I want to be the one to catch you when you falling down, to be the one to tell that everything will bealright, i want to be the one to hold you when you sleep at night lyrics

Get lyrics of I want to be the one to catch you when you falling down, to be the one to tell that everything will bealright, i want to be the one to hold you when you sleep at night song you love. List contains I want to be the one to catch you when you falling down, to be the one to tell that everything will bealright, i want to be the one to hold you when you sleep at night song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

THE FALL OF TROY LYRICS - "In The Unlikely Event" (2009) album
... you again. Stuck in this hole, where no one will ever go. ... I can't behave. Take a drink and pass it my way... you want me? come crawling baby... Tell me everything is okay, lie to me, die for me tonight ... But at night you sleep alone ... So catch me if you can. If i could ... Save yourself there's nothing here to hold you down
I want to make it right, 'cause that was last night. Baby we gon' be alright, baby we gon' be alright. Yea yea love ... Man I know we ain't finished when it's barely beginning. All the time I ... 'Cause I just like to see you happy even when you faking it ... If you love me now then forever hold this ring ... One day but no return. Like ...
SECRETS LYRICS - "Fragile Figures" (2013) album
Now that I need you, you're nowhere around. Everyone ... And everything you let slip ... We were always meant to fall apart ... But no one needs someone who cant choose .... you know i'm what you need and I need you to breathe ... Because of you I'm losing sleep at night ... I'm on the way down I hope you'll catch me soon,
Afraid one day you'll find me ... Afraid she'll wake me up to catch the next flight. In time to say goodbye. But sometimes I fall asleep at night. To the TV ... Everything falling down around me ... You know I gotta find my own way ... Has some blue like the moon just before the sun shines ... And a belief that it's all gonna be alright
Tell me it'll be alright. Gotta give me ... One more night. Kiss me like the world is gonna disappear ... I don't need a map to tell me where you are. You and I, we ...
Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound lyrics
... to Safe And Sound lyrics by Taylor Swift: [Verse 1] / I remember tears streamin' down ... You'll be alright because if you sleep tonight you'll still be here in the morning. ... But you need to leave them, and you assure them everything will be alright, but ... Eventually, once enough pain has been felt; no one else can hurt you.
And nights you feel you'll never sleep again. I need you to fall. Take a step in the dark and I'll catch you. If you reach out for me I'll come get you. But I can't hold ...
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Common Courtesy" (2013) album
Hard to hold back the tears from streaming down my face. That was then, this is .... To those left in sadness I'll be the one to lead you out. You wanna take, take, ...
Lyrics to "Alone" song by SLEEPING WITH SIRENS: Could you check my pulse for ... All I know is no one should have to be alone ... I don't want to die alone (no one should have to die alone) I could fall apart here and now ... Had everything I could ever want and probably more ... And I can't go on staying alive if I'm alone
When I see your monsters I'll stand there so brave, and chase them all away. ... Staring back at me and it's blacker than the night, eh. I'm awake but still sleeping, I keep telling myself I'll be alright (I won't). ... I know it's been awhile since you've seen me smile and laugh, like I used to. ... I would trade it all for one more minute,
Don't tell you enough, but baby I'll show it, show it. He say the king ... Takes a young queen just to know one ... Is stay up all night, losing sleep over you. All I do
AVENGED SEVENFOLD LYRICS - "Waking The Fallen" (2003) album
I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 10. ... you'll be the one to fall. ... I'll tear you down and the one who created you ... Look in their eyes and see the darkness take hold ... I hear them crying at night (your pain is their satisfaction) ... They want to feel and know you hear them (go now, run and hide) .... everything will be alright. [2x]
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
... I don't wanna be right. Cus you can go look around and wont find nobody like us ... Everything gone be aite I promise you just go wid me. First I lost my first love ... I feel like you the one fah me I tell you dat shit to yo face. You don't know what ...
Everything's gonna be alright now (it's gonna ... Say don't you worry bout a damn thang a damn thang. Don't ... It's one of my niggas is dreamin' schemin on making a million ... You just wanna break down and cry ... Heaven I wonder will the devil catch me shall prevail ... If you ah soldier and you know it hold ya head up high
Christina Perri - Arms lyrics
17 explanations, 45 meanings to Arms lyrics by Christina Perri: I never thought that you / Would be the one to hold my heart / But you came.
Lyrics to "Oh Well, Oh Well" song by MAYDAY PARADE: When you're alone, do you think of me? And my ... I'll tell you how I took one straight through the heart,
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim. I'm scared to get close ... Waiting for my empire to fall ... From my heart and my bones catch a fever ... No one wants to hear you (Save your breath) No one ... And my soul's a sorry state, so come on down you empty lovers. ... Change everything! ... Hold me close, don' t let go
Lyrics to "You'll Think Of Me" song by KEITH URBAN: I woke up early this ... I pulled the covers over my head and tried to catch some sleep ... Take your memories, I don't need'em ... I'm gonna be alright ... Wishing I could hold you tight . I'll be ...
We let the night chase evil things away ... We gotta kill everything before the night gets wasted ... But I can't save the world from the creatures that don't die. I kinda like the way you tell me, "Baby, please come home, ... I'm gonna light up this place (and how do you scream when there's no one left around?) ... Hold On Till May.
CAPSIZE LYRICS - "Angst In My Veins" (2014) album
I don't see shit in myself, but if you say you see something. I fucking swear ... The same old "I'll be alright". ... The sinking feeling inside my chest comes easier than a night of rest ... Everything comes crashing down on me, when everyone is looking down on me ... 'Cause I'm scared to know what it's like to stay in one place.
... in love next to you Burning fires in this room It just fits Light and smooth Like my feet in... ... Little one, lie with me ... We'll stay quiet ... If it helps you sleep. And hold me tight ... Better catch it. Before it burns this place down ... One night of love
