I keep my ears to the ground, my eyes wide shut lyrics

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Claire Guerreso - Listen Lyrics
Feb 23, 2016 Lyrics for Listen by Claire Guerreso. I keep my ears to the ground my eyes wide shut I'm boiling over baby yeah hot to the touch...
Lyrics to "Eyes Wide Open" song by SABRINA CARPENTER: La di da da da na Yeah ... Better keep my eyes wide open ... Bless this ground, unbroken. I'm about  ...
Lyrics to "Eyes Shut" song by YEARS & YEARS: Throw your heart to me Let it ... Let it fall and hit the ground ... Well, nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut
JLS - Eyes Wide Shut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eyes Wide Shut' by JLS: Don't tell me I'm dreamin' 'cause if I've been dreamin' I don't ever wanna wake up So in ... Sleepin' with my eyes wide shut.
The rain, it started tapping on the window near my bed. There was a loophole in my dreaming, so I got out of it. And to my surprise my eyes were wide and ...
JADED STAR LYRICS - "Memories From The Future" (2015) album
I can't keep my eyes wide shut anymore. I feel like I'll explode. I can't keep my eyes wide shut anymore. But you, you should take all the courage. You need to ...
Years & Years - Eyes Shut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eyes Shut' by Years & Years: Well, nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut I can see through them.
HELLIONS LYRICS - "Die Young" (2013) album
with their ears to the ground coveting the forfeit of ... before my family's eyes are torn from me. I'm finding it hard ... of all the company you keep ... Granted, once I shut the doors and drew the shades on you .... on hypocrisy, running far and wide
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough Now you can get all of me A lot of things... ... I pressed 7, took the phone from my ears ... In front of my eyes that prize keep gettin dangled
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS LYRICS - "Phantom" (2014) album
Constructing a picture with both eyes shut blind. Working for an imagery, my mind hasn't found. Please help ... I'll keep on dreaming (even if I am alone) AM ALONE! ... My power flurries through the air into the ground. My soul is ... In your absence, your silence, is raging in my ears. And your ... I'll stand tall, eyes open wide
Didn't have a care in the world, my feeling were numb ... I was like my brother, Words went in one ear and out the other. ... Get 'em on the ground and stomp a mind about ten times! ... Eyes open wide for the pigs and foes ... Shut 'Em Down
CRIPPER LYRICS - "Freak Inside" (2007) album
CRIPPER lyrics - "Freak Inside" (2007) album, including "Kill My Thirst", "Trapped ", "Break ... Eyes: wide open ... Can't be reached from even ground ... Shut up. Keep clear. I'll rip you up. I close my eyes and concentrate ... Nonsense to my ears
Holy Ground Is Not Safe Anymore 2. Behold As I ... It's in my eyes, your blood is raining from the sky. I wonder why ... Sewn shut mouths with nothing to tell. Time has ... One pair of footprints, our hearts keep beating 'Til the end ... You're preaching to deaf ears, your lies are .... Cast all fear aside, eyes are open wide. The only ...
ALESANA LYRICS - "The Emptiness" (2010) album
My eyes are stung by daylight, I find it hard to breathe. Her body teases me as ... I wish I could keep my teeth from grinding. I wish I'd stop ... As the ground vanishes I wonder will the sky be the next to fail me? .... I shut my eyes and once again the pleasure strangles me. ... Get off your knees, your prayers fall upon deaf ears
Yeah you punched me in my shit but you did not hit hard [laughs] [Bridge:] I have respect ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T this heat, I keep that Glock with me, Caught two pistol ...
CLOSE YOUR EYES LYRICS - "Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts ...
CLOSE YOUR EYES lyrics - "Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts" (2011) album, ... Keep The Lights On ... And every single promise that you whispered in my ear, ... I will stand my ground and scream out loud .... so why is it that I keep my mouth shut? ... And forgiveness as wide as this ocean of selfishness that I'm drowning in
LIGHT THIS CITY LYRICS - "Stormchaser" (2008) album
into the eye of this storm, and spit back out with a violent force, terrifying with its indiscriminate reach, echoing in my bones, thrilling me to my very core. It cracks ...
