I swear to god my bitch so bad i got to whoop her lyrics

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MIGOS LYRICS - Bad And Boujee
Lyrics to "Bad And Boujee" song by MIGOS: You know young rich niggas You know so we never really had no old money We got a whole lot of new mo... ... Fuckin' on your bitch she a thot, thot, thot (thot) Cookin' up dope in the crockpot, ( pot) .... Wait, these niggas watchin', I swear to God they be my clones. Yeah, hey, huh ...
Man I swear to god I got some niggas out there in Shreveport so loyal it don't make no fucking sense. That my nigga I call'em Blocka That my bitch I call her Betty ...
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
At making my shawty feel it till she feel it in her chest. Sex, excellent, get a hundred when I test, I'm a fan of her ... Bitch so bad know her parents went through hell, Smart mouth when we argue, you would swear she went to Yale. I wanna touch ...
NICKI MINAJ LYRICS - Roman's Revenge
I got the pumps, it ain't got medicine. I got bars, sentencing. I'm a bad bitch, I'm a cunt. And I'll kick ... I ain't into S&M, but my whip's off the chain. A little drop of ... So wipe the smile on your grill off, I swear to God I'll piss a Happy Meal off. Get the ...
Swear to God that I can't wait to shit on all my friends again. I'm a pull up bens ... Pray to God we don't crash in the whip through the dash. I could tap the gas and ... Bend her over pull her hair and eat her pussy, lick her ass. And when we be ... Lean bad got bad habits yell a bitch from Lafayette fantastic. Dead broke, got mad ...
Lyrics to "Told Ya So" song by TRAVIS PORTER: I hate to tell em that I told you so uh Ey, life's ... I got a bad bitch in the backseat, got a bad bitch in the front
And I know she liked a nigga taste, I can see it in her face ... Ride for a nigga, step inside the house got my mentals erased ... Bad lil bitch with some bad lil tits ... When I whip the dope I'm looking to break my wrist the way I'm spinning it. Got a bad little date, swear to God I got a bad little date ... So pass me a molly, new
Lyrics to "You Got It" song by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time Throw your hands ... I swear nothing worse than a bad bitch that lost it ... God damn your ex man is a dumb ass ... I tell her my name Jermaine, I'm tryna be lowkey ... Man, girl thank you, shit you so bad know your daddy wish he could still spank you
Travis Scott - Mamacita Lyrics
With the head first, got her straight out of the night gown. Nothin' like ... Hey, the bitch so bad. Call her ticket ... Hey and I ain't kin to Wayne but there my mamacita, hey (Mamacita mamacita wha' what). Mamacita ... Whip it 'til I have a stroke. I do not ... I'm still praying to senior so you know I'm gettin' greater (I swear to God)
My bitch so bad she on my Christmas list. Remember I ... But Lord knows that if I get penned for this ... They spit my new verse at your wake while you're lying
Lyrics to "Stay Down" song by BIG SEAN: My whole squad in this bitch And they gon' stay there the whole ... Bad bad bad bitches they dressed up ... Got her friends tryna fuck me and her man's tryna rob me ... Every time I cum, I swear to God I feel like I be rich ... And cause so much ice, me and my dogs gonna skate that shit
Seen this bad little bitch at the bar with her clique. They all ... Short dress and red bottoms, and her ass so fat. I bought em all ... A couple shots later, she feelin all on my dick, Next thing we ... Bend yo ass over it's only right you get a backshot ( Yep) [Hook:] ... She a tight bitch but off Goose I swear she loose as fuck (Loose)
50 CENT LYRICS - My Life
Lyrics to "My Life" song by 50 CENT: (That's what I think he said...) My life, my ... Like a movie, got nowhere to go. Nowhere ... Man their emotions change so I can never trust a bitch ... To whoop down this spaghetti, or should I say this spa-get- even? ... I swear to God I put my heart and soul into this more than anybody knows
Lyrics to "I Got That" song by WEBBIE: Boosie I swear to God I'mma hurt one of ... and I ain't fucking with her less she real fine I gotta lot money I ain't gotta lie play me ... style nigga gotta die why you spit that nut out bitch apologize it's real deal pimp ... murder kill kill all in my eyes me I take that beef shit and tenderize it I got
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Living Right
Walking around saying "you got a nice ass house" My phone keep ringing though , my bad. I think my girl ... my trash out. I can not fuck with you bitch, cause you gon' get a nigga busted ... Put the dick up in your mouth while it's running bitch don't ask no questions ... Getting top, I'm laying on top, swear to God I had a chopper
