Is it woth the price i pay through in waves lyrics

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Was it all worth it. I'm wiser ... I'm wiser from the waves you made. Wiser It melts away the price I pay to taste your love. No more shame those embers they just burn to dust. Turning pages bruises fade and I made it through the deep. I earned  ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Across The Dark" (2009) album
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "Across The Dark" (2009) album, including "Into The Evernight", "The New Beginning", "Weighed Down With Sorrow"... ... Down With The Sun 3. Where The Last Wave Broke 4. .... Is this the price we must pay? Redemption ...
PAIN LYRICS - "Dancing With The Dead" (2005) album
PAIN lyrics - "Dancing With The Dead" (2005) album, including "Trapped", "The Third Wave", "Stay Away"... ... The Third Wave 13. ... Don't care if that's the price I have to pay .... A journey through the space, colours, planets everywhere
HAKEN LYRICS - "Aquarius" (2010) album
is thicker than the blood that's flowing through my veins. Streams of life ... like a tidal wave trapped in my shell. It suddenly hits me, ... Is it worth the price we paid?
Another day without you with me. Is like a blade that cuts right through me. But I can wait ... I guess that's just the price I gotta pay. But when I come back home to  ...
SLASH LYRICS - Nothing To Say
... To Say" song by SLASH: We seem so lost and jaded Well what a price to pay Fear can be overstated And you seem infatuated wi... ... Voices with nothing to say ... We try and compensate through our troubled faith that should keep us safe
EYE OF ODIN LYRICS - "Winterborn" (2010) album
And so we crossed the wave-road ... And wade through the blood of many! ... And my tongue rings with the tang of blood .... The price I had paid for my life.
Attalus - Coming Clean lyrics
Jun 19, 2015 these waves are waking me. new life is breaking through. here in the ... the pain is worth the price that i pay. coming clean – i'm bleeding but i'm ...
You toyin' with it like Happy Meal 3 dots, you ... We was still a secret, couldn't come in through the front. Girl I had your ... You knew me when the kid had waves
QUEENSRYCHE LYRICS - "Live Evolution" (2001) album
You say it's over now, what's done, what's through? You can't ... but when the morning comes remember I'll be with you. We'll walk ... And now I've paid that price ten-fold over ..... I'm always hearing voices like electric shock waves in disguise.
That shoebox shit, over with. She put it on ... Lookin at my Rollie, 'bout thirty grand what that cost. Smoke like .... I'm the shit nowadays, so they wave (wave) No whips ... These exclusive 7s', pay four hundered for the Jordans (Jordans) No, you ...
But after it's over you wish you could disown it. And as you ... With his suitcase in one hand, your little girl's hand in the other. You hear him ... Such a price to pay. Was it really worth it? And you ... The tears in her eyes as she waves goodbye
ARMOR OF GOD LYRICS - "Dark Face Of Greed" (2015) album
Stay firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. With the breastplate ... The sea waves beating down the shore. It's just another ... Bread of life flow through my veins. Put the drumbeat .... what it's worth it. The price is paid for you to live
SWASHBUCKLE LYRICS - "Crime Always Pays…" (2010) album
Your power of ale is destined to fail with no chance to prevail. So cower in ... The pirates three will ruin your life then run you through. So you .... Thrashing and slashing as waves keep on crashing. This is ... Time again, we have paid the price
Ride the wave like the world is a beach. Learn more I ... I've been through some pitfalls that knocked me down. Made it through close calls and lost some ground. It's a hell of a price I pay ... Hard work ain't easy but easy usually ain't worth it
PNEUMA LYRICS - "Anomaly" (2010) album
Crazed Apocalyptic Wave 3. ... Dethroned. Fighting your way through the mazes of torment. Knowing ... So you trym to negotiate a truce with yourr equals. Destined to ... Paving the way for thos that must pay. Paving the ... Betrayal has no price
You'll never grow. So run in place as the world turns over ... This is the price you pay. So pay up. And it's never enough. And you'll never see. It's not in you ... Don't let them kill the world with the threat of a shallow grave. Turn this world ... Scream at the top of my lungs and wave guns at the wrong people. All you plastic ...
Salmonella moving chicken got my chick paid. Poison that ... Thumbing through the law books (And he know the law?) ... Affection ain't cheap, coming with cost
ICE NINE KILLS LYRICS - "Safe Is Just A Shadow" (2010) album
Acceptance In The Waves 7. ... and was it worth what i paid for ... I choose to jump though the shoreline is miles away ... And it's the price I was willing to pay
STORIES LYRICS - "The Youth To Become" (2015) album
STORIES lyrics - "The Youth To Become" (2015) album, including "Waves Of Me", "Under Haze", "Zuko"... ... And I'm asking questions about what I'm worth. How to forget what I've ... My visions heading straight through this tunnel again. And I can .... Down here we pay for it. But I'll give it ... Oh our connection comes at a price
ELEGY LYRICS - "State Of Mind" (1997) album
The day the war was over, so the story goes / you could hear the churchbells ring hear the laughter / but with hope and glory, lingers memories / in the dark a girl ...
