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Lyrics to "Everything 1K" song by KODAK BLACK: You know life ain't tied with a bow but it's still ... Look how she left, I bet she told you she won't never leave you
Kodak Black - 1K Lyrics
Aug 28, 2015 Lyrics for 1K by Kodak Black. ... She Love My Diamond Ring Anyway, Im Married To The Game She Said Her Vows To Me I Ain't Getting On My ...
She rolled up on me, I was rollin up my cigarillo ... She say she just came to chill look bitch this ain't a Getty ... Keep that shit 1k I can't be fuckin wit a zero [Hook:]
She ain't tryna be a freak but them bands keep poppin' Still caught up ... She keep lookin' in her drink. Probably think the liquor laced. Nah bitch, I'm 1K And I'm  ...
Kodak Black - Young Prodigy Lyrics
Jun 11, 2016 Everything 1K over here I'm hungry Aye, look Royalty can't buy you ... taliban It's Kodak, run and tell a friend It's for my mama, she love me She ...
ASAP ROCKY LYRICS - Ghetto Symphony
Come be fiancee, she fuck me in a Hyundai My rooftop got a lounge. Just a sit around and watch her sunbathe. Dinner date for one K, shopping date for two K
She let me come in her room I decorated her walls. I had to go to ... I'm looking at her face and she had a frown on it. Before I ... 1k for a verse, next year 5 bands
And when that 40 burst that shit like firework. So why they call you Kodak Black? You smokin' purp. I get right in that skirt and then she squirt squirt. I jump right in ...
D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty - Broccoli Lyrics
... get off me In the cut I'm rolling up my broccoli Ya I know your baby mama fond of me All she want to do is smoke that broccoli Whispered in my ear she trying to  ...
Chromed out Beamers Gold Alpinas Chromed out Beamers Chromed out Beamers, chromed out Beamers [Verse 1: Dom Kennedy] She just wanna fuck with me
1K 'til the death of me, don't put your life in jeopardy [Hook - PnB Rock:] I done gave the jails too many years. Years that I won't get back. And I swear I done shed ...
SonaOne - No More Lyrics
Dec 20, 2015 Just ain't the same no more Can't stop thinkin' about it And your changes won't stop Once she used to be cool now she's not I'm tellin' to myself ...
Ty Dolla $ign feat. Joe Moses - Wavy Lyrics
... wavy in the turbo Porsche, She so wavy in the new Mercedes Independent chick, yeah that my type of lady She ... Beyoncé on a surfboard I'm getting money but she worth more She can get it when she want it I'm so wavy that I ... 1k favorites
She wanna fuck with me because I'm Haitian And that boy don't fuck with me because I'm Haitian Fuck the fame, I be in my own lane paper chasin' Road runnin ...
Patrick Jørgensen - Million Questions Lyrics
Sep 23, 2016 Tears streaming down and it wet her cheek She built the courage she needed to speak And ... In the front row seat to the world premiere Her burden unloaded so she's talking sincere With a message for her kid ... 1k favorites
Kodak Black - Yung N*ggaz Lyrics
May 15, 2015 It's lil Kodak black Hello baby what you lookin at She said hold up aint you ... im bout to go see my dentist in the mornin aye aye ayeaye 1k oh ...
Lovaholic Lyrics - Walter McCarty
I give her what she wants, she hits it then she's gone and there ain't ... say she in a hurry, Im like baby take it slow she wants it ... She in love with a Gee like 1k
Emtee feat. Wizkid & AKA - Roll Up (Re Up) Lyrics
Dec 1, 2015 ... love comes my way She knows she loves my way My love for money got me working on a Saturday My ... love for money got me grinding on a Sunday If she tripping leave that bitch alone That's why you never ... 1k favorites
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Luca Brasi 2 Intro
If a bitch bad with a thick ass, whip dick out while she talkin' If we in the car and she get mad, won't kiss ass, she walkin' My new thing I just grabbed, cocaine ...
... Real nigga files (hell yeah) Project files (yes sir) (everything 1k dawg) Yeah ( institution, for rea... ... Constant conversations with my lady, she gon' hold it down
KYLE LYRICS - Really? Yeah!
Niggas couldn't grab 1k of these fans. Believe me it ain't easy. Shout out to my nigga G-Eazy Super Duper Kyle on tour girl gotta come see me. Got more shows  ...
