If i bust in your gut bitch eat this pill lyrics

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Don't ask I won't tell, but even if niggas know triggas' don't miss. I'm gon' do me with my arm around yo bitch. If bitches ... Shoot yo clothes off and they'll find your body naked ... Pass her some X pills she said damn that dick dandy ... I know she a slut so I bust in her guts ... Yum yum, she eats, that big dick like healthy treats
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - The Art Of Peer Pressure
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and listen ... If it's necessary. Bumping ... (Yea nigga, we off a pill and Remy Red Come through and bust ya head nigga) ... Air conditioner broke and I hear my stomach screaming. Hungry for anything unhealthy and if nutrition can help me. I'll tell you to suck my dick then I'll continue eating
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - In Love With The Bitches
Lyrics to "In Love With The Bitches" song by CHRIS BROWN: Your envy is ... Poppin' them pills when we chill, for real. Smokin' straight gas, I'mma see you in another life. Bitch I'm blunted, just look in my eyes, I won't fuckin' lie ... What would a young nigga do if it was you? ... Back to the crib, might eat her cause it's date night
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - 500 Degreez
You see me? I eat, sleep, shit, and talk snaps; so fuck rap. Man I got weed, pills, pistols, all crack. Bitch niggas where ya hearts at? ... You don't want my stomach ache - I shit on them cats. I get all ... If I'm the only Hot Boy what do you call that? [ Chorus] ... Niggas get your cash up ... And for the right price I'll bust the right brain
You see me standin outside of your buildin; screamin, Puffy is good ... Givin you shit bitch - don't even bother askin me (Get away from me!) ... Grab a handful of pills, break em in half, take em and laugh ... So if I hurt your self-esteem ... Blood drippin from it, rippin your stomach like a paper mache ... Cum On Everybody
D12 LYRICS - Fight Music
Cause my grandmother sucked my dick and I didn't cum (oh) Smacked this whore for talking crap (bitch) So what if she's handicapped, the bitch said Bizarre ...
CupcakKe - Deepthroat Lyrics
I want to eat yo' dick. But I can't fuck up ... Cause bitch I'm not Bill Cosby. My pussy ... Make him bust three nuts, is the task ... Songs You Love If You Love Nerds.
If the elements don't murder you the riders will fo real ... You bitch could get it for acting like a man ... I bust ya head until the meat turns ya mind to food ... Watch, my nigga hungry, he'll eat the plate. And if ... And sig pill bandannas like banana's
I kiss your lips, we lick and suck, and let me bend it over. She throw it back, I'm in her stomach, know she feelin' it. So deep, she tryna run but ... First started off as my little bitch, wasn't even fuckin' then. Let me inside, I'll beat it up, ... She comin' in spread her legs, keep lickin', make her cum again. She know I keep it super ...
(Intro) Engineering A Pill Frenzy 2. ... you rogue spear, your bitch's handbag full of money. ... i make them watch me massage myself till i cum in my hand. ... I'll be the stomach-block in your life. you aren't shit to me. .... you monkey green prick, i bet you'd eat a big bowl of asshole. ... I'll kill the hostages if denied my target.
MAC DRE LYRICS - Crest Creepers
Pill young knuckle heads, stoppin by my building. Built in the game, ... Get your millimeter, these niggas round here be heated. And if you need it, eat it up when I feed it. So giddy up, get ... So let me bust a nut, we creepin', so hurry up get yo ass in this telly. No time for ... Bitch have you ever rolled with a rider? Bouncin' in the ...
POUYA LYRICS - Ice Cream & Birthday Cake
I'll take your bitch and the products. Washing my ... Keep it german if you tonin. You don't ... Pill popping smoking drugs in the lot. Gun by the ... I pull out the dick and bust one into yo' stomach! ... And when I pull in pull out she gon' eat the skeet
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - I'm Different
When I leave the scene, bet your boo gone. And I beat the pussy like a ... Tell shawty to bust it open, Uncle Luke on ... Bitch sit down, you got a bad atti' Gave her ...
THE DEVASTATED LYRICS - "Devil's Messenger" (2012) album
Cum stained and we're fucking your dead body. America, home of the ... The air you breathe... and the food you fuckin' eat. So start dying now, start losing sleep. We got a pill for that, yeah it's new and it's cheap ... So we swallow it deep down to the gut ... If ignorance was bliss you'd blow your .... Found, I'm leaving the bitch
I'm a just pass that bitch to my lil bro we gonna call that an assist [Hook ... Fuck a bitch black or she white ... So I kicked that bitch out and told her bust a hard right
WISDOM IN CHAINS LYRICS - "Die Young" (2005) album
You're a liar and now I have to bust your fuckin' lip. You're a liar, a liar ... You're pathetic, a whiny little bitch of a man. Wont look me in ... We would be better off if you just leave. .... They'll eat an entire bottle. If that don't ... No woman, no wine, no pills can cure this fucking disease. It's in my ... I'll kick you in the stomach. I'll kick ...
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
Big Moe wassup, in this bitch and this niggas singin ... If these hoes down to jack, I want you to know we comin .... bust some shit out some lung ... keep the beat steady drop your drop on the belly ... Im down out the South, down to pop me a pill
... Freestyle Lyrics. I'll shove a gun in your grill, greasy and heated Smothered in hot mustard so when I feed it to you it's easy to eat it You need to be immed. ... Yo if I ain't lived it, did it, or seen it, then I ain't saying. I put a hole right in .... Fuck up your face and lips, slit your stomach and watch your gut split. Cut you with that ...
Vixen Ent - Toot My Shit Lyrics
I drop then roll with it booty got swagg if you want it ... Boy make me nut hop around and bite tryna get my lip bust boy beat it up fuck it up beat it up ... Eat my pussy Bop like a nigga [? ] I think like a horse ride me like a Porsche I'm a bad ... tricks shake pop 1 pill then go dumb on the dick then I have to go dum on the bitch he ...

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