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RuPaul - I'm That Bitch (Season 12 Remix) Lyrics ...
You could be that rich But you ain't that bitch It's unanimous I-I-I'm that bitch I-I'm that bitch I-I-I'm that bitch That's the way it is Don't-don't-don't you wish ... The baddest bitch alive, ain't no surprise Girls get mad when they look at these thighs As they rub together like they harmonize And I'm still servin' looks when I'm eatin ...
Saweetie - Pissed Lyrics
While you gettin' dick in the face Yeah, I was making money You was taking a break Now, now you wonder why I'm the bitch that you ain't Oh, you pissed pissed? 'Cause I'm rich, bitch Is you mad, 'cause I'm on your nigga's wishlist? Tell him "Merry Christmas" Have the pussy gifted He can't wait to kiss it Oh, that boy addicted What you mean ...
2 Chainz - Watch Out Lyrics
You getting mad Bitch, I'm getting rich Watch out lil ho My partners still smoke on parole They say that I'm crazy I used to talk to a stove I tell it to lock, shit I tell it a lot Go to the dealership, fishtail off the lot You know I'm coming straight up the block
Lil Scrappy - Money In The Bank (Remix) Lyrics
[Cash Register Ringing Up A Sale,Im Rich Bitch!] [Ontro: Lil' Scrappy & 50 Cent] ... Cause This Sonic Can Feel Like A Fork When Inside You You Mad, Cause Ya Bitch Like Us And All Of My Records Get Thumbs Up, Like I'm Ridin' By Hitchikers ... Shawty What You Drank [Verse 5: David Banner] Im Ridin On 22's Youze A Rewinder Motherfuckers Suck Me
Megan Thee Stallion - Girls In The Hood Lyrics
Knowin' nothin' in life, but I gotta get rich You could check the throwback pics, I been that bitch (Ah) I'm a hot girl, I do hot shit (I do hot shit) Spend his income on my outfit (On my outfit) I don't text quick 'cause I ain't thirsty (I ain't thirsty) These bitches mad, mad, they wanna hurt me (Ah, ah) I'm a hot girl, I do hot shit (I do ...
Rich The Kid, Famous Dex & Jay Critch - You Flexin Lyrics ...
Play a bitch just like a game Must be geeking off the cocaine Think we do it for the fame [Famous Dex:] You ain't in that Maybach, boy you flexin' I'm Rich Forever, man that is a blessing [Rich The Kid:] My bitch on bad behavior We got more bread than a baker Bitch I'm a ball player We got the long paper You ain't in that Maybach, boy you flexing
Famous Dex - So Mad Lyrics
[Rich The Kid:] Why you mad? Bad bitch, fuck and bought her a bag Young nigga had to get to the cash Rich Forever, put that shit on the dash I fucked that bitch in a new coupe I might just make her my new boo Wrestle her, flex her I put that ho in a stretcher
Lil Baby - Cash Lyrics
You know the rest, I made a split, turned to a brick We in this bitch, we got it lit We got them sticks Is you mad? 'Cause I'm getting cash And in my place Bought a new Wraith She in my face I want her head I want her legs I want a redhead I want her head I want her neck I want her legs Don't even beg We can fuck on the floor We can fuck in the ...
Nicki Minaj - Big Daddy Lyrics
You hear that right there? That sound like, but that 300 thousand I'm triple OG in my hood These hoes call me big daddy [Hook - Meek Mill:] Your bitch call me big daddy Tell that bitch that I'm big daddy When I hit the lot I don't get the little bitch Nigga I go and get the big daddy Pick a bitch up in the big daddy Big face Rollie that's a big ...
Nicki Minaj - Rich Sex Lyrics
(Real rich nigga sex) [Nicki Minaj:] If you know your pussy worth a Benz truck (Rich sex) Don't let homie fuck unless his bands up (Rich sex) Go to DR, get that fat transfer (Rich sex) It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome (Rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tell it (Rich sex) If you let that broke nigga fuck, we tell it (Rich ...
Lil B - Cant Fuck My Bitch Lyrics
You know my bitches said? Lil B... You're great Somebody told me about the bitches Somebody told me about the Basedgod! Fuck it! I get the pussy [x4] I get the bitches [x4] You can't fuck my bitch No way, no man 56 bitches I'm a tell you who the fucking man It gets very tedious My main bitch is greedy She wants to fuck me, Bitch you can't handle me
Futuristic - Watch Out (Remix) Lyrics
Watch out lil' bitch I'm a give you some instructions ok? Hmm [Verse 1 - Futuristic:] Watch out lil' bitch Please don't get world starred Niggas mad because I'm getting rich And you're still driving your girl's car Wait, don't you have goals my nigga? That chain ain't gold my nigga Don't you wanna be a rapper when you grow up?
