I would die for this kingdom, sweat blood for this kingdom lyrics

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Lyrics to "This Kingdom" song by DARLENE ZSCHECH: Jesus God's ... And this Kingdom will know no end ... Now glorified, now justified His Kingdom comes.
Lyrics to "King Of Thieves" song by AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK: Reclaim the kingdom that we all have built! With our own calloused and broken hands We've tried ...
TOADIES LYRICS - Possum Kingdom
"Possum Kingdom". Make up your mind. Decide to walk with me. Around the lake tonight. Around the lake tonight. By my side. By my side. I'm not gonna lie
SLAYER LYRICS - Angel Of Death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead. Sadistic, surgeon of demise. Sadist of the noblest blood. Destroying ... How long can you last ... Left to die. Rancid Angel of Death Flying free [LEADS: HANNEMAN, KING, HANNEMAN, KING, HANNEMAN]
THE STRUTS LYRICS - Could Have Been Me
I'll live now cause the bad die last. Dodging bullets with your broken past. I can't hear you, I don't fear you now. Wrapped in ... What a waste of blood and sweat
WITCHCRAFT LYRICS - "Legend" (2012) album
I paid with my blood, my sweat and tears. To be in your school, ... Gives you the magic, to give not die. It'w not ... In this kingdom, queens are ruling, all for you all. Don't complain ... It's said that purple would open up your mind. How come all I ...
POVERTY'S NO CRIME LYRICS - "Save My Soul" (2007) album
abused by you - can't stand upright so dead tired - awake ... you make me wan to die open your eyes ... no one can save me - tomorrow is the end. I'm feeling so ...
VISION OF DISORDER LYRICS - "The Cursed Remain Cursed ...
Blood Red Sun 4. Hard Times 5. ... And now you know, can't crush the kingdom and victory goes. ... This blood and sweat we die for - until the end this sacrifice.
HELL LYRICS - "Curse And Chapter" (2013) album
Soldiers recoil - the sweat and the blood of the folly of war ... From thy kingdom will come ... Through this Gos, this God of fear - we sin here, then in fear we die
PIG LYRICS - "Praise The Lard" (1991) album
Sweat And Sour 10. Blood Slicked ... The blood on my hands - whose magic touch? ... For slime is this kingdom ... I see the would of lies through Judas' eyes
EX DEO LYRICS - "Romulus" (2009) album
Romulus, with my brother's blood I opened wide the gates of time. Standing at ... Rise the Legions that ____ by the kingdom ... Can you hear all the trumpets of war? .... Blood and sweat mixed in the sun ... Better to die, than live through this life
WITHIN OUR GATES LYRICS - "Kingdom Of Mind" (2012) album
WITHIN OUR GATES lyrics - "Kingdom Of Mind" (2012) album, including " Kingdom Of Mind", "Reconstructing The Divine", ... Twist the knife and drain your blood upon the ground. ... I'd die a thousand times ... is through labor, strife, and sweat.
Don Brownrigg - Fight for Your Castle Lyrics
Apr 19, 2015 If we had it our way You'd come to our home to make yours The moat as the ocean. Our dreams the oars Fight for the kingdom boys Maybe one ...
ORPHANED LAND LYRICS - "Sahara" (1994) album
You will just spill blood. It shall be done ... This kingdom cry? Open my ... Eternally my beloved ones sweat purple wine ... Lord I die, God hear my cry. You left me ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder ...
And when she died, his life of pride. Was lost to God and ... Where will you be when the dark is rising? How will you .... (The track gets blacker for this tragic kingdom) ... Blood and mud and thunder all the same. To those .... Awaking in a sweat
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - Empire Of The Clouds
To ride the storm, to a kingdom that will come ... We must go now, for a politician he can't be late ... Three thousand horses silent as the ship began to die
ANATA LYRICS - "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred" (1998) album
... The Hypocrites 8. Aim Not At The Kingdom High ... Blood boils under azure skies ... kingdom. I will choose to die by my own hand ... Awakening in cold sweat
EZURATE LYRICS - "Blasphemous Heirarchy" (2007) album
Billions of deserving now will die ... From her blood they spawn up from the ground ... Guardians of Heaven, face the rise of our fallen kingdom - rise of a fallen kingdom! .... Look for the sweat upon the beast, look for the sign in the prisms
4. ...and Your Kingdom Has Fallen 5. ... Jesus Christ torn deceiver one, as we evil ones will shine. Shining as fire. With pride ... Christians are warned their fate is to die. Trembling ... His stinking sweat mixes with his impure blood then drops ...
HACKNEYED LYRICS - "Burn After Reaping" (2009) album
Kingdom Of Thoughts 9. ... Weed flavoured meat. Die Meat shouldn't cry. Stop asking why. Just die ... White eyes stare out of faces red and I need, want to lick it, out of my face, and to smell the sweat ... Fight again and will shed the blood of you
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY LYRICS - "The Process Of Human ...
