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"Weary Eyes". It feels like yesterday, the day you up and went away. Won't let you control my fate, everything is meant to be. Good things are on their way
They're Not Here, They're Not Coming Lyrics
They're not here, they're not coming. Not in a million years. Turn your weary eyes back homeward. Stop your trembling, dry your tears. You may see the heavens ...
Vienna Ditto - La Niña Blanca Lyrics
Jun 2, 2016 Lyrics for La Niña Blanca by Vienna Ditto. I promise you this If you shut those weary eyes You know it won't take long It's been a ba...
Vienna Ditto - La Niña Blanca Lyrics. I promise you this If you shut those weary eyes You know it won't take long It's been a bad day That's best left behind You ...
Jacque Darragh - Borning Cry lyrics
Aug 27, 2014 I was there to hear your borning cry, I'll be there when you are old. ... If you find someone to share your time and you join your hearts as one, I'll be there to make ... When the evening gently closes in, and you shut your weary eyes, I'll be there as I have ... Only Those Who Walk In Darkness See the Stars.
FIREFALL LYRICS - Dolphin's Lullaby
Lyrics to "Dolphin's Lullaby" song by FIREFALL: Close your weary eyes and drift away, it's all right I'll be here until the break of day ... Just a little poem with a melody to shut those sleepy eyes. ... I won't let no bad dreams come and bother you
BEING AS AN OCEAN LYRICS - "Dear G-d" (2012) album
BEING AS AN OCEAN lyrics - "Dear G-d" (2012) album, including "If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out", "We Will Never Be The Same", "This ... The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget 4. ... Just close your eyes and let the beat rock you back to sleep .... Sink in; permeate this weary flesh
A PAST UNKNOWN LYRICS - "To Those Perishing" (2011) album
album: "To Those Perishing" (2011). 1. Voice To The ... Come to Me all you weary , I will give you life this night. They call Me ... How much do you have to hate if you don't say anything? You can ... The crowd will never shut my mouth in fear of rejection. The truth in ... Hypocrite, take it in, you're dead before My eyes. Perfect  ...
AGENT STEEL LYRICS - "Omega Conspiracy" (1999) album
Those who will suck from your hard work and struggle ... If you are just a man ... Eyes shut won't end the madness ... Head in hands and weary eyes. The failures  ...
CLOSE YOUR EYES LYRICS - "Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts ...
CLOSE YOUR EYES lyrics - "Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts" (2011) album, including "Heavy Hearts", "Scars", ... No matter where your eyes turn, you cannot ignore the truth. ... With weary eyes I stare at the sea .... and if no one else can stand with me I will swear that won't give up ... so why is it that I keep my mouth shut?
RELIENT K LYRICS - Come Right Out And Say It
... It" song by RELIENT K: I'd better rest my eyes 'Cause I'm growing weary of This point you've been trying to make So rath... ... Even if the words are probably gonna hurt ... But keeping your mouth sealed shut ... All those things you left unsaid
Lyrics to "Look Into My Eyes" song by OUTLANDISH: Look into my eyes Tell me what ya see ... And if I'll survive another day ... I promise you one day it's through
A FOREST OF STARS LYRICS - "Beware The Sword You Cannot See"
Like a choir of angels, those cunts. Not singing nor dancing ... Get the night watch on duty; come on lads - man the eyes. Light this ... world-weary. Down drains world-weary. ... I'm willing to risk an aneurysm if you'll just shut up and wait in line.
How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes. I struggle ... But lend me your heart and I'll just let you fall. Lend me your eyes I can change what you see. But your ...
NSync - This I Promise You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This I Promise You' by NSync: Oh, oh When the visions around you. ... NSync - NSYNC-if only in heaven eyes (lyrics) Lyric Video. NSYNC-if only in ...
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough Now you can get all of me A lot of things... ... Look, they say tomorrow's not promised, but if it was I wouldn't get open .... So you can think I'm tight as FUCK, I'm still weary ... In front of my eyes that prize keep gettin dangled
Sweetbox - Jade Lyrics
My book of life ain't complete without you here. Alone I sit and ... (Take your time, and I'll be here when you wake up) ... And the sun will rise, open up your eyes
John Denver - My Sweet Lady Lyrics
Lady, you've been dreaming, I'm as close as I can be. And I swear to you our time has just begun. Close your eyes and rest your weary mind. I promise I will stay ...
DOWNSET LYRICS - "Do We Speak A Dead Language?" (1996 ...
you know you aint right running around with your eyes shut tight! ... And if killing my brother means survival then I'll take this bullet with all of the love of my soul. ... Weary eyes will only see the depths of captivity here in this perpetual misery. .... Lies there are those of us who will embrace lies and yet if it comforts us we will do  ...
ATMOSPHERE LYRICS - Multiples Reprise (Remix)
Lyrics to "Multiples Reprise (Remix)" song by ATMOSPHERE: You can hear the clock inside the ticking and tocking So you see sir, my deck of ... And this goes to those of y'all that wanna fuck my girl ... And if you had some coke you could come and bless the microphone ... Shut his eyes, hit the gas and ran right over a cop
PAIN OF SALVATION LYRICS - "One Hour by the Concrete Lake ...
humanity, and, therefore, were not all those who sanctioned, engineered, and conducted ... And man, of all five billion people you're only one. Believed ... What if I shut out the lies? (...blood ..... My face is foreign and my weary eyes are black
COUNTERPARTS LYRICS - "Tragedy Will Find Us" (2015) album
Weak and weary ... I am a stranger when I stare into the eyes of those I love. .... If the light leaves you blind, just shut your eyes and embrace the undertow.
