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Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Forget Me) Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)" Enviyon on the mix No, no, no, no No-no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate you And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh)
Juice WRLD - Typo Lyrics
Choppa make you fall, like a fucking loose tooth, uh, ruthless. Like my cat do, I'ma bark like my dog do. .40 sneeze nigga, no achoo. Pull up on him, like past you. I go nuts like cashews. Bad bitches, what I like tho. Crazy bitches be my type tho. That was not a typo. But that bitch was just a typo.
Juice WRLD - Hide Lyrics
Fight for the world because you're worth it [Juice WRLD:] Really think I found my home, shorty made me feel at home She made me leave the thrills at home and I'm fine with it She really made me lose control, I'ma let my love unfold We're just two lost souls, but we're fine with it
Juice WRLD - Irony Lyrics
Bitch, I'm great. Eating good, steak, shrimp on my plate. From the hood, wait, get out my face. If you out of line, I'll put you in your place. Woke up fiending for the lean so I hit the plug. He got everything I need, all exotic drugs. I'm runnin' up a check so I'm not runnin' out of funds. These niggas try to fight, I guess they runnin' out ...
Juice WRLD - Moonlight Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "Moonlight". Girl, you know I'm far from perfect, I won't lead you on. But tonight is feelin' perfect, it's your favorite song. I know that mood right. I know that mood right, oh. Dance in the moonlight. Dance in the moonlight, oh. Dance in the moonlight, oh.
Juice WRLD - 911 Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "911". (Yeah) She do coke while I sip codeine. Rap game, crack game, serve it to the dope fiend. She like court side, still catchin' nosebleed. 9-1-1, this bitch boutta OD. Passed out on my couch, someone take her out. Medics in n' out, tellin' her "breathe in n' out".
Juice WRLD - Shadows Lyrics
Walk in the dark, walk in the dark. And pray to god them demons don't tear me apart. Catch me walking through the graveyard. Looking for my fallen ones, they're in the stars. Ooh, that gives me a heavy heart. Fortune teller got a nigga pullin' cards. Like is it my time to go I don't know. My life flashes before my eyes.
Juice WRLD - Starstruck Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Starstruck" Yeah We're Laying in bed You see the I lock eyes Our eyes lock Our eyes locked, you can see the sadness My heart stops, every time you call my name My jaw drops You fell from the stars, and I'm starstruck You fell from the stars Girl am I lost
Juice WRLD - Cali Girl Lyrics
Cali, you can be my Cali girl (You can be my Cali girl) You can be my Cali girl. Cali, you can be my Cali girl. Hollywood signs and fun times in Cali world. Hollywood signs and fun times, it's alright. You're so fine, you define a good time. You're one of a kind, you're all mines, we're aright. When the sun hits your eyes I become blind.
Juice WRLD - Purple Moncler Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics You May Also Like Rae Sremmurd - "This Could Be Us" Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Hey, Sremm life I've done it before, I've seen it before Tears splashin' the floor when I opened the door for her She acted like a whore and I’ma let her Learn from Pro...
Juice WRLD - Dark Place (Demo) Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Dark Place (Demo)" Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Trapped in the crawl space In my mind I get lost in I wake up in a coffin They tell me they care They're just in love with the music So they'll never know
Juice WRLD - Robbery Lyrics
Rolling Stone magazine wrote about this song, "'Robbery' is a clunky metaphor about a woman demanding love from the Chicago rapper." The magazine also noted, "Juice needs to keep a gun on him to deal with the hurt, throws rocks at a window and gets high to deal with the fact that the anonymous woman doesn't pick up the phone fast enough.It's a lot, maybe too much, but to the millions of kids ...
Juice WRLD - Campfire Freestyle Lyrics
I ain't finna fall down. Fourth quarter, shorty, I'mma ball out. Don't go to work, baby call out. Ain't no waitin', no stall now. I'm finna ball out. Fourth quarter, shorty, no call outs. Just don't go to work, baby, just call out. (Uh) In the bedroom, all out. Percs on the counter.
BTS & Juice WRLD - All Night Lyrics
Writer(s): Juice Wrld, Marric Antonio Strobert, Power Pleasant, Rm, Suga "All Night" was premiered on June 21, 2019 as the third song from Netmarble's mobile game "BTS World" soundtrack. The song features Suga and RM from BTS, as well as American rapper Juice WRLD .
Juice WRLD - Stay High Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "Stay High". Ayy, I been asleep off the lean all day, it's like fuckin' mornin'. It already feel like it's nine in the mornin'. Hate it when they play both sides. Too low in my life. Gotta stay high, gotta stay high. Too low in my life, yeah, I gotta stay. Hate it when they play both sides.
Juice WRLD - Crazy Love Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "Crazy Love". Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it's a plus, you think I'm a minus. Looking at the past, I'll leave that behind us. Sand in the glass, looking at the timer. Tick-tock, tick-tock, babygirl, your time's up. I think it's a plus, you think I'm a minus.
Juice WRLD - Legends Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "Legends". I usually don't speak on shit like this, but. Ain't nobody else saying shit. Day trip took it to ten. I usually have an answer to the question. But this time I'm gon' be quiet (this time) Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence. This time, it was so unexpected.
Juice WRLD - Autograph (On My Line) Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. Lil Uzi Vert - "Erase Your Social"Know I walk with the racks on me Bad bitch want back back And you know she throw that ass on me I don't want that girl 'cause She want me 'cause the cash on me Yeah, ...
