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Keri Hilson - Drippin' Lyrics
I'm different, I'm drippin'. Yeah 'cause in my head, I drip. In the bed, I drip. Everywhere I drip, yeah, I'm that chick. Got my hair done up, my nails done too. And even if I didn't, I'd still be drippin' on you. I get money (get money), I pop tags (I pop tags) Fit-fresh to death with no snag.
21 Savage - Drip Lyrics
I'm dripping I'm dripping I'm dripping all over this track If he is not dripping then we gonna run off with his pack VVS dripping these ain't crystals, Your jeweler disappoint he selling crystals I hear your baby daddy work at Krystal's, I hope You brush your teeth before you kiss him 21
Crywolf - DRIP Lyrics
I'm dripping I'm dripping I'm dripping with dementia (You can not believe) I'm excited and not in a good way I'm steadily spinning I'm spinning I'm spinning Way too slow for you to perceive Wrap you up in my gravity Use my words incorrect-a-ly I am plump with proclivities and I'm falling I'm losing my balance I'm losing my balance I'm losing it ...
Future - Drippin (How U Luv That) Lyrics
I'm drippin' flavor, you just a traitor. No sports agent, I am a player. I'm at the Four Seasons like I'm on vacation. Tryna count some paper everyday I wake up. I can't get no sleep, I'm runnin' these bands way up. Louboutins on my feet gettin' laced up. Hublot wrapped around my wrist, it's perfect timer.
Nicki Minaj - Chun Swae Lyrics
Yo I'm me, I'm Barbie drippin', DB9, Barbie whippin' If he say he don't want me back, he be lyin' Bitch I'm the sauce, Barbie dippin', I'm the boss, Barbie sippin' They keep tellin' work it, I ain't got no choice I'm all yours, Barbie kissin', call the stores, Barbie shippin' Out or indoors, baby I'ma floss
Kenndog - Drip Like Me Lyrics
I'm sorry for drippin' But drip is what I do (splish splash) And one of these days, I'm gon' get dressed And drip all over you (huh) I'm that fly young nigga Lil baby can't you see Your style is old, my fashion cold Tell me who drip like me (Uh!) I'm the flyest in the room but you already knew that You lying with the fake-ass clones, so where ...
Tory Lanez - DrIP DrIp Drip Lyrics
Now I'm back and it's lit, like [Tory Lanez & Meek Mill:] Stacks all on me, ayy Big drip on me, ayy Faucet on me, ayy I'm dripping water, ayy I know you noticed, ayy I love it when you tell me that you just a homie, ayy 'Cause I can't be committed with these stacks all on me (stacks all) Big drip on me, ayy (drip on me)
Skinnyfromthe9 - Drippin Like Paint Lyrics
I'm a real nigga, you ain't (You ain't) Look at these diamonds, yeah (Yeah) Bitch, I be dripping like paint (Like paint) Bitch, I be dripping like paint (Like paint) Bitch, I be dripping like paint, ayy Bitch, I be dripping like paint, ayy Bitch, I be dripping like paint, ayy [PnB Rock:] Every time I leave the bank, it's 20,000 or better
Mike Jones - Still Tippin' Lyrics
Four fours I'm tippin' Wood grain I'm gripping Catch me lane switching with the paint dripping Turn your neck and your dame missing Me and Slim we ain't tripping I'm finger flipping and syrup sipping Like do or die I'm po' pimping Car stop rims keep spinning I'm flipping drop with indvisible tops Hoes bop when my drop step out
Harry Styles - Kiwi Lyrics
Harry Styles Lyrics. "Kiwi". She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes. Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect. And all the boys, they were saying they were into it. Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck. She's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into it. I'm kind of into it. It's getting crazy, I think I'm losing it, I ...
Roddy Ricch - Every Season Lyrics
I'm dripping water nigga, Aquafina Damn that bitch cappin' if she think I need her Hit it one time and then I got to leave her I'm a real street nigga Gotta keep it a rack with my people Turn the whole squad to bosses I can't be kickin' shit like I'm Adidas Rap shit I ain't got to cap shit I've been gettin' cheese like I'm Velveeta
Fredo - Again Lyrics
Sold out my new tour man I did it again. Tryna get on the Forbes list, I did it again. My chains cost a mortgage, I'm dripping again. We're touring the city, we're litty again. Your girls always ringing but I'm busy again. I just heard my bro's back in prison again. Damn, you're still my nig to the end. She said she's my friend, why's she ...