Michael Bolton - Need You To Fall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Need You To Fall' by Michael Bolton. There you ... from One World, One Love. Michael ... Atop the walls of tamed emotions looking down ... And hoped they'd be alright. ... And nights you feel you'll never sleep again. ... And I'll catch you, if you reach out to me. I'll come get you, but I can't hold what you won't let go;
DAVID NAIL LYRICS - Kiss You Tonight
Lyrics to "Kiss You Tonight" song by DAVID NAIL: I catch myself wishing You were whispering my ... I've been trying to do without you ... Everything will be alright
I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough. Now you can get all of me. A lot of things ... One mo' 'gain. ARE YOU IN ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey Wanna ... I wanna scream at her, catch myself before I start to ... See a person long enough you know you bound to get fly wit em
Toni Braxton - Album: Secrets Lyrics
Come On Over Here / Where do you go. ... And when you've done all that you can . You know you ... Just one night of ... You know I want you so bad. Baby ... I wanna be with you ... You told me everything would be cool ... I need your arms to hold me now ... At night when he lays down ... Why didn't he catch my falling star
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - "Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River ...
Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again 6. Bury Your ... Went up with a bottle and went down with the beer and ... I think I saw you in my sleep, lover, ... and you will bring us peril in our surely-soon-to-be. .... Now at the end of everyday I lie awake at night and wait ... Said, darling, you're the only one on earth I want to have it
THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY LYRICS - "Rise Of Agartha" (2008 ...
One - The fact that you regret what you've done ... Shooting pains down my left arm and a knife in my back ... I know things will be alright ... I don't want to die ... I fall. Now the shame has started making its way up through my veins ... I only want to sleep at night. How long do I Have to hold you .... Now I just crave everything
NICKELBACK LYRICS - Never Gonna Be Alone
So I'm starting to regret not telling all of this to you. ... From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go, I won't let you fall... You're never gonna be alone. I'll hold you 'til the hurt is gone. ... Like it's the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?
BEING AS AN OCEAN LYRICS - "How We Both Wondrously Perish ...
That no one paid to see, ... But some afflictions can feel like death ... Because I took the worst you threw at me and, damn it, I survived. ... sleep. As a reprieve cause they don't know the next time they'll eat ... Let the emotion fall from your eyes ... It's up to us to hold each others' dignity ... I wonder when I'm gonna catch a break
Lyrics to "Dreams" song by J. COLE: Yeah! Uh! Yeah, you gotta look, You gotta follow me, what I'm doin' rite here mayne Like when I say...
Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Want Crazy' by Hunter Hayes: I gotta see the color in your eyes I'm telling myself I'm gonna be alright Without you baby is a waste of time. ... You can' t undo a fall like this 'Cause love don't ... I want can't sleep, can't breathe without your love. Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn't make sense to anybody else
MOTORHEAD LYRICS - "Ace Of Spades" (1980) album
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch 12. The Hammer ... If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man, You win ... Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil, ... You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, ... Hot tongue breaks in and out and I can't believe my eyes, ... You know I'm sleeping, you must be sleeping,
BLESSTHEFALL LYRICS - "Witness" (2009) album
We'll Sleep When We're Dead 10. ... We're not where you said. We're not dead. We're not like you said. You!! ... Tell me, Is this what you wanted? ... One last chance for salvation, salvation ... Fall to your knees, is what you told to me ... I've spent all night long, trying to figure out ... If we're going down, we all go down together.
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
The only thing I'mma give you motherfuckers is a dial tone ... You know that I'm one of a kind ... On the down low, haters drown slow ... Live it up, hold on to your dream, don't ever give it up ... Positive that life ain't mine, bitch you can take that shit to Maury [Hook] ... And I feel like I'm falling lately, it feel like my children hate me
Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics
When life leaves you high and dry. I'll be at your door tonight if you need help, if you need help. I'll shut down the city lights, I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe to ...
Standing or sitting I don't know which way is up or down. Looking at melted ... We have become everything that we hated ... And if you can't afford to drink yourself to sleep at night. You might want to try to find another way to ease your mind; It will take over ... Fly down with a fall ... One more drink and then we'll call it a night
PERIPHERY LYRICS - "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" (2016) album
Absolomb 9. Catch Fire ... Tell me any way I can relate now ... Motormouth, swallow down shit like you know how ... I'm just another one wandering endlessly on to the grave. ... Fall back on the cloud, man there's nothing new left to do ... This weight is far too much to hold. ... Sleep now and carry on into the black of the night.
SERIANNA LYRICS - "Define Me" (2013) album
Give me a sign to let me know that you're there. I need to know ... Shadowcast. You fall asleep at night. Thinking everything is fine ... I need to know that this will be alright. I can't ... I'm nearly scared to death, trying to catch my breath ... Look how far you've come, now who's the lonely one? ... This weight can't hold me down
DUST TO DUST LYRICS - "Sick" (2003) album
Only problem is you can't deny the very thing that's killing you ... [Chorus] I'm the one your running to. Cause you like the way I'm killing you ... Comes little minds are giant binds that slowly bring us down ... I can catch the flight tonight and everything will be alright ... I know the things you do ... Sleep filled nights are not quite
Lyrics to "You Can Leave" song by KEVIN GATES: Nigga run up on me with the handgun I might could stand one They say when love comes around (around... ... Pass by your house on late night. Bumping swim good ... my sleep. Without you it' ll be hard to smile like crackheads losing their teeth ... Don't Know What To Call It

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