Imma smoke this blunt until my time up lyrics

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CHIEF KEEF LYRICS - Love No Thotties
[Chief Keef on phone talking to a girl till' end of the song:] [Verse 1] These bitches ... I'ma swipe your name up off my schedule. And if smoke this blunt, girl, I'm gone forget you [Hook 2] ... You's a alcoholic, I ain't got no time for you. Is you off the ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Blunt Blowin'
Lyrics to "Blunt Blowin'" song by LIL' WAYNE: Yeah I'm a put my shades on Uh I live it up like these are my last days If time is money, I'm an hou... ... And freedom was my girl, until they fucking took her. You could look into the future, it's right ...
Lyrics to "Smoke & Drive" song by MIKE POSNER: Roll the windows up when you ... Hit the gas station go and buy a cigar and a philly blunt. Every time I breathe it's like I'm taking a puff, turn my music high ... And I'ma let it hit til I get amnesia
LIL DICKY LYRICS - Professional Rapper
"Hi, my name's Dave Burd. I have an appointment ... I was born out of Philly grew up in a little silly old town called Cheltenham It was in the ... Traditionally people have been doing the job the same kind of way for a long time ... But you ain't shit until cheddars involved. I get that I ... Whatever man, you trying to smoke a blunt?
War time niggas ain't on non', my niggas gon' drill (On my soul) Young nigga all I know ... 30's in they hands, so don't run up on this Range, jewels run up in yo' brain boy. Real nigga ... And I promise that my money won't stop Ima' stack 'till I get too the top, put it... [Hook: Lil ... (On my soul) Smoke a blunt now I'm back at it [ x3]
We can go to the park after dark, smoke that tumbleweed. And as the ... I pulled on my clothes and I was on my way, until her daddy pulled up in a Chevrolet. I ran. I jumped out the back ... I'm a fuck that bitch just one more time. Colt 45 and two ...
Lyrics to "Pull Up" song by G HERBO: Baby, don't stop Baby, don't stop You ... When I can just lay back, smoke a blunt, rub my back or somethin', you know I'm ...
After I fuck the manager up then I'm gonna shorten the register up. Let's go back ... Saw him on break next to the 'No Smoking' sign with a blunt and a Mall' Takin' my ... Wasn't my time ... So I won't be takin' no days off 'til my spaceship takes off
Wanna smoke my weed, so she asks me where the tops are, tops are. Oh, oh, oh ... These hoes is drunk, wanna come and smoke this blunt. Then let me take ... Make amends and I will stand up till the end. A million times, a trillion times. Ohh!
FUTURE LYRICS - March Madness
Lyrics to "March Madness" song by FUTURE: Dress it up and make it real for me Whatever ... We the ones that kept it cool with all these niggas 'til these niggas start acting ... 45 by my gut ... We gone wake up and smoke on some blunt and fuck
2PAC LYRICS - Until The End Of Time
Lyrics to "Until The End Of Time" song by 2Pac: Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side Somewhere inside my childhood ... And half the times we be actin' up, call the cops. Bringin' ... Smoking 'Ports, think my thoughts, then it's back to coastin'
J. COLE LYRICS - New York Times
Lyrics to "New York Times" song by J. COLE: New York Times Come listen to these New York ... My nigga visibally stressed in a mess he's smoking a blunt
DRAKE LYRICS - The Resistance
But people I don't have the time to hang with, always look at me and say the same shit..(they say) ... I'm bout to roll me up a blunt with my list of regrets. Burn it all, burn it all, I'm ... need some closure. Aint no turning back for me I'm in till it's over.
