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Virgin Steele - In The Arms Of The Dead God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Arms Of The Dead God' by Virgin Steele.
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Invictus" (1998) album
In The Arms Of The Dead God 5. Through Blood And Fire 6. Sword Of The Gods 7. God Of Our Sorrow 8. Vow Of Honour 9. Defiance 10. Dust From The Burning ...
SUBROSA LYRICS - "More Constant Than The Gods" (2013) album
SUBROSA lyrics - "More Constant Than The Gods" (2013) album, including "No Safe Harbor", "Affliction", "Fat Of ... Come lay down your head, rest in my arms, you're free tonight ... Now the ghosts of a dead empire are written all over your face
KREATOR LYRICS - "Enemy Of God" (2005) album
KREATOR lyrics - "Enemy Of God" (2005) album, including "The Ancient Plague", ... Voices Of The Dead 7. ..... Superior armies waiting for their final call to arms
BANE OF EXISTENCE LYRICS - "Humanity's Splintered Salvation ...
... (2004) album, including "Cankerous", "Solace In The Arms Of The Dead", " Apocalyptic Disenchantment"... ... Killed by the self-righteous, in the name of God
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "The Jester Race" (1996) album
IN FLAMES lyrics - "The Jester Race" (1996) album, including "Dead God In Me", "Wayfaerer", ... Dead Eternity 7. ... I lie in your soothing arms, lord Hypnos
NILE LYRICS - "In Their Darkened Shrines" (2002) album
On the back, the arms, or the arms and legs, are bound together. .... Similarly, Unas feasts after death on the spirits of the gods, and on the bodies of men and ...
Lyrics to "Brothers In Arms" song by FAMOUS LAST WORDS: The fire falls down from the sky The order's in And we'll be bringing them the fight God bless my b...
THE DEVIL'S BLOOD LYRICS - "III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The ...
THE DEVIL'S BLOOD lyrics - "III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pillars" ( 2013) ... In The Loving Arms Of Lunacy's Secret Demons ... In the solitude of god
Manowar - Army Of The Dead, Part II Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Army Of The Dead, Part II' by Manowar. ... Manowar - Manowar - Call To Arms lyrics Lyric Video ... Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal Lyrics.
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Gods Of War" (2007) album
MANOWAR lyrics - "Gods Of War" (2007) album, including "Die For Metal", "Hymn Of The ... Crack the Earth, Gods of Thunder ... Valiant dead from the battlefield to Valhalla! .... Last bit of strength they raised their arms into the air pointing
NILE LYRICS - "At The Gate Of Sethu" (2012) album
The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At The Gate Of Sethu 7. ... Prevent my corpse from putrefying in the realm of the dead .... Bind their Arms behind their Backs
AGALLOCH LYRICS - "The Mantle" (2002) album
And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth", "The Hawthorne Passage"... ... You Were But A Ghost In My Arms 7. The Hawthorne ... In search of God, in spite of man
SUICIDAL ANGELS LYRICS - "Bloodbath" (2012) album
... God 5. Morbid Intention To Kill 6. Summoning Of The Dead ... To arm my hand and kill at once. Lead you to your grave .... Your god is dead. Living condemned
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "The House of Atreus Act-2" (2000) album
Into the Mighty Arms of Death Into the Darkness we fall [ORESTES:] Cold the Blood of an Angel, cold the Blood of the Sky Everything is Fated, the Gods to me  ...
The call to arms to hammer at the gates. To blow them ... Overlord your master not your god. The enemy coast ... With the blood of the dead. But I'm still alive pray ...
THE ACACIA STRAIN LYRICS - "Death Is The Only Mortal" (2012 ...
THE ACACIA STRAIN lyrics - "Death Is The Only Mortal" (2012) album, including "House Of Abandon", "The Chambered Nautilus", "Time And Death And God"... ... The day you find comfort in the arms of another could be the day that you die.
Behind The Mask Of God 5. Carnival Of ... In my dreams, I dream of the living dead ... Up in arms we prepare for the final conflict, prepare for the coming storm
NOCTURNAL RITES LYRICS - "Shadowland" (2002) album
The demon becomes a God A child, two-faced ... In the eyes of the dead, at the edge of the night. In an oath of ... They call for arms and we'll stand our ground
SVARTSYN LYRICS - "Black Testament" (2013) album
And the subconsciousness awakens. In the arms of the old dragon. Dark gods, evil gods in the dark ... The wrath of dead gods. Slowly devouring man from within
KOTIPELTO LYRICS - "Waiting For The Dawn" (2002) album
... The Dawn" (2002) album, including "Book Of The Dead", "Secret Name", "The Movement Of The Nile"... ... Praying for the god to defeat all evil and bring back
THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD lyrics - "Skepsis" (2010) album, ... There is no longer death, nor life. .... Clenched in the arms of the god of dreams
And I wish God would send me a word send me something I'm afraid to lose. Lying in the heat of ... And I just wanna sleep tonight again in your arms ... Let them go, let them go, let them go do their dances of the dead (let 'em go right ahead)
Lyrics to "Lady Of Death" song by I THE MIGHTY: She was screaming at the sky with her arms outstretched, head high and no fear of God in her eyes. I...