Iggy Azalea - Comme Des Garcons Lyrics
I'm dripping, in all sauce. Shoes they got hearts on. That's Comme Des Garçons. I got drip, I got sauce. I got drip, I got sauce. Outfit by Dior. This hot bitch on all fours. I got bands, a lot more. I'm dripping, in all sauce.
Marilyn Manson - Blood Honey Lyrics
I'm dripping blood honey, yeah. I got you tied up and I love it. Tied up and I love it. Now, why would I set you free? Now you're tied up, you love it. No lies now, I love it. I'm not being mean, I'm just being me. You only say that you want me. When I'm upside down.
Lecrae feat. Zaytoven - Holy Water Lyrics
If she with me, respect it, she dripping holy water Holy water, I got that holy water I'm dripping holy water, I got that holy water Do the Phillipe Patek (protect) me if it's dripping holy water If she with me, respect it, she dripping holy water Yeeeah Sprinkle me with that water I don't need a priest with a collar Already been to the altar Turn that down to a dollar They say he forgot that ...
Beyonce - Bow Down / I Been On Lyrics
I'm coming down dripping candy on the ground H, H-town, town, I'm coming down Coming down dripping candy on the ground I know when you were little girls You dreamt of being in my world Don't forget it, don't forget it Respect that, bow down bitches I took some time to live my life But don't think I'm just his little wife Don't get it twisted ...
Rico Nasty - Dripping Lyrics
Bitch, yeah, I walk in this bitch and I'm dripping, ay [WillThaRapper:] Ay walk in this bitch glicking Yeah, yeah, I do my shows with the glicking Yeah, yeah, got the nina and I got the 450 Damn, you leaking, now that boy walk when he dripping Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. R. Rico Nasty Lyrics. mixtape: "Sugar Trap" (2016)
The Beatles - I Am The Walrus Lyrics
I'm crying I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying Yellow matter custard Dripping from a dead dog's eye Crabalocker fishwife pornographic priestess Boy you been a naughty girl You let your knickers down I am the eggman (Ooh) They are the eggmen (Ooh) I am the walrus Goo goo g' joob Sitting in an English Garden waiting for the sun If the sun don't come
Cardi B - Get Up 10 Lyrics
I was covered in dollars, now I'm dripping in jewels A bitch play with my money? Might as well spit in my food Bitches hated my guts, now they swear we was cool Went from making tuna sandwiches to making the news I started speaking my mind and tripled my views Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs Get money, go hard, you're motherfucking right
Lil B - Pretty Bitch Lyrics
Ain't no secret that I'm a pretty bitch. Young Based God with that bigass dick. I'm repping 6 Kiss cause I'm smooth like silk. Fuck your ho in the ass and her pussy squirted milk. You're tripping bitch. I'm iced out. Iced up bitch with your girl on my dick. Loud pack nigga with your girl on my tip.
Headstones - Dripping Dime Size Drops Lyrics
I'm dripping dime size drops Now the glass it is empty It is no longer discreet Last point of entry did me Now I just can't compete I wish that it would stop You could drive a truck right through it 52 steps until I drop There ain't no way to prove it Could've been a day from Sunday Could've been Tuesday last Could've been everything that I wanted
Snoop Dogg - Wet Lyrics
I'm in the hole like a birdie What you wanna do tonight It's still early Wanna get spewed tonight She's all sturdy I'm in between your lips Like a cigarette She wanna quit But she wanna make it, make it, make it wet I'm gonna get you wet Tell tell me baby are you wet I just wanna get you wet wet Drip, drip, drip, drip, for me mami Can you drip ...
