Im on that m.o.b shit that means money over bitchs lyrics

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Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
May 12, 2016 You say you want some smoke, nigga puff it up BITCH! We fall in KOD and then we fuck it up (bow bow bow) We criminals, this shit can get corrupt ... be suckin' us (gang) I gotta get this money up, thats a must (must) Used to ride ... im kickin' dust (skr skr skr) I cop a foreign, Ima' valet park the bitch (lets get it, ...
KING LIL G LYRICS - Windows Down
Lyrics to "Windows Down" song by KING LIL G: This that a-k mob shit Ridin' round with a boss bitch Moet sippin' Faded off of that boss shit Rol... ... Better tell me where the money at. Came up. Now tell me where the honey's at. Tattoo's on her ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Holy Ghost
I'll fuck the shit up out an Angel like hold on to ya halo! Don't go to ... I'm all about my cheddar it's M.O.B never sweat a bitch. Money over everything nigga, that's what I tell a bitch ... Just cause it's published in a book, it doesn't mean it's a fact
Lyrics to "Feel Shit" song by HONEY COCAINE: Feel shit, feel shit. Coola than the coolest bitch Ion' feel shit Feel shit, feel shit. Coola than t... ... Gettin' dirty money pockets I could not dream bitch ... Prettier than models in they vanity, shoppin', cause it is the meaning of insanity. Fuck my ... It's the MOB shit, yeah it's the mafia .
Lyrics to "Get Money" song by ACE HOOD: Ace Hood, rosay We the fucking best, maybach It's so incredible I do it for the thugs and the moth... ... I do it for the hustlers and this bitch throwin their grass up. Nigga ... More money means more louis carry-on ... Now you shit nigga garbage you's a rat never build for this mob shit
"M.O.B" (feat. Choo Choo). [Intro] At the end of the day my nigga. I do this shit for my family. And my niggas ... Money over bitches, you know how it go [Verse] ... I move like a turtle mean I keep them shells ... That bitch no, she sex it to the max
Ah shit, MOB on that mob shit. Talkin bout ... Arguing with that death bitch like fuck you mean in my fly clothes ... That car read a lot of money, nigga that's ballpark
Wild Yella - You a Bitch to Me Lyrics
Feb 9, 2015 Bitch to me, Talkin Dont mean shit to me, Stupid ass hoes get to me, Its all ... is thirsty, They do you dirty there cut your throat, That why its MOB until I die, ... (2) You be trippin off of nun, Talkin bout im sleepin with that old bitch, ...
RICK ROSS LYRICS - So Sophisticated
Lyrics to "So Sophisticated" song by RICK ROSS: This shit is highly ... Got a white bitch, she fucking me just like she Jamaican ... If you a mob, then you gotta make an issue payment ... I'm getting money so you'll never hear me talking petty
Then I say: this that fuckin' mob shit, this that fuckin' player shit ... I like getting money I love getting paid (You knew that shit!) ... That means I make 'em kiss, I make 'em pop, I make 'em strip (alright, alright!) ... I got a chick in one night about it, we'll fuck your bitch and then write about it ... Hop on the jet and fly over to Haiti
YG LYRICS - Playin
Nigga we playin' – flip your bitch, nigga we can. All these ... Money over bitches, but nothin' over that. Money ... Like mob shit, and act like it's all gravy, my nigga
By any means necessary. We were born ... Fuck what y'all talkin' about I be on some fly, rich nigga shit, steppin' out I be on that fly, rich nigga ... Get your brain, I doubt it I be on that fly shit – M-O-B that mob shit ... Goddamn right, bitch I've been fly since way back when ... Throwin' money in the air like I'm sick of this shit [Hook ].
Look at my wrist, bitch, it's levels to these bezels ... Hustle Gang on that mob shit, bring me my canoles. Beating ... Gettin' high off the money, nigga yeah I made it
JA RULE LYRICS - Always On Time
You know, the one that swing dick like no other (shit) I know, I got a lot of ... Bitch, you know better, we live M-O-B. Money Over Bitches, Murder, I-N-C. I got two or ...
Lyrics to "Kill Shit" song by BIBBY x HERB: Aye Bibby, let's kill shit broski. Whatchu ... Bitch I cash out 'till I pass out, got a couple trues I don't even wear. In the game bitch I ... M-O-B I don't love a ho, I'm a be this way 'til I'm forty six. Matter of fact ...
2PAC LYRICS - Hit 'Em Up
First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim. Westside when ... Talking about you getting money, but it's funny to me. All you ... I'll tell you to your face you ain't shit but a faker. Softer than ... E.D.I. Mean approach the scene of the caper. Like a loc ... money. How the fuck they gonna be the mob when we always on our job?
GUCCI MANE LYRICS - When I Was Water Wippin
I talk so much shit I wake a dead man up. And I'm the ... Remember when I could just take a bitch to Wendy's But now these ... M.O.B. man, money over bitches
Honey Cocaine - Feel Shit Lyrics
Feel Shit Feel Shit Cooler than the coldest bitch ion feel shit / feel shit feel shit ... You get deleted if you conceited Bitch I mean it cause I'm a genius. I aint got time for a muhfuckin' penis getting dirty money pockets I can not deem bitch ... Im Nothing But Everything Yuh Bitches Makin Plans To Be ... Its a mob shit, its a mafia
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - You Guessed It
You hating, it's written all over your fuckin' [Hook:] ... Bitch you jealous, stunt, stunt , shit nigga don't like ... I couldn't be JR for ever, I don't mean to ruffle your feathers ... And I smell like, pussy, money, and weed ... I married the MOB, we divorced
Goons in this bitch, leave a nigga on a stretcher. It's all there ... Money Over Bitches - MOB, goodfellas. Cut her ears off, ain't shit she could tell us. Write your ...
