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Jennifer Knapp - A Little More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Little More' by Jennifer Knapp. Turn Your eyes from on this way / I have proved to live a dastardly day / I hid my face from the saints and the.
Jennifer Knapp - Fallen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fallen' by Jennifer Knapp. Even though they say we have fallen / Doesn' t mean that I won't do it twice / Given every second chance / I'd chose again.
Jennifer Knapp - Undo Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Undo Me' by Jennifer Knapp. Apa I think I messed up again was it something I did? / Was it something I said? / I don't mean to do you wrong it's just.
Jennifer Knapp - Breathe On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breathe On Me' by Jennifer Knapp. No temptation seize a man that he can't overcome / Who am I to be fallen? / Crack your back on a slab of wood /
Jennifer Knapp - Say Won't You Say Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Say Won't You Say' by Jennifer Knapp. Oh say won't You say / Say that You love me / With love ever, love, love everlasting / All my devotion put into.
Jennifer Knapp - Into You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into You' by Jennifer Knapp. She's a skin art junkie all cute and petite / All her fat cat schemes don't look around / Don't you even blame me / It's.
Jennifer Knapp - Remedy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Remedy' by Jennifer Knapp. in my blood the sun of a Kansas sky / turn the Flint Hills gold / and burn them dry / o, the roads i had to take / to make.
Jennifer Knapp - Whole Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whole Again' by Jennifer Knapp. Daddy daddy do you miss me. The way I crawled upon your knee. / Those childish games of hide and seek seem a ...
Jennifer Knapp - Inside Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Inside' by Jennifer Knapp. I know they'll bury me / Before they hear the whole story / Even if they do / Well, I know they won't care / To chalk it.
Jennifer Knapp - Refine Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Refine Me' by Jennifer Knapp: Lord, come with your fire Burn my desires ; refine me Lord, my will has deceived me Please come and free me Refine ...
Jennifer Knapp - On Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On Love' by Jennifer Knapp. Hello / Isn't that enough / Running away / Stay / I have waited long / But never given up / I have waited on you / But.
Jennifer Knapp - Peace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Peace' by Jennifer Knapp. He is my Light and my Salvation / Whom have I to fear / In His secret place I'll hide and pray / That I might hear a simple.
Jennifer Knapp - You Remain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Remain' by Jennifer Knapp. Though I am poor and needy / My shelter you'll be / Not by my merit lead me / To where you say / Waste my time on.
Jennifer Knapp - When Nothing Satisfies You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Nothing Satisfies You' by Jennifer Knapp. When it rains or it shines on this pillow of mine / I will lift up my head to the sky / So I have.
Jennifer Knapp - Faithful To Me (Reprise) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faithful To Me (Reprise)' by Jennifer Knapp. All the chisels I've dulled carving idols of stone / That have crumbled like sand 'neath the waves /
Jennifer Knapp - Fall Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fall Down' by Jennifer Knapp. Udge me not ye saints for my history may be tainted / But I'm sober enough to know blood when I see it / I've borne my.
Jennifer Knapp - Trinity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trinity' by Jennifer Knapp: Raise your hands, sing praises to the Lord He is the King and He'll reign forevermore.
Jennifer Knapp - Want For Nothing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Want For Nothing' by Jennifer Knapp. Lay down, have your dream / I'll work quietly / Put all my labor to love / And you wake up, you wake up /
Jennifer Knapp - In Two (The Lament) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Two (The Lament)' by Jennifer Knapp. Finish up your coffee, love / It's getting cold / Let's finish up this fight tonight / Before the sun draws.
Jennifer Knapp - The Way I Am Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Way I Am' by Jennifer Knapp. Blind these eyes who never tried / To lose temptation / I'm so scared, where's the hesitation? / You so easily.
Jennifer Knapp - Around Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Around Me' by Jennifer Knapp. If all the worlds were scattered / And I found my way to here / Then how could I love You / The way that I love You? /
Jennifer Knapp - Visions Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Visions' by Jennifer Knapp. I think about the waves of time and how they roll across my shoulders. / thinkin no clock is gonna get the best of me.
Jennifer Knapp - Romans Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Romans' by Jennifer Knapp. Just when I think I've got it it's gone. when I think I know the answer and / I dare to raise my hand it's wrong. Stop.
Jennifer Knapp - In The Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Name' by Jennifer Knapp. All these years to many ahead to think clear. / Some say where's my crystal ball. / Some men play the lottery makin.
Jennifer Knapp - Better Off Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Off' by Jennifer Knapp. Wish I'd known the way, wish I'd found the door / Wish I took the path you showed me before / 'cause I'd be better.
Jennifer Knapp - Hold Me Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold Me Now' by Jennifer Knapp. From glass alabaster she poured out the depths of her soul. O foot of / Christ would you wait if her harlotries.
Jennifer Knapp - Mercy's Tree Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mercy's Tree' by Jennifer Knapp: It's a broken umbrella in a gathering storm soon enough we will all wash away and i will not be waiting for the.
Jennifer Knapp - Dive In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dive In' by Jennifer Knapp. Be careful what you say / Careful who might hear / Someone else inside the universe could write it down / And you'll be.
Jennifer Knapp - Martyrs And Thieves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Martyrs And Thieves' by Jennifer Knapp. There's a place in the darkness I use to cling to. / That presses harsh hope against time. / In the absence.
Jennifer Knapp - No Regrets Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Regrets' by Jennifer Knapp. Should I be bold enough to speak in this moment? / A reverent heart must surely be unbroken / With no regrets should ...
Jennifer Knapp - Charity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Charity' by Jennifer Knapp. Love me, forget me not / Hold me up holy rock / You who's passion never fades / Who will never pass away / We see the.
Jennifer Knapp - Letting Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Letting Go' by Jennifer Knapp. Time passes by / Think about you everyday / And why, I can't explain / You already broke my back / Why am I the one.
Jennifer Knapp - Set Me Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Set Me Free' by Jennifer Knapp. you thought we would still be friends / after the rains had ended / after the flood. / is it enough that we had /
Jennifer Knapp - If It Made A Difference Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If It Made a Difference' by Jennifer Knapp. Sorry, I told you I was wrong / Sorry, I don't care / Sorry, I stayed here for too long / But I got a.
Jennifer Knapp - All Consuming Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Consuming Fire' by Jennifer Knapp. I sit here and question why my God loves me / Though I have never done a good thing or a righteous deed ...
Jennifer Knapp - Prelude (Faithful To Me) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Prelude (Faithful To Me)' by Jennifer Knapp. All the chisels I've dulled carving idols of stone / That have crumbled like sand beneath the waves /
Jennifer Knapp - Sing Mary, Sing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sing Mary, Sing' by Jennifer Knapp. Mary Had A Baby Born In A Manger / Mary What To Do, Mary What To Do? / Before The Vow Was Made, / In Her ...
Jennifer Knapp - Lay It Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay It Down' by Jennifer Knapp. Seeing as I found a rock in my pocket / Seeing as I found a glitch in my soul / Make believe won't hide the truth /
Jennifer Knapp - Diamond In The Rough Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diamond In The Rough' by Jennifer Knapp. As a little girl I came down to the water / With a little stone in my hand / And it would shimmer and sing /
Jennifer Knapp - Come To Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come To Me' by Jennifer Knapp. Leaves a mind / Left to wonder / Where in the world she'd gone / Once a head laced in halos / How could it go wrong?

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