night way after sleep time ... I know sometimes I be tripping
Lyrics to "Just Bars" song by G HERBO: Gang Got a lot of shit on my mind I've been tryna' get off me man This for the streets, know what I'...
DRAKE LYRICS - Days In The East
I got a lot to say, and that's the last thing a nigga wanna hear right now. Spendin' all my days on ... So I could fall through like old times and hit it up. I'm terrible at ...
Lil Boosie - Betrayed Lyrics
Niggas will shoot you in the back and cut yo fucking throat like rich and alpoe. ... Bitches want riches so they trying to slide the rubber off trying to get pregnant. When you stupid hoes gon' learn yo lesson, man it seem like the mo love you ... I' m glad I rap cuz these days they testify nigga ain't catch u wit nuthn and he got 25 ,
Lyrics to "Angels" song by KEVIN GATES: Where we go from here, If I leave the block A little money fine but I need a lot Take a preachers ro... ... Face card, I ain't got to pay for drugs. It comes free with ... My sex drive been at an all time low. Can barley get it up! Tryin' to ... I wanna love you like I do, So never hesitate to call
KIRKO BANGZ LYRICS - Came Here For Something
I know you got a plan for me. Don't act ... Say baby you can take yo time ... But if you wanna take this right ... This song for the girls that can't relate ... Here to get the best of me ... Cause I may go tell you one ... You ain't gotta tell me I'm the man here. My hoes don't wear no trust ... But I'm in the studio so they ain't tripping baby
Everyone around the way, gave up trying to get in it. It didn't ... Can't find, a reason why ... If I had the chance again, I'd never let you go ... I didn't have a gimmick so the minutes turned to hours ... And never Technique, bought me a new book to read every 2 or 3 weeks ... I felt like a moth who got himself too close to the light
EMINEM LYRICS - Going Through Changes
Lyrics to "Going Through Changes" song by EMINEM: I'm going through changes I'm going through changes Lately I really, feel like I'm rolling for del... ... But I can't, why do I act like I'm all high and mighty, When inside I'm dying, I am finally realizing I need help. ... It become a problem you're too pussy to tackle, get up,
And "What if I ain't really got nothing to call for?" But I just wanna ... I'm falling somewhere where getting out ain't easy. She know just ... And shit, I know I gotta stop trippin' on you ... I bet she tells her friends "I got that nigga locked" I bet she's ... But you taking my vision ... So you and your baby girl can have that real cheddar
Was go take you on a cruise but I changed my mind. I always promise ... u thug me like dat? I swear 2 GOD I don't mean 2, sometimes I feel like I don't need you.
DRAKE LYRICS - Over My Dead Body
Probably some bad hoes about to take the hint from ... They got me on these white women like Seal nigga ... Don't I got the shit the world wanna hear again? ... I still got 10 years to go huh? ... Thanks to lexis, alexis, libbyy, Jessie
DRAKE LYRICS - Ignorant Shit
But, uh, sometimes you just gotta let it out ... I ain't drive here I got chauffeured. Bring me ... A migraine, take two Excedrin I'm the one twice ... Them hipsters gonna have to get alone with them hood niggas ... Make pasta rent a movie called hoes over ... First thing I'm a do is free weezy, go ... I'm so high I can vomit on a comet
I know you got that power ... 3-points, field goal ... So it's 400 blows to these Truffaut niggas ... How many gold plaques you want inside your dining room? ... me laugh, but who also gets weird and wise sometimes in a way I could never be. ... to a dramatically different neighborhood, we won't go to the same high school. So ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Say What's Real
Lyrics to "Say What's Real" song by DRAKE: Why do I feel so alone Like everybody passing ... And I don't have the heart to give these bitch niggaz the cue to go. So ... I can't live and hold the camera someone got to tape this ... And shit can get weird, unless they all down ... Especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul
PLIES LYRICS - Kept It Too Real
im a hunter nigga I done did me and yo time you cant trust ya own homies who the fuck can you trust. I got more pride in my chopper so to me that's enough.
It's only us alone ... So let me sip this slow. I'll give you what you ... I can't feel a damn thing ... I'ma touch you right (let me get inside my zone) ... Man if pole dancing's an art you know how many fuckin' artists I know. Got some new bills in the mail ... When these bad bitches let go ... I thought taking drugs jus' ain't you ( be you)
MAC MILLER LYRICS - Fight The Feeling
So watch 'em do the macarena somewhere out in Pasadena Love the drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of. You a waste of the space that you take ...
Chance The Rapper - Mixtape Lyrics
They gotta ask if they may, Cinco de Mayo How can they call themselves bosses. When they got so many bosses. You gotta see what your boss say. I get it ...
Eminem - Stan Lyrics
2 Without Me · 3 Sing For The Moment ... And even if I could it'll all be gray ... It reminds me, that it's not so bad ... Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em ... I even got the underground shit that you did with Skam ... Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, ... Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now
I'm going all out in this rap shit and whatever the fallout is. I'm strapped for ... You' re so fucking gravy, Marshall, I should start calling you "au jus" 'Cause all's you ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Nothing Lasts Forever
Even got a few homegirls that wanna fuck me. Soon as this shit end, forget about it. You been stayin' in my crib, you gotta get about it ... So when this shit ends, know it's gon' hurt [Hook] ... I guess I never thought I could have ever have lost you ... [Verse 3] I got your message I been meanin' to respond, know it's been awhile
I'm in the lab no pad no pen just a styrofoam cup so I can pour 4 in [Lil Wayne:] ... She got service road curves and highway eyes ... let her go. And let one of you bitch niggas get her no no no ... Im up in the studio me and my drank, me and my drank, me and my drank ... My girl trippin and damn I gotta hear my momma mouth
Lyrics to "Far Alone" song by G-EAZY: Yeah, blue jeans, Air ones and a white tee '06 hangin' out the window ... They used to tell me I couldn't go too far alone
Eminem - Without Me Lyrics
3 Sing For The Moment ... Two trailer park girls go round the outside, ... I know you got a job Ms. Cheney But your ... So the F-C-C won't let me be or let me be me so let me see ... And get ready 'cause this shit is about to get heavy ... Could start a revolution, pollutin' the air waves a rebel ... But sometimes this shit just seems
J. Cole - In The Morning Lyrics
Gettin lifted, I quit but shit, I might get high with you. It's only ... So I threw 'em back , now all my niggas hollerin, who was that. Oh boy ... I'm finna take you home, just sip a little patron ... And can I hit it in the morning ... I used to go to the stables and get those kids to bet me ... I mean I got this hidden agenda that you provoking
Kat Dahlia - I Think I'm In Love Lyrics
3 Crazy · 4 Saturday Sunday. 5 I Think I'm In Love. 6 Tumbao · 7 Mirrors · 8 Mirror · 9 Lava ... 'Cause I can't admit that you got all the strings ... Let alone that it would be you. I think ... I saw something I never seen in you it's got me shaking ... And we getting so high ... Go do some lunges ... The down-low on Aubrey Graham.
Lyrics to "Gone" song by THE WEEKND: I got you I got a hold of you Said you want to see How we roll Well take a seat (Oh take a seat) And... ... You gotta taste it, feel it, rub it on me baby. Don't you worry, you ... You can see for yourself, little lady. Girl, I lit a ... But you're turning 23, so I'll fuck you if you need ... Low life for life

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