I like the way she working that pole goin up and down round and round lyrics

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All the sexy girls all across the world working hard to get they cash. Shawty this yo anthem gone and shake yo ass. Lets go [Chorus:] Up and down and round round and round and round she go, I love the way she move when she dancing on that pole. ... She go up down up down up down up down got me goin crazy
Lyrics to "Down Low" song by TRAVIS PORTER: I said I like the way she take it down low She put her hands on her knees ... She say she workin but she get off ' round 4 ... She like that freaky shit so we goin do a train mane ... Aw, I swear she hit that pole like a field goal ... Pick you up around 4, and yo nigga ain't gotta know
Lyrics to "Down On Me" song by JEREMIH: She want it I can tell she want it Want me to push up on it 'fore ... Want me to push up on it 'fore she know when I'm all on it ... (Won't you go and) Get it, get it, work it, work it (I see you baby) ... I like the way you grind with that booty on me ... Go buy another round and it's all on me
MOZZY LYRICS - Round And Round
Round and round, she up the pole, now she slithering down. And she gon' ride it like a surfboard. The garbage belong to her, she work for it. Fill it out, you see her pose to ... Never seen nobody do it damn, the way you do it like this. Round and round, round ... Still I keep going when they say stop. Her booty go round and ...
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Wrong In The Right Way
When I got locked down in county, she was there to pick me up. Mind her ... Yeah, 'cause we're one on one, busting round after round like a gun. Doing all that ...
Round and round, up and down, she make them hips roll. She likes it ... This country girl ride the pole like a rodeo. I'm ready for ... She workin them sexy thighs
Lyrics to "Say I Yi Yi" song by YING YANG TWINS: She got her hands up on her ... She got the twerk and thats for certain I can tell that she fly ... Anybody down for my nursery rhyme riddle ... Damn I like the way you take it. Up & down. Side to side. Round & round ... I'm on this track up out this here while she work that cat
Lyrics to "Dance" song by SPEAKER KNOCKERZ: I love the way you shake that ass Over there Dancin like you ain't got no man... So baby if ... Up down Up down up down. Round ... Round and round she go. Round ... Slidin down that pole
TYGA LYRICS - Wrong In The Right Way
Lyrics to "Wrong In The Right Way" song by TYGA: It's 'bout to go down Baby, you gonna get your ... When I got like 90 counting, she was there to pick me up
We're like satellites for strippers. I'm talkin' 187, ... Runnin' 'round and 'round she go. We got dollar ... Work your way up to them big face hunnits. These other ... I see you goin' hard for me. It ain't no ... If the stage grew another pole, got up and walked. Gotta kill ... Then speed it up, heat it up, drop it down, beat it up. Take it off ...
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Rich & Famous
Up and down that pole selling dreams, selling love ... Going up and down like that angel on that rose. ... She was messing with me way before I had the money
Kafani - She Ready Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Ready Now' by Kafani. Upside down you're swingin on the pole / I ain't even gotta tell her which way to go / She ready now / She ready now / ... Sexy lil thang with a nice round a*s. Coke bottle shape ... Work it just like a pro. Chorus: ... kafani - She Ready Now Lyrics · Kafani - Tear It Up Music Video. Tear It Up.
Lyrics to "Pour It Up" song by RIHANNA: Throw it up, throw it up Watch it all fall out Pour it up, pour it up That's how we ... Strippers goin' up and down that pole ... Money make the world go round ... The look in yo eyes I know you want some
Jeremih - Down On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down On Me' by Jeremih: I love the way you grind that booty on me Shawty you a dime why you looking lonely We'll buy another round and it's all on. ... Want me to push up on it. Fore she know when I'm all on it. We get the party going liquor flowing this is fire 50 and Jeremih ... The way she work it. Make me ...
You a pro every time you hit the pole ... Now keep moving round like a jumprope ... I love how she look when she on it ... Up and down and round and round
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Shake That Monkey
Lets go! Bounce dat ass up and down to da flo... ... Or round n round. As long as ... I bet she cant wiggle like that wit a dick in her. Have a ... Youve been hangin round them pimps again. She ... U must of learned that deep down way in the south
50 CENT LYRICS - AYO Technology
I want to, see you break it down. I'm ballin', throwing money around ... She work it girl, she work the pole ... Got you're head f**ked up from the way she did it
Mike Stud feat. Missy Modell - Can't Stop Me lyrics and translation ...
Jun 8, 2015 I even fell for that stupid love song Yeah, yeah Since U Been Gone How ... miss me when I'm gone I've got my ticket for the long way 'round The one with ... to bag it up Baby I like the way you work it No diggity, I got to bag it up I like ... the pole I watch her go down She got me throwin' my money around Ain't ...
TYGA LYRICS - Make It Nasty
Tongue down her throat. While the other bitch ... I like how she merry-go-round round the pole. Pose, ha ... It's hot up in this mother fucker, r-r-reload. Gangstas in  ...
Lyrics to "Around Me" song by KEVIN GATES: While gambling the point we seen the ... Pressure when we sexin goin ugghh, feel that dick, ... Fallin off I'm coughing no chiropractor in office need your back crack and leg work, bed work ... in the videos treating the dick just like a stripper when she on the pole. ... Hold It Down
Plies - Hypnotized Lyrics
9 I Kno U Workin · 10 On My ... Lil' mama so bad she had me hypnotized. I couldn' t ... That booty keep bumping, titties just bouncin' up and down. You got me so hypnotized. The way your body rolling round and round. That booty ... Girl do it some more (now shake that ass, make a nigga like me spend that cash) Now do it ...
