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21 SAVAGE LYRICS - How To Ball
I'm a show a nigga how to get some cash (young nigga) Ye ain't got it trust you need ... Young fly nigga got a lot of swag. I like smoking gas. I like cooking glass
Smoking gas and drinking mud but you can keep your Budweiser She's a blunt ... Gas gas you know I got the cash ... I'm a drug dealer, real killer, mean mugging fuck nigga ... Pockets can't hold on all the cash, I can loan your man some swag
Lyrics to "MF's Mad" song by MONTANA OF 300: Blowing that gas Know I got dough in the stash On my way to ... Blow out that smoke and relax ... And all this muhfuckin' swag ... Like they playing polo, speaking of polo bitch I'm in these horses
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Racks In My Pocket
I got racks in my pocket. Racks in my pocket. I got racks in my pocket. Got it. I keep a Glock in my ... Yeah I'm in the kitchen nigga scrapin' bowls, savage. I'm in the hotel ... And I smoke a lot of gas. I don't sell a lot of swag. But I got a lot of swag
T.I. LYRICS - Pledge Allegiance To The Swag
Lyrics to "Pledge Allegiance To The Swag" song by T.I.: Ay count that money for me partner Ay Ross make sure that nigga got ... Tell tha nigga to gas up tha jet ... Let's be clear, I'm a motherfuckin' G and you a hoe ... Jumpin' in and outta sixes like I got a car lot ... I smoke no more but when I did I was blowin' ounces of gas
You know I'm poppin' them tags. None of them niggas got swag. None of them niggas got swag ... I smoke the gas out the blunt. I smoke the gas out the blunt
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Gotta Lotta
Lyrics to "Gotta Lotta" song by 2 CHAINZ: Lotta dope Gotta lotta dope ... We got weed, that's a lotta smoke. Yeah, that's ... I'm drinking Activas only know Hi-Tech
F.L.Y. - Swag Surfing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Swag Surfing' by F.L.Y.: Like in nor Kelly Slater I swag wen I surf Now watch me surf and swag. ... 'Cause man I got dat swag ... Yea I'm smoking strong
Say I know I know why you mad cause I'm stuntin' yeah. Wakin' up ... Smokin' on that gas, smell like FUNYUN yeah. Like call ... Got the drop top runnin' for the summer yeah, ay. Goyard ... Look I just think shorty like my go hard swag. Turn my ...
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Smoking On Purple
Lyrics to "Smoking On Purple" song by LIL BOOSIE: Ease your mind a little bit ( ease your mind) Light up ... that's why I'm smokin' and laughin' I got my grind on
when the club 'bout to hear this soooong (Whatchu got?) We got racks on ... Smoke like I'm in Cali, fuck takin flight, I blast off. Niggaz talkin .... Puffin on that garlic (gas) Sick off all the ... Got a whole lotta BMI checks in the mail. If ballin was a ...
Ion know I got amnesia. Baby suck me ... Smoking gas selling swag to hustle. Ima hit the ... My name is my birthplace but I'm still quick to go overseas. Just to talk ...
... LOUIE: Yeah my pack so loud, yeah my pack so louder I'm smoking right now baby Yeah my pack so loud, yeah m. ... Every day I'm mobile, gotta get that sack
I got that off-black Cadillac, midnight drive. Got that gas pedal, lean back, taking my time. I'm rollin' out ... Man I'm lounging in some shit Bernie Mac would've been proud of. Looking ... You can smoke the pussy, I was tearing down the walls. I'm ...
Lyrics to "Martin" song by FAMOUS DEX: I swear that I think that I'm Martin I kick the bitch out ... I ain't gotta will her movin' she a scooter ... Swag I swear that I think that I'm Martin I kick the bitch out like I'm Martin ... I'm smoking gas like I farted
Soulja King - Lingo Watch My Swag lyrics
Oct 4, 2015 Lyrics for Lingo Watch My Swag by Soulja King. ... Lakers I'm smoking on papers, Bitch sike I smoke that back, I hid a gat I got ... Gas in My Tank.
I got on two chains, but, no, I ain't Tity Boi I'm dream ... My flow on range, my swag's insane. And my ... My watch silly my clock ignorant and I'm the king of my city ... And nigga I don't wanna smoke your weed, plain gas the only thing I smoke
Kodak Black - No Flockin Lyrics
Sosa KKK KKK Young Nigga I Got Old Cash Spazzing On They Ass I Got ... Yeah Its So Fast Smoking Flockas You A Jack Ass, All I Smoke Is Gas Dont You Ask ... Im Vibing On The Beat Honestly, Im Just Trying To Be, I Just Gotta Be Trying To ...
Cause bitch I'm amazing', look what I'm blazin' Eyes so low ... Got a lot up on my mind, got a lot up on my plate. Got to ... a lot of shit. Go on baby swag it up, show them haters who your with ... Two hundred on the gas, two hundred on the dash
Young Thug - I Mean Lyrics
Aug 8, 2015 ... me I mean, I got the swag all these niggas corny I'm an astronaut I'm ... recording us I'm drinking act I'm smoking gas and it smell like must I ...
[Swaghollywood:] I might hit a lick just to come up quick yeah lil swag hurt wrist yeah I might fuck your bitch yeah I just got the gas yeah re-up on my bag yeah ...
