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Veni Domine - In The Day Of The Sentinel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Day Of The Sentinel' by Veni Domine. He Came As A Child, Into A Tired World / After All The Years Of Despair / Just A Child, But There Was.
Lyrics to "Sentinel" song by VNV NATION: Can we say that we are free? Our hands are bound and ... Celebrate the day a better world was won? On the day
VENI DOMINE LYRICS - "Fall Babylon Fall" (1992) album
Face Of The Prosecutor 2. King Of The Jews 3. In The Day Of The Sentinel 4. Wisdom Calls 5. Armageddon 6. O Great City 7. The Chronicle Of The Seven Seals ...
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Defenders Of The Faith" (1984) album
The Sentinel 5. Love Bites 6. Eat Me ... Rock Hard Ride Free all day, all night. Rock Hard Ride Free ... Tempt not the blade all fear the Sentinel Dogs whine in the ...
... Hunt For Nocturnal Grace", "The Darkblue Seajourneys Of The Sentinel"... ... Under The Banner Of The Sentinel 6. ... They Starved since the Day of the Riddle
At The Throne Of Judgement - Sentinel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sentinel' by At the Throne of Judgement. As stories may be ... Time may pass until that day, but hark the signs that they forbear". The Bearer of Dawn ...
VNV Nation - Sentinel (Moderato Sostenuto) lyrics
Sep 24, 2015 Lyrics for Sentinel (Moderato Sostenuto) by VNV Nation. ... When will the banners and the victory parades celebrate the day a better world was ...
Sentinel. As stories may be told, this dawning in a time of the old, "Once upon a ... Time may pass until that day, but hark the signs that they forbear". The Bearer ...
TRIOSPHERE LYRICS - "The Heart Of The Matter" (2014) album
The Sentinel 4. Breathless 5. Departure 6. ... Let night swallow the day. And so I - I will try to steal away the light ... The Sentinel. Darkness came in persuasive ...
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Priest ... Live!" (1987) album
The Sentinel 8. Private Property 9. Rock You All .... One last day burning hell fire. You're blown away... If the man ... All fear the Sentinel Dogs whine in the alleys
WITHIN THE RUINS LYRICS - "Phenomena" (2014) album
WITHIN THE RUINS lyrics - "Phenomena" (2014) album, including "Sentinel", ... All it takes is one bad day / To deliver a man of lunacy / And today is that day / I ...
WOLF LYRICS - "Wolf" (2000) album
WOLF lyrics - "Wolf" (2000) album, including "In The Eyes Of The Sun", "The Sentinel", "Desert Caravan"... ... Enter the night as the day fades away. Feel it's dark ...
BLITZKRIEG LYRICS - "Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg" (1991) EP
The Sentinel 5. Nocturnal Vision ... The day is coming, Armageddon's near, Inferno's coming, can we ... The day is dawning, the time is near, Aliens calling, can ...
STAINLESS STEEL LYRICS - "Wigant" (2000) album
The Sentinel (Hagen's Song) 9. Couriers 10. Scourge Of God 11. Longing To Fly ... One day it will show your destiny. Let me tell about heroes of an ancient time
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Live In London" (2003) album
6. Victim Of Changes 7. The Sentinel ... Day of independence. Stamped us like a .... Now when the day goes to sleep and the full moon looks. And the night is so ...
VNV Nation - Sentinel Lyrics. Can we say that we are free ... Celebrate the day a better world was won. On the day, the storm has just begun. I will still hope there  ...
HEAVEN'S GATE LYRICS - "Planet E" (1996) album
HEAVEN'S GATE lyrics - "Planet E" (1996) album, including "The Sentinel", "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of ... Every day I watch the news, they say the
VNV Nation - Sentinel lyrics
Jul 6, 2010 Lyrics for Sentinel by VNV Nation. ... banners and the victory parades Celebrate the day a better world was won On the day This storm has just ...
STEELWING LYRICS - "Lord Of The Wasteland" (2010) album
Sentinel Hill 5. The Illusion 6. ... Oh, God knows you shouldn't go to Sentinel Hill [ Lead: Vega ] ... As night awakens and the day is put to sleep. By dancing ...
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Live Meltdown" (1998) album
The Sentinel 8. Touch Of Evil 9. Burn In ... Day of independence. Stamped us like a brand .... Waiting for the day when they strap us in. And when they pull the ...