Lyrics to "Right Round" song by FLO RIDA: You spin my head right round, right round When you go down, when you go down down You spin my head... ... Just like my mind where I'm going. No women, no ... Call up my homies it's on and poppin' tonight cause it's meant to be ours ... She got me throwing my money around
T-PAIN LYRICS - I'm N Luv Wit A Stripper (Remix)
[T-Pain talking] Damn lil' mama, you thought Akon and T-Pain was the only ones in love wit a stripper? ... Liking the way she break it down to the flo' Need to get ...
Lyrics to "Face Down" song by MEEK MILL: Okay. ... That's the way, we like to fuck. ... She comin up, tryna catch breath. ... Got a nigga going out the deep end.
LL COOL J LYRICS - Around The Way Girl
Lyrics to "Around The Way Girl" song by LL COOL J: (You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving) (On your loving) I want a girl with exten... ... She likes to dance to the rap jam. She sweet as brown sugar with the candied yams ... brothers on the basketball court. Going to the movies with your home girls crew
Nyzzy Nyce - Stripper Pole Lyrics
Jul 26, 2014 Dance like shelink tripper ball, stripper pole, stripper pole Dance like shelink tripper b... ... like she a stripper She moving like she need dope I love the way that ... All she do is work Shut up to that torg team but new girls gotta work and . ... Up side down, spinning round she do it all for her fans Move like she ...
T-PAIN LYRICS - I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)
... she playin. I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin ... Like n the way she break it down I see u girl. Spinnin ... She slidin' up and down that pole got me mesmerized
Look at them hips, I like how she rock it. She bend ... You got me enticed by the way you rock them hips. You're a trip, ... Shorty slide up and down on that pole,
Lil D - Down for Me Lyrics
Aug 3, 2015 Lyrics for Down for Me by Lil D. When I need Lil mama 'round and I'm stressing man I know that she gone slide for me And wh... ... Sign inSign up ... when I'm down and I'm out going through it man I know that she gone ride for me ... in love and I aint never really caught feelings But she keep it so real with a ...
A little way she works on the pole, I want some more ... and she loved it. Back to bitch, get it going in the daylight ... She got a way that she walks up and down the streets ... Round two, ratchet bitch, thought you knew ... Is working out the bitches
... Ass Clap" song by TRAVIS PORTER: Shake it like you tryna get paid (Make that ass clap) Work ... We don't stand around we ... And she got up on the pole with
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Take It Off
Shake that big ol round caramel brown sexy ass, Hit this weed, Wat else you need imma go and get that fast, Roll yo hips to tha beat, girl slide yo ass up and down that pole, The way you doin that dance make a pimp like me lose control, ... [MJG] Imma hit you with this eye, that yo girlfriend baby girl she already know that ,
Lyrics to "Dance Floor" song by JON YOUNG: If you can do it like you do it on the dance floor I ... The way she got low I can never swear she was sitting, ... late night yea year miss the round to come without your clothes without menaless and nice ... Can you move up and down like you do when you're pole dancing, is it true?
E-40 LYRICS - Sliding Down The Pole
Lyrics to "Sliding Down The Pole" song by E-40: There she go sliding down the pole There ... Glutious maximums shape like a heart ... Everyday she goes to work ... I'm way in the back blowing purp ... Lay up on the pole she can sit on a roof
[Verse 1] Watch me, going out of the way ... Should drive by right where you live, and pick you up on the way. We ain't spoke ... They already had a stage and a booty pole. Its supposed to be a lot of hard working going on ... Girl ya know ya got that, know ya got that thing that I like ... Come thru girl you deserve rounds tonight
ROUND2CREW LYRICS - Booty Had Me Like (Woah)
Lyrics to "Booty Had Me Like (Woah)" song by ROUND2CREW: Booty had me like ... She gonna bring it back down ... Their booty got me going crazy ... You just gotta work that thing ... Speed it up slow it down let your booty drive (booty drive)
Lyrics to "Trampoline" song by KALIN AND MYLES: You turn me on, I like what I see When you bounce that ... Throw it back, drop it down, tell me when to go (go) ... She got a work permit (get it) ... I like the way she take it slow (she take it slow)
Lyrics to "Whippin'" song by CHRIS BROWN: Whipping up some work Phone going off, ... Phone going off, trap going berserk ... I pull up in the Wraith, hit the plug on the way ... I'mma drive her to the pole ... Peng gyal wan' come London Town, come round ... My girl bite like a cobra, love when she bend it over ... Shut Down
She gotta shake down the niggas seat pulled way back, way back. She feel ... like wire. Rain on her tits round up by where gonna play at ... That's all I want, you break down. Happens to ... She slide down that pole, though I saw all these hoes
I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) Remix Lyrics - T-Pain feat. ...
Liking the way she break it down to the flo' Need to get her ... I like it when she smack her fatty and open it up in front of me ... I've been round da world, see booty all the time ... work that ass muscle see ima spend a lil bread, i dont give a fuck ... she climbin dat pole n im in luv wit a strippa ... im not goin nowhere girl im stayin

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