Lil Boosie - I'm Mad Lyrics
get rich or die trying. but if it's a law then Arnold Swartzinager and killed all the time. but he black so ... I'm mad, bitch you done made me mad... nigga! Submit Corrections. Thanks to Erika for adding these lyrics. Thanks to delvon roberson for correcting these lyrics.
Key Glock - I'm Just Sayin Lyrics
Bitch, I'm mad rich, yeah (Bitch) I got mad sticks, uh, yeah (Bah-bah) I was in the street before this rap shit, huh, yeah All these industry rappers be on cap shit, uh, but (Rap cap) Glock a different breed, they don't bleed how I bleed, yeah Ice up in my veins, diamonds all up on my sleeve, yeah Baguettes in my teeth, you ain't seen no shit ...
Famous Dex & Rich The Kid - Rich Shit Lyrics
On my rich shit (Rich), got a rich bitch And my wrist sick, we the wave, bitch (We the wave, bitch), ooh Too many racks, need a new vault (New vault) Can't get a bag, now she pissed off (She mad) I'm the biggest boss since Rick Ross (Rick Ross) New ice, freeze my wrist off (Ice) Got a rich bitch (Rich), on my rich shit (Huh?)
Migos - Trippin Lyrics
Im a let her drive the Bentley Fuck it might buy her a Jag Most of you niggas be trippin' All of you niggas be trippin' My nigga what is you sippin' That shit gon fuck up your kidneys Pop a pint and I come to my senses Rich trappers trap in the trenches My hoe she actin' like catalina So I send that bitch on a mission [Verse 2: Quavo] Hol' up ...
Jay Critch & Rich The Kid - Did It Again Lyrics
[Rich The Kid:] Bitch I be ballin' like Mike and them Way too much Act, get a Sprite for him Fuck her one time, bought the ho a Benz I'm breaking her off, tell her bring her friends Fuck up a check, I got plenty You mad cause your pockets is empty Brooklyn, pull up in a Bentley She suckin' me up and I bust on her titty The roof went missing again
Dreezy - Bad Bitch Lyrics
If I got paid to piss you bitches off I'd be mad rich Flexing on the gram but broke in person, that's a catfish Got her own and a crib, now that's a bad bitch I'mma let you niggas run with the hype Your favorite bitch on Instagram don't look like that in real life Your favorite nigga in my DM's but ain't even my type
Rich Gang - I Know It Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Rich Homie Quan:] Walked in with a new bitch Tell me got a nigga mad but I know it Fucked a baby mama on the first time know it Got mad, I could see it in his eyes, I know it Fucked his baby mama on the floor He lucky I even used a condom Wait, I even hit her in front of your children Stupid nigga! I'm lying Bitch got mad cause I ...
Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves Lyrics
Then you gotta go and tell your girl and report that Main reason 'cause your pastor said you can't abort that Now your driver say that new Benz, you can't afford that All that cocaine on the table, you can't snort that That go into that, all that money that the court got All in on that alimony, uh Yeah-yeah, she got you, homie, yeah
Rico Nasty - Mad Rich Lyrics
Hop up out the car looking mad rich Walking with a limp, gas in the hand Pull up to the club, with the windows tint Hop up out the car, looking mad rich Looking mad rich, looking mad rich Hop up out the car, looking mad rich Looking mad rich, looking mad rich Make ten bands, twenty Watch this magic trick Scope on the rifle so I don't miss
Migos - Trap Lyrics
My ice from the glacier, I'm sipping the Lakers, I'm rich like the mayor Pull a nigga fans, bitch I'm rich, I don't give a damn I just fucked a nigga baby momma off of Instagram Trapping and trapping it turned into rapping I don't even know how it happened The money is coming, not only I'm flexin' Young nigga I'm capping and trapping
Omeretta the Great - Mad Lyrics
They mad that ion get money Mad and I'm piped up Talkin' 'bout fightin' and what you gon' do to the kid That shit get me hyped up It used to be but no love for ya on this side You a odd bitch Speakin' 'bout killin' and sendin' some threats That there'll get ya popped quick They mad that ion get money Mad and I'm piped up Talkin' 'bout fightin' and what you gon' do to the kid That shit get me ...
