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Celine Dion Lyrics - Your Light
In the darkness of the night I will be your light I'll give you something to hold on to When you can't find your way Like a fire burning bright I will be your light
Celine Dion - Your Light Lyrics
Whenever your hope is gone I'll give you strength to carry on In the darkness of the night I will be your light I'll give you something to hold on to
Kristine W. - I'll Be Your Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'll Be Your Light' by Kristine W.. ... And I'll be your light I'm shining in the darkest night I'll take you to a higher place burnin' so bright
Groove Coverage Lyrics - Darkness
I will be your darkness and I'll be your light I wanna make it through your night ... I will be your darkness and I'll be your light I'll be the best time of your life
Margaret Becker - Light In The Darkness lyrics ...
Light In The Darkness lyrics by Margaret Becker: Once upon a moonless night / I dreamed my world was one small room / A thousand books of
Mumford & Sons Lyrics - Lover Of The Light
Lyrics to "Lover Of The Light" song by Mumford & Sons: And in the middle of the night I may watch you go There'll be no value in ... Whispers In The Dark I Will Wait
Nightcore Lyrics - Angel Of Darkness
Beauty and light Have vanished from ... Deep in the night Time to pray Down on your knees ... Angel of darkness Don’t follow your command
Sirenia Lyrics - This Darkness
In my darkest dreams, I follow you into the night In my darkest dreams, I walk with you beyond the light [Chorus:] This darkness on my mind Always tries to bring me ...
Soundtrack Artists - In The Dark Of The Night Lyrics ...
In the dark of the night... In the dark of the night... In the dark of the night... [RASPUTIN] Come my minions, Rise for your master, Let your evil shine! Find her now,
Kem Lyrics - Set You Free
Through the rays of the sun (come on babe) through the darkness of night. Let it set you free. I'll remember what you say; all your memories will be mine.
Jessie Ware Lyrics - Night Light
Lyrics to "Night Light" song by Jessie Ware: Here in the dark, it's funny how I never feel alone Do you... Here in the shadows, away from the lig...
Robert Plant Lyrics - Darkness, Darkness
Lyrics to "Darkness, Darkness" song by Robert Plant: Darkness, Darkness, be my pillow, Take my head and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow, In t...
Night In Gales - Into The Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into the Light' by Night In Gales. The dawn replace the night / It brings me shelter from the darkness / And let me live another day. / I hear the
Matisyahu - I Will Be Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Will Be Light' by Matisyahu: Time will continue without you So in the end It's not about you But what did you do? Who do you love besides you?
Basshunter Lyrics - Angel In The Night
Lyrics to "Angel In The Night" song by Basshunter: You are my light in the dark You are the beating in my heart But that is not enough Will I ever be b...
WITHIN TEMPTATION LYRICS - "The Unforgiving" (2011) album
WITHIN TEMPTATION lyrics - "The Unforgiving" ... In the light of day On the wings of darkness he'll retaliate ... She sang for you last night, ...
Hillsong - Brighter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brighter' by Hillsong. You shine brighter / Than any star in the sky / Your light shining / Through the dark of the night / Jesus forever / I find
Famous Last Words Lyrics - The Dark You Fear In The Night
To reignite the hope and light The dark you fear in the night Every night I lie alone in our bed While you play in our shed With your hobbies, you're happy!
Natalie Grant Lyrics - Burn Bright
Child of everlasting light Made to blaze away the night So baby burn bright ... There will always be somebody in the dark ready to rain down on your last spark
Meat Loaf Lyrics - Seize The Night
Come with me and bless the night Let the darkness be your salvation Curse the day - escape the light Break the chain of imagination Come with me and seize the night
Sugarland Lyrics - Shine The Light
When you walk into the edge of those dark and lonely woods ... When you're staring down your demons waiting in your darkest night I will shine the light
Mumford & Sons - Lover Of The Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lover Of The Light' by Mumford & Sons: So love the one you hold And I'll be your gold To have and to hold A lover of the light / Eyes out never again
Bill Gaither - Daystar lyrics
Daystar lyrics by Bill Gaither: ... Make me a reflection of Your light. ... Let Your love shine through me in the night. Lead me, Lord, I'll follow
Temples Lyrics - Keep In The Dark
Turn off your light, let's step into the dark Sleep away like shining into her ... Dream on and sleep won't save you from the night Drink up darling dressed in white
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "Live On The Edge of Forever" (2001) album
SYMPHONY X lyrics - "Live On The Edge of Forever" (2001) album, ... Tonight Darkness will shadow the Light - Symmetry divine, ...
Sundara Karma Lyrics - The Night
Honey I'm staying in the night I can see your darkness in the light Honey I'm staying in the night, in the night Flesh is flesh, and blood is love
Chris De Burgh Lyrics - Heart Of Darkness
Lyrics to "Heart Of Darkness" song by Chris De Burgh: Last night I saw it there, shining in the dark again, The light that all men seem to fear, They say...
METAL CHURCH LYRICS - "A Light In The Dark" (2006) album
METAL CHURCH lyrics - "A Light In The Dark" ... Black night step into madness lose sight against your will Last night begging forgiveness for that one time thrill
Mr. Mister Lyrics - Kyrie
Through the darkness of the night Kýrie, eléison ... On a highway in the light When I was young, I thought of growing old Of what my life would mean to me
UNEARTH LYRICS - "Darkness In The Light" (2011) album
UNEARTH lyrics - "Darkness In The Light" (2011) album, ... No longer on your side, No longer within your prison No longer here to speak with a positive spin on society
ANSOTICCA LYRICS - "Rise" (2010) album
ANSOTICCA lyrics - "Rise" (2010) album, ... Gets me safer through the night Let me listen to your words ... Will you light the darkness
Darkness - In My Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In My Dreams' by Darkness: In my dreams In my fantasy I can see All the things that will be Rescue me From my fantasy In my dreams, in my dreams, in
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE LYRICS - "Disarm The Descent" (2013) album
album: "Disarm The Descent" (2013) 1. ... Bring light into the darkness. ... From the darkness of night until the morning
Reed Deming Lyrics - Battle Cry
Hear the cries in the night People praying for the light ... Win the fight so In the darkness of the night Battle cry, ... I'll be by your side Battle cry, battle cry
MØ Lyrics - Dark Night
"Dark Night" I I I I'm burning up Why did you leave me waiting I I I I'm burning up Why did you leave me waiting Out of the fire Do your best Soon there will be no ...
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