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Wyre - Bless My Room Lyrics
Bless ma room when I wake up early in the morning. Say a prayer and I feel okay. Don't get ... Now that you got the Jah Jah protection. Release all your tension
Lyrics to "Sunny Day" song by JAH CURE: Sunny Days I Pray Jah Jah Leads The Way ... I Pray Jah Jah Leads The Way Cause Zion Await Now Im On A Journey ... Cause If More Than Words Can Say ... Selassie Sure To Cleanse Your Ways
UGK LYRICS - Living This Life
I give myself a - stretch up, a morning yawn and. See I'm a pawn ... Your prayers gon' get heard anyway. So some say Jah Jah, some say Allah Some say Jesus ...
BOB MARLEY LYRICS - Positive Vibration
You're saying prayers to the devils, I say. Wo-oh-ooh! Why not ... Say you just can' t live that negative way, If you know ... Jah love - Jah love (protect us); Jah love ...
PROTOJE LYRICS - Hail Ras Tafari
Lyrics to "Hail Ras Tafari" song by PROTOJE: Every morning I rise Peace to my mind when I hail Ras Tafari Knowing His eyes are on I Jah be my gui... ... Me say simplicity is what we use in these days. And Ras Tafari prophesied there would be ... To abide in Your presence is the only thing I pray for 'Cause it is beautiful to  ...
Say your prayers before you sleep. Little boy went down on his knees. And he said: "Oh Lord Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Culture - A Slice of Mt Zion Lyrics
Jul 4, 2014 A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is for I I pray to Jah honestly To p. ... is for I Cannot go to Zion with your force Have manners and enter in Jah ... me pray Let's kneel on our knees and clasp our hands And say: Father ... the morning time A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is for ...
Raging Fyah - Jah Glory Lyrics
And don't you worry, my people don't you ever forget Give Jah the glory with every single . ... some say Jesus Christ Mah people don't fuss, my people don't fight Genesis ... And every morning the sun still shine To my brother don't you be unkind ... away Oh Jah people, don't forget to pray And as you moving on through your ...
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Three Little Birds
... song by SEAN PAUL: Well easy don't worry all you life away You saying a lot of prayers to the devil I say, I say Jah li... ... Woke up this morning, smile with the rising sun (Yeah-Yeah!) ... Bless up don't stress up and no matter worry your brain
Macka B - Wake Up Call lyrics
Wake Up Call lyrics by Macka B: Welcome / This is your wake up call / Time to wake up your mind ... And every morning when you wake say your prayer to him
Bob Marley - Positive Vibration Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Positive Vibration' by Bob Marley: Say you just / If you get down and you quarrel everyday, You're saying prayers to the devils, I say.
Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling Lyrics ...
Everyday I get up and pray to Jah ... Some people say that bowling alleys got big lanes (got big lanes X 2) ... Had a dream I wanted to lick your knees
Lyrics to "All By Myself" song by JAH CURE: Everybody's got the answer Yet the question still remains, ... Gotta be true to what you do and keep your game up.
There's something that I want to say, But I feel I ... Your future will get clearer, ... Brings you closer to your dreams ... I bow my head and pray for you (pray for you)
Negative thinking, don't you waste your thoughts ... Bless your eyes and may your dreams come true. May you rise on the morning when Jah kingdom come
Jesse Jagz - Bed of Roses lyrics and translation
Aug 25, 2014 Early when She wake up/ Some say a prayer but Shawty gon' bake up/Daughter ... If you feeling this put your fist in the air, Jagz Nation coming through you ... morning me 'a hustle and me burn tyre/ And me only fear Jah and ...
I'm going to pack my lunch in the morning. And go to ... And when the morning light comes streaming in. I'll get up ... Say it again ... Say a prayer for the Pretender
Sizzla - Nah Apologize Lyrics
say fi apologize to batty-boy. ... Blaze up de fire,push up your hands dem ... Ah me say Holy Emanuel I, King Selassie I,Jah! ... unto his name,Most High Jah! Ras Tafari just throw forth his love and kindness in the morning and the faithfulness
LILLY WOOD & THE PRICK LYRICS - Prayer In C (Robin Schulz ...
Lyrics to "Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix)" song by LILLY WOOD & THE PRICK : Yah, you never said a word You didn't send me no letter Don't think I could ...
Protoje - Resist Not Evil lyrics and translation
Jan 4, 2015 So take away my coat and my cloak Jah have me riches so me never broke Lord I pray, please never let me lose my way In anything i do or say Keep Jah in My Heart, Father shall carry i cross ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Chronixx - Thanks and Praise Lyrics
Mar 25, 2015 Chronixx reminding you Askin you kindly to give jah thanks and praise i said in everything. ... end come my youth ya get ya pay still ah say you don't know tommorrow ... thru your vains in everything give jah the thanks and praise Jah Jah ... me what you see you woke up this morning it was not by chance jah ...