Teyana Taylor - Drippin Lyrics
Baby, I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored inside I want you now, come on, come on inside It's like a timer, yeah, oh Wake up, I'm horny, ay Right up, come on it Beat it up 'cause I want it, ay Stop playing, boy, I'm golden, oh When the last time we fucked to a record? When the last time we fucked to a record? Baby, relax, would you, rushing this record
Gunna - Top Off Lyrics
I'm dripping like hot sauce I got drank and it's clean raw Baby give me that mean mouth Hit that pussy like golf ball I can do this without y'all Caught a loss, I go loco I go back to the traphouse Break the bricks and the bales down Cashing in and I cash out Turn that shit to a stash house
In This Moment - Adrenalize Lyrics
I'm addicted to mess. Shove your kiss straight through my chest. I can't deny, I'd die without this. Make me feel like a God. Music, love and sex. (Adrenalize me) I crave excess. Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck. I can't deny, I'd die without this.
Internet Money - Lemonade Lyrics
I'm loyal and I'll never change, nah I'm never gon' go against the grain (Go against the grain) I'm never gon' be the one turn on my brother When police is got us detained (Nah) I won't ever love a bitch more than my mother And that's on my government name (Nah) I can't be no sucker, ain't hatin' on no one I wish everybody get paid (Paid)
Jasmine Villegas - Look Don't Touch Lyrics
Cause I'm that stuff that dreams are made of Walking 'round, I'm dripping stardust Until you coming with some real love You can look, but don't touch You can look, but don't touch, no Cause I'm that stuff that dreams are made of You're missing out cause I'm a real one If you ain't coming with some real love You can look, but don't touch
SahBabii - Army Lyrics
I'm dripping like armpits My dick is a mic And your bitch is performing I'm feeling like Mike When the nigga performing She sucking it long Cause the bitch brainstorming Found me racks in [?] VVS diamonds I'm snorkeling I'm in her house like Cory I'mma need an army I'm dripping like armpits Got a bitch with a big ol' ass now counting some paper ...
Smoove'L - Smoke Talk Lyrics
I'm dripping and drowning up in any weather. They call me Smoove'L I'm the trendsetter. I shoot to the M liquid chopper. Don't look for your bitch 'cause I got her. Her head game was so trash, made me so mad. That a nigga had to stop her, dumb bitch. Don't act up, I'ma tell you right now I'll act up.
Azealia Banks - Ice Princess Lyrics
I'm so cold I'm dripping icicles I go and take your man that nigga Might miss you Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear To stand around me need to have ya winter gear Pay me coats and benz's and that berg-ice That's why I do not feel these bitches, Frostbite
Lecrae x Zaytoven - Holy Water Lyrics
I'm dripping holy water, I got that holy water Do the Phillipe Patek (protect) me if it's dripping holy water If she with me, respect it, she dripping holy water Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Xavier Dotson, Lecrae Devaughn Moore. AZLyrics. L. Lecrae Lyrics. album: "Let The Trap Say Amen" (2018) Get Back Right. Preach.
Sauce Walka - Voss Lyrics
I'm dripping sauce, hey, huh. Water like voss, huh. My diamonds water like voss, huh. Look I cannot take a loss, ayy. [Sauce Walka:] I'm dripping sauce, yeah. Water like voss, yeah. Chandelier sized diamonds in my mouth, you can tell I'm from the South, yeah. If the bitch get some money, bad with some booty, I might pop her off, yeah.
Movements, Skengdo & A.M - Dripping In Sauce Lyrics ...
Dripping in sauce anytime I step. Go get the loud then shell down the ends. Out all day getting 20s and 10s. This pack go fast and I re-up again. Lifestyle do this again and again. [Skengdo:] You don't know stop talking you gem. And I'm hearing them man don't like me. That's cool, we weren't even friends.
Berner - Don't Hate Me Lyrics
I'm living life in a rush, baby girl please just [Chorus:] Don't hate me! Now baby girl I'm good I told her like Cause I'm dripping on this wood, want them round, girl I'm too cold, got a neck full of dough, baby Don't hate me Thirty fucking rounds, and my giant, bitch! Brand new house where your crib at? I took the rap money, and I flipped that?
Beyonce - Party Lyrics
You got the swag sauce, she dripping swag (Ooh) I may be young, but I'm ready To give you all my love I told my girls you can get it Don't slow it down, just let it go So in love, I'll give it all away Just don't tell nobody tomorrow So tonight, I'll do it every way Speakers knocking 'til the morning light 'Cause we like to party, hey! Hey! Hey ...
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