Its so much harder to reach you, your heart is floating in the know i love you like an old song lyrics

Get lyrics of Its so much harder to reach you, your heart is floating in the know i love you like an old song song you love. List contains Its so much harder to reach you, your heart is floating in the know i love you like an old song song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

PHORA LYRICS - As Time Goes By
Lyrics to "As Time Goes By" song by PHORA: I love you like you'll never know I know we had our differences, but girl it's time to let it go Cau...
MUMFORD & SONS LYRICS - Hopeless Wanderer
Lyrics to "Hopeless Wanderer" song by MUMFORD & SONS: You heard my voice I came out of the woods by choice Shelter also gave their shade But in the dark I.. . ... But you know your desire. Don't hold ... Don't let your heart grow cold ... We tried so hard to live in the truth ... I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under
[Drake:] You could thank me now uh, go 'head. Thank Me Later yeah I know what I said but later doesn't always come so instead it's okay, You could thank me ...
NEMESEA LYRICS - "Uprise" (2016) album
Light Up The Sky 8. Get Out ... Carry on as it's falling away from you ... On that what keeps you floating ... And your heart pounds ... It's fight or flight response to all your pain .... It so hard to believe it ... Show me what I need to know ... These old scars don't seem to heal ... So from now we'll play these songs with open strings
MATISYAHU LYRICS - King Without A Crown
Lyrics to "King Without A Crown" song by MATISYAHU: Zee you're all that I have and you're all that I need Each and every day I pray to get to know you... ... And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might [Chorus (2x):] ... And I sing to my God, songs of love and healing ... Like a King without his Crown
Lyrics to "Racks (Remix)" song by YUNG CHRIS: (YC!) ... Bitch I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot (Daaaaaamn!) ... Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (Yeaaaaaaaah!) ... Now my life ain't my life no mo', I told you, nigga it's a wrap ... Got pills all on my phone, these niggas know I'm wrong
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - "Wildlife" (2011) album
LA DISPUTE lyrics - "Wildlife" (2011) album, including "You And I In Unison", "All Our ... Harder Harmonies ... Safer In The Forest / Love Song For Poor Michigan ... Maybe you know what I'm talking about. ... It's like the city's got it's own song but he can't play along. .... It's so much easier with someone or something to blame.
NO BRAGGING RIGHTS LYRICS - "The Consequence Of Dreams ...
but that's something about me you'll never understand. ... Patience, a path too far to reach ... Curse the sky and damn the air we breathe, (the power in our dreams.. .) ... It's come to this, a choice is made...we'll never be the same ... Your song is what's making this oh, so hard. ... All because I don't know how to love you. All this ...
OF VIRTUE LYRICS - "Heartsounds" (2011) album
Hoping to fix what I have ruined, the people I love and the love I killed. ... It's not your fault you were born with this ugly face, this faded out name that everyone ... It kills to know you've been forgotten, you've been left behind. ... So this is what it costs for comfort and safety? ... Like a rag doll, you keep me close to your heart.
2PAC LYRICS - Thugz Mansion
Lyrics to "Thugz Mansion" song by 2PAC: Shit, tired of gettin shot at Tired of gettin ... So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times ... No one knows my struggle , they only see the trouble. Not knowin it's hard to carry on when no one loves you ... Trouble sparks, they tell me home is where the heart is, dear departed
ARTIFICIAL HEART LYRICS - "A Heart Once Lost" (2013) album
I don't feel it's the right way to live my life, To believe in all those lies. FUCK THEM ALL, WE STAND TALL! Do you think it's fine to live your life in a lie?
REINXEED LYRICS - "A New World" (2013) album
With power much stronger than a thousand truths. I know we'll prevail. The night is clear, the moon is shining when it's time to go ... So follow me to the distant, the distant horizon ... Now there's no more tomorrow, the light that you borrowed ... Reach up for the sky, you'll find no other ... Like a teenage idol you're a star
WALTARI LYRICS - "You Are Waltari" (2015) album
Not Much To Touch You 11. ... it's just a man's invention to put us to the frame ... But what is the truth that lies, behind "by-heart-taught" eyes ... The highest mountain you're climbing (Watch the waves of the water...) ... Head On! Tomorrow you can reach the top, so KICK IN! .... Wanna use you till the sky will open like a sign!