WESTLIFE LYRICS - I Promise You That
We could work it out if only you let me. Ooh Whatever you say, whatever you do. There will be good times waiting for you. Whatever you hear, I won't disappear
THE HAUNTED LYRICS - "rEVOLVEr" (2004) album
In kinship between those who live on the outside. ... If you get to the bitch before I do. [Chorus:] ... Shut your fucking mouth. You don't ... I've seen his weary eyes.
Les Miserables - Prologue - Work Song Lyrics
Don't look 'em in the eye ... Unless you learn the meaning of the law. Valjean: I know the meaning of those 19 years. A slave of ... Come in, Sir, for you are weary
Cause the game don't give a FUCK if you lyrical. And that's pitiful, so my position is pivotal. You can hate me all you like but you worship the principle. I inspire ...
Relient K - Come Right Out And Say It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come Right Out and Say It' by Relient K. I better rest my eyes 'cause I am growing weary of / This point you've been ... By keeping your mouth sealed shut rather than just opening it up ... 'Cause in your mind, I just might find all those things you left unsaid ... Even if the words are gonna hurt we're better off this way
DAVID BOWIE LYRICS - Moonage Daydream
I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock 'n' rollin' bitch for you. Keep your mouth shut, you're squawking like ... Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe. Put your ray gun to ...
MICHAEL SWEET LYRICS - "Truth Demo" (1998) album
I'll say travel with me if you can. Cause I'm going till ... Read to me those words that no ones ever, ever read. When you ... Keeping sighs, weary eyes, afraid of when the sun would rise ... And all the days when I just shut the door (Lift my head)
THE SWORD LYRICS - "Warp Riders" (2010) album
The first will love you, the second will deceive you, and the third will ... you live out of time. A thousand years in the blink of an eye ... Sacrifice of the sisterhood to do for those they serve. To cross a ... Stick around if you think you can survive in the city on the ... tidal lock sets in. The cord is cut, the way is shut, the orb goes dim ...
Whispering me away from you "Don't wake at night to watch ... Find you if we're wanting to. So slide back down and close your eyes. Sleep a while. You must be  ...
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED LYRICS - "Spirals" (2003) album
From the moment of birth you were ill-fated Nothing has changed Living the lie of ... hands of those who adored you How would you really have it any other way? ... life to be worth the the sacrifice I've grown so weary why won't you speak to me? ... If only they were for us My flame is extinguishing right before your eyes You ...
MICHAEL SWEET LYRICS - "Truth" (2001) album
And white holds me tight and whispers, "You are not alone" [Repeat Chorus] ... I'll say travel with me if you can. Cause I'm ... Read to me those words that no ones ever, ever read. When you were old ... Keeping sighs, weary eyes, afraid of when the sun would rise ... And all the days when I just shut the door (Lift my head)
2PAC LYRICS - So Many Tears
... 2PAC: I shall not fear no man but God Though I walk through the valley of death I shed so many tears If I... ... Of leaving here in a hearse, God can you feel me?
BEYOND THE BRIDGE LYRICS - "The Old Man And The Spirit ...
All your senses leave them shut ... If you want to face it. You must know .... Open up your weary eyes. Halt your .... Those higher spheres, I can't adore them
VANNA LYRICS - "The Few And The Far Between" (2013) album
Only for those who don't belong. The weak, the old, the ... They can't shut us down. They can't stop us all. Stand up stand proud stand tall. Cause I believe in you, if you believe in me ... Wipe the dust from my eyes. ... No rest for the weary men.
THE GATHERING LYRICS - "Sleepy Buildings" (2004) album
Right now you are punished for absolutely nothing. And I feel so good ... and build above those sleepy buildings. Mistified by ... through your weary head. To feed your ... although my eyes are shut with emptiness and again ... Catch it if you can
FOREVER STORM LYRICS - "Tragedy" (2013) album
Mother, you're torn asunder, going under. Their burning ... When your eyes are shut? How can you know ... And open your eyes ... By those who want me to follow. But they ... If only you could now. If only ... Weary I take the hit of reality. But now ...
ETERNITY X LYRICS - "The Edge" (1997) album
A world shut out unable to rescue you. A final plea ... Forgive yourself. If you're convinced that all in life means nothing ... All those times we appeared holding out our hands. All you'll know and .... Staring into God's eyes, she says her last goodbye, then jumps to the cure as. .... Cradle the calm and calm the weary. I must put ...
ELEGY LYRICS - "Manifestation Of Fear" (1998) album
her worst nightmares materialise before her very eyes. .... Images of those whose lives he so mercilessly helped to destroy. ... He's unaware that his mind has shut out his surroundings. .... If you're looking for a metal album, with a wall of guitars, but still want to hear ... Exhausted, weak and weary, he can't bear to face her.

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