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Billie Myers - I Hope You`re Happy Now Lyrics. Verse 1 Shallow waters Age -old- ghosts Footprints on thin ice I'm barely breathing Lost-at-sea Rainbows black ...
Tell me, what does it look like in heaven? Is it peaceful? Is it free ... I hope you're singing in the angel's choir. I hope the ... Tell me are you happy? Are you more ...
"I'm happy. Hope you're happy, too. I've loved. All I've needed: love. Sordid details ... Strung out in heaven's high. Hitting an all-time low. Time and again I tell  ...
With my head on your chest. It's the closest to heaven that I'll ever get. And I hope you'll give in to your happy sinner tonight. Like my father said. Son, the best of ...
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes Lyrics
... Bowie: Ashes to ashes, funk to funky We know Major Tom's a junkie Strung out in heaven's high Hitting an all-time low. ... "I'm happy, hope you're happy too
I aint gotta die, for me to get to heaven. I get a glimpse of heaven for every time I feel your loving. And you know I aint lying, when I say I love you. I hope you ...
THE SMITHS LYRICS - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour. But heaven knows I'm miserable now. I was looking for a job, and then I found a job. And heaven knows I'm ...
And I hope you're happy. Hope you got what you wanted. And since I'm no longer wanted. I guess, I'll walk, away (guess I got to walk away, yeah) I really hope ...
BRAND NEW LYRICS - Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
... Gun Don't" song by BRAND NEW: I am heaven sent, Don't you dare forget. ... I am the cause to all your problems, ... Hope you come down with something
Lyrics to "Radios In Heaven" song by PLAIN WHITE T'S: Your time has already ... Your time has already come and I don't know why ... I hope I'm just like you
R KELLY LYRICS - Heaven I Need A Hug
Lyrics to "Heaven I Need A Hug" song by R KELLY: I'm just bein' real, you know I' m like the sun, I'm tryin' ... I'm prayin' for your families, I hope you pray for mine
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake
Lyrics to "Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake" song by BRING ME THE HORIZON: For the love of god, will you bite your tongue Before we make you swallow it It's ...
Lyrics to "Famous Girl" song by CHRIS BROWN: Ye would've said you're "So Amazing" So how could you be so "Heartless" girl "Live Your Live", tak ... Keyshia would've told me I was "Sent From Heaven" ... I hope your happy being famous girl
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - Three Cheers For Five Years
For heaven's sake I know you're sorry. But you won't stop crying. This anniversary may never be the same. Inside I hope you know I'm dying. With my heart ...
Nelly - Walk Away Lyrics
And I hope you're happy. Hope you got what you wanted. Since I'm no longer wanting. I guess, I walk away (Guess you got to walk away, yeah) I really hope he  ...
CASEY LYRICS - "Love Is Not Enough" (2016) album
No Heaven without Hell beneath. No misery before you and .... I hope to God that he makes you happy, I hope I never hear your name again. Now the home we ...
R KELLY LYRICS - Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)
Lyrics to "Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)" song by R KELLY: Uh, yeah, uh huh, uh Go ladies, go ladies Go ladies, go ladies Go ... Your music weatherman and that one was for the ladies. I hope ya'll enjoyed it ... Happy people baby.
Aaliyah Rose - Dancing in the Sky Lyrics
Apr 2, 2014 What does it look like in heaven? Is it peacful is it free like ... Tell me are you happy, are you more alive? ' Cause here on Earth it ... I hope your dancing in the sky, I hope your singing in the angels choir. I hope the angels know ...
Lyrics to "It's Not Heaven" song by OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: Here's your lunch ... But we're gonna have a happy ending - you and me ... I hope it won't be raining
THE VERVE LYRICS - The Drug Don't Work
And I hope you're thinking of me. As you lay down on ... But I know I'll see your face again. Now the ... 'Cause baby, ooh, if heaven calls, I'm coming, too. Just like  ...
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - New Storms For Older Lovers
I swear, if you've touched her—oh, heaven, ... And I hope you see us—your wife and your children ... She is happy when she is with me and I am finally alive.
To be yourself, to be your best. I hope that Heaven's given you. A second chance. Father, I'm gonna say thank you. Even if I don't understand. Oh, you left us ...
Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky Lyrics
Oct 8, 2015 What does it look like in heaven Is it peacful, is it free like they say Does the sun shin. ... I hope your dancing in the sky and i hope your singing in the angels ... is there art and invention tell me are you happy, are you more alive ...
Dani And Lizzy - Dancing In The Sky lyrics
May 23, 2015 ... by Dani And Lizzy: [Verse 1] / Tell me, what does it look like in heaven? ... And I hope you're singing in the angels' choir ... is a pain-free, happy place and he is so much better off up in heaven than suffering here on earth.
MIKA LYRICS - Happy Ending
This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory, No happy ending. This is the way that we love, Like it's forever. Then live the rest of ...
J. COLE LYRICS - 4 Your Eyez Only
Lyrics to "4 Your Eyez Only" song by J. COLE: For your eyes only, For your eyes only For your eyes Hey Niggas be ... Ain't got to be no psychic to see this is like the farthest thing from heaven ... And if my past becomes the death of me, I hope you understand ... Was it the trigger happy crackers that the badges give clout
THE LIVING TOMBSTONE LYRICS - Squid Melody (Blue Version)
Such is love, makes me happy we're both artists. We changed ... Your drawings look like heaven to me. Such piece of ... I hope one day we will share memories
VILLAINS LYRICS - "Freudian Slip" (2014) album
Mind buckling, chest crushing anxiety that sucks the air right from your lungs and slowly and effectively kills ... So all I dream about is heaven, even though I'm sick ... People like me weren't meant to be happy ... I hope you're fucking happy now
It's good to have you with us, even if it's just for the day. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain't far away. It's good to ...
OASIS LYRICS - Let There Be Love
I hope the weather is calm as you sail up your heavenly stream. Suspended clear ... May all your dreaming fill the empty sky. But if it makes you happy. Keep on ...
GUY SEBASTIAN LYRICS - Died And Gone To Heaven
I hope this feeling last forever 'Cause I'm in heaven. So please don't never end, don't never end. You ought've turned off your mind. But still taking everything in
SARAH DARLING LYRICS - Knowing What I Know About Heaven
Lyrics to "Knowing What I Know About Heaven" song by SARAH DARLING: I bet the ... As happy as they were to see you coming ... Knowing that you're somewhere better. Is all I need to let you go. I could hope that I could pray you back
2PAC LYRICS - I Ain't Mad At Cha
Got nothin' but love for ya, do your thing, boy ... Congratulations on the wedding, I hope your wife know ... Don't shed a tear, cause momma I ain't happy here
GUSTER LYRICS - All the Way Up To Heaven
Lyrics to "All the Way Up To Heaven" song by GUSTER: He said to only look up He said to never look down Down is where he came from He said to hope... ... He could tell a fairy tale that's happy ever after ... (It'a a weakness in your knees)
2PAC LYRICS - If I Die 2Nite
Pockets is packed with presidents, pursue your riches. Evading the ... And I hope I'm forgiven for thug livin' when I die. I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto for thug niggas. A stress ... Don't shed a tear for me, nigga, I ain't happy here. I hope they  ...
I want you to know, that I'm happy for you. I wish nothing ... And would she have your baby. I'm sure she'd ... I hope you feel it...well can you feel it. Well, I'm here ...
Lyrics to "Heaven Hooked Us Up" song by THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Whoa, la da da da da Whoa, la da da da da Whoa, la da da da da Your face straight from a dream I ha... ... You came and brought me hope ... I'm happy that you're mine
TENTH AVENUE NORTH LYRICS - Sparrow (Under Heaven's Eyes)
Lyrics to "Sparrow (Under Heaven's Eyes)" song by TENTH AVENUE NORTH: I heard Your eyes are on the ... My hope is secure ... I sing because I'm happy
F*ck heaven, I ain't showing no religion respect ... Or in your day dreams, that's how death seems [Verse 2] ... Fuck that! I hope you die in a fiery death. One ear I  ...
Kanye West - Only One Lyrics
I know you're happy, 'cause I can see it ... 'Cause every road that leads to heaven's right inside you ... Oh the good outweighs the bad even on your worst day

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