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Destiny's Child - Jumpin', Jumpin' Lyrics
'Cause it's 11:30 and the club is jumping, jumping Ladies, leave your man at home The club is full of ballers and their pockets full grown And all you fellas, leave your girl with her friends 'Cause it's 11:30 and the club is jumping, jumping Though he say he got a girl Yeah, it's true you got a man But the party ain't gon' stop So let's make ...
Derek Minor - Jumpin' Lyrics
Lyrics to "Jumpin'" song by Derek Minor: Jumping Jumping Jumping Jumping, Yeah Jumping Jumping Jumping Jumping, Jumping Jumping, ... I feel like you don't like the outcome You count the hours till I'm done I got family to feed and they looking at me
Snoop Dogg - Sports Center Lyrics
Yo, this shit feel like Sports Center Nothing but highlights, some ballers Jumping out the mother fucking gym So Designer Flow It's your uncle Snoop Dogg Let me show you how we keep the trap jumpin' on the West Side The best side McDonald's all American There's really no comparing it I play some D and pop a three and fly up in the air again
Keane - Love Too Much Lyrics
Well they make us feel so high When you're falling down Is when you feel most alive Whether right or wrong You do everything with love Feel it all Give it all Drink it up Then we love too much Or we push too hard Or we fly too high Or we go too far For a moment I was all that you could see For a moment I was all that I could be Nothing can take ...
5ive - Got The Feelin' Lyrics
If you got the feelin', jump to the ceiling Ah we're getting down tonight 1 if you gonna, 2 if you're wanna, 3 cos everything's alright If you got the feelin', less of the dreaming Ah, we're getting down tonight It's just round the corner, tell me if you wanna 5 will make you feel alright If you got the feelin', jump to the ceiling
Jump5 - Spinnin' Around Lyrics
Lyrics to "Spinnin' Around" song by Jump5: ... Every now and then I feel your peacefulness surround me Then once again it all goes Up and down and over under 'Round and around Go, Go, Go, Jump, Jump, Go, Go, Go J5 Spinnin' around, oh yeah, yea Upside down, oh yeah yeah J5 in the house, hey Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump
Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars - BLOW Lyrics ...
Jumping outta gun I'm feelin' like a winner I feel like the one You're doin' somethin' to me You're doin' somethin' strange Well, jump back, talk to me woman You make me wanna make a baby, baby [Chris Stapleton:] Supernatural woman Supernatural freak Don't know what you're doing Got me feelin' weak Oh, I wanna call you "fever", baby You can set ...
Problem - Jumpin Lyrics
"Jumpin" (feat. Bad Lucc) [Hook:] Feeling like a rider for real Got a bag of that kill and it's jumping Call up my foolies and chill Yeah the turnup is real Pop a molly, you feel Cause it's jumping Nigga is jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping My nigga is jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping Like boing, jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping
JJ Heller - Hand To Hold Lyrics
Puddles are for jumping, fields are made to run Stars are made for counting, and for wishes coming true Sleep is made for dreaming, and I have dreams for you May you never lose the wonder in your soul May you always have a blanket for the cold May the living light inside you be the compass as you go May you always know you have my hand to hold
Jump5 - Spinnin' Around Lyrics
Make it last, take it slow Just forget what you know Cause that's the way it goes. Spinnin' around I've got this funny feelin' Turnin' my whole world upside-down I'll keep my heart, my eyes on you Cause you keep me spinnin' around, spinnin' around. Every now and then I feel your peacefulness surround me Then once again it all goes Up and down
Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life Lyrics
To be hurt, to feel lost To be left out in the dark To be kicked when you're down To feel like you've been pushed around To be on the edge of breaking down And no one's there to save you No, you don't know what it's like Welcome to my life No one ever lied straight to your face And no one ever stabbed you in the back
Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie Lyrics
Sounds to really make you rub and scrub [scatting] I say Pass the Dutchie 'pon the left hand side Pass the Dutchie 'pon the left hand side It a go bun, give me music, make me jump and prance It a go dung, give me the music, make me rockin' at the dance (Jah know!) It was a cool and lonely breezy afternoon (How does it feel when you've got no food?)
Tedashii - Jumped Out The Whip Lyrics
Jumped out the whip Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And I jumped out the whip Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Jumped out the whip Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Man, I jumped out the whip They say that you did it, you jumped out the whip Know you can feel it, you jumped out the whip Swag on a milli, you jumped out the whip How you gon' get it, you jump ...
Gabrielle - When A Woman Lyrics
I know I'm looking just fine and I feel all right 'Cos I know I'm gonna party tonight, yeah, baby When a woman wants her man... Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, de Walking through the party With all my girls behind me, yeah, yeah Suddenly I saw him My heart it started jumping (and jumping and jumping and jumping) Then he led me to the dancefloor
Robbie Williams - Radio Lyrics
Jumping thumping shout out something Jumping thumping shout out something Listen to the radio And you will hear the songs you know Make it effervescent here And you might have a job my dear My dear Ouch Ouch Ouch Radio Ouch ouch Ouch Ouch Radio Something's happening I can feel it Moving out of time you'll hear it Falling in the way you fear it
ItaloBrothers - Stamp On The Ground Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stamp On The Ground' by ItaloBrothers. (Moving all around) (Stamp on the ground) (Moving all around) Stamp on the ground Jump, jump, jump, jumping. Top Songs. You Need To Calm DownTaylor Swift; Money In The Grave ... Go feel the heat, the sweet vibration cause we are about to ignite
Scooter - I'm Lonely Lyrics
'Cause I'm lonely I feel so lonely There's no one in this world for me but you Oh Lord, I'm a very sharp sword Number one upon the billboard It's the effect you don't expect You never know what's coming next So get a grip quick, drop a gear, running high to the sky Till you fly Like a killer in Manila I make you shiver My name is MC I Baby
Carole King - The Loco-Motion Lyrics
Come on, baby, jump up, jump back Oh, well, I think you've got the knack Now that you can do it let's make a chain now Come on, baby, do the locomotion Chug-a chug-a motion like a railroad train now Come on, baby, do the locomotion Do it nice and easy now and don't lose control A little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul
Ella Mai - Anymore Lyrics
Make these bitches rich all cash, all cash Choke on this blunt like yeah, yeah, yeah Without you baby You don't need to call anymore Don't fuck with you at all anymore You don't need to stall anymore, anymore We don't keep in touch anymore 'Cause we ain't in love anymore Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore
Van Halen - Jump Lyrics
"Jump" lyrics. Van Halen Lyrics "Jump" I get up And nothing gets me down You got it tough I've seen the toughest all around And I know Baby, just how you feel You've got to roll With the punches to get to what's real Oh can't you see me standing here I've got my back against the record machine I ain't the worst that you've seen Oh can't you see ...
