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I-Octane & Gentleman - It's All Right Lyrics
I-Octane & Gentleman "It's All Right": Dem love to talk a lot Matters not, ... We tell dem fi clean up dem livity Leave out vanity and care 'bout humanity Tell dem love should be pros-priority ... So I won't let dem get to me Most High, preserve my destiny Jah Jah, won't let dem get to me ...
Jump out a car with the jeans dem weh tight up If you love your life like a knife, better try cut We grip the handle, a no motor cycle You're right too, we hand gun a rifle Yo, a so we badness go Whole a dem soft, dem a Kisco Dem a baby, dem a kids too Dem a wear thong to thong, dem a Sisqo Brawling the browning a kiss you So we badness go
China made dem badness knock off You nuh see dem badness knock off But we dark like cave Come in like when JPS light lock off Fraid dem boy deh, fraid dem fraid a we Hear me nuh Zoom A fraid dem boy dem, fraid dem fraid a we But tell dem You nuh fi ramp wid bad people A lucky chin a fire dat eagle When me step out a di black vehicle
I-Octane Song Lyrics
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I Octane - Burn Dem Bridge Lyrics
Yeah, mm yeah yeah Mm yeah yeahh mmmmm ohh whooaa Yeah Steeeeephen Mmmmmmm yo Big Ship Yeah [Verse 1:] Some bwoy Dash weh dem stick before dem cross di wata Vanity dem bwoy they fall fah. Buck up inna things they never ask the Lord fah It's not a laughing matter, Stephen. Ungratefulness cause disaster Pay fi everything weh dem mek wi bawl fah Out of wi tings so we work so hard fah Gi dem ...
Mek badmind just stand up inna dem That's why every organ numb up inna dem L.O.V.E tell yuh numb up inna dem [Verse 1] Dem bwoy deh wi grudge yuh fi yuh toe fi yuh footback Grudge yuh when yuh a draw money when yuh put back Cashflow mi a warn yuh When yuh walk yuh look back, Caaw anytime yuh wi get a cuff caff Dem boy deh wi grudge yuh fi nutten
Tell dem a so mi grow, a so mi grow Spanish town no other way wi no know Before mi switch mi prefer pose wid a gyal like domino Frass naw kiss no gyal toe Tell dem wa mi no have mi prefer do without Some bwoy stoop just fi lui out Anytime mi lax cane row no bwoy cyaa pull it out A RR shrub him out (Repeat ) (2) Nuff a dem come out clean an swagging
The bugger dem waan si yo dead Yet still dem nuh have nothing fi gain A death dem a wish pon the one likkle life Weh Jah, Jah, give you Suh nuh bother watch the teeth when dem come a smile When dem a greet you Dem seh dem love you but a lie dem a tell Dem waan tag yo toe John crow fly down a smell Or dem sell you out to the cops
All when mi nuh have on mi shirt dem cyaa touch a button Dem nuh bad, mi dis dem and dem cyaa go fi nothing Things dem a kick like when yo gi the baller fi juggle Fi get a brand new clarks weh the mall have hi open Since a suh seh yo hot fi mi Bag a word like gyal you a chop fi mi Mi wi out, out, yo light meck yo top si mi Stay deh gwaan plan fi mi
But shi naw get that, God know shi cyaa get that Western union send the money weh shi waan But shi naw get that, mi nuh carry load pon my head top (1) If night turn to day nought bwoy couldn't walk Cause every gyal a road would a wine and talk Nough bwoy weh a pose dem a dry-land shark Dem a nam down the place, dem a knife and fork
Check it out a mi friend a lay down inna dat. Oh God, Stray bullet from di Glock Lef mi friend dem modda decorate inna black. And when yuh check it out A him same friend dem partake inna dat. Mi nah go a nine night beat no more drum, No more fish and bread spill, No more rum. Dem kill pon di likkle ball ground And see deh mi cyaan have no more fun.
