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Lyrics to "In These Arms" song by BON JOVI: You want commitment Take a look into these eyes ... To have you in these arms tonight ... You know I need you
Lyrics to "I Want You" song by BON JOVI: The last time I saw her Was the night she said goodbye She said that love's a stranger And it'...
Bon Jovi - In These Arms Lyrics
To have you in these arms tonight. Baby, I want you. Like the roses want the rain. You know I need you. Like the poet needs the pain. And I would give anything
Bon Jovi - I Want You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Want You' by Bon Jovi: Packed up her belongings Baby wouldn't look me in the eye But I could see a tear roll off her face As we both tried so hard.
Lyrics to "Bed Of Roses" song by BON JOVI: Sitting here wasted and ... And the truth is baby you're all that I need. I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
BON JOVI LYRICS - Letter To A Friend
Lyrics to "Letter To A Friend" song by BON JOVI: I'll be there to hold you by the hand When you need someone to walk you home You know that I'll be t... ... Nobody wants you like I want you. Nobody needs you like I need you. You know I  ...
Lyrics to "Damned" song by BON JOVI: I'm lying here beside you in someone else's bed Knowing ... Made me want to want you, God knows I need to need you
Lyrics to "I Live My Life For You" song by FIREHOUSE: You know you're everything to me and I could never see The two of us apart And ... I've built my world around you and I want you to know. I need you like I've never needed anyone before
Letter To A Friend Lyrics - Bon Jovi
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Letter To A Friend" from "Bon Jovi": I'll be there to hold you by the hand, When you need someone to walk you home, You know ...
BON JOVI LYRICS - You Had Me From Hello
Lyrics to "You Had Me From Hello" song by BON JOVI: At the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on You're ... If I never told you I just want you to know
Bon Jovi - Damned Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Damned' by Bon Jovi. Lyin' here beside you in someone else's bed / Knowin' what we're doin's wrong but better left unsaid / Your breathin' sounds. ... Damned if you don't need me. Damned if you do ... Made me want to want you
Bon Jovi - Letter To A Friend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Letter To A Friend' by Bon Jovi. I'll be there to hold you by the hand / When you need someone to walk you home ... Nobody wants you like I want you
BON JOVI LYRICS - All About Loving You
Lyrics to "All About Loving You" song by BON JOVI: Looking at the pages of my life Faded ... That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
BON JOVI LYRICS - Seat Next To You
Lyrics to "Seat Next To You" song by BON JOVI: Long slow drive down an old dirt road You've got your ... Baby, I want you to take me ... wherever you're going to
BON JOVI LYRICS - Bad Medicine
Lyrics to "Bad Medicine" song by BON JOVI: Your love is like bad medicine Bad medicine is what I need Shake it up, just like ... First you need ... Is what I want
BON JOVI LYRICS - Every Beat Of My Heart
Still I can't hear a sound with the beat of my heart. I can't pick up that phone anymore and I need to confess. If I don't say 'I love you' everything else is a waste of ...
BON JOVI LYRICS - Love Me Back To Life
Lyrics to "Love Me Back To Life" song by BON JOVI: This world don't give you nothing it can't take away Everybody holding on to something Nobody want... ... Tonight I need you. More than yesterday. Tonight I need you [Chorus:] Take me ...
JON BON JOVI LYRICS - Staring At Your Window
Lyrics to "Staring At Your Window" song by JON BON JOVI: You think you know me just because you ... You want to want me just because I say that I want you
BON JOVI LYRICS - All I Want Is Everything
Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need. I want everything. I've had enough of havin' nothing, I won't take just anything. I got my mind set on something, all ...
Lyrics to "Sympathy" song by BON JOVI: Well, you walked out the door just like a thief in the night I ... I don't need you to be a friend of mine, I don't need charity
BON JOVI LYRICS - I'll Be There For You
Lyrics to "I'll Be There For You" song by BON JOVI: I guess this time you're really leaving I heard your suitcase ... When you breathe I want to be the air for you
BON JOVI LYRICS - (You Want To) Make A Memory
Lyrics to "(You Want To) Make A Memory" song by BON JOVI: Hello again, it's you and me Kinda always like it used to be Sippin' wine, killing time Trying to...
BON JOVI LYRICS - Secret Dreams
I feel you every night. I need you. But I'm only dreaming. All night long in my secret dreams. You tell me I'm the one. When I'm next to you -- next to you. All I want ...
Lyrics to "I'm With You" song by BON JOVI: Look at this world It's filled with worn out faces Forgotten places ... When hope is gone and all you want is the truth
Lyrics to "I Believe" song by BON JOVI: All I know is what I've been sold You can ... You can read my life like a fortune told ... What we need right now is ....soul
Lyrics to "I Am" song by BON JOVI: How you spend your minutes are what matters All tomorrows come from yesterday's ... When you think that no-one needs you
BON JOVI LYRICS - Welcome To Wherever You Are
Lyrics to "Welcome To Wherever You Are" song by BON JOVI: Maybe we're different, but we're still the same We ... If you feel alone, and lost and need a friend
BON JOVI LYRICS - I Will Drive You Home
Lyrics to "I Will Drive You Home" song by BON JOVI: Here comes the next big thing There's a new gun in town There'll be a faster one ... I want you to know that
Lyrics to "Roulette" song by BON JOVI: Bet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head I need you, you want him, dressed to kil...
Bon Jovi - Stay (Demo From Crush) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay (Demo from Crush)' by Bon Jovi. Every singer's ... Stay because I need you. With every breath I ... die without you. Didn't mean I didn't want to
Bon Jovi - Open Your Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Your Heart' by Bon Jovi. You say you've been used before / Whole lot of love then it's out the door / And you swore you'd be used again ... Can't you see, I need you girl to comfort me ... Open your heart (I want to love you girl)
BON JOVI LYRICS - Open All Night
Lyrics to "Open All Night" song by BON JOVI: I saw you coming from a mile away Trying to hide behind ... I don't want to make the same mistake but it's too late
Lyrics to "Billy" song by BON JOVI: Since you're been gone now honey life ain't ... Why do you laugh when I want to cry? Tell me why when I say I need you
Bon Jovi - Welcome To Wherever You Are Lyrics
I know sometimes it's hard for you to see. You're caught between just who you are and who you want to be. If you feel alone and lost and need a friend
BON JOVI LYRICS - Who Would You Die For
Lyrics to "Who Would You Die For" song by BON JOVI: When you walked into the party The guests all disappeared You ... I want to feel you breathing out and in
BON JOVI LYRICS - Dirty Little Secret
Lyrics to "Dirty Little Secret" song by BON JOVI: I light a candle In the garden of love To blind the angels Looking down from above I want, I need Th... ... I'll be your dirty little secret and you'll be mine. You got me knock knock knocking at your ...
BON JOVI LYRICS - Lay Your Hands On Me
Lyrics to "Lay Your Hands On Me" song by BON JOVI: If you're ready, I'm ... So if you want me to lay my hands on you ... Everything you want is what I need
BON JOVI LYRICS - What Do You Got?
You have all the things, that you've been dreamin' of. If you ain't got someone, you're afraid to lose. Everybody needs just one, someone... to tell them the truth
BON JOVI LYRICS - Because We Can
Lyrics to "Because We Can" song by BON JOVI: I don't wanna be another wave in the ocean I am a ... I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder
BON JOVI LYRICS - Superman Tonight
Lyrics to "Superman Tonight" song by BON JOVI: There's something about you I want to rescue I don't even know you So what does that mean Mayb...

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