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King Lil G - If You Don't Know Lyrics
King Lil G "If You Don't Know": I wave them up high just like Big Poppa. Hoes love us and they just can't stop us. Trying to take my...
King Lil G song lyrics collection. Browse 73 lyrics and 11 King Lil G albums. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. Top Lyrics of 2010. Top Lyrics of 2009.
King Lil G - If You Don`t Know Lyrics. I wave them up high just like Big Poppa. Hoes love us and they just can't stop us. Trying to take my momma out the hood quickly. Even though
King Lil G - Be A Better Man Lyrics
King Lil G "Be A Better Man": I don't understand you muthafuckas anymore It's like what the fuck you want me to do? I guess be unh...
King Lil G Lyrics, Music, News and Biography
King Lil G, born in 1986 and raised in Inglewood, California, started listening to Hip Hop in the early '90s, to artists like Eazy-E, Bone Thugs-N-Har...
King Lil G - Grow Up Lyrics
Lyrics for Grow Up by King Lil G. Good morning boys and girls … You over there in that black shirt … What you wanna be when ...
King Lil G - Ignorance Lyrics
King Lil G Lyrics "Ignorance" In the 90s... I said fuck school Not knowing it would affect me Ignorance got me blinded I'm hoping the world accepts me But I'm nothing like the popular kids tho Ese's don't fuck around Even the bloods and the crips know My teacher and my principal
King Lil G - My Heart Crys Lyrics
King Lil G "My Heart Crys": Yo I'm wiping the tears from my eyes right now I'm so fucking drunk All because of you baby She's...
King Lil G - Ak47 Lyrics. You Say You A Gangsta Gangsta, Gang-Gang-sta Gangsta You Say You A Gangsta AK Four-Seven Mob I Ain't Gotta Tell Em Who The Fuck We Are I Re
King Lil G - Look How Far Lyrics
My Lil Homies Gang Related Now Bangin' Throw The Hood Up But It Don't Matter What They Say Bitch Look How Far I Made It Now Smashing Thru The City In A Top Down Pretty Bitches Know What I'm About Bitch Look How Far I Made It [Young Drummer Boy:] I Got Jumped In At The Age Of 14 Time Went By Started Meeting More G's My Mom Yelling At Me Son ...
King Lil G - Fuck You Wanna Bee's Lyrics
King Lil G "Fuck You Wanna Bee's": Hello? you said what? I took a picture with your baby's mom? This is for the real g's Fuck you wa...
MC Magic, C-Kan & King Lil G - If I Should Die Lyrics ...
MC Magic, C-Kan & King Lil G "If I Should Die": Ye, ye You know I've heard that uh There's only one thing guaranteed in this life And that's death I...
King Lil G - Cold Christmas Lyrics. [Intro] I wish I could show you my photo album growing up One bedroom apartment, Shit was hard [verse 1] When you drop new songs they
King Lil G - Hopeless Boy Lyrics
[Hook - David Ortiz & King Lil G] [King Lil G:] Oh man, you know what really trips me out is that uh.. People really think I owe them somethin' See I hear people talkin' all the time But its like they don't know the struggle And the shit we gotta go through To get to where we are right now (but I don't owe them a damn thing)
King Lil G - Texas Cups Cali Blunts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Texas Cups Cali Blunts' by King Lil G. Out In Texas Man I Swear To God I Met This Bad Bitch Texas Cups & Cali Blunts I Roll It & Then I Pass It
King Lil G - No Face No Ca$e Lyrics
[Verse 1: King Lil G] I saw your homies snitching on The First 48 It's the first of the month, don't get murked by the gang I said bitch get in the car with the Backwoods Bitches wanna fuck because I rap good Enemies be slippin', they get ambushed Tick tick tock, all I see is dollar signs I was running in the hood but now I run an enterprise
King Lil G - Do You Think of Me Lyrics. I had the most beautiful woman at one point in my life And somehow, someway, I fucked it all up Baby Im sorry for always dissing you Please
King Lil G - Midnite Lyrics
Midnite On My Way To Your Crib And You Got My Heart Pumping Under Moonlight And All I Want Is You Ooooh oooh ooh Yeeaaah Yeeaah All I Want Is You Baby [Outro - King Lil G:] [*Laughs*] That Smile Homie Krypto On The Beat Yeah Droppin' The Instrumental David Ortiz - Lil G Double 9 It's A Double M Collaboration I Know You See Us Uh I Know You See Us
