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DJ Screw - Sippin Codine Lyrics. [Big Moe:] I sipp codeine It makes a southside playa lean (makes me leeeaaaan) Stackin green (yeeea) Steady stackin green, steady ...
Juicy J - Smokin` And Sippin` Lyrics. Man I got that OG, keep them Swishers on me Bruh I hope you know me, I get high I can smoke up three pounds, eat a hundred weeds ...
Chamillionaire Lyrics - 2 MPH
Lyrics to "2 MPH" song by Chamillionaire: "Sippin, sippin on lean, sippin, sippin on bo'" Comin down grippin grain, diamonds up against t...
Future Lyrics - I'm Trippin'
Lyrics to "I'm Trippin'" song by Future: Juciy Wad Up Hey I'm Trippin Hold On Nigga I'm Trippin Drunk a Whole Thing Of Lean I'm Trippin ... Keep Sipping, She ...
YG - Dippin N Sippin Lyrics
I dont give a fuck, ... Nigga Drunk drivin? a bad Influence, i dont give a fuck, Im Dippin and im Sippin, Patron got me on, but these pills got me trippin.
Soulja Boy - Now Im On Lyrics. Yuh yuh Yuh yuh Yuh yuh King Soulja Yeah Soulja uh Bobby World, ... I be sippin lean, lean, cause now I'm on I hit the club (club), ...
Ludacris Lyrics - Blow It Out
In Atlanta I get sleep, in Texas I sip lean All these rappers wanna know what I'm gettin for sixteens ... If you ever think of stoppin me - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!
Future - I’m Trippin’ Lyrics
Juicy wad up / Hey I'm trippin' / Hold on nigga I'm trippin' / Drunk a whole thing of lean I'm trippin' / With my girl ... keep sipping, she looking, ...
Soulja Boy - Sippin Lean Lyrics. Sipping on this lean, sipping on this lean Sipping on this lean, sipping on this lean Man, I got codeine, I got promethazine Man, I got c
Gucci Mane - I Smoke Cush ( I Pop Beans) Lyrics
chorus 2x / i smoke cush and i pop bean / and i dont give a damn how you feel about me / i sip lean pure ... i smoke cush ( i pop beans) lyrics ... im so cushed up ...
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freestyle (June 27)' by Big Moe. ... always on my lean ... Im sippin on that jelly I might just come through
Yung Simmie - Fancy Lyrics
Lyrics for Fancy by Yung Simmie. Damn right im fancy nigga wutchu is? You bum ass nigga Sipping lean out of a glass Pinky u...
Belly - I Drink I Smoke Lyrics
I Drink I Smoke Lyrics feat. ... I go harder sippin on Patron till it taste like water ... Im smoking on that shit yo mama told you never try
Trina Lyrics - Single Again
Lyrics to "Single Again" song by Trina: ... Back seat in the phantom sipping that lean. We party like rock stars, we sex like porn stars, I'll take you a million bars.
ASAP Rocky - Kissin’ Pink Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kissin’ Pink' by ASAP Rocky. Wait a minute You can smoke that weed Sip that lean, get high (She's all that I want) Bitch
Yung Chris Lyrics - Racks (Remix)
Lyrics to "Racks (Remix)" song by Yung Chris: (YC!) Whatchu got? Racks on racks on racks ... Sip lean, rosé, Patron Smokin on thousand dollar worth of strong
Yung Lean - Sippin Lyrics. feat. ManeMane4CGG Produced By Acea & Woesum [Hook: Yung Lean] I'm sippin', over 100 degrees Posted with my boys, sippin' Hennessey
Migos Lyrics - Crazy
[Hook – Chill Will:] Shirt match the belt match the shoes, that’s crazy Dumping kush ashes on the floor, I’m lazy Sipping on the lean, got me looking kind of crazy
Mac Miller Lyrics - The Question
Lyrics to "The Question" song by Mac Miller: Sometimes I wonder who the fuck I am Wonder who the fuck I am Uhh, ... Now I’m rolling and I’m sipping lean
Future - Codeine Crazy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Codeine Crazy' by Future. Codeine crazy / Yeah / Pour that bubbly, ... Codeine Crazy Lyrics ... Fuck the fame I'm sipping lean when I'm driving,
Gucci Mane Lyrics - I Heard
Lyrics to "I Heard" song by Gucci Mane: ... Sippin' lean while she suckin' my dick, I got a boner Smokin' weed while she eatin' all the bitches cause I'm a stoner
Gucci Mane - Without Me Lyrics
What would the game be without me I'm sipping lean and feeling drowsy I bet your girlfriend pussy lousy I see your diamonds very cloudy [Verse 2]
Asap Rocky Lyrics - Kissin Pink
Lyrics to "Kissin Pink" song by Asap Rocky: ... Your life or that lean? Wait a minute ... Sip that lean, get high ...
Young Thug - Drinking Lean Is Amazing Lyrics. Fuck! Drinking on lean is amazing Drinking on lean is amazing Drinking on lean is amazing Drinking on lean is amazing ...
Starlito Lyrics - WTF
And sipping on this weed ... Lean got me sitting sideways WTF! Just popped down Can't stand up ... Thanks to John for adding these lyrics.
Soulja Boy - Sippin Lean Lyrics
Soulja Boy Sippin Lean Lyrics. Sippin Lean lyrics performed by Soulja Boy: Sipping on this lean, sipping on this lean Sipping on this lean, sipping on this lean Man ...
Gorilla Zoe - Just Joog Lyrics
Just Joog Lyrics feat. ... im on that lean, that purple stuff ya mean im puttin two ounces in a cup and a bean ... i been sippin lean, ...
Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics - Still Sippin
Lyrics to "Still Sippin" song by Ty Dolla Sign: Dolla... $ign I hear the waves upon us Dolla... it's close... $ign Welcome back to the Beach House...
Chief Keef Lyrics - You & Me
Lyrics to "You & Me" song by Chief Keef: Huh? Umm Lean, lean Skrr, Skrr skrr skrr Bang bang, ... Sipping lean like soup, I'm finna pick you up in this coupe, what it do
Lil' Wyte Lyrics - Do It Fluid
alright im thinkin bout getting slumed out fuck that i know give me the lean ... need something for me to be sipping on. ... do it fluid kicked in and im way past ...
Lil Durk Lyrics - Gas And Mud
Lyrics to "Gas And Mud" song by Lil Durk: See, I popped me a Xan And that lean, that shit got me on Pluto (uh) And I'm smokin' on that dope An...
Gino Marley - Muddy Cup lyrics
Sippin lean out my coffee cup I’m pullin up, I load the chop, I fill em up All my trap spot hot as fuck ... Muddy Cup lyrics by Gino Marley: [Hook:] ...
Kevin Gates Lyrics - Again
Lyrics to "Again" song by Kevin Gates: ... Doing pole a rope and sipping lean and soda I am not Glock nine by the stop sign bout fifty thousand in the stash spot
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