Therefore Shall I Smile When Your Day Has Come And Despise You When Things That ... 3, In The Day Of The Sentinel. 4, King Of The Jews. 5, O Great City.
The Sentinel 2. Auto-Named 3. Finish It 4. Lower The ... The Sentinel. What the fuck is this bullshit for? ... One day you will see. Why? I will show you how its done
The Day Has Come For The Dragon To Return He Must Fight The ... They Will Be Tormented Day And Night Forever And Ever ... 3, In The Day Of The Sentinel.
Averse Sefira - Sentinel`s Plight Lyrics. Here on guard at ... Spear in hand I am left with my thoughts anticipation of the new day brings no relief. Lyrics powered ...
vnv nation - sentinel (younger gods remix by jade puget of afi)
VNV Nation - Sentinel (Younger Gods remix by Jade Puget of AFI) Lyrics. ... Celebrate the day a better world was won? ... On the day the storm has just begun
JOHN WEST LYRICS - "Earth Maker" (2002) album
Stand, Sentinel 5. Life 6. Warrior Spirit ... Oh stand, sentinel, stand. Now I have the mark .... All these lies... don't think I can last another day. So much a  ...
1, Armageddon. 2, Face Of The Prosecutor. 3, In The Day Of The Sentinel. 4, King Of The Jews. 5, O Great City. 6, The Chronicle Of The Seven Seals. 7, Wisdom ...
OGRE LYRICS - "Sanatas (Axe Of Contrition)" (1992) demo
The Sentinel 6. Cypthor's Awakening 7. Final Prayer 8. The Wrong-Doer ... 4. Hound Bastard The Almighty One. The day of dirt has arrived. The Pigs lay worship ...
Three Quarts Of Barley For A Day's Wages And Do Not ... For A Great Day Has Come And Who Can Stand?" (Part III) ... 3, In The Day Of The Sentinel. 4, King Of  ...
Beneath grey skies. Where the ravens croak and circle. Between the crooked swamp birches. Lies ancient burial ground. The sun never shines there. Every day ...
ALICE COOPER LYRICS - "Dragon Town" (2001) album
... Has A Name 10. I Just Wanna Be God 11. It's Much Too Late 12. Sentinel 13. Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me ... I wrote down a note. Complained for a day
Cloven Hoof - Starship Sentinel Lyrics. ... Hoof Lyrics · The Opening Ritual + The Gates Of Gehenna Album; Starship Sentinel Lyrics ... heed my word this day.
AVERSE SEFIRA LYRICS - "Homecoming's March" (1999) album
Sentinel's Plight ... The long day wanes hanging low the baleful eye of light ... spear in hand I am left with my thoughts anticipation of the new day brings no relief ...
THE STORM PICTURESQUE LYRICS - "Arrival" (2013) album
2. By Design 3. Observing Polarities 4. Sentinel 5. Ghost 6. Tracing Lines 7. Written In The Stars 8. Halflight 9. ... Present day. The Observer records his findings.
thousand needles in red - darkness meets the day lyrics
Thousand Needles In Red - Darkness Meets The Day Lyrics. i felt the cold in the morning as i saw you ... hold on til the darkness meets the day ... 1, The Sentinel.
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON LYRICS - "Cryptic Wintermoon" (1997) EP
My eyes are closed the day has gone by. The stars will rise on the blackend ... The End of day, the fading light. Falls on the sentinel of night. The guardian of her  ...
OM LYRICS - "Conferenco Of The Birds" (2006) album
Electron sea - now set free - takes into the sky above on sentinel stream. ... And lighten pon day - as scintillate rays - augurate arrival of a seraphic form.
Strangeways - The Sentinel Lyrics
Strangeways The Sentinel Lyrics. The Sentinel lyrics performed by Strangeways:
NIHTERNNES LYRICS - "The Dawning Of A New Era" (2007) album
The crystals of the new day are nought but concrete. The prayers once ... He exchanged his sentinel soul for a serpent sleeping in his heart. And so September ...
Battle Beast - Armageddon Clan Lyrics
Feb 1, 2012 Don't you know I'm not insane I have foreseen the Judgement Day ... have given the date Extermination has begun The Sentinel is on the run ...

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