Styles P - Good Times (i Get High) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Good Times (i Get High)' by Styles P. 'I get high, I get high, I get high, ... So I could roll up, hop in the whip and like, bounce to the ave. I get high cause I'm in the hood, the guns is around. It take a blunt, just to ease the pain that humbled me now (whew) ... I'mma smoke 'til my lungs collapse; I'm from a era where
Lyrics to "Smoke Dope & Rap Live" song by ANDRE NICKATINA: I smoke chewy like a mother fucking nut You got a grab bag hit the zags and roll her up Cause a ni... ... It ain't nuttin like a blunt for the funk in ya teeth ... Turn u over like a bitch pull out my dick and I'm a fuck ya ... One line at a time goes up a niggas nose
LOGIC LYRICS - Growing Pains III
Give a fuck about a man I know Imma ... But the first of the month put the weed in the blunt ... My mama locked up, I pray to god that I see her today ... Corn rows and hang time, automatics and gang signs ... All my homies smoking green, fucking bitches, sipping lean ... Will I wake up before I finally confront all my demons
2 grams ain't enough, nigga keep yo blunt. Won't smoke ... Raising up Gods every time that I speak. When we ... take my life. I'm blowing smoke until I die, high as heaven watch me fly ... I'm blowing gas smoke, fuck up my cash flow. Fuck it lets ...
STYLES P LYRICS - Good Times (I Get High)
Lyrics to "Good Times (I Get High)" song by STYLES P: I get high, (I get high) I get high, (I get high) I get high, ... And take a blunt just to ease the pain that humbles me now. And I'd rather roll something up. Cause if I'm sober dawg, I just might flip, grab my guns and hold something up ... I'm a smoke till my lungs collapse
Lyrics to "Stay Fly" song by THREE 6 MAFIA: I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until... ... Call me the juice and you know Imma stunt. Ride in the car with some ... She gotta give it up before she get in my car ... Puff puff pass nigga roll that blunt. Let's get ... Just really wanna smoke my weed
LIL' WYTE LYRICS - Smoke & Get High
Lyrics to "Smoke & Get High" song by LIL' WYTE: Where I'm from we like to smoke And we like our music up And we like our women thick And she know ho... ... I just hit a blunt for the first time in 4 years. I might pop a Xanax bar and chase it with a cold ... It ain't shit you can ask me, you should see it in my eyes. Jelly tryna roll ...
Modjo - I Wanna Smoke lyrics
I Wanna Smoke lyrics by Modjo: I wanna roll / Wanna chief / Wanna smoke me a blunt / I wanna get fucked up / Wanna smoke (wanna smoke) ... And let me hit it until this chronic knocks my ass out. Imma crash out and ... I'm lookin' at nine cuz if at the time. Then we's ... And imma stay blunted until I feel like i'm goin' insane
TRINA LYRICS - Look Back At Me
Slap it in my face shove it down my throat. Nigga where your blunt I can make this pussy smoke. I know how to ... I'm gonna have you saying no please let me get up. I'm gonna make you ... Fuck me til you can't breath til you swim and scream help. Its your lucky ... Pussy nigga next time when you see me don't speak [ Chorus].
MAC MILLER LYRICS - Watching Movies
People worship these idols 'til they come in contact with Gods Hoes is all my ... When I die, throw a couple bad bitches in my casket. Woah, think it's time for a revolution. Me and my dawgs 'bout ... Smoke some weed, get head while I do it. Started out under ... Wish you the best, I'ma just light up this blunt. This bitch love me ...
Dick it up, Cut a nigga shit over 50 bucks, Need work on the low nigga hit me up, Never quick ... Oh no wrong move if my ind you touch, 17 but its real ... i get drunk smoke the weed to the end of the blunt, ... ima spit the gat till the gat click-clat,
Grind all of your weed and recline it's about that time. Black hippy like a ... If you ain't trying to go up then you need to move, my nigga. And I ain't ... You say I smoke too much well motherfucker whats your purpose. Uh, Don't get ... It ain't over til' it's over. I'm ja hova ... I sit and remines with this blunt in my hand. So fuck your ...