Juice WRLD - All Girls Are The Same Lyrics
Juice WRLD said in an interview to POWER 92, Chicago, in April 2018, "Really that song was kinda like a compilation of everything I've been to like all the negatives as far as relationships." Cole Bennett directed the official music video for this track.
Juice WRLD - Everlasting Love Lyrics
Every now and then, I get fucked up. Nah, I'm lying, every day I'm getting fucked up. I remember when I found you, thought I lucked up. I was dying inside, I was fucked up. If I run away fast, she won't catch me. Got to take off, like a taxi. Hurt me bad, casualty. No such thing as everlasting love. Everlasting, no such thing as everlasting love.
Juice WRLD & The Weeknd - Smile Lyrics
"Smile" is the sixth single from Juice WRLD's studio album "Legends Never Die". The song was premiered on August 7, 2020 simultaneously with an updated version of the album. The Weeknd posted the following on Twitter upon the song's release, "SMILE @JuiceWorlddd Out Everywhere // wish we could celebrate together."
Juice WRLD - Hear Me Calling Lyrics
"Hear Me Calling" is the second single off of the album. The song was released on the 28th of February 2019 and debuted at number 56 on the Hot 100 during the third week of March 2019.
Juice WRLD & The Kid LAROI - Reminds Me Of You Lyrics ...
Told you that I loved you, girl, I wasn't lyin' to you. Fightin' for my heart and baby, I ain't never lose. No, I can't get high, 'cause it reminds me of you. If you ever needed me, girl, I was flyin' to you. Told you that I loved you, girl, I wasn't lyin' to you. [The Kid LAROI:] I can't play that song 'cause it reminds me of you.
Juice WRLD - No Chances (Life Chase) Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. Lil Mosey - "Burberry Headband"Skrtt, skrtt Skrtt, skrtt Pulled up in a beamer, I was flexin' Poured a cup of Wok, cause I was stressin' After you, I'm fucking on your best friend She love me, ...
Juice WRLD - No Trespassing Lyrics
They keep me feeling free, oh (Oh, yeah) Feeling free, oh (Feeling free, oh) Oh (Feeling free, oh) Oh (Got me feeling free, yeah) Oh, feeling free. Tracin', heart racin', go insane on the daily. Demons on me, pray to God for some saving. Choppa on me, pull it up, get to slaying. I grab my life by the horn like a bull on the yard.
Juice WRLD - Plug Walk (Freestyle) Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics "Plug Walk (Freestyle)" Plug Walk You know you ain't the plug, so how you make the plug walk Boy yo plug ain't the plug of he tell you that the plug walk Fuck the cookies I been smokin on the kush Luke Skywalker 2 grams to the face it'll make a nigga sky walk
Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams Lyrics. No, no, no No, no, no I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate
Juice WRLD - Yes Indeed (Freestyle) Lyrics
I'm with the shits, I pass the 'Roc. Ain't no assist, bitch on my cock. Run up on me then you get shot. I feel like Bishop, I got the Juice, back when the cut, callin' it Pac, yuh. I'm in the cut with the nina. I'm wettin' it up like this shit Aquafina. You run up on me then I'm servin' em' bullets like tennis balls.
Juice WRLD - Empty Lyrics
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Like a crawl space, this a dark place I roam. Ain't no right way, just the wrong way I know. I problem solve with Styrofoam. My world revolves around a black hole. The same black hole that's in place of my soul. I'm empty, I feel so goddamn empty. I may go rogue, don't tempt me.
Polo G feat. Juice WRLD - Flex (feat. Juice WRLD) Lyrics ...
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm (Hit-Boy) Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm. Natural born hustler, nigga, stuntin' is my strong suit Flexin' with a hundred cash, look at what these songs do Gangster and a baller, baby, I do what I want to I be with some steppers, I don't care 'bout what you gon' do Wet shit like the Warriors, all my niggas gon' shoot He gon' have to take ...
Juice Wrld - Moonlight Lyrics. Girl, you know I'm far from perfect, I won't lead you on But tonight is feelin' perfect, it's your favorite song I know that mood right I kn
Juice WRLD & YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Bandit Lyrics ...
[Juice WRLD:] It's funny, the shit I put on this song ain't gonna sound nothin' like the shit we was just doin' Oh Yeah I just want bad bitches Baddest, them bitches is the baddest Uh-uh, when I take the Molly I'm a savage Uh, I say I don't need no Molly to be savage Uh, when I'm on that Molly I feel savage She the definition of a bad bitch ...
Juice WRLD - Black & White Lyrics
Juice WRLD Lyrics. "Black & White". I'm in my black Benz. Doin' cocaine with my black friends. Uh, we'll be high as hell before the night ends, yeah. Oh, we'll be high before the night ends. Before the night ends. Switchin' to the white Benz. Doin' codeine with my white friends.
Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Remix) Lyrics
I got the juice in this world She don't believe in loyalty but want diamonds and pearls Fuck that I had to man up Tried boost my confidence it froze my head up I'm still hot turn that fan up This shit had me depressed I almost died off xan punch She said that she love me but she sucked that boy up You got something to say go head then boy just ...
Eminem - Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) Lyrics
Juice WRLD) The Lyrics for Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) by Eminem have been translated into 38 languages. Ugh, you′re a monster I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla. Better hit the deck like the card dealer My whole squad′s in here, walkin' around the party A cross between a zombie apocalypse and big Bobby The Brain ...
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