ALICE COOPER LYRICS - "Brutal Planet" (2000) album
"From up here it looks so nice" (For my eyes) It's such a ... I read Mein Kampf daily just to keep my hatred fed. I never ... Open wide and salivate ... Rotting veggies on the ground ... The ear of my brother ... So shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up
Strapped up, know I keep that tool. That racks on ... Eyes real low, just blame it on the green ... Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock
NINE INCH NAILS LYRICS - "Hesitation Marks" (2013) album
Find My Way 5. All Time Low ... Always my intention my intention your intention. Just doing ... The throat is deep and the mouth is wide. Saw some ... The smile is red and its eyes are black. I don't ... Shut the god damn door. We'll do ... This too is whispering in your ear ... And burn it to the ground ... See I keep lying to myself
ANDROMEDA LYRICS - "The Immunity Zone" (2008) album
5. Worst Enemy 6. My Star 7. Another Step 8. Shadow Of Lucent Moon 9. Veil Of Illumination ... I search the ground I search for more ... I keep on moving round and round .... Eyes and ears forever sealed shut ... Wide open now to take it all in
SOILENT GREEN LYRICS - "Sewn Mouth Secrets" (1998) album
Walk A Year In My Mind 11. Gagged Whore ... a devil speaks to disguise my eyes so you cannot ... treason of feelings spread wide preaching .... enough to cover the ears ... a higher ground... a higher you well fuck ... keeping your mouth shut
ALIASES LYRICS - "Safer Than Reality" (2011) album
To find another day where you can keep safe this secret. So tear it down ... Floating endlessly until I hit the ground. I am the ocean, I am ... Always now, my eyes wide shut are, slow me down. It's tearing me to ... They fall on deaf ears. Lost in the ...
HELL WITHIN LYRICS - "Shadows Of Vanity" (2007) album
My god, I've got a gun against my head. A rusted ... A once wide-eyed starlet. Buried ghost ... Ground in the grease of addiction. I've seen the ... Deaf ears can't kill these voices. Oceans ... The broken glass shards right through my eyes ... Yet the places keep getting smaller and smaller ... Shut me up with some new damage
ENTRAILS LYRICS - "The Tomb Awaits" (2011) album
But suddenly the door slams open wide. And they stab me ... Their heads cracked as they fell to the ground. I was killing ... The coffin's shut tight, my eyes search for light ... I must keep all the souvenirs that I take ... Mortal screams fills my ears
KITTIE LYRICS - "Oracle" (2001) album
Consider yourself now, my friend Enemy number one. You are bound and ... You fell to the ground like rain. On deaf ears your cries met hands And knees were blistered. Shouting from ... Eyes wide open ... I can't keep my eyes shut. Chose not ...
SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS LYRICS - "End Game" (2013) album
Like each swipe of brush look through my eyes, and see in my heart flooded with light. ... Beauty resides in the beholder of eyes, tucked inside the simplest of things. ... My stomach turns, chest open wide. ... I need your courage to keep from despair. ... Falls to the ground ... It's time I shut my mouth and open up my ears.
REVEILLE LYRICS - "Bleed The Sky" (2001) album
Yo shut the fuck up and listen. Before you're ... hide your eyes. My demise marks my birth, unborn into light ... Let your mind seep down where all secrets keep. Deep beneath the calm surface a serpents eyes open wide- A breath of ..... Bloody as my smile dripping ear to ear. I haven't .... I feel the ground give beneath my feet,
PAIN OF SALVATION LYRICS - "Scarsick" (2007) album
Hitting ground. Hitting ground. ... In your ear, growing louder and louder? .... Or a wide screen showing nothing .... So you keep talking about progress and equality ... Shut down ... And my eyes will flicker and then something has changed
ALESANA LYRICS - "A Place Where The Sun Is Silent" (2011) album
I slammed the door and locked it shut and now disaster plagues my thoughts. Let's drink to the ... Collapse to the ground when I realize I can't breathe. Could this be ... I have laid eyes on you and yet it does seem as if the earth moved. I know the truth and ... I train my ears to the creaking of the bridge spanning the gap for her
EYE OF THE ENEMY LYRICS - "The Vengeance Paradox" (2014 ...
