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PHORA LYRICS - Nobody But You
I told her "baby we can fall in love but just make sure you love you first" I'm done ... I never thought falling for someone would happen to me but. You ... If I had to tell the truth giril, you was all that ever mattered to me. I never ... I knew you needed something different, until you met me, all these niggas was the same. But girl ...
R.L. LYRICS - Good Man
Lyrics to "Good Man" song by R.L.: You could catch me in the Gentlemen's club Substitutin' ... I never knew love until you, love. Never thought that I'd fall in love
Prince - I Hate U Lyrics
Honey I hate you. Now every day will be a waste of time. Cause I hate you. I never thought that I could feel this way. To fall in love was a table reserved for fools
Lyrics to "Knock You Down" song by KERI HILSON: Heh... not again... Oh... this ain't ... I never thought I'd... fall for you as hard as I did (As hard as I ... [Chorus:] Sometimes love comes around ... Said if I could go back, and make it happen faster
CAROLE KING LYRICS - I Wasn't Gonna Fall In Love
... you got it. So we could just play around ... I wasn't gonna fall in love, till I fell in love with you. Well, you ... Never thought that we, never thought you and I would be together. Well I thought I could, but I guess you can't. You can't, you can't ever
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to ... Fuck the horse and carriage shit, her love was never for hire ... At first I just thought, she didn't mess with broke kids ... And no one ever gave them shit except McDonald's and did-dick ... She could only sob hysterically, holding me tight
DAN HILL LYRICS - Never Thought (That I Could Love)
Lyrics to "Never Thought (That I Could Love)" song by DAN HILL: Can I touch you ? I can't believe that you are real How did I ever find you? You are the dream ...
Thought I could live without you (Eh-eh) ... How could I ever doubt ... Till yuh well run dry (Me say) ... I'm falling in love (Never could dem fool dem bowcat?)
J. COLE LYRICS - Nothing Lasts Forever
Lyrics to "Nothing Lasts Forever" song by J. COLE: I tried, you tried, we tried All of the times that ... Real real ugly, your grandmama love me ... From the goods to the bads, rise to the fall ... I guess I never thought I could have ever have lost you
Beverly - You Came Along Lyrics
Never knew love / Could be this way / I never knew until you opened my eyes ... Never knew that we would ever fall in love ... Thought I had given up on love
Lyrics to "Until You" song by SHAYNE WARD: Baby life was good to me But you just made it better I love the way you stand by me Throught any kin...
Every night in the club tricking with a different girl thought I'd never fall in love ( what what) Then I met you (what ... I never met a girl like you that makes me want to settle down ... And it's hard as a man but I know I can ... If I ever do wrong. I can  ...
Lyrics to "Seasons Of Love" song by CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA: I never new love existed this way That my dreams ... I never thought that I would fall for you ... Until another life this love will forever last. It's the best thing that ever happened to me
HOTEL BOOKS LYRICS - Sometimes I Feel Like Nothing
And I didn't want to lose you, But sometimes I forget. When my ... Until I'm afraid to get back up because ... And I never thought I would be the one to fall in love
Massari - Till I Found You lyrics
Till I Found You lyrics by Massari: (Verse1) / If only I can show you / All of the ... You're everything I've ever wanted ... (never thought that I could fall in love) (Till I  ...
I never thought that U would be the one. After all ... It's so bad but I hate U cuz U' re all that's ever on my mind. Honey ... 2 fall in love was a table reserved 4 fools. Say U're ... Right now I hate U so much I wanna make love until U see. That it's ...
Then you turned my head around. Touching me, the very heart of me. Can it be I' m falling in love again. Never thought I would, Never thought I could, no.
... I can't!) Never thought that I'd fall in love, love, love, love... ... Being without you girl, I was all messed up, up, up, up ... Because i can't sleep til you're next to me
ASHANTI LYRICS - Never Should Have
Lyrics to "Never Should Have" song by ASHANTI: You were all that I wanted I fell in ... You ever hurting me or mistreating my love ... Never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me. ... It made me fall in love with you. Until you left and you made that mistake ... I thought that we were gonna be a family
Debelah Morgan - Fall In Love Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fall in Love Again' by Debelah Morgan. ... There would be no one else. I 'd never love again. Then you came along. And you gave me back my smile. You said you'd never ever leave my side ... I never thought I'd feel this way again
Massari - Till I Found You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Till I Found You' by Massari. x2 / I want you in my life (I want you in my life X2) / I ... If only I can show you ... You're everything I've ever wanted ... I never thought that I fall in luv till I found youuuu ... Songs You Love If You Love Nerds.