XERATH LYRICS - "II" (2011) album
... "II" (2011) album, including "Reform Part III", "The Glorious Death", "Numbered Among The Dead". ... God Of The Frontlines ... Figureheads always call for arms
Lyrics to "Parade Of The Dead" song by HILLTOP HOODS: Quarter to ... My neighbour waving from his yard with half an arm, ... A city on fire not a city of god,
BROKEN FLESH LYRICS - "Broken Flesh" (2015) album
Cries Of The Dead 7. ... in this dawn of betrayal. all hail the King who walks with me in death. who speaks peace into my ear as the blade enters my ... Abba God, why have you abandoned me? .... Built by my hands from the arms of adultery.
Lyrics to "Dead Man's Arms" song by BISHOP BRIGGS: Falling on the deafest ears But I know you hear my tears Crying to the blindest eyes But I know you...
BROKEN FLESH LYRICS - "Warbound" (2013) album
something made by your own hands, In all realms your god betrays you, it is ... I must escape this pain, Dead in my sin, Dead in my sin, I now stand before my God to ... covered in the reaching arms of lives lost in black wooded masses of hate,
SODOM LYRICS - "In War And Pieces" (2010) album
God Bless You 9. The Art Of Killing ... Dark alleys of the death seamed with corpses. Gore rotten beds of .... Into the glory arms of despiteful death. Removal of the ...
WITCHTRAP LYRICS - "Nightmares Of The Dead" (2007) EP
WITCHTRAP lyrics - "Nightmares Of The Dead" (2007) EP, including "Metal Mania", "Dirty Bitch", "Nightmares Of The ... The dogs of hell run behind you, you' re pent up in arms of Satan ... Pray to all metal gods and feel the whip of our metal law
VADER LYRICS - "Tibi Et Igni" (2014) album
Like a barrage dividing the Living from the Dead Powerful ... Now sleep well in my arms. Cold kiss of ... All together praying for the fire-God's arrive. Running ...
Lyrics to "Rap God" song by EMINEM: Look, I was gonna go easy on you not to hurt your feelings But I'm only going to get this one chance... ... Now who thinks their arms are long enough to slap box, slap box? ... I'm the walking dead. But I'm  ...
ZAO LYRICS - "The Funeral Of God" (2004) album
ZAO lyrics - "The Funeral Of God" (2004) album, including "Romance Of The Southern Spirit", "Psalm Of The City Of The Dead", "I Lay Sleepless In My Grave".. . ... eons, decades of liars, drunk with power atop a mountain of corpses, their arms
WORLD UNDER BLOOD LYRICS - "Tactical" (2011) album
1. A God Among The Waste 2. Into The Arms Of Cruelty 3. Pyro-Compulsive 4. Dead And Still In Pain 5. Purgatory Dormitory 6. Under The Autumn Low 7. I Can't  ...
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation ...
You'll remember your God's true name. Lucifer's Hammer ... When the QUEEN OF THE DEAD walks by... No sound ..... To lie… here in my arms… Hymns to ...
HOZIER LYRICS - Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene
Lyrics to "Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene" song by HOZIER: I watch the work of my kin bold ... With her straw-blonde hair, her arms hard and lean
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "A Matter Of Life And Death" (2006) album
IRON MAIDEN lyrics - "A Matter Of Life And Death" (2006) album, including "The Legacy", "Lord Of Light", "For The Greater Good Of God"... ... The call to arms to hammer at the gates. To blow them wide throw evil to its fate. All summers long ...
CARNIFEX LYRICS - "Die Without Hope" (2014) album
This is when you pray, but your god's not listening. One last thought ... Salvation is dead, I wrote my own fucking ending. .... Written alone in the arms of the dead
Newsboys - In The Hands Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Hands Of God' by Newsboys. We have raised ... The fearsome power of death. Only One ... Newsboys - God's Not Dead Music Video. God's Not  ...

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