Mavado - Above Dem Lyrics
The money and the fame yo know wi have it over dem [Verse 1:] Left hand a beat a Rolex Rose gold mi neck a wear If a nuh Jordan wi in a and the get a wear Fassy a look a stripe Better you get a bear Wi lock the business tek the key And wi nuh left a spear Mi lezel worth dem whole career Pu**y you nuh in a the circle stand out a the square
A we a gi dem heart attack, arthroscope We silent all parrot, believe me A so me plan fi live my life And a we call all the shots So real yute A my life live it my way, my way, my way If me rise and feel like fi smoke and get High and fly way fly way Crosses fi avoid we Me ting set like the breeze pon the highway So gwaan watch out me life
Wheeler Walker Jr. - Drop 'em Out Lyrics
Drop 'em out Let me see them knockers Gonna take a long look at those big ham hockers Just squeeze 'em together while I play with my cocker Come on let me gander at your boobs Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Benjamin Hoffman. AZLyrics. W. Wheeler Walker Jr. Lyrics. album: "Redneck Shit" (2016) Redneck Shit.
I-Octane - Chatty Mouth Lyrics
Inna dem yah last days yah Yap yap dem yah last days yah Chatty chatty mouth yeah More prominent inna dem yah last days yah Yap yap dem yah last days yah. Me see dem a listen but I nah speak So anytime me see them me play hide and seek Dem only wah fi know a weh you buy last week Watch dem a pree dem a hide and peep. Now me see say dem can't ...
I-Octane - Run Mi Out Lyrics
Yes mi daddy run mi out She mi a chat bout mi mother too much Yes mi daddy run mi out Mi a talk bout mi mother too much Tell yuh mi daddy run mi out Seh a chat bout mi mother too much Yes mi father rum out Tell yo mi daddy run mi out Yes in a di cold when battle field red in a di night Him never care if mi dead in a di night Carry mi pan a lonely road left mi a di light True mi mother cum link ...
Morgan Heritage - Crying Out Lyrics
Oh yes, the youths dem wailing And them crying We heard the voices crying out In the valley asking for help And we're their only hope So we're here sending a message How many times do we have to see Our brothers die in street From a bullet by another brother Trying to find food to eat Just to survive we've gotta be enemies That is how we get defeat
I Octane - Trend Setta Lyrics
Lyrics for Trend Setta by I Octane. Cause man a trend setta Road tekka, money mecka Panty wet, gyal no waan no catchup dem waa... Lyrics for Trend Setta by I Octane. ... mi tracks dem hard fi keep So mi roll out the Benz and park the Jeep Weh mi wear yesterday naw repeat Worst mi and Versi a cork the street Mi link mi wife and shi booty So mi ...
I-Octane - It's Alright Lyrics
A nuff a dem a come up and a push up dem snout But guess what? It's alright! Even when dem call mi name from way down the lane It's alright! Mi know a Jah shine the sun and a him fall the rain It's alright! (1) I no listen to wa pagans have to say If a dem alone mi wouldn't have a happy day Done sight up the evil weh dem mark yuh straight
I-Octane - Bad Lyrics
A pree dem a pree? Tell the punk dem wi ready Wi have some things weh a dribble like Pellae Some a sing like Reggae, some ugly like Freddy Wi chad through yo place and wi left it crebae, crebae Gyal haffi a run, man a crawl pon belly Big, big, man a dance like dem name Shelly When yo friend dem call tell dem pon the celli
I-Octane - Get Gyal Lyrics
So from a bwoy no waan no gyal wi no si dem Yes woman fi get money meck dem alright But if a loving dem waan gi dem all night That brighten up dem life like a starlight Mi waan nuff gyal Mi no know the cause a it Gyal thing yow wi set it away Shi waan mi loving so mi meck shi have hi Believe me, like it so shi get it again
Damian Marley - R.O.A.R. Lyrics
All, nuisance get weh dem fi get People live peaceful, no need to fret, 'cause A we a guard dem out a street Late at night when dem a sleep Kids in bed and counting sheep And when they wake up inna the morning, they'll living sweet Enterprise operation, ruff up well neat Back to business, everything on beat No man to more than dem share of greens
Aidonia - Friends or Enemies Lyrics
Call dem ah friend Call dem ah friend Call dem ah friend Alright den, Question Freinds or enemies cah dem ah friends wid mi enemies Den dem ah enemies get dem out by any means Category 5 ah di berry breeze S link perry squeeze not even jelly leave From dem ah pussy dem can't change no Why wait yuh can't get mango from cherry trees
I-Octane - One Life Lyrics
dem waan know how mi life set. it good good it good good. dem waan know how mi life look is a good look it look good. One life you get fi have fun Suh just live it and done Who a buy chaser, who a buy rum Start up the bike dem Come meck wi party and done Zoom, bring a gyal come yeah Miami pon the beach, visa nuh turn down
Vybz Kartel - Can't Trust Lyrics
Find out seh yuh fake Mi nuh argue Move on wid mi life, yo TJ Long as you have life Everyday yuh wi learn supm new Gi dem everything and dem still a pree you Smile when dem si yuh, when yuh gone dem a screw Shakespeare seh fi love all, trust a few Mi nuh buy dat, gimme back mi money, fuck you Most a di times when a thugs get sell out
I-Octane - Mamma Lyrics
You muscles dem hurt you But you glory soon come Oooh mama Papa running, from all the stress that surround him But you stay mama You glory soon come Yes mama When you cup running over You prove that you are a soldier You glory soon come hmmm For all the work you put in Never go in vain So I don't want you worry yuself Mama, the one above is ...
