I wanna love you i will protect you and lift your feet off the ground lyrics

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I'll never lose you I couldn't choose to if I tried P... ... I wanna feel your feet lifting off the ground ... 'Cause I'm gonna love you, somewhere on the other side
Ryan Sheridan - Home Lyrics
... lift your feet off the ground might take a trip down a road you dont want to go try ... where you're from to lift your feet off the ground fly too high and the sun will ...
PARACHUTE LYRICS - Something To Believe In
You wake up every morning looking for your answer. You're ... But you don't wanna try ... Watch my feet float off the ground ... Love, if you can hear this sound
Lyrics to "On My Cloud" song by OLLY MURS: Love is moving faster but I'm taking my time I'm gonna be there when I get there You just follow ... Lift your feet right off the ground ... I'll be busy doing nothing ... So if you wanna make it happen
Ryan Sheridan - Home (D'Movie Love Theme) Lyrics
Lyrics for Home (D'Movie Love Theme) by Ryan Sheridan. ... Chasing dreams, running miles from where you're from, to lift your feet off the ground. Might take a trip down a road you don't want to go, try and fail, at a chance that has ... Fly too high and the sun will burn your wings It's all I know, fly too high, Burn your wings.
ELLIE GOULDING LYRICS - When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground
When your voice won't make a sound. Here, it's safe, in this place, up off the clouds. When your feet don't touch the earth. You can't feel the fates that hurt
Lyrics to "Protect Ya Neck" song by WU-TANG CLAN: "So what's up man? Cooling man" ... I wanna hear that Wu-Tang joint" ... [RZA] Wu-Tang Clan coming at you, protect your neck kid, so set it off the Inspector Deck ... I'll be sticking pins in your head like a fucking nurse ... I love gats, if rap was a gun, you wouldn't bust back
All You Need Is The Will To Want It And Uhh, Little ... To Get Your Dreams Up Off The Ground Keep The ... Lift Up Your Head And Show The World You Got Pride
ABOVE THIS LYRICS - "7L7" (2011) album
God I love my fucking life ... Pick up your head, stop staring at the ground bitch ... Just so I can breathe, without you at my feet ... I wont help you, your just a phase and I'll always stand above you now ... What part of fuck off did you not understand ... You said you knew me, but now I'm big and all you wanna do is screw me ...
Lay your pretty head down on my shoulder. You don't have to ... I'm strong enough to hold you through the winter. Mean enough ... I'm a riser. I'm a get off of the ground, don't run and hider ... I'm a trier. I'm a get down low so I can lift you higher
Ostrich Head - Feather Lyrics
Jan 29, 2015 rain can't stop me now things are only gonna get better as it turns Sitting here ... round you wanna pound I gotta will made of concrete hard as the ground. ... then love can give birth As I sit back on the edge of the earth with my feet to ... No protection from your will when you keep it concealed no connection, ...
How many niggas wanna hate cause I left? How could you ... All that really matter is where you're gon' go ... So maybe you can get yourself a horse and carriage ... So if I fall I won't hit the ground ... Shut your mouth before I fuck it. Ha, my jokes they will love it ... He think he slick, but my guardians protect me from his wrath
COUNTERPARTS LYRICS - "Tragedy Will Find Us" (2015) album
COUNTERPARTS lyrics - "Tragedy Will Find Us" (2015) album, including ... Your words grow cold and incoherent and I'm searching for a fever that could lift me to the border of ... Use me until you've spent the rest of my remains, then try to validate your actions. ... Sweep me off my feet, dig your nails into my wounds and pull.
CLOSE YOUR EYES LYRICS - "We Will Overcome" (2010) album
CLOSE YOUR EYES lyrics - "We Will Overcome" (2010) album, including "Arms Raised", ... You are my breath, and I wait for You to come and rescue me. We will raise our hands, and we will lift our eyes ... The way your love pours out it takes my breath away! ... The weight of the world seems to bring me to the ground
Lil Boosie - Betrayed Lyrics
Niggas will shoot you in the back and cut yo fucking throat like rich and alpoe. Now its hard ... When you fall off you be like damn did I know this nigga, ... Ain't nobody wanna sign me ... So we fuck 'em and dump'em never trust'em or love'em
Demi Lovato - Skyscraper lyrics
I will be rising from the ground, ... All my windows, still are broken, but I'm standing on my feet. ... It means if someone puts you down and makes your life hard, you should just get ... I want to do that to a lot of people and sometimes I do. .... and make them try to make you fall apart but stand tall and strong with power and love.
