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Janis Ian - At Seventeen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'At Seventeen' by Janis Ian: Girls with clear skinned smiles Who married young and.
Janis Ian - In The Winter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In the Winter' by Janis Ian: The operator She tells the time, it's good for a laugh There's always radio And for a dime I can talk to God.
Janis Ian - From Me To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'From Me to You' by Janis Ian. I'm leaving by night, I'm leaving alone / Leaving it lie, when you waken I'll be gone / I would not beg for me as I.
Janis Ian - Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stars' by Janis Ian: I was never one for singing what I really.
Janis Ian - Between The Lines Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Between the Lines' by Janis Ian: In books and magazines of how to be and what to see While you are being Before and after photographs teach how ...
Janis Ian - When The Party's Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When the Party's Over' by Janis Ian: Would you like to learn to sing? Would you like to sing my song? Would you like to learn To love me best of all.
Janis Ian - Bright Lights And Promises Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bright Lights and Promises' by Janis Ian. Bright lights and promises, a pocket full of dreams / That's what they pay me to be / Gold lame and.
Janis Ian - Getting Over You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Getting Over You' by Janis Ian. Borrowed pens on dotted lines / sign the past away / This is yours and that is mine / So the papers say / How can you.
Janis Ian - Light A Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Light a Light' by Janis Ian. I hear your voice in every corridor / See your face in every picture frame / I feel your eyes in every starry sky /
Janis Ian - Tea And Sympathy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tea and Sympathy' by Janis Ian. I don't want to ride the milk train any more / I'll go to bed at nine, and waken with the dawn / And lunch at half.
Janis Ian - Love Is Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is Blind' by Janis Ian. Love is blind / Love is only sorrow / Love is no tomorrow / Since you went away / Love is blind / How well I remember /
Janis Ian - Lover's Lullaby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lover's Lullaby' by Janis Ian. Lay down and slumber / Mama's boy is torn asunder / All the fields have gone grey / All the leaves are gone brown /
Janis Ian - Society`S Child Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Society`S Child' by Janis Ian: One of these days I'm gonna stop my listenin' Gonna raise my head up high One of these days I'm gonna raise my.
Janis Ian - Fly Too High Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fly Too High' by Janis Ian. Anonymous, autonomous / Will likely get the best of us yet / Before you disappear / If you can lend me half an ear I'll.
Janis Ian - Some People's Lives Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Some People's Lives' by Janis Ian. Some people's lives run down like clocks / One day they stop and that's all they've got / Some lives wear out like.
Janis Ian - Breaking Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breaking Silence' by Janis Ian. Come into my solitude / Though I weary be / Come into my tenderness / Dream along with me / Listen to the whispers.
Janis Ian - Silly Habits Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silly Habits' by Janis Ian. I'm still in love / Though I don't care / To let you know / There's something there / It doesn't show / But when you're.
Janis Ian - You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Gher) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Gher)' by Janis Ian. What's the time? / Where's the place? / Why the line? / Where's the race? / just in time, I see.
Janis Ian - Miracle Row Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Miracle Row' by Janis Ian. Maria lives on Miracle Row / She tells fortunes, you know / At a dollar a throw / Every pimp and every gigolo / Has made .
Janis Ian - Joy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Joy' by Janis Ian. I wish you roses in the spring / Fledglings on the wing / Fireflies that sing your name / I wish you flowers in the grass /
Janis Ian - I Believe I'm Myself Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Believe I'm Myself Again' by Janis Ian. Blue sky by the ocean / I got a bluebird singing freedom / And I'm happy to be living / I believe I'm.
Janis Ian - Jesse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jesse' by Janis Ian. Jesse come home / There's a hole in the bed / Where we slept / Now it's growing cold / Hey jesse, your face / In the place where.
Janis Ian - Honor Them All Lyrics
Janis Ian - Boots Like Emmy Lou's Lyrics
Janis Ian - Other Side Of The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Other Side Of The Sun' by Janis Ian. Leaving on a boat / For beyond the other side of the ocean / I'll bet you in the morning / You won't even know.
Janis Ian - Take To The Sky Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take to the Sky' by Janis Ian. Blue sky morning, red sky night / Sailor take warning when the eagle takes flight / If I had wings I would delight and.
Janis Ian Lyrics
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Janis Ian - Crocodile Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crocodile Song' by Janis Ian. There was a lady name of Annie May / She fell in love at the zoo one day / That crocodile with the big white smile /
Janis Ian - Let Me Be Lonely Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let Me Be Lonely' by Janis Ian. Ooo, let me be lonely / I'd rather be by myself / Than with you acting holy / I want to be with the one / I want to.
Janis Ian - Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shadow' by Janis Ian. Don't let the sun go down on me / I do not want to be alone tonight / We'll be right, you'll see / Night is a shadow on the.
Janis Ian - Will You Dance? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Will You Dance?' by Janis Ian. Someone is waiting over by the window / Just beyond the stairwell someone's crying / Drowning in the words of the.
Janis Ian - Save Somebody Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Save Somebody' by Janis Ian. In the heart of the city / Is the beat of a soul? / And it stares out the window / As the cars come and go / And it.
Janis Ian - Party Lights Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Party Lights' by Janis Ian. Party lights / Is there anybody here tonight? / Doesn't anybody have a light? / I invite your party life / Party lights /
Janis Ian - Sunset Of Your Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sunset of Your Life' by Janis Ian. She is too old to care / Why not just leave her there? / We'll see her once a week / If we have the time, we'll.
Janis Ian - On The Dark Side Of Town Lyrics
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Janis Ian - Dead Men Walking Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dead Men Walking' by Janis Ian. Who will die by fire? / Who will seek the flame? / Whose heart's desire has the most to gain? / Who will beg for.
Janis Ian - Slow Dance Romance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slow Dance Romance' by Janis Ian. Slow dance romance, put your arm around me / You make me feel so old / Take me to the drive-in movie / Won't ...
Janis Ian - I'll Cry Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'll Cry Tonight' by Janis Ian. I'll cry tonight, night is the enemy / Poisons the memory, martyrs it secretly / Midnight comes too fast, it comes.
Janis Ian - Tattoo Lyrics. Her new name was tattooed to her wrist It was longer than the old one Sealed in the silence with a fist This night will be a cold one ...
Janis Ian - At Seventeen Lyrics. I learned the truth at seventeen That love was meant for beauty queens And high school girls with clear skinned smiles Who ...

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