EYE OF THE ENEMY lyrics - "The Vengeance Paradox" (2014) album, including " The Regret", ... kicking up our hallowed ground press harder till it cracks ... Broke my vow of silence today, I swore I'd never tell another soul ... begging, keep you under lock and key ... shut my ears to all your shit, won't listen to what you say
PRAYER FOR CLEANSING LYRICS - "The Rain In Endless Fall ...
To keep breath upon my lips. A World of ... A whisper in my ear takes hold my deepest fear. The tomb ... Air and ground feel not the same ... Tears spout from my eyes, shunned from mankind's den .... The queen has shut her eyes to the torment of common man ... Heaven's doors swing open wide as terrorists enter free ...
PRO-PAIN LYRICS - "Foul Taste Of Freedom" (1992) album
A PAST UNKNOWN LYRICS - "To Those Perishing" (2011) album
Wide Is The Path To Destruction 6. ... My grace is sufficient for you, and I know the price and I paid will give you a new hope, with love I cry out for ... The crowd will never shut my mouth in fear of rejection. The truth in love is too much to keep me silent. ... I won't be strong enough to get off the ground, I am tired, sick of the fall.
ONE MINUTE SILENCE LYRICS - "Buy Now...Saved Later" (2000 ...
"On Deaf Ears"... ... The new day and these eyes never fail me. I run second to no -one ... You wanna burn with the rest be my guest - die ... and the gun not the man keeps the world at bay. I wanna .... Pass the popcorn shut the fuck up .... Is there a Jesus waiting arms open wide ... I climbed up a tree I crashed to the ground
To the world of the dead seen through your eyes. Still marching ... Yeah, it pounds my head real hard, you're right my love. This sweet ... Cold blood keeps poring down. Way down ... And shut down your heart! ... A loud noise penetrating my ears ... Violators on ground zero ... A volcanic promotion cutting my throat wide open
BURNING CIRCLE LYRICS - "Ruins Of Mankind" (2012) album
Here comes the path so wide, don't have a ... but lack of vision can keep you in dark, Life seems to ... And my footsteps were the only present sound, I turned left ... From cloud to soil, beneath the ground, ... The gun in 'hand of black', aim between the eyes, ... Just noise that echoes in his ears, .... They violently shut your face,
AUTOPSY LYRICS - "Macabre Eternal" (2011) album
AUTOPSY lyrics - "Macabre Eternal" (2011) album, including "Spill My Blood", " Sadistic ... The eye of darknes is in my hand ... Keep you as my dirty gore whore instead ... Below the ground when the sun is high ... The sickening trap has been shut ... Dislocated and torn wide obscenely. Sewn in ... Or I'll cut you from ear to ear
IN FEAR AND FAITH LYRICS - "In Fear And Faith" (2012) album
I close my eyes and wonder when they'll say goodbye. At which moment ... The only reason I can even keep my head below the clouds. Without you it's .... But I was locked up shut down. Shoving it all ... My ears are plagued with the cries of my enemies. I heard their ... No feet upon this ground ... And your heart open wide
SECRETS LYRICS - "Fragile Figures" (2013) album
My heart can only break so many times ... They keep telling me .... I'm wide awake to the fact that you reject me ... I'll keep you here just shut your mouth ... We are the children who's ears that you're feeding ... My eyes have seen these streets, I' ve walked this road ... Change my name of the grave from your burial ground!

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