Lyrics to "Arms" song by CHRISTINA PERRI: I never thought that you would be the one to hold my ... I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling. I'll never let our love get so close ... I've never truly loved till you put your arms around me
G-EAZY LYRICS - Shoot Me Down
But that shit love can make you blind to a lot of shit. But I can't waste my ... We had a shot up until you stirred the pot. And then you did some shit I never would have thought [Hook - Anthony ... I get right back up when I fall, you know [Verse 2 :]
Michael Jackson - I Never Heard lyrics
I Never Heard lyrics by Michael Jackson: This is it / Here I stand / In the light of the world / Love is grand / And this love / I can feel.
Christina Perri - Arms lyrics
17 explanations, 45 meanings to Arms lyrics by Christina Perri: I never thought that you / Would be the one to hold my heart / But you came.
NO ANGELS LYRICS - Anchor Your Love
I never thought that I would. Ever find this. Until the moment that I felt your gentle kiss. The way you love me baby. No man has ... that I would. Fall in love like this
David Pomeranz - Until I Fall In Love Again lyrics
Jul 29, 2012 1 meaning to Until I Fall In Love Again lyrics by David Pomeranz: I know the ... true & everlasting love which you never thought could happend.
AVIATION LYRICS - You Were My Everything
Lyrics to "You Were My Everything" song by AVIATION: This goes out to someone that was ... You told me we were crazy in love ... Now you pushed me away like you never even knew me ... The thought of that just shatters my heart ... Now I wanna hold you until I can't hold you ... I didn't think you would ever do me like this
I used to know you like the back of my hand. Until today ... 'Till tonight I never knew the difference between comfort and love. Although ... nothing will ever be the same. I used to hold you like it's all that I had. Now begins the falling out, we are like a passing fad. Your mouth ... I always thought that we could make it through
... in your cheeks? Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift The type that sti... ... Until I fall asleep ... Ever thought of calling when you've had a few? 'Cause I always do. Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new. Now I've ...
D'BANJ LYRICS - Fall In Love
Lyrics to "Fall In Love" song by D'BANJ: Don't get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing It's Don Jazzy again I'm D'Banj When Koko ... When Koko master fall in love ... See, I never thought that I will find someone like you ... [Repeat Chorus till fade] .
Side A - Forevermore lyrics
I've been watching all the stars that fall down ... My love for you will be forevermore ... Simula noong nagkakilala tayo until now ikaw parin ang sinisigaw ng puso ko. ... My heart will still love you forever. .... She is just a dream that I once knew and I never ever thought I would be right for her, I just can't compare her with ...
Well I'm so tired of the rain falling softly on the ground, Just enough to get ... Well if I ever cross your mind, make sure you write down the times. So I will know ... I' ve ever had, Johnny Cash said love would burn, I never thought it'd hurt this bad.
I was off the chain, I never thought I could change. Until I met the lady of my dreams. With your sexy ass and I swear you belong in some magazines. I got a thing ...
Lyrics to "IFHY" song by TYLER, THE CREATOR: I never would've thought that Feelings could get thrown in the air Cause I accidentally ... I love you. Can we add some more color, um, like, some more, yellow. Yeah, that's good ... The sky is falling bitch, let's try to catch it tonight ... I wanna strangle you, till you stop breathing)
ERIC CARMEN LYRICS - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Lyrics to "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" song by ERIC CARMEN: No use pretending things can still be right There's really ... No use pretending things can still be right ... Just like me and you ... At first we thought that love was here to stay
Lyrics to "Up & Down" song by DREEZY: Why you be givin' up on us, like you don 't know all the shit ... Thought that I was your friend too. If we in it, it's gonna' take two. I be yellin' until I go blue, but I never would give up on you ... Even when loving get hard, you somebody I never would trade ... If we fall, we just taking a risk
I can be your best friend you can count on me to ride for you until the end and ... that good love we make you see I never thought I meet somebody quite like you ... I'll be there when you slip or help you not fall at all you see we been around the  ...
BOYZONE LYRICS - Every Day I Love You
Lyrics to "Every Day I Love You" song by BOYZONE: I don't know, but I believe That some things are meant to be And that you'll ... I never thought that dreams came true ... And you'll never live until you love ... If I asked would you say yes?
EMINEM LYRICS - Spend Some Time
I never woulda thought that I'd see you outta control. Even though ... Nothing could intervene us, especially no hoes. You was more ... Till you went as far as goin' and snoopin' through my drawers. Now I just ... All I ever wanted from you was a few booty calls. If you recall I ... I ask myself, do I love these hoes? NO! [50 cent]

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