DRACONIAN LYRICS - "Sovran" (2015) album
DRACONIAN lyrics - "Sovran" (2015) album, including "With Love And ... Until sadness closed its eyes" ... Carrying this vicious, benevolent heart ... So much has fallen and is falling still. Into the ... In adoration bowing can I find you in your dark? ... In nights' color with eyes like rain ... And the sky fills up with poetry and song…
TELL ME A FAIRYTALE LYRICS - "Sleepwalker" (2014) album
My heart is open wide for air to breathe ... And the truth is that you're so scared of what goes on insane ... Song in my mind will never break me apart ... Oceans live their lives and storms are like crowd ... That I'm safe when I float in a battle ship? ... Please just know our love will go through my eyes .... Like in the old odes
MONSTER MAGNET LYRICS - "4-Way Diablo" (2007) album
And I can tell that you like what you see. I heard you ... You better pray to your Gods in the sky. I hope you reach in your pocket for a miracle ... Because it's gonna come down so hard ... Just so you know right now, I put the candles on your birthday cake ... You don't gotta understand my love, but I'll tell you if you wanna know
MONSTER MAGNET LYRICS - "Last Patrol" (2013) album
And the winds blow and the sky looks cool. So I make ... Pull me in, drag me down into your ocean of love ... So tired of floating above ... Oh mama, don't you know this is my last crusade ... 'Cause I'm a wise old dog and you have much to learn ... Baby, can you save my heart and take this gig into the stars ... It's like a jungle
PROTEST THE HERO LYRICS - "Scurrilous" (2011) album
And his final words “the pendulum wore off” ... A drooling old bitch and a house full of lies ... The little things that kill you make you glad to be alive ... I wrote a Goddamn love song to praise everything I hate ... Just a few simple words so she knows that I love her ... Twist and turn, and tell a story like the palm of your hand
SHAMAN LYRICS - "Reason" (2005) album
You left your thoughts in darkness ... The days, I'd like to bring back. Side by side with you. And peer trough that old black window ... It's not only tears in my eyes ... (and I need all the love that I can't get to) ... D'you get scared to feel so much? ... When the prayers reach the sky ... Leave behind the world you know, and float
AB-SOUL LYRICS - Can Anybody Hear Me
Lyrics to "Can Anybody Hear Me" song by AB-SOUL: I've tried to do right Seems as though the only way is selling my soul It's getting hard out here Do... ... So if you had to say yourself. Is my intention ... Does anybody feel me or am I too far to reach. Like the ... Their bare heart came back and bit them no their hope floating
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "Pariah's Child" (2014) album
What Did You Do In The War, Dad? 7. Half A Marathon Man 8. X Marks The Spot 9. Love 10. Larger Than Life 11. ... Running all the lights with the girl of his dreams ... Why is the sky so pink tonight? ... Where did you learn that song you sing ... We would so much ... How well do you know those you're calling your own ?
CADAVER LYRICS - "In Pains" (1992) album
No love and care or encouraging words ... It's hard to find in the floods of fear. ... As you're lying numbed they're entering your mind ... Your heart stops to beat ... So in the end you'll die in fear ... Until he reach the end the misanthrope ... Ins- through-mental - Like a traveller ... Floating as a falcons wing in a clear blue sky
EMINEM LYRICS - Rhyme Or Reason
Lyrics to "Rhyme Or Reason" song by EMINEM: (What's your name?) Marshall ( Who's ... Let me take you by the hand, to promise land, and threaten everyone
PSYCROPTIC LYRICS - "The Scepter Of The Ancients" (2003) album
You awaken and you're shaken by the dim reality that ... Looking at the sky, sky, sky! ... Is it so hard for them to see, logical reality - we bleed, ... All are born, within the trees, and their skin is rough like ... Then after much careful planning, decides ... He was king (of an) ago old country, many within ... heart - it starts to race.
WITHIN TEMPTATION LYRICS - "Hydra" (2014) album
I reach for the skies while I can ... Why don't you count down and break out and let us burn? Oh why, why don't ... I know it's not safe, close my eyes ... It's like I'm floating off the ground ... It burns into your heart, the darkness that you fear. You ... This is love I've never loved so much. .... A blinding light raging down from the sky
Joan Osborne - Album: Relish Lyrics
Reach down for the sweet stuff, when she looks at me. I know ... That's where I'll hold you, sleeping like a child ... At the old dance hall on the outskirts of town ... She give her heart to the man in the long black coat ... There's smoke on the water, it's been there since June ..... Oh, you know you're gettin' really hard to be with
RA LYRICS - "Duality" (2005) album
Love 9. Say You Will 10. Got Me Going 11. Every Little Thing She Does Is ... No celebration for the people that I didn't know ... There's so much pain ... But does it reach you when there's darkness all around ... You think I notice that you're standing there right next to me? ... Don't get me wrong, cause it's not like I blame you.
