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Lil' B Lyrics - Shoot The Bitch Bra
Lyrics to "Shoot The Bitch Bra" song by Lil' B: Strobe lights, on one, all night My name is Based God, Based Lord, all right Based freestyle in this...
QUE. Lyrics - Splash Brothers
Splash brothers in this bitch and they ready to shoot this shit up) [Que:] 'Bout that Velveeta, ... Splash brothers in this bitch and they ready to shoot this shit up)
Eminem Lyrics - SHADY CXVPHER
Lyrics to "SHADY CXVPHER" song by Eminem: ... Just shoot, shoot like doot doot And beaucoup, beaucoup, ... Bitch, I can jump without ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics - Bootin In This
Go down when I flash, shoot this bitch up fast Nigga you can't get past, flatline your bitch ass, gang Bootin' in this bitch, bootin' in this bitch, bootin' in this
Jarren Benton Lyrics - Shut Up Bitch
Shut up Bitch, bddddrrrr ... Tryna get this bread up bitch All you do is shoot a nigga down You're fucking my head up bitch Man fuck that shit (man fuck that shit)
Eminem Lyrics - Guilty Conscience
Lyrics to "Guilty Conscience" song by Eminem: ... Shoot that bitch! Can you afford to blow this shit? Are you that rich? Why you give a fuck if she dies?
Three 6 Mafia - Fuck That Shit Lyrics
Get kicked out this bitch like, fuck that shit Shoot that thang at security nigga, fuck you bitch. As a young nigga in the hood kinda pissed off
Lud Foe Lyrics - Killa Season
Lyrics to "Killa Season" song by Lud Foe: ... We do hits out the mini van windows too tinted slide back that door I'm a shoot this bitch for two minutes
Chief Keef Lyrics - Faneto
Lyrics to "Faneto" song by Chief Keef: Gang, gang, gang, gang (Sosa on the beat) Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch, gang ... Finna go and shoot New Jersey ...
Lud Foe - Killa Season Lyrics
Lyrics for Killa Season ... foreigns but Im knowing that shit too rented We do hits out the mini van windows too tinted Slide back that door Ima shoot this bitch ...
Nicki Minaj Lyrics - Big Daddy
Lyrics to "Big Daddy" song by Nicki Minaj: ... Your bitch call me big daddy ... You watch your mouth or my niggas will shoot up the club like what Shyne did
BIBBY x HERB Lyrics - Kill Shit
Lyrics to "Kill Shit" song by BIBBY x HERB: ... might see a bitch and forget I hit it ... shoot a nigga off his porch, ...
Chief Keef - Faneto Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faneto' by Chief Keef: Cheese in my pockets, bitch, Velveda / Blow this motherfucker, he gone choke On the ground, on the floor someone pick him up,
21 Savage Lyrics - No Peace
Lyrics to "No Peace" song by 21 Savage: Whippin the work bitch Slaughter gang murk shit We pull up and hurt shit I shoot like Stephen curry...
Three 6 Mafia Lyrics - Fuck That Shit
Get kicked out this bitch like, FUCK THAT SHIT! Shoot that thang at security nigga, FUCK YOU BITCH! [DJ Paul] See I'mma ride me a chevy with them fo doors
Rich The Kid - Why Quit It Lyrics
Why Quit It Lyrics feat. ... My nigga Dex in this bitch my nigga lit, ... My lil bitch came from Japan Shoot this boy out by his fam
Philly's Most Wanted Lyrics - This Bitch
Lyrics to "This Bitch" song by Philly's Most Wanted: [Mr. Man Boobonic] "Ayyo, I seen the bitch car over there, man." "Who?" "Let's shoot over there....
Robin Thicke - Shooter Lyrics
Shooter Lyrics feat. ... Bang! Die bitch nigga die I hope you bleed a lake I'm a play x-ray, ... Shoot shoot shoot shoot shooter. Put my hands up
Boosie Badazz feat. B-Will, Shu & J Day - Lil Shooter ...
B-Will, Shu & J Day. Now look at my lil shooter, ain't he shooting Been ... no playground It's click clack bitch get back Everything retarded I might shoot ...
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Gunwalk
Lyrics to "Gunwalk" song by Lil' Wayne ... And this bitch bigger than ... Shoot 'em up then leave, nigga I smell Summer's Eve, nigga We shoot first; it's ...
Eminem - One Shot 2 Shot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Shot 2 Shot' by Eminem. ... I told her I'd be right back and the dumb bitch believed me ... Shoot out the back of his truck goes up in this motherfucker
Abc - Poison Arrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poison Arrow' by Abc: ... Shoot that poison arrow though to my heart Shoot that poison arrow No rhythm in cymbals No tempo in drums Love on arrival
Lil Bibby Lyrics - Shout Out
Lyrics to "Shout Out" song by Lil Bibby: ... Imma let this 30 squeeze til that bitch go silent ... And I never been a bitch so you gon' have to shoot me Fuck nigga!
Nas - Shootouts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shootouts' by Nas. Yo, ... I know the bitch he rest with ... Trying to stop the loot, fuck Jake, cock and shoot.
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Had To Quit Fucking With You
Lyrics to "Had To Quit Fucking With You" song by ... wouldn't shoot, I ain't gotta quit fucking with you. ... quit fucking with you, You were my main bitch, ...
Chief Keef - Shooters Lyrics
Them my motherfucking shooters Bitch I have my shooters do a hit off a scooter ... But I know for me they gon be shooting up like storm
King Louie Lyrics - Michael Jordan
Lyrics to "Michael Jordan" song by King Louie: ... I shoot once when I squeeze once. This bitch will have me for lunch, She knock me down while I smoke four blunts,
Hood - Think I'm Lyin Lyrics
Drop that coke in that hot water / And tell that bitch to hold her nose / Man I'm richer than a bitch, ho ... Think I'm Lyin Lyrics ... I can really run and shoot
Yung Chris Lyrics - Racks (Remix)
Lyrics to "Racks (Remix)" song by Yung Chris: (YC!) ... bitch I think my heart stop ... Twista, I see your future, finna shoot ya
French Montana Lyrics - Marble Floors
Lyrics to "Marble Floors" song by French Montana: So I let the bitch hang out with me right You know word got around I was fucking ... Shoot you in ya head like ...
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Tha Heat
Lyrics to "Tha Heat" song by Lil' Wayne: Fuck with me, you know what it is I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, ... Out this bitch with your brains and your dew on your ...
Montana of 300 - CoCo Lyrics
Lyrics for CoCo by Montana of ... oh no Bitch I make ... I will let this bitch blow like a thot on her knees I feel for you niggas like I can not see I shoot like Ray ...
Doughboyz Cashout Lyrics - Da Mob
Lyrics to "Da Mob" song by Doughboyz Cashout: Crispy! Cruising down the mile, blowin loud with my rich bitch steering with my left hand ... shoot yo ass quick as ...
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