Alkaline feat. Mavado & I-Octane - Above Dem Lyrics ...
F**ker dem, mi seh f**ker dem Whole heap a fight wi get But still above a dem Wi laugh haha f**ker dem Wi laugh the bugger dem The more dem try fi fight wi Wi tun up and up again Wi money nuff and nuff again Pagans a cuss again The powder and the oil Nothing yo use nuh work again Cyaa tell when last mi bruk again Dem gyal wi still a f**K again The money and the fame yo know wi have it over dem ...
Wayne Marshall, Vybz Kartel, I-Octane, Damian Marley ...
a five pointer you know what kind of money run, yea From you say hard me go hard and done wid the big money clip like the coil cah done you see the black diamond pon me neck a long dung a five pointer you know what kind of money run, yea Me niggy say fi chop dem so me chop dem like a cold jelly dem don't ready wid old medi yo don't penny my flow steady my doe spenny is so many bling frozery no ...
Masicka - The Truth Lyrics
Boost up you battyman friend dem fi fight me Circle you yard like you woman invite me MAK-90 me point it, buss dem head nicely Pussyhole glad Kartel get lifey You a big game head, you no mighty Becah you cyaan run the place barefoot And me weh shot dem out a the Nike You never grow inna the ghetto boy, friend you a follow
Dem Franchize Boyz - Freaky As She Wanna Be Lyrics ...
pop my balls in her mouth, like she pops some capsules, I like them easin out the county and like the way I sold, they choose ya cause a nigga is a rapper, fuck em good and straight get ghost just like Casper. [Trey Songz:] She freaky as she wanna be, believe it [Girl:] Im freaky as I wanna be [Trey Songz:] Pop in, whats in them vickies? No secret
Digga D - Chingy (It's Whatever) Lyrics
Jump out, try put him in a coffin Hop back in and swerve Where's my yack? I'm burst Last night was a blur Pree the watch, brrr I'm about to go clear See a opp right there and get chingy chingy chingy My gun dem with me, my gun dem fi me Give me my thingy and let me get flingy Yu zee it, yu zimme, we got a big dilemma Bait main road, bro don't ...
I Octane - Gyal Ting (Happy Hour Riddim) Lyrics
Lyrics for Gyal Ting (Happy Hour Riddim) by I Octane. If mi seh gyal and dem no feel like how we feel That mean dem nuh real like how we real M...
Jah Sun feat. House Of Riddim - Never Give Up Lyrics ...
From me as a youth I always needed proof I guess you could say I was a seeker. I went to school but them played me like a fool, never digging no support from the teacher. Hung in my search I ended up in the church, I felt I could not trust the preacher. Me come to find all a dem but whim that what a love to see me meet the grim reaper.
Demun Jones & Upchurch - Off Road Lyrics
Head out the window with the hat cocked sideways (I got my boys) Chrome stacked blowing black to the skyway (Uh) Throw on some Hank, let's crank it like it's Friday [Demun Jones:] I've got my boys and my beer, they got toys jacked up to here Got room for a loaded white tail in the rear, get a ladder 'cause you gotta climb up in here
Melanie Martinez - Wheels on the Bus translation in German ...
I'm just looking out the window and it's cold outside There are two boys yelling behind me... German translation of lyrics for Wheels on the Bus by Melanie Martinez. I'm just looking out the window and it's cold outside There are two boys yelling behind me... Type song title, artist or lyrics.
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