Z-RO LYRICS - 25 Lighters
Lyrics to "25 Lighters" song by Z-RO: Hold up Z-Ro the crooked AKA king of the ghetto Screwed Up Click soldier for life You know ... Smoking on kush. ... This time last year I was in a jail cell ... I'm Screwed Up Click 'til they lay me in my casket
reminiscing on my teens a young G ... stayin' out till it's dawn and commin' ... I ain't got time for bitches. Gotta keep my mind on my mothafucken riches ... get a nigga, smoke a blunt. Or is a jury ... cause i'll fuck and get up and let ya know i'll be a ...
RITTZ LYRICS - Wastin Time
Lyrics to "Wastin Time" song by RITTZ: Smoking weed and staying high Partying till late at night 'Cause all ... Call my mom at work and told her fuck high school
MAC DRE LYRICS - Bleezies-N-Heem
Lyrics to "Bleezies-N-Heem" song by MAC DRE: Hello my friend, How you do my friend? ... Call Hennessy, Heem, and a blunt a Bleezy I keep a ... I smoke champ, cush and [? ] ... You don't like it, kiss my ass till your lips bleed ... I'll get dumb drunk and fuck up your compound ... But don't drink and drive, I remember one time
[Chorus] [Lil' Flip] I made a, call to my dog, time to split the blunt and break it up ... You ain't had shit until you smoke Sweet Tooth and Jack Frost Hit it twice but ...
You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. ... Just like I told ya, after all of this over. when the smoke clear from the doja you ... til I hate you so bad but I love you so much and the break-ups just never last.
Lyrics to "Till I Die" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: One time for the city Bitch I'm from the land, Till I Die (Till I Die) Till I Die On the ... Dead broke, we was smoking mid bro ... On 1st block with a blunt rolled ... It's tatted up on all of my squad hoe
Instead, I leave they heart broken, my money ain't foldin' I ball like Mo ... Cause when he come up, yo ass gon' wanna run up. Grind to shine ... my clientele. Foreign clothes, foreign kicks, Foreign blunt, Foreign whips ... fucked up. I ain't got time to play, bitch I'm on a paper chase ... You gotta grind til' you shine Ball til' you fall
Lil Yola - I Ain't Gon' Let Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Ain't Gon' Let Up' by Lil Yola: When I come around they frown, then wanna dap me down But when I ... You see I'm pimped out come try and knock me for my hoes ... Yes the gutter raised me, so itz gutter 'til I die ... Can't smoke a blunt of kush, cuz you 'round too many crabs ... 26 Best Breakup Songs Of All Time.
So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing like my ... My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda ... It's still Mr. Smoke- a-lot-of-pot ... My brother give it some time, Morris, and Day ... Rollin' up a blunt with that fire from hell ... Let me hit him, hit it with a stick until the ho was numb
SUGA FREE LYRICS - I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
Lyrics to "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch" song by SUGA FREE: Whatcha gonna do ? Do you ... on my last bit of indo smoke. I'd rather give ... Plus develop an attitude , go to sleep wake up and look ... I gotta get mine, I wanna get mine, I need to get mine, I'm wasting my time ... So she work that cunt until she can't no mo' Yeah ...
I roll me one, smoke to the face. I roll me one, smoke to the face. Roll up a blunt and I'ma face it, king slime aye. They politickin' ... Protectfully they got my wrist and they don't play with that. She been suckin' dick way before a nigga made it, yeah. Pass me the ... She did two times now, I done told her that was rude. They don't ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Gettin Some Head
Cause I be gettin some head, right in my shit. You say ... Y'all know me I smoke a blunt while I'm gettin' brain ... I liked dem maked up lips and two toungue rings
[Message 2:] That shit is real fucked up what you did, I hooked you up wit my girl and shit you fucked her 8 times you see her you don't say SHIT to her ... I only smoke blunts if they roll propa. Look ... I'm guaranteed to fuck her till her nose bleed
(HED) P.E. LYRICS - Crazy Legs
These type of things happens all the time ... Yeah roll up that blunt now ... Out of town before sun down O.K. Corral ... I'm a drink my wine and smoke my weed

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