Inna yuh belly weh me ah go sen it up lyrics

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Lyrics to "Romping Shop" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Ah di teacha And ah spice ... [ Kartel:] All wen a nite yuh pussy feel like sun hot; wen yuh come inna mi ramping shop ... Sen it up inna mi tribe ... Mi and him haffi go fight ... Til mi belly cramp up
Vybz Kartel - Champagne Bubble Lyrics
Mi nuh imagine yo sit down pon the kawasaki. Cock up yo batty, fi mi slap it up ... She ah bruk it, bruk it. Belly good a swell already. Mi a ... Come in a the shower make the two a we go bathe. Mi in ... And a push a energy weh flop the lucazade
And trouble start to rise up pan double pan me. Almighty Father. ... Neva mek me likkle daughta belly empty ... Caz yuh haffu love di cow fi love di calf ... Pray fi a son but Jah Jah sen me broughta. Soh now all a mi sad face tun inna laughta. Regardless of di situation weh mi inna ... Cya go mi yard without mi likkle girl dinna
MAVADO LYRICS - New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer
... Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer" song by MAVADO: New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer Grudge Me Fi So Mi ... Him Go Check Singer Blinger All Singer Blinger Hide Him ... Gun Rise Like Di Ifle Sen On Bwoy Deepa By ... Dead Wid Di S**K C **Ky Gal Weh Yu A Wife Up ... Inna Di School Bus Dem Seh Pu**Y Him A Bite Up
Lyrics to "Pussy Jaw" song by VYBZ KARTEL: If a di pussy jaw sen on nuh heng on Thou shall not si di batty & teck on Gal run di boy weh blow yo... ... Mi deh ya fi fuck it off nuh fi suck it off. Si buddy ya come ... A wet yuh up wid di Maggy From you ... Me go so oh no. Not even inna mi wildest fantasy ... Sweet To The Belly
Lyrics to "New Millennium" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Inna mi Karl Kani Wid a bottle of tall Canei Tough a lie? Spliff a light spliff, ... Crate of Guinness pile up inna di sky. Ooman a ... Marshall and Kartel a go create a storm. And when yuh see us in the club. Or see us on di ... No fi man weh inna di faeces ... Sweet To The Belly
Lyrics to "Badda Dan Dem" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Me nuh care where yuh bad from Or the ends where yuh trad from ... dis me outa east and meh buck yuh up ah boston ... Our gun go so pam pam ... when meh did ah run town with meh gun inna meh short jeans you there ah country ah plant green ... Sweet To The Belly
Now we know you know that you go low and you won't speak. Mi ask him why him ... Mi no Georgie Porgy no pudding no pie. If a mi fi ... Sen any which boy fi get destroy. Dis boy ... "Weh dem woulda want yuh do" strolling cheap. But money inna a bill fold whenever wi roll ... "More Up 2 Di Time" (2004) ... Sweet To The Belly
Black Rhino - Tell It To Dem Say lyrics
But mi guess dem not so tuff. When me rise up di calico. And squeeze it mek it buss. Mi never lef di askella. Step to me yuh get flush [Chorus: x2] Tell it to dem ...
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Temperature
Sean da Paul So me give it me give me give it all g... ... From you don't want no man wey can't turn you on gal make I see your hand them up on ya. ... A no lie weh we need set speed a fi test the mattress out. ... From me love how you fit inna you blouse and you fat inna you jeans and mi waan discover.
Vybz Kartel Lyrics
Bank Inna Mi Pocket · Vybz Kartel ... Gal A Weh Me Do You ... Go Fi Dem Anyweh ... Grab Up Yuh Crotches .... Something Ah Go Happen ... Sweet To The Belly
21, Nah Go Nuh Weh. 22, Work Out ... 28, You Want Me. 29, Sweet To The Belly ... 126, Jump Inna Di Benz ... 218, Sen On ... 341, Gal A Weh Mi Duh Yuh [feat. ..... More Up 2 Di Time Lyrics Vybz Kartel ..... Dis Ah Dancehall Lyrics Vybz Kartel ...

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