Anna Naklab & Younotus feat. Alle Farben - Supergirl (Radio Edit ...
She talks, she rules the world You can see in her eyes That no one is her chain She's my girl, my supergirl And then she'd say, "It's okay I got lost on the way But  ...
Before You Exit - Heart Like California lyrics and translation ...
Aug 24, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Heart Like California by Before You Exit. She's got a heart like California And a smile like a Hollywood dream She's ...
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - I'm Good (Freestyle)
Fuck it she a groupie. Stuntin nigga we do beat. Even in the hooptie niggas can't over hoop me. Play the verse twice these niggas can't overlook me. You can ...
Can I take you out to lunch? I just wanna get you full then get all in your stomach. I just made shawty tell a man that she done. Lately she been tellin' me she love ...
Ayo Jay - Your Number Lyrics
Mar 12, 2016 Oh, it's Jay baba And Melvitto on the beat Just wanna tell you a story about this girl I just meet She's lookin fly Yeah she lookin neat The boy ...
I swear that she works it, I swear she so perfect. She makes me so nervous, the way that she works it. Jimmy Choos on her feet when she be walkin', ayy
YG LYRICS - Me & My Bitch
Lyrics to "Me & My Bitch" song by YG: Used to have a girlfriend Now all I got is hoes Just looking for a down girl But she was fuckin on t...
WYCLEF JEAN LYRICS - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)
Lyrics to "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)" song by WYCLEF JEAN: Ah ah ah ah Some live for the bill Some kill for the bill She whine for the bill Grind for the bil...
Never Shout Never - Trouble Lyrics
Lyrics for Trouble by Never Shout Never. I'm in trouble I'm an addict I'm addicted to this girl She's got my heart tied in a knot A...
Iyanya - Mr Oreo Lyrics
Jan 16, 2016 Shoddy say she no come for the money ooh She come for the body ooh Her friends don Gee Her... ... don Gee Her the story ooh The man is sweet like an Oreo Oreo (oreo) Oreo She say a long saw The big saw, ... 1k favorites
She came over and she came a few times. From crispy futons to Christian Louboutin Game over had her shopping in Milan 20 racks really that's sneaker money
Simi - Love Don't Care Lyrics
Jul 11, 2016 Lyrics for Love Don't Care by Simi. Mama call me oh just the other day She said hello hello I'm talking to you baby Somebody c...
Sleeping With Sirens - Free Now Lyrics
I wrote this song for my mother She had to leave me, when I was younger She said son, seek this life, and keep an open ... I am free now Free to live without my fears I believe now Theres a reason why Im here Can I be a man? ... 1k favorites
Lil Kesh - Gbese Lyrics
Oct 19, 2016 wen she see my pocket she just dey dance she no wan stop Abi Gbese re o, she just dey fire gbese re o, ... re o yi bi tyre Gbese re o gbese re o gbese re o she just dey fire gbese re o she no dey tire Gbese re o, ... 1k favorites
Boyce Avenue - Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) Lyrics
... prayed to a God that I don't believe in 'Coz I got time while she got freedom. ' Coz when a heart breaks no it don't break even Her best days will be some of my worst She finally met a man that's gonna put her first While I'm wide ... 1k favorites
EXO - 꿈 She's Dreaming translation in English
Dec 6, 2016 English translation of lyrics for 꿈 She's Dreaming by EXO. 별들마저 잠이 드는 늦은 밤 외로이 뜨는 달 (외로이 뜨는 달) 살며시 창가에 내려와 비춰 ...
She know I be getting to the paper, I be putting in work. Up the road, playing with the papers, yeah I got that work [Hook - Kodak Black:] I'm on that greedy shit, ...
Ty Dolla Sign feat. Wiz Khalifa - Or Nah Lyrics
His bitch keep looking at me, she choosing or nah? You a ride-or-die chick, you with this shit or nah? Say you not a side bitch, you all-in or nah? You gon' make ...
Drake feat. Travi$ Scott - Company lyrics and translation
Feb 13, 2015 ... me Someone to make me feel lucky Someone that's so proud to be with me She walk right up to her ex, ... I know she love flippin' shit All, on me I don't deserve it She's just a little too perfect She's just a little too ... 1k favorites

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