King Lil G - Black Cortez Lyrics. i caught a gun case when i was just a young juvinile mr. gonzalez now u in the gang profile shits tough how do i explain this to ma mother s
King Lil G - No Face No Ca$e Lyrics
King Lil G, I'ma see you next time That's what your bitch said when she had to text mine But I lied to the bitch, I was high with the bitch You see it on my stomach, Double 9 in this bitch You see it on my stomach, Double 9 in this bitch No face no face, (hell no it wasn't me) At the end of the day, (at the end of the day)
King Lil G - Psycho Lyrics. Girl, after I fuck you It's gone change your life boo You better be careful You might go psycho(1) Look at you, why you trippin If you knew
King Lil G - What's The Difference Lyrics
[King Lil G:] Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is king Taking over you new clientele In the middle of the city where is grimmy and greedy I had to pick up a bird you know I'm taking it with me Me and young kato trying to hit us a lick That's when I seen Lil Jojo and the rest of the clique Hold up that's when the car started swerving
King Lil G - Fuck With You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuck With You' by King Lil G. I got money but I'm still sporting black chucks I rep my hood up in your city getting mad love or maybe looking at some titties
King Lil G - Pablo De Medellin feat. Life Lyrics. Pulled up like Pablo I be feelin' like I'm Pablo Pulled up like Pablo Drug money like Pablo Pulled up like I'm Pablo (Pulled up like
King Lil G - Kobe Bryant Legacy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kobe Bryant Legacy' by King Lil G. I was just a kid when I seen Kobe played Back in 96 I was blown away Proud wear a Jersey he was number 8 Its heavy on my heart but I don't show the pain I remember you were sitting on that bench next to Phil Jackson you Dakotas ever since
King Lil G Song Lyrics
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King Lil G - Phone Tap$ Lyrics
[King Lil G:] Yo, I heard they looking for the king I had to come and get it cracking I was young and I was dumb So I would always get distracted I was packing I was active Give a fuck about the rapping On the hood, I didn't cry When my dog was in that casket Even though I felt the pain in my heart I was living under pressure I would pray in ...
King Lil G - Goon$ Lyrics. [Verse 1] I Live In The World Where The Haters Talk Shit About You If You Get Money Man That Shit Is Ugly I Found A Few Connects When
King Lil G - Make U Mine Lyrics
[King Lil G:] I'm not gonna cheat on you no more (for real) I know you always tell me this [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez:] Don't be wasting time With other girls I'm the only one You need Wanna make you mine And run the world Cause this women needs a king Boy just take your time And think about What you wanna do to me Cause I ain't the kind Who ...
King Lil G - Out to Get Me Lyrics. [Hook: PJ The Gator] Oh When I'm Rolling In The Streets What Do I See? I See Reflections In The Mirror Plotting On Me Seems Everybody I
King Lil G - No Reason Lyrics. Been a minute ive been livin' on the South Side Lil hatin' motha fuckas on my time line And ive been cheatin on my girl for No Reason Maybe
King Lil G - Windows Down Lyrics
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] Rollin' through the city Its amazin', bang Never gonna see me With a basic, bitch Never gave a fuck about a hater, no Girl you wanna kick it Better keep it, low Low, low, low My eyes so low Throw money in the sky Falling down slow-mo Black hoodie on With the hat to the back South gate city Put it back on the map I rep it ...
King Lil G - Joey And Jasmine Lyrics
King Lil G "Joey And Jasmine": This is a story Bout my lil homie joey So joey started selling more drugs Than my older homies Mutha...
King Lil G - Look How Far feat. Young Drummer Boy Lyrics
King Lil G - Look How Far feat. Young Drummer Boy Lyrics. [Verse 1] Bitch Look How Far We Made It All My Homies Gang Related Where I'm From We Catching Fades All These Hoes Wanna Be Famous Keep
King Lil G - Gang Signs Lyrics. Throwin' up a gang sign Raised up in the hood Throwin' up a gang sign Raised up in the hood Throwin' up a gang sign Raised up in the hood T
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