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Lyrics to "Nightmare" song by NATEWANTSTOBATTLE: Just sleep Just dream Just sleep Just dream Just sleep Just dream In the back of my mind I've been...
Lyrics to "Dream Your Dream" song by TRYHARDNINJA: Hush now, drift off to sleep Reality, a memory Don't be scared of what you find Yeah, it's all just...
HUGH GRANT LYRICS - Way Back Into Love
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on! [Hugh Grant:] I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away, Just in case I ever need 'em again someday,
THE GRISWOLDS LYRICS - Live This Nightmare
Just don't let this get back to me. You do what you want. You do as you please. Do whatever will help you sleep. She called me up at the break of dawn
I'm everything you couldn't be now you believe in the devil. I gotta Pick up the pieces I gotta bury them deep. And when the dirt hits the coffin just go to sleep
The monsters inside me haunt my lasting dreams. A curse that always ... I sleep knowing you. Were standing by ... Just let me out of here! But alas, I couldn't heal  ...
I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams. Oooooooh I am the sand in the bottom half of ... 'Cause we could be immortals, immortals. Just not for long, for long.
"Sweet Dreams". (Turn the lights on!) Every night I rush to my bed. With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you when I close my eyes. I'm going outta my ...
Reminding me all over again how you fucking just brushed me off. And left me so burnt, spent a lot of time trying to soul search. Maybe I needed to grow up a ...
Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Doesn't Kill You' by Kelly Clarkson: Just me, myself and I. ... You know I dream in color. And do the things I want. You think you got the best of me
MARILYN MANSON LYRICS - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you
SlyphStorm - Pegasus Device Lyrics
Dec 6, 2014 ... at a price Just ignore the screams, and don't think twice You've proven ... wake Of a long dead dream, little demon awake The citizens sleep, ...
Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Lyrics
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face. I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key. If I'd known for  ...
Fall Out Boy - Centuries Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy: And just one mistake Is all it will take We'll go down in history. ... 'Cause I was only born inside my dreams. Until you die for ...
SET IT OFF LYRICS - Partners In Crime
Oh, just try and catch us! Here we find our omnipotent outlaws fall behind the grind tonight, Left unaware that the lone store owner won't go down without a fight.
EURYTHMICS LYRICS - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you
KREWELLA LYRICS - Live For The Night
Don't hold your breath you know I'll sleep when I am dead. I live for the night. I live for the lights. I live for the high til I'm free fallin' I live for the night. I live for the ...
Not a creature in sight. But, what you don't know. Is that my breathing gets faster and so does my heartbeat. I wish this was over, I wish that this was a dream but
PUSHA T LYRICS - Doesn't Matter
You niggas keep rappin' 'bout your dreams, my reality 50 birds waitin' in the wings ... You lil' niggas just dirty mine's is Zero Dark Thirty Mine is night vision, witch ...
JOHNNY GILL LYRICS - You For Me (The Wedding Song)
Lyrics to "You For Me (The Wedding Song)" song by JOHNNY GILL: It seems like forever That I have waited for you In a world of disappointment One thing is true ...
Imagine Dragons - Demons Lyrics
When the days are cold. And the cards all fold. And the saints we see. Are all made of gold. When your dreams all fail. And the ones we hail. Are the worst of all
Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone Lyrics
And I don't know how to stop. Or slow it down. Hey I know there are some things we need to talk about. And I can't stay. Just let me hold you for a little longer now.
JAY-Z LYRICS - Don't Let Me Die
Laid wide awake in da middle of my sleep (I see dead people) ... Believe me Lord I want you, got money and fame but still it just wont do ... And every night I have these weird dreams, that a preacher trapped inside of me wake up and cant
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Lyrics
Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travel the world. And the seven seas, Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you
Andrew Gold - Spooky Scary Skeletons Lyrics
And just won't leave you be. Spirits supernatural. Are shy whats all the fuss. But bags of bones seem so unsafe. It's semi-serious! Spooky scary skeletons
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 Lyrics
I don't understand. Don't worry! You will soon. Come and meet some of my friends, they know all about love. Come on, just over the rainbow! Oh look, there he ...
KING DIAMOND LYRICS - "The Puppet Master" (2003) album
Just you and me, and we believe in MAGIC Oh.. it was Magic ... All the tears in my eyes, someone better say it's a dream ... Eternal eyes they never sleep. I take a ...
John Denver - Annie's Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Annie's Song' by John Denver: You fill up my senses Like a night in a forest / Come, let me love you Let me give my life to you.

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