Why Wait? Lyrics - P.O.D.
Lift my head up this morning. Before i awake gotta give Jah Jah praises first thing. No other ... No matter where i go, no matter what they say. Jah Jah ... It's your boys comin' out of southtown, town and you ... I pray now, my little baby don't wait
Soundtrack - Three Little Birds - (with Sean Paul/Ziggy Marley) Lyrics
Yuh sayin a lot a prayers to the devil I say I say. Jah live, Jah ... Woke up this morning, smile with the rising sun (yeah yeah) ... Jah Jah keep givin so everyday wi haffi sing. Live up ... 23 One Hit Wonders You Still Can't Get Out Of Your Head.
Ziggy Marley - Kozmik Lyrics
I wake up in the morning and the sun I didn't see. But I feel the vibes, forces ... Christian read you bible, Muslim read your koran. Pray to Jah and no other man, yea whoe whoe yea. What I say can you, can you, can you feel it. Can you feel it,  ...
Hear the words of the Rastaman say: "Babylon, you ... And I hear the angel with the seven seals say: "Babylon ... Say one bright morning when my work is over,
I pray the lord my soul to take... Now I Lay ... They say what goes around gotta come around ... I pray everynight so I can sleep right cause in the daytime dawg
CASTING CROWNS LYRICS - Praise You In This Storm
Stepped in and saved the day. But once again, I say "Amen", and it's still raining. As the thunder rolls. I barely hear Your whisper through the rain "I'm with you"
PROTOJE LYRICS - This Is NOT A Marijuana Song
I'm saying Jah might bring the right strain. To my brain fi ... Reprisal fi the luu Jah it watered down, Naa Pardon none ... Open your eyes there is beauty to behold
And go walk fi di poor (Jah kno) The poor ... When yuh wake ina di morning. And cyaa ... And some a say a him. Unu betta pray to di kings of kings. Unu betta ...
Garnett Silk - With Your Mercy lyrics
With Your Mercy lyrics by Garnett Silk: Let Jah be Praised / While I pray for my blessings to rise (Woh-woh) / Listen / Dem belly full but.
Shatta Wale - Miss Ghana lyrics and translation
Oct 22, 2014 1 (Shatta Wale) imagine when you wake up in the morning and you hear about one ... Jah becu the situations and problems are too much for me oh Jah Jah, Jah i say free we out a ... dem we would a find some betther solution mi live ina mina and mi just a pray and mi ask ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Don Moen - He Never Sleeps lyrics
4 explanations, 5 meanings to He Never Sleeps lyrics by Don Moen: When you' ve prayed every prayer that you know how to pray. / Just.
I can see the weight there in your eyes. I can feel the thorn ... Maybe just so you could hear me say. The sun will ... There's an answer to your prayer. And I swear  ...
SALEM LYRICS - "Playing God And Other Short Stories" (2010) album
The dejected, the faltered, Say it's time to. Dance to the beat of ... Drums of the dead, the beat's in your head ... Born of prayers of a thousand dead souls. Chained ... Exodus Movement of Jah people ... A Morning's stride to the gallows tends to ...
Jah Jah love you little boys and girls whoa now. Things they ... People fight for your rights and liberty ... Go tell them say fi pray dem cyar tell me sorry ah ah oh
Lyrics to "Look On My Face" song by CHRIS MARTIN: Oohhhooo whoooo hoooooo O Mi deh yahh oooo Jah won't leave you for an inch Anything you want just ...
Shante - Praise the Lord Lyrics
Sep 11, 2015 halle halli When you wake up in the morning sun Give praise to God who keeps ... yes And I bless Jah cause He's standing by me Through all of the stress ... I pray Never let 'em slip or slide me, ride me Oluwa rise me let me take ... of them dey like to chante You say you worship a God, your eyes cannot see ...
TORY LANEZ - Bodmon Song lyrics
'Bout to hit your bitch with that see you in the mañana. Mi need a bad one by me ... Mi pray dem jah jah bless all di likkle yutes. A bodmon song. A bodmon song ...
Luciano - Sweep Over My Soul Lyrics
Jah Jah sweep over my soul Bingi vibes sweep over my soul Sweep over my soul Though the ... every morning I will sing Every evening I will lift my voice With my voice and praise higher higher ... my heart and pray And sing for Jah Jah all my days I say sweep over my soul ooh Sweep over ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
She said she need Jah love. She is a girlfriend, she live ... Bright like sunlight when me glimpse you dis morning. Come down to night, you ... But he's always working that's what she say. I had to tell her, go home and pray. She needs my love

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