KENDRICK LAMAR - Alright lyrics
Hard times like God Bad trips like: ... Now tell my mama I love her but this what I like ... So my record and my motherfucking gang can stand in silence for the record ... When you know, we been hurt, been down before, nigga ... Anything, see my name is Lucy, I'm your dog ... I can see the evil, I can tell it I know when it's illegal
SKYCLAD LYRICS - "The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea" (1995) album
Desperanto (A Song For Europe?) 11. ... So run for your lives when the shrapnel's spinning. ... Someone else's problem - you're sitting on a landmine. ... Neighbour loving neighbour - will that day ever come .... A stranger in the garden 'neath a full moon in the sky, ... Biting their tonques as if they know what's good for them.
MORPHIA LYRICS - "Fading Beauty" (2005) album
Just when you think your life is endless ... I'll keep you locked into my heart ... Your eyes, so cold and empty. You ... And every night I float away ... Now I know why life's not endless ... How can a pebble get a pearl to its side ... I reach out for the stars above my head ... Don't feel like leaving right now ... When love captures me
WHITECHAPEL LYRICS - "Mark Of The Blade" (2016) album
Float with me into the void and witness rebirth ... Take my hand and we'll watch the world burn from the sky. Take my hand and ... When you give your life to the mark of the blade ... You can come with me or you can stay and grow old ... The vision of the future is like staring at the sun .... I know when you're lost it's hard to find
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Nightfall In Middle-Earth" (1998) album
The black one has fallen from the sky and the towers in ruins lie ... And you know them too ... Darkness is floating around ... What you hold in your hand ... Now it's your turn ... Like sorrowful seaguls they sang ... When the old king was slain ... Though long and hard the road may be" ... (So) never trust the northern winds
Lyrics to "Guernica" song by BRAND NEW: Ever since I was young your word is the word that always won. Worry and wake the ones you love. A ph...
TRISTANIA LYRICS - "World Of Glass" (2001) album
Praising their merciful god ... The children that once were loving ... Fear your thoughts and let the father judge them ... The stars are falling from the sky ... I'm stronger than the pain you give. It's lost... So lost. The world you're in. The life you live ... Whenever you would like to be free. Old... I'm older than the years I've lived
RIFFTERA LYRICS - "Pitch Black" (2015) album
They know I'm lost but not alone ... Hard - too hard ... In the search of perfection it's all or nothing ... It seems so beautiful as we reach for the stars ... The same old feeling comes alive ... You would tear off the heart of an angel to feel the warm ... Your life. So crawl back to your hide. And let the black arrive. So it seems you ...
VAN CANTO LYRICS - "Break The Silence" (2011) album
Come sing with me your final song. We're here ... Give the devil his due when he comes for you. ... Banishing the farewell-cut, deep in my heart with the fear ... Do I have to pay this price that my old abscess reveals? ... I'll drive you like hammer on the bed of nails .... Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend
ILLNATH LYRICS - "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure" (2003) album
It is based, I guess some of you already know, on the role playing game Vampire: ... [The Mirror-song-lyric was finished the same day as we recorded it, and with it's ... By spewing it's magma like blood from its veins and covering the island ... My feelings are hollow, I'm feeling so old ... Your heart and love, patient and brave
THE BLED LYRICS - "Found In The Flood" (2005) album
I'll never look at you again, if it's only a mirror in the end. And if there's no ... The bittersweet melody is deafening, so hide your broken halo from me. You can't ...
THE GO-GO'S LYRICS - Head Over Heels
Lyrics to "Head Over Heels" song by THE GO-GO'S: Been running so long ... But you know looks sometimes deceive ... Looks like. The whole world's out of sync. Been running so hard. When what I ... That I'd forgotten about my heart ... Beneath The Blue Sky ... THE GO-GO'S lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.
ETERNITY X LYRICS - "Zodiac" (1993) album
Protect your world and never let it fall. What's the point of waiting. What's your conscience saying. The ram never waits for you to move. I call it like I see it. No I' m ...

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