Kodak Black - No Flockin Lyrics
I got Prada on my hoe ass, got my last one mad. Pop a nigga like ... Smokin' flockas, you a jackass, all I smoke is gas ... Honestly, I'm just tryna be, I just gotta be
DON Q LYRICS - All For The Cash
Lyrics to "All For The Cash" song by DON Q: I'm getting all of this cash, I put it all in a bag Smoking on all of this gas, might just pull ... Dripping with all of this swag, these bitches be calling me dad ... Hop out the Benz, and I got that thing on me
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed I've played a part in this devilish game making your common sense perish. ... You feeling like if you ain't got it your life's not as complete. ... Making sure your lame swag is all polished and clean. ... Probably drinking and smoking out with your crew and chilling with clueless women you try ...
Soulja got that swag, woke up off out the bed in a brand new jet foreign. Foreign, foreign ... I'm smoking on this chronic and the VIP got the loud pack. My weed ...
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
May 12, 2016 Aye Aye She said she like my swag, I be cuttin' up He can't hang with us cause he ... You say you want some smoke, nigga puff it up BITCH!
I got your bitch on me, your mama on me and she birth you. Blowin' Uzi, I'm just off the shits. Got your bitch on me, she all up on this dick. I am so turnt up [?] ... Trap, he smoking on midnight gas. Finessing a nigga with pounds of the swag
I got twenty chains on me, they gon' chip just like some dip' [Hook:] ... Check my swag, check my bag, filled with cash, nigga. Hundred ... I don't play on auto, but I' m moonwalkin' ... I drink Act, I smoke that gas, I smoke that loud, sirens. Yeah ...
Capo feat. Chief Keef - Im Sick Lyrics
Jul 27, 2015 Chief Keef. ïway before my raps, i knew how to swag she say she ain't callin back no more, i'm glad Go... ... I'ma teach you how to drive I'm gettin money, got alot of niggas mad though My cash up ... bags up where the gas go TNT no TMT, i got that cash though I flex for blood, so i'm in this ... Smoking Dope.
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Y'all Don't Hear Me Tho
I'm from Brooklyn son got no problem taking nothing. So I figured I ... Smoking on loud. Swagger ... Ball player swag that's with out the hoop and shit. Two chicks ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Every diamond in my chain, yeah, that's a milestone (Keep doing it, I'm loving it) People calling me ... Buy it, break it, roll it, light it, smoke it, inhale it. Write it, record it, ... Caked up 'til I cash out and I got 'em all wondering how, so. On the down ... All these bitches out here tryna gas it up .... Swag RattPack all day, boy. Alright ...
SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Im Gettin' Money
Lyrics to "Im Gettin' Money" song by SOULJA BOY: Y'already know what time it ... Swag, money, Rich Gang, Soulja Boy, SODMG ... Smoking on this kush, man I always got the money out ... Pull up my gas tank, I'm ridin out to the party (condo)
I'm white boy wasted so I'm screaming "gnarly" Why these hoes ... Some niggas they just got make it shake ... I'm smoking like I'm a Jamaican (gas gas gas gas!)
We really tired of these niggas running off with the swag. Ooh, I mean dab ... I'm talking that bull. Smoking on gas, smelling like cow manure ... I got a white ho, she a nun. I met the plug in ... Preaching the dab like I'm Quavo reverend [Verse 3  ...
Yo rich nigga ain't got no deal. I want them M's nigga ... They stealing my swag. Cause they want to be ... I'm smoking on gas like hookah. We fought for the top
OG Maco feat. Jer-Z - Seizure lyrics
Dec 25, 2015 Feds coming fuck a seizure Ion know I got amnesia Baby suck me she a ... a feature Bread cheese and sauce Im not a pizza Got the pasta pussy Come ... swag I might leave a puddle Smoking gas selling swag to hustle Ima hit ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
Gotta a lot more shit than you could ever fathom, A big head ... I'm a fuck this beat, your bitch who you better come, Better run ... And I ain't gas'd up because I'm more like a hybrid, You think ... Smoke some better tasting weed ... Swag Surfin'
AKA LYRICS - Kontrol
Lyrics to "Kontrol" song by AKA: I got that goose in the booth, no dash Quarter tank, 2am, puff puff pass Big body Benz no gas, swag... ... Sipping that goose, smoking that ooooo lalala. Girls just wanna have fun, party like ... Cause I'm killing all of these bars bitch, now somebody order another round for me [Hook] [ Verse 3: ...
We in the game of smoke and mirrors ... Y'all got the nerve to ask me why do I drink and. Motherfuckers, sometimes I cry ... I look at a lot of you cats and laugh. Cuz I'm the shit, man, and y'all ain't even passing gas ... Ask me about swag, I'm a  ...
RITTZ LYRICS - Wastin Time
Lyrics to "Wastin Time" song by RITTZ: Smoking weed and staying high Partying till late at night 'Cause all we do is drink And all we do ... Inside the woods back of burtmont high I'm 29 ... Doing gas runs, breaking in the vacuum cleaners ... High on a bunch, times racing past us ... Shit we don't got funny enough ... Fuck Swag

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