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
And I ain't no connoisseur but I'm kinda sure you will admire my taste ... Bitch so bad got me wishing I could sing her ... Then we fuck all night til things get right
BIG SEAN LYRICS - Marvin & Chardonnay
My bitch. Hold up, hol' up, woah there. Let's capture this moment if I hit it then I own it ... But that pussy got me feeling like a kid with the street lights on ... And I swear you turn at least half asian ... She's so cool, give head with her shades on
Lyrics to "John Gotti" song by KEVIN GATES: Sometimes I tell the bitch I'm with, ... Fuck that nigga bitch, I got her saying free Lee Lucas ... Doing bad 'fore they switched on me ... In the studio with my nigga Hood, but them niggas round him, they pussy ... I'm so depressed I'll kill myself, wish somebody go head and cook me
I be ridin the whip that ain't familiar. Getting to the ... Say my name to these hoes, that's familiar [Verse 1: Ty Dolla ... Got so many hoes I can't remember ... But a bad bitch getting threesomes. I said OK ... You know I peeped her feet game, she head up on them red things ... I swear to God, these hoes be fuckin anyone. I swear ...
And to all the hoes that was dissing, I pray to god that you see me. I'm on the yacht getting hella high, smoking good, that seaweed. Bad bitch and her chacha, grabbing on her chi chi's ... So let that shit burn. Let that shit ... Yep, I swear that Mack 10 is barbell ... Hit your girl in my whip and now that pussy got that new car smell
Them diamonds go fishing, they might hurt your vision ... All my niggas got a stack of the cheddar. All my ... Cause she whip the fuckin' pot, ay ... Bad bitch roll the dope ... Got a white bitch with a big booty but I swear to god she so heaven sent
EMINEM LYRICS - Cold Wind Blows
So on a bigger stage they came to see you spit your game ... So, god damn... is it that time again already. Haha ... You can get the dick, just call me the ballsack, I' m nuts ... Fuck it a sick duck, I want my duck sick mummy ... I'll show you pussy footin, I'll kick a bitch in the cunt ... But I swear, you try to diss me, I'll slaughter you
B.O.B LYRICS - Chaos
Imma get my check at the [?] I mean envelope ... Put your back on my [?] and my bad bitch [?] Firex on a ... Tinted windows on my whip and see that shit like 5% Damn ... Why the hell y'all actin hard I swear to god that these niggas ain't bout it. They mad that my team winning and their's isn't so we got em all pouting. Imma tell ...
My bitch get off at 9 o'clock. So I had to shake her 'round 7:30 105, I'm ... I just might... GOD! [Break - Jay Rock:] I'm focused feeling blessed. Cause my eyes be the truth ... Beat the pussy up so bad ... Got too many cars, I might crash a whip
Lyrics to "In The Bag" song by MAC MILLER: Driving in my car, Sunday afternoon , ... Word to God I take another shot of Hennessy if you don't go in right now and meet ... So this the music that made white people mad. Yeah, this the shit to blow your speakers out ... That boy got the devil in him, swear he need an exorcism
I ain't got no issues wit these bitches [Dr. Maria Gonzales:] ... This bitch just a snake so i nick named her Culvert (Yep) She wonder why I always hit ... like a fool to me (BITCH) My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent
Cause it's another day I get to ride around in what they can't afford. I beg your pardon, my whip's clean, I'm fresh as fuck. My bitch mean, there's no pressing her . She freshen up while I'm resting up. So when I wake up it's to naked butt ... With mad wishes, two bad bitches. That use the dick to ... Swear to God they seen Bun B
Lyrics to "Awwsome" song by SHY GLIZZY: Swish, I'm balling I'm so awesome Old bitch keep calling She think ... Oh my fucking God, pull up in that, oh my gosh
when the club 'bout to hear this soooong (Whatchu got?) We got ... Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (Yeaaaaaaaah!) ... I guess that's why all of these niggaz get bad ... Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down (Flocka!) .... He might have the same whip, but check out how I roll mine
Rockie Fresh - Rap Monument Lyrics
Tantalise so you can see the bigger picture that God is the light. In the fixture or ... These bad hoes is gruntin', their booties is pokin' ... Fresh like my nephew Khalil in this bitch ... Got her right up on my lap, that's a real nigga risk ... Swear, 12 stacks in my glove box .... Mind yo' fuckin' business, why you think the whip is tinted?