EDGUY LYRICS - "Rocket Ride" (2006) album
EDGUY lyrics - "Rocket Ride" (2006) album, including "Fucking With Fire ( Hairforce One)", "Trinidad", "Superheroes"... ... What a price to pay, living sacrifice ... The dream is over, no one's to take the blame .... My what a heat wave in Trinidad
I Didn't Mean To Lyrics - Heather Headley
All the thoughts running through your mind all that you could find. ,I didn't mean ... With his suitcase in one hand your little girls hand in the other. You hear him ... Such a price to pay. Was it really ... The tears in her eyes as she waves good-bye
SUGA FREE LYRICS - Why U Bullshittin'?
'Fore she could realise I'm tryin' to get rich with Quik Why you bullshittin'? Suga Free is lovely and pretty as I can be. Perms simpler than Charlotte Spred, waves  ...
SABATON LYRICS - "Coat Of Arms" (2010) album
Send them over the waves. Our sentinels. They report ... in accordance with the old traditions 1944 still the allies turn ... Who was to be blamed and pay the price!
RAHOWA LYRICS - "Cult Of The Holy War" (1995) album
And for every white man in touch with your dream; ... And demand we pay the price; Will our 'twained ... Echoing through gracious waves, the cosmic cry of pain ,
ANTICHRISIS LYRICS - "Not Fade Away" (2012) album
Desolation is the price they'll pay. Now that we're on .... Like the waves rolling in on the shore from days of .... You look through them with your all-detecting eyes
Hairspray - I Know Where I've Been Lyrics
Though the night is black as my skin. There's a light ... Worth the price we had to pay. There's a ... Worth the risk (worth the risk) and chances we take. There's a ...
DETHLEHEM LYRICS - "Destroyers Of The Realm" (2015) album
A blazing sword through the infinite black. Lost in the fray ... This will all be over soon. I'm dreaming ... To the Order went the youngest determined to prove his worth ... Off the edge of the bow where great waves crash ... Galactic price is paid
THIS IS HELL LYRICS - "Mistfortune" (2008) album
With failure at our side and disappointment in our looks. The coffin ... We only add to the price we pay. We only ... And when its through theres nothing but the memory of what this. Used to ... But your presence only brings waves of depression
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" (2011 ...
Riding out the wave. Content to feed ... The price I pay. To live this ... Where the streets are paved with gold ... Until I pass through the darkest caverns of my heart
REVEREND LYRICS - "Play God" (1991) album
Grown up now still play with toys. Arm your ... The price you pay for Heaven on Earth ... Some folks are born made to wave the flag .... Numb through my veins,
METALLICA LYRICS - "...And Justice For All" (1988) album
I can't believe the price you pay. Nothing can save you ... Now that the war is through with me. I'm waking up, ... Waves of fear they pull me under. Old habits ...
You know the ones way out your price range. Got on the record and ... Got a wave and just counting down on my lift off. Riding through Atlanta with Chubby Chub and the 6 God Funny, never ... No less than paid, be very afraid. For your sake, I ...
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Age Of Consent" (1988) album
I'll meet you again through the eyes of our son. Remember to tell him the price we had to pay. And cry for ... Cry out, life's a struggle but it's worth the price. With fists of fire ... We rise above the world and we soar above the waves. With the last ...
EXISTENCE LYRICS - "Misanthropy" (2011) EP
I know you're broken, but some things aren't worth being fixed. I've seen it so many ... It seems as though every person in this world just lets me down. .... The waves swallow you whole. You will be forgotten. This is only the beginning. I warned you, I told you to start running but you didn't listen so now you will pay the price.
Lyrics to "America" song by MAC MILLER: In a room filled with holographic ... Nothing that you got except the bullet gettin' through my chest ... I can trigger the wave in my sleep. Name paved, I feel like I am engraved on the beat. Wake up shower, get paid and repeat ... Exchange that watch the price of the life on the block
AMORAL LYRICS - "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" (2014) album
... "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" (2014) album, including "On The Other Side Pt. II", "See This Through", "If Not Here, Where? ... Like a flood all returning, most with a smile ... Waves drawing blueprints in the sand ... Taking in the price I paid
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Falling Into Infinity" (1997) album
Through Keep your head up. But faith don't pay the rent that's overdue ... I'm taking all of this time with me when I go .... I noticed my reflection in the waves
WINTER'S BANE LYRICS - "Heart Of A Killer" (1993) album
in his throath - down his arm - through his chest. He wanted to be a judge (Not .... Is dying worth what I paid - In the haunted house. It's only a small price to pay for my fetish. A hellish scare ... Tidal waves crash - killing as much floodind the land  ...

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