We will tear this fucking world apart, in the face of damnation. We've ... Blood sweat and tears. .... throne in a kingdom of gold?Selling ... You will die for nothing .
FOR TODAY LYRICS - "Breaker" (2010) album
The One that died to buy my victory, and gave me a new name. Let my name ... I will stand behind my Savior, as He burns your kingdom down. And I will see .... You see my blood and sweat and tears I have poured on the ground before you.
BURNING TEARS LYRICS - "Tales From A Disturbed Soul" (2009 ...
From My Blood 9. The Flight Of The Crow 10. The Bride Of Death 11. Until I Die 12. No Return 13. Eternal Bird 14. ... That the remission of your sins. In my kingdom will never be listened ... Without sweat or tears. Being faithful to my dreams
I'd appreciate your input. Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought. Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about. So put your hands ...
SIGNUM REGIS LYRICS - "Exodus" (2013) album
as sweat runs down our backs ... the Kingdom on the Nile [Bridge:] ... Pharaoh, feel my wrath, I shed your blood ... no one will be left behind, all firstborns will die
CRYSTAL VIPER LYRICS - "The Curse of Crystal Viper" (2007) album
These creatures of the night attack indiscriminately, feasting on the blood of the ... Can the kingdom survive their ensanguined onslaught?!] [I.] ... Well, indeed, this time he would have to return from the grave, as he died ... you blood and sweat.
BLOOD LYRICS - "Mental Conflicts" (1994) album
BLOOD lyrics - "Mental Conflicts" (1994) album, including "I Dream Dead", " Morpheus", "The Favour Of ... would you like an injection& ... sweat blood stops pulsation ... when the kingdom has come, christianity has to die a million of deaths
Ov Frost And Ice
Get Drunk Or Die Tryin' 4. ... The kingdom of mine is built ov frost and ice ... Shadows will hide him .... With blood and sweat he paid his place on the throne
MEGADETH LYRICS - "The System Has Failed" (2004) album
MEGADETH lyrics - "The System Has Failed" (2004) album, including "My Kingdom Come", "Shadow Of Deth", ... I can't stay down enough (die dead enough)
VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT LYRICS - "Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" (2016) album
Unless you are ready to die! ... I will rape your woman and feed her womb to goat! ... The proud fool warlord sent us here to conquer this ice kingdom ... Bringing the light over blood darkened field ... Intense stampede, cold sweat trickling
SHAI HULUD LYRICS - "Reach Beyond The Sun" (2013) album
And I would trade 1000 lives for you. For one more ... A dispirited husk mired in blood imbued in soil dispares. The minds of ... My Kingdom for a conversation.
SAXON LYRICS - "Call To Arms" (2011) album
You can't escape the simple truth. That was ... Unite the kingdom sea to sea ... We came to fight and die in fields of blood .... The blood and sweat of working men
I'd fight for you. There's nothing that a hundred men, or more, could ever do. I'd fight for you. Just like the rain, down in Africa I'd fight for you. It's gonna take some  ...
CARCASS LYRICS - "Heartwork" (1993) album
How your poor heart will bleed [1st lead ... Thy kingdom burn ... Blood, sweat, toil, tears ... Born and die, institutionalised, a bleak epitaph, an apalogue so sad
HEGEMON LYRICS - "Contemptus Mundi" (2008) album
Crushing down all religions, raising up our new kingdom. There's no God or no ... We have spilled the blood, covering the earth of a dark soil. ... I'm the way you chose to die for ! No heresy .... Steel rusted by sweat, we will disappear in the mist.
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Battalions Of Fear" (1988) album
Blood for Sauron they'll call tonight. The final battle cry ... Oh majesty your kingdom is lost. And you'll ... My last steps will find the right way. Where's the ... With the howling wolves the nazgul will die ... killing for the thirst for small children sweat
I'll fight for you baby, cause I've waited too long for love. You're all of my life, and every time I look at you. I keep tellin' myself, you're the one thing I just can't lose
MORTIFICATION LYRICS - "Mortification" (1991) album
Welcome to the Kingdom of God You've made the ... Cross over or you will die. Run from ... Blood and sweat dripped down His face as He was lead. His body ...
DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY LYRICS - "Battle Sluts" (2009) album
Born Of Thunder 6. To Die Without Honor (Interlude) ... Blood runs down legs of my arachnid foes' torn limbs ... Within the realm of ancient shadows we will finally meet kingdom of the dark, kingdom of the dead ... And the sweat is pouring rain
BRIDGE TO SOLACE LYRICS - "House Of The Dying Sun" (2009 ...
When There's Nothing Left To Die For 9. ... 10. (Kingdom Of Bitter Nightmares) ... What if I will silently die ... With every drop of blood ... With every drop a sweat

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