TRILL SAMMY LYRICS - Uber Everywhere Freestyle
Bad bitch from New York, so I fly her to the H Shawty thick as hell, ... And I think that bitch a thottie so I kicked her out my whip. All this leanin got me drowsy I can't take another sip ... Trill Sammy swear to God I never kissed them. And I don't ...
Every second, every minute, man, I swear that she can get it. Say if you a bad bitch put your hands up high, hands up high, hands up high. Tell 'em ... But I could never right my wrongs 'less I write it down for real, P.S ... You were so new to this life but Goddamn, you got adjusted ... Good God, what you doing that walk for?
But 2nite when she go home I'ma keep callin her phone. Til she let me lay that bone (fuck that ... I need to fuck some bad I got some pressure built up. So tha next thang I fuck she gone get extra ripped up. I looked up to god n told em fix this shit(u gotta fix this shit) I got j-lo at home I need my bitch. Look 3 n the mornin girl still ...
BIG SEAN LYRICS - I Don't Fuck With You
You little stupid ass bitch, I ain't fuckin' with you ... Bitch I don't give a fuck about you or anything that you do ... I swear I had it up to here, I got no ceilings to go ... She choosin that's her decision, free my niggas in prison ... I got a new whip gotta thank the lot for ... I guess you need a bad bitch to come around and make it up
LIL BIBBY LYRICS - Tired Of Talkin'
If it ain't about money I ain't tryna' talk My chick called I cut t... ... These nigga give me headaches I'm so tired of talkin' ... Got a bad bitch she gon knock ya down. When I ride around. Hit the mall and spend 20k on my necklace. Swear to God I can't help this. Another ... Your main chick in my four whip cause she tired of walkin'
BIG SEAN LYRICS - Experimental
My mental, I'm so experimental. Just pop 2 now what ... Bunch of bad bitches begging Juice to fuck. Drinking 'til I ... Swear to God I feel incredible. Swear that my ... She just popped her a pillie got her feeling all silly ... Got xannies on deck bitch. Take these ... Now we having a threesome in the whip on the way home [ Hook:]
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Money Ain't No Issue
We come from nothin nigga, let's get this fuckin money! ... I'm sippin' on Patron nigga, my bitch bad to the bone nigga ... I can't smoke that strong nigga, swear that's word to my PO That lil chick too expensive for you, I'll take her back like repo ... I come through, beat them streets up cause my whip game so abusive nigga
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Don't Get Me Started
Lyrics to "Don't Get Me Started" song by ACE HOOD: You don't want to get ... My niggas go real as they go so hard, so dumb retarded ... I come to whip in the Phantom ... With a bad bitch, she's so thick ... Swear to God you won't see her twice
T-WAYNE LYRICS - Nasty Freestyle
I don't want her if that ass don't sit like a horse. I be balling on these niggas got me feeling like sports. Dash got so much wood I could build me a fort. Ain't too ... Let your bitch ride on me. Like she ... Ass nigga man I swear you getting peed on. Man, my ... Pray to God they forgive me ... My girl bad like Dej Loaf so don't try her
JEREMIH - Planes lyrics
Man, my whip so big when you in it ... Told my bitch to let her hair down ... Get high baby roll one, cloud nine, 'bout to go up ... So god damn don't make me beg

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