KENDRICK LAMAR - Mortal Man lyrics
Are you deceiving me? Could I let you down easily, is your heart where it need to be? ... If I'm tried in a court of law, if the industry cut me off ... You think y'all on common ground if you promise to be the first? Can you be immortalised without your life being expired? ... You wanna love like Nelson, you wanna be like Nelson
Hillsong United - Still lyrics
Hide me now. Under Your wings. Cover me. Within Your mighty hand. When the oceans rise and thunders roar. I will soar with You above the storm. Father you ...
Rockie Fresh - Rap Monument Lyrics
Tantalise so you can see the bigger picture that God is the light ... Lift her up high up like helicopter far away from her fellow ... I love them brainiacs ... Take a nap, put your ass ton the ground, little niggas ... Call it what you want I'm a zombie bitch I'm off this shit ... Everybody wanna floss like a G now ..... Feet up on the sofa
BUTCHER BABIES LYRICS - "Take It Like A Man" (2015) album
Step right up and get your tickets to the greatest show on earth. Where you'll witness death defying feats and acts of whisky Guzzling debauchery. I wanna see you ... And cut off jeans trying to sneak away don't leave yet ... We built them for protection. Just to crumble to my feet .... You lift me up so high, I can't survive it
FOLLY LYRICS - "Resist Convenience" (2006) album
12. Operation: Work; Lift-face ... Although the flames will engulf the laughter, best bob while limbless and out of air supply. ... I don't want to die. ... With an enchanting proposal, one foot led the other, congruent. ... persistently the ground tends to make way for you. ... Were you better off then as you aliented your limbs?
EXCEL LYRICS - "The Joke's On You" (1989) album
EXCEL lyrics - "The Joke's On You" (1989) album, including "Blaze Some Hate", " The Stranger", "Given ... You're just waiting for some friend to lift off your shell
WITH HONOR LYRICS - "This Is Our Revenge" (2005) album
until it's four feet wide and six feet deep, To forget our ... I want to cut, cut the binds, It's not the ... I'm feeling for a hand to hold me now, lift the veil, see the truth. ... So when you need me I'll be outside throwing rocks at the moon every night ... Protect yourself, forget your friends, .... Hit the ground like dead men's love songs,
BURIED IN VERONA LYRICS - "Notorious" (2012) album
fuck you. Wake up, your nothing to no one, why can't you see past your pride, ... I' ll push you off the edge my friend, ... Love that we won't give up on old ties made strong: from the years that passed by. ... I'm scared for the days ahead for the ones that I tried to protect .... We're gonna fall away and burn this to the ground,
Lyrics to "Meant To Live" song by SWITCHFOOT: Fumbling his confidence And wondering why the world has passed him by Hoping that he's bent for...
ANIMOSITY LYRICS - "Animal" (2007) album
Now we hand in our freedom for what they are calling protection. ... line of defense in the world before the nation crashed down to the ground? ... I wish I could pull this off me, the weight is dragging me down and it's getting exhausting. ... I say let the bombs fly, right into your houses of god so you can know how it feels to ...
Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts lyrics
[Verse 1] I know I can't take one more step towards you, Cause all that's waiting is regret. And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore, You lost the love I ...
IMPELLITTERI LYRICS - "Wicked Maiden" (2009) album
She strikes without a warning, bring you to your knees. Her realm ... Runaway! You want to wake from this chilling nightmare, but you're not asleep ... You can see the fear inside their eyes ... Protect and defend what is mine. I will ... Stand my ground, I won't be a victim .... Living high on credit cards and you love to show it off
Coldplay - Viva La Vida lyrics
Who would want to be president at a time when the lies of men created such a mess ... This song is symbolic of life and the changes that can turn your world around. ... Some of you are too young to know what this song is about, one day you will know. .... Love. Laugh. Because in the blink of an eye, it's over. And who will you ...
Come over here take my cuffs off, I promise you we'll just talk, 50 ... But.....Thank you for your purchase, these verses have perennial purpose ... I don't care if I make history, I wanna be a part of INFINITY ... Food supply low, they speak of going above ground to find mo ... There's only one way for me to prove that I love it
Listen while you read! God loves a lullaby. In a mother's tears in the dead of night . Better than a Hallelujah sometimes. God loves the drunkard's cry

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