Danny Gonzalez - My Dad Is Rich Lyrics
I keep that motherfuckin' thing on me and by thing I mean dad Trust, you don't wanna make me mad 'cause I got him on speed dial And he's rich as all heck And he's strong, he'll be comin' for your neck Yeah, my dad is straight evil, he's a mafia boss And he's cutting me checks, now I'm lost in the sauce Give me an arbitrary job cause I have no skills Nepotism got me making them bills First ...
Iggy Azalea - New Bitch Lyrics
Oh you mad? That I'm his new bitch Yeah, I'm his new bitch. Tell your friends to tell their friends too He got a new chick but it ain't you I'm just saying, you know it's true Cry a river and swim on through I know you hoping we won't make it Clyde and Bonnie, let the world chase us Ride or die where the world takes us If we end up poor or rich ...
2 Chainz - Watch Out Lyrics
Watch out lil bitch You getting mad I'm getting rich You getting mad And I'm getting rich Watch out lil bitch Watch out lil bitch Watch out lil bitch Hey, watch out lil bitch You getting mad. I'm getting rich. You getting mad. Bitch, I'm getting rich. Check Out. POPULAR SONG: Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS
Rich Homie Quan - Fuck Nigga (Johnny Cinco Diss) Lyrics ...
Talking hard but we know you ain't built nigga My squad got nothin but them rich niggas You squad got nothin but them bitch niggas Body guard boy yo ass better stick with him Got bars and you know that I'm sick wit it 5 cars and I'm goin on 6 nigga 2 spots downtown and I live in them That shit you talkin I been did it That bitch you cuffin I ...
D Stoned feat. Yung Pinch & Twon - I Got the Juice Lyrics
Imma just do what i doCup gone now im on numba twoBaby girl mad that im choseTold my ex lil bitch we throughI got the juiceI got the juiceCup gon need twoMy ex we throughBitch mad cause she feelin like a divaJuice wine got me flexin of the meterNiggas mad ...
The Game - T.H.O.T. Lyrics
A few instagram likes, the bitch swear that she on! Live hoes from condos riding in Lambos, stunting pronto Knowing that shit Rondos. That's your ho, I fucked your bitch Hol' up, your face look mad as shit She sucked my dick and you kissed her Boy, I nutted all on her lips 'Cause you fucking with a thot, nigga You fucking with a thot, nigga ...
Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug - Power Lyrics
Diamonds boolin' on my chest, no fuckin' blouser Bitch, I make it rain shower, ya dig that? They won't know a thing about ya, if you zip that Hit 'em with that blocka-blocka, nigga get back Be that, be that, never crack, did that Before I go without a sack, I swag pack I spoiled my bitch and now, she actin' like a brat (yea-yea) I met Ellis, I know Jimmy, he got racks (eh-eh) Bitch I'm bleedin ...
Drunk n high, afro 420, po lil bitch gets no money But you can get the fuck out my face and cry to the world on myspace A snitch is something I must destroy, never sell crack with po bitch Po bitch po bitch mad cuz hes broke and im rich po bitch po bitch cryin on the internet little snitch Po bitch po bitch mad cuz hes broke and im rich po ...
Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch Lyrics
Rich bitch (yo yo yo yo) Rich bitch (yo yo yo Yo-Landi) I'm a rich bitch (yo yo yo yo) A mothafuckin' rich bitch (yo yo yo Yo-Landi) To all my mense In a tight situation Getting closer to god Do you hear that? I flow from the heart Fuck the upperclass Versigtig, ek's nog steeds fokken giftig Yo, fuck a rich bitch (yo yo yo Yo-Landi) Rich bitch ...
Rich The Kid - Why You Mad Lyrics
Rockstar, pull up, no guitar I'm fucking yo bitch but you buying her cars I ride in that Phantom, a boss My neck and my wrist on glacier Paper and paper, i'm relay the mayor Shorty she know i'm a player She thick from Jamaica Rich nigga in the club, throwin money in the air Broke niggas, just staring over there Pull up in a Rarri, but you ...
Rich The Kid - Rich Nigga Shit Lyrics
Rich nigga shit, rich nigga shit, Rich nigga shit, is that rich nigga shit? Rich nigga got money like Oprah Hundred fifty cash on the sofa Trap phone she can have for out of roller Got money on the same on coast it To coast and they all lead it And a Maserati all I needed Got a red bad bitch succeded Things gonna be rich I'm dreaming Got one ...
Rich The Kid - Keep It 100 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep It 100' by Rich The Kid. I gotta keep it 100 Bitches, they fuckin' for nothin' Pull up in my truck in the front Rich but I started with nothin' I'm in the trap with a bad bitch
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