Lil Wayne - I'm Me Lyrics
I'm married to that crazy bitch. Call me Kevin ... Young money over bitches, my niggas trust my sisters. And I will ... I'm a muthafuckin' Cash Money millionaire, bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch) ... That's when I can't hold my shit within so I shit on myself
Lions don't lose sleep over the 'pinion of sheep. On the road to the riches, money sticking to my cleats. I am moi, magnifique, ... Downloaded my tape, sat back, studied shit. Acid pack a ... And my bitch will talk some shit and smoke the kil' with me. Meech will hide the ... Not offended when you call me genius, all that means is
Young Thug - Slime Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slime Shit' by Young Thug: This that slime shit, hey YSL shit, hey Killin' 12 shit, hey Fuck a jail shit, ... I done put a whole slime on a hunnid, bitch, hey, hey ... I'm grindin' up my money and I'm still in the trenches ... This that mob shit
[Payroll:] Fuck bitches, get money. They catch feelings, They get ugly. I don't trust a bitch far as I could throw her that's why after I hit I play a role like I don't know ...
Memphis Bleek - My Life Lyrics
I mean, M.A.D.E, no mob shit. Money, Attitude, Direction, and Education...some real shit. Think about my ... the fly kicks fly shit. Little nigga but still kept a fly bitch
2PAC LYRICS - Definition Of A Thug Nigga
The type of shit to get them hoes to bone. My Definition of a Thug Nigga [Samples :] "Tis the season, to be servin'" "What you doin'?" "Mob-mobbin' like a ...
Money over bitches. Never kill a woman. Unless she is a witness. All about my business. Survival of the fittest. She let me hide my weed in her titties. Bitch I got ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Over Here Hustlin'
Lyrics to "Over Here Hustlin'" song by LIL' WAYNE: We over here hustlin', we over here grindin' We ... If your bitch don't know the rules, I will read her the book. ... That means my weed is the best, yoke to even the stress. ... Its money over everything and bitches under all. M.O.B! [Chorus] [Birdman:] ... Ain't Worried Bout Shit
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Gunz Will Bust
Where nigga life don't mean shit. So step to and ... A mob figure plus a lawyer and do work for kiloz' ... Better slow your roll boy money hungry ain't no ho boy
Gucci Mane - When I Was Water Wippin Lyrics
I talk so much shit I wake a dead man up. And Im the methodman, ... MOB mane, money over bitches ... And I dont wanna fuck that bitch cuz she too fuckin skinny.
Came with my whole gang 20 of us walked up Fuck you mean you need to see ID ? (What ya mea. ... I'm a tell her, bitch you got me fucked up. Who got the blow, shit, I'm tryna buy. Fuck that ... Cops pull me over say, "Sir are you drunk or high?"
Lyrics to "Real Nigga Shit" song by GORILLA ZOE: Sonny digital Southern smoke Trapaholocs I'm a real nigga bitch So I live by the rules First thin... ... Man I'm married to the MOB It's Money Over Bitches On some. Real nigga shit. Real nigga shit. Real nigga shit ... Whals the definition of a boss? Wnen everybody eatin
Lyrics to "Err-Body" song by HUSTLE GANG: Boss shit, fuck what any bitch say about it Win or Lose I'm a motherfucking ... Money over bitches, hustle gang over everybody ... Do you mean Everybody, Everybody, not Everybody, Everybody
Lyrics to "King Shit" song by YO GOTTI: Oh this a hit nigga With no words on it I got on two chains, but, ... I'm different, I was built for this, my bitch only rock Tiffany
Lyrics to "Crunk Inc." song by CRIME MOB: Ay, Crunk Incorporated. ... Fuck yo words, yo words don't mean shit. ... Yeah, bitch fuck that shit that you talkin. ... cause here we runnin thangs, ain't got no time for lames, just bout that money mayne.
Lyrics to "Lucky Ass Bitch" song by MAC MILLER: Ol' ratchet ass bitch (Fuck me) tryna get your hustle on Ain't no ... If daddy come, get my shit and run, he gon' see my ass, go and get his gun ... She get a bunch of money, spend it all on drugs
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Thought I was 'bout to be on some radio Raheim shit. Man that shit ... I mean Olivia cute but they say that bitch a man ... Bleek is over let Chris and Neef do it ..... It go, how you from Cashville but you ain't got no cash nigga? ... M.O.B. Freestyle
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Nigga Wit Money
Lyrics to "Nigga Wit Money" song by LIL' WAYNE: Work on the kitchen table Where the bags at Work on the ... I tell her; bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, make me rich
Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bitch Better Have My Money' by Rihanna: Don't act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, ... Shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car
Lil Wayne - Get That Money Lyrics
... by Lil Wayne. I know some niggas that'll merk ya for a quarter birdy / You bitch ass niggas just be lucky that the boy ain't hurtin' ... Hoe but bet I can take that dirt and turn that shit glitter ... Blind deaf or crazy it's money over bitches. [Chorus: x2]

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