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JayDaYoungan - Law Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Law" (This Lil Ruff live from the fuckin' pen, you heard me? I got three rules for you bitch ass niggas out there You fuck with DaYoungan, I'ma smoke you You fuck with DaYoungan, I'ma smoke you You fuck with DaYoungan, I'ma smoke you Straight out the gate, sleep on me if you want to
JayDaYoungan - Sliding Freestyle Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Sliding Freestyle" (You know what the fuck it is, man Slide em, slide em off that shit, you heard me Its fuck a nigga, you know Yeah, Youngan standing on you bitch ass niggas neck Ruffwayy shit nigga, two times on gang) Fuck that, he gone get stepped
JayDaYoungan - Interstate Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Interstate" She like baby where you at I told her I'm on the interstate It was like the other I talk to choppa told me he was straight He still on that bullshit even though he locked up in the gates But they just free my brother Guap so now its right back to the cake
JayDaYoungan - Taking Off Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Taking Off" Beg me to say something but they don't like it when I speak In a foreign 2 in the morning draco next to me Be reminiscing bout the past it get the best of me Gon fuck around and make crash if they keep testing me
JayDaYoungan - Notice Me Lyrics
(I'm way up, way up...) Can't keep it real, then I don't need you close to me Niggas ain't who they suppose to be I won't stop until the world notice me
JayDaYoungan - Made The List Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Made The List" Why the fuck everybody in my business, that's what I don't get Remember I was in the trap and I ain't have shit Just me and all my brothers tryna come up on a lick If you still around, I love you, that's some shit I won't forget
JayDaYoungan - Dream On Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "Dream On": I heard my music in the streets is what they need now... I had to motivate young nigga to succeed n...
JayDaYoungan - Elimination Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Elimination" Fuck all that talkin', we gon' get 'em straight I'm in the trenches damn near every day I get the money and stay out the way I'm movin' solo, can't fuck with no snakes Pull out them bands and I got 'em amazed She'll fuck me for a new pair of J's
JayDaYoungan - Betrayed Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Betrayed" This shit crazy, we weren't raised to be this way My momma said she proud of me, and every night she pray It really touch my heart and put a big smile on my face She don't like how I'm living said I gotta change my ways Ain try be betrayed no I ain tryna be betrayed
JayDaYoungan - Harder Way Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "Harder Way": This shit wasn't easy, coming up I had the harder way Remember skipping school, was smoking weed in...
JayDaYoungan - See You Later Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "See You Later": Everyday I be gettin' to the paper If you ain't talkin bout paper see you later That's the only thin...
JayDaYoungan - I Thought Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "I Thought": Uh Been in this situation way too many times Been trying to press and grind I swear too much shit b...
JayDaYoungan - Finesse Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "Finesse": DJ Swift Oh way oh way oh way Oh way oh way oh way Wake up early morning racing to the block I gott...
JayDaYoungan - Clutchin Lyrics
JayDaYoungan "Clutchin": (Nigga know what the fuck it is That real jumpman 23 shit Na matter fact it's that cougar 23 shit)...
JayDaYoungan - Constantly Working Lyrics
JayDaYoungan Lyrics "Constantly Working" I'm constantly working I guess you could say it's worth it I'm so up I'm scared to look down (scared to look down) They talking yea but I can't hear a sound Fuck next somebody tell em I got now And I set every goal to achieve it
Shy Glizzy - Where We Come From Lyrics
Probably on that Law 3, but shit, nigga what up I'm thuggin' in this bitch and I'ma cut up And when it's steppin' we gon' fuck a nigga the fuck up, believe that Meezy, what it is bitch? You heard me, I'm waitin' on Glizzy, Glizzy be gettin too high Man I'm just coolin, I'm waitin on him, you heard me?
Wes Walker - Jordan Belfort Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jordan Belfort' by Wes Walker . I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort Stacking penny stocks while I'm flipping these birds Sipping on Ciroc, trip em up with the words I just popped a molly and I think this be my third Jordan Belfort
Lil Durk - No Auto Durk Lyrics
Law keep wantin' to get Zoo out the way, they say he a Chief out here (say he a chief out here) Niggas hoes, they tuck they tails cause they be scared In that Hellcat, on the e-way, off them med's Say his name inside this song, my bro said I better not say it Niggas lowkey want that smoke, you do, you better not say it
Dead Prez - The Root Of All Evil Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Root Of All Evil' by Dead Prez. (What is the root of all evil?) Many people of color believe that if you have money, you can do anything and everything. You cannot. Other people believe that if you don't have money, you cannot do anything. They're also wrong.
Aloe Blacc - The Man Lyrics
I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man I believe every lie that I ever told Paid for every heart that I ever stole I played my cards and I didn't fold Well it ain't that hard when you got soul (this is my world) Somewhere I heard that life is a test
JayDaYoungan lyrics
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Go Yayo - Boom God Lyrics
Lyrics for Boom God by Go Yayo. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial
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