Empire Cast - Good Enough Lyrics
Feel like I walk 5, 000 miles, didn't even come close Feels like I try to make you smile, but you don't even care no. Related. ... And you just keep making me jump through hoops What do I got to do I just want you to look at me And see that I can be worth your love I just want you to look at me
Black Eyed Peas - Dum Diddly Lyrics
Lyrics to "Dum Diddly" song by Black Eyed Peas: You know the music make you jump and prance The BE Peas we keep you rocking on the dance You know...
Badflower - The Jester Lyrics
And hope to god I make it If any chord that I could strum Made me feel less like a man I'd slam my fingers in the doorway And shatter all the bones so I could never strum again Is there anybody out there looking out for me? Just say you want me, just say you need me Is there anybody out there looking out for me? 'Cause every last soldier's ...
Jump5 - Summer Song Lyrics
When we feel the sand, we know we've arrived Everyday and every wave's a sweet ride We will take out time until the tide says goodbye We will all remember These days are just like heaven In our minds we fly there Pack ur bags for the memories we make So lets jet out today [chorus] Cool summer song Good times we love Like heaven forever The ...
RuPaul - Geronimo Lyrics
Jump - up and down Jump - all around Jump - up and down Jump - now make your bootie bounce Geronimo, Geronimo I send em to Guantanamo Or better yet the Alamo Macaulay Culkin's home alone It's my sickening do-si-do My undefeated rope-a-dope From Tokyo to Kokomo My syncopated rodeo - what I got my chaperone My wherefore art thou Romeo Tell Juliet ...
Rich The Kid - Jumpin' Like Jordan (Remix) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Jumpin' Like Jordan (Remix)" song by Rich The Kid: Trap house jumping like Jeremy, can't lend a bitch none of this money Spent 28 sacks for showing the...
Glee Cast - Moves Like Jagger / Jumpin' Jack Flash Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Moves Like Jagger / Jumpin' Jack Flash" song by Glee Cast: Oh yeah, Watch it, ooh! Just shoot for the stars, If it feels right, And aim for my heart, If you fe...
Van Halen - Jump Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jump' by Van Halen: I get up And nothin' gets me down You got it tough I've seen the toughest around And I know baby just how you feel
UB40 - D.U.B. Lyrics
No bother follow friend and ignore dub again. It's simple, but effective, can't you see? A lot of people catch on in 'eighty-three. Now is 'eighty-four and you must know the score, Anything me chat, you know the people bawl 'more.' Me jump 'pon de graphics, don't get vex' All me have a total concept to make you feel Irie. To make you feel Irie.
Katie Armiger - Safe Lyrics
You make me feel safe You make me feel safe I didn't want to jump the gun And be the one to say I love you so soon But when I look at you, the truth is, Baby now I do I do I, I, Love spendin' all my time Lying right here by your side A place that I can always stay, cause you You make me feel safe You make me feel safe A place that, a place that ...
The Pointer Sisters - Jump (for My Love) Lyrics
Then jump (Jump for my love) Jump (I know my heart can make you happy) Jump in (You know these arms can feel you up) Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night Then jump (Jump for my love) You told me, I'm the only woman for you Nobody does you like I do Then make a move before you try and go much further Oh baby
YFN Lucci - Street Kings Lyrics
I know you hear me but you gotta feel me These niggas talk about it but they never did shit And we ain't really smelling that shit When you made it out the slums then you the trillest Running with yo' day ones, yeah, you the realest Uh, I know you hear me but you gotta feel me Young street nigga tryin' make some millions Uh, know I'm from the ...
Hannah Ellis - ILYSoWhat Lyrics
Not make a thing about it I love you, so what, what? What's the big deal? Just 'cause I got all the feels No it doesn't mean you got to put a ring on it Post it and flaunt it, just 'cause you caught it Don't go jumping the gun, text your friends that I'm the one Even though I know what we got is real Baby we can still keep it chill I love you ...
Jump5 - Throw Your Hands Up Lyrics
Throw your hands up and make some noise Everybody get live and jump 4 joy When I say reach, u touch the sky From the front to the back from side to side Do u wanna be with me dancing? Are u gonna be by my side? Never stop, we'll keep on moving Are u ready to take this ride? Doesn't matter where u come from Doesn't matter what place ur in
Smokie - The Loser Lyrics
Jump to the ground And hitting no burning tire But you would jump too You would jump too If it happened to you In my life, what a pride Must have been born a loser No picker or chooser Who would want to be me I'm a loser you see I'm a loser Went out on a date, we didn't stay late I had a few drinks, and than I felt great Feeling real nice
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