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Badshah - She Move It Like Lyrics
She move it like [x4] Naa ginn naa ginn Kitne shots piye na ginn Phir kabhi baayein Phir kabhi daayein Naache tu jaise naagin Kahin tera phone, hai kahin tere shoes Thodi gussail hai thodi confuse Hai lagti hai pyari par udey tere fuse Dil kare break tu breaking news Tere pretty face pe fass gaya Ghalti huyi main tujhe dekh ke hans gaya
Young Buck - Move It Like I Do Lyrics
with your hoe, she put her head down then i go slow i go (Oh Oh) then i drop her of at you door back to the money like they stole sumthing from me, a carck full of goones with there nose all runny a full moon (Ohhh), it's got me graulling, can't go in the house untill a made a couple thousand
Cardi B - I Like It Lyrics
Tell the driver, close the curtains (I said I like it like that) Bad bitch make you nervous (I said I like it) Chambean, chambean, pero no jalan (¡Jalan!) Tú compras to'a las Jordan, bobo, a mí me las regalan (jejeje) I spend in the club (wuh), what you have in the bank (yeh) This is the new religion, bang, en Latino gang, gang, yeh.
Sean Kingston - She Moves Lyrics
"She Moves" lyrics. Sean Kingston Lyrics "She Moves" ... Never thought a girl can me me feel this way eh She's the king of girl that I wanna keep on my side eh The way she walk in them heals got me tryin to get it started Long hair, dark brown eyes, not turn the light we mesmorized ... The way that she move, the way that she talk Got me so ...
King Lil G - Nobody Move Lyrics
She wanna smoke and have sex She got a crush on young Senatra But I'm too busy living proper A ghetto boy with big dreams I dream of Grammys and the Oscars Nobody move, nobody gets hurt (Boom, bitch) Nobody move, nobody gets murked (Boom, bitch) Nobody move, nobody gets hurt (Boom, bitch) Nobody move and nobody gets murked [King Lil G:]
Hustle Gang - What You Gon' Do Bout It Lyrics
"What You Gon' Do Bout It" (performed by Zuse, T.I., Trae Tha Truth, Spodee) ... Spot a pussy nigga I don't like Walk up on his ass take flight All my nigga gon' fight Natural when we see you on sight Check it Pussy nigga die every time I bless 'em Till the other side recognize my message-Disrespect the city' king [?] Black his eye get his ass ...
The Lacs - Shake It Lyrics
Cause I ain't never seen a country girl shake it like that. [Chorus:] I ain't never seen no country girl shake, shake it like that. Shake it, shake it, shake it baby shake it. ... Keith Richardson, Clay Sharpe, Brian King, Jared Sciullo, Justin Spillner. AZLyrics. L. The Lacs Lyrics. album: "190 Proof" (2012) 190 Proof. Drinks Up. Po Dunk ...
The Party Cats - I Like to Move It from Madagascar Lyrics ...
I Like To Move It Move It I Like To Move It Move It I Like To Move It Move It You Like To.... Type song title, artist or lyrics ... This Little Story That My Daddy Used To Tell Me, He Was A King As Well. I Was Born, Probably About 68 Years Ago Over By That Tree Over There, Yeah. And I Remember Things Changed A Lot In Those Days, In Madagascar ...
Mickey Valen feat. King Deco - Move That Body Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Move That Body by Mickey Valen feat. King Deco. ... So tell that she can move I really wanna move Move that body Move that body Move that body Move that body Yeah When did she become your go to I guess she's me without the attitude It's time to put it in your way of view Eia eia Looks like you need to be rescued You're asking what ...
King Von - Hoes Ain't Shit Lyrics
But she had me fooled, took that bitch to the block now she fuckin' on Duke See these hoes be fu, she fuckin' on me and she fuckin' on you They in love with the crew For the money and fame it's a shame what they do I had a bitch, had to change how I move She was bipolar, kept changin' her mood Callin' her brother, like what he gon' do
She Don't Move Me No More (Digitally Remastered) 13. She's A Mean Woman (Digitally Remastered) 14. She's Dynamite (Digitally Remastered) 15. That Ain't The Way To Do It (Digitally Remastered) 16. The Other Night Blues (Digitally Remastered) 17. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (Digitally Remastered) 18. Whole Lotta Love (Digitally Remastered) 19.
King Louie - That's How We Move Lyrics
King Louie "That's How We Move": Honey B with the cool, that's how we move, My young boys got the tool, that's how we move. Got the t...
Lil Wayne - DontGetIt Lyrics
You move him out, bring him to jail for life And then you move in a sex offender, heh heh heh They giving me a paper, heh heh hah Is that a misunderstanding, cause I don't understand it Another thing, let me take my glasses off Cause I want to see the reaction on the faces when I say this Uhh, Mr. Al Sharpton; here's why I don't respect you
Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake - King's ...
A king in the title of the song is King T'Chaka from the film "Captain America: Civil War". Jay Rock made a song with Future and James Blake for the first time. This song is the second single from the film's soundtrack and the lead single from Jay Rock's third album.
King 810 - What's Gotten Into Me Lyrics
What's gotten into me What's gotten into me Desert and rain, pleasure and pain, natural enemies What's gotten into me What's gotten into me Right in the street, shots at police, what's gotten into me It's the boogeyman, I make grown men look like children I got an angel and a devil and they move in tandem, one holds my hand and one holds my handgun
Hey baby, you ain't treatin' me rightYou go off everyday and don't come home till nightThat ain't the way to do itThat ain't the way to do itThat ain't the way to do itThat ain't the way to get alongWell, I'm pickin' you up and take you to my houseNow you've got up ...
Protoje - Like This Lyrics
So I'ma do my thing like this Rock to di riddim like this She love it when I sing like this, like this, like this When I'm up in that groove like this Girl I love it when you move like this So tell me how you are gon' lose like this, like this, like this Girl I was on a plane with it Almost half the time we have to make visit
Jaye Cooley - Lay It On Me Now Lyrics
Chores (1x) baby got tricks and she can move it like that she can giv a kiss and i can give her one back i want it baby she wanna lay it on me now lay it on me now she dont wanna wait she dont wanna wait cloths off before mine sayin my name a bunch of times telling me she likes it she wanna bite it she just cant fite it this girl is craving for more and she's down to do more 1st Verse i got ...
Childish Gambino - Move That Dope / Nextel Chirp / Let ...
Lyrics to 'Move That Dope / Nextel Chirp / Let Your Hair Blow' by Childish Gambino. Whippin' the Lam', whippin' and grippin' the Lam' Niggas like 'bino the man, I was like damn I was allergic to not makin' money, the timing was perfect They used to not pay him no never mind Niggas these numbers don't ever lie
Travis Scott - SICKO MODE Lyrics
Like where is he, no one seen him (yeah, what) I'm tryna clean 'em (yeah) She's in love with who I am Back in high school, I used to bust it to the dance Now I hit that epi-o with duffles in my hand (whoo!) I did half a Xan, thirteen hours til I land Had me out like a light Like a light, like a light, like a light Like a light, like a light ...
Logic - Midnight Lyrics
Old girl wanna fuck me, yeah she fine I'ma give her that D Out with the homies, I be Sippin' on somethin', oh shit, I might need an IV Permanently, permanently Oh no Bobby, don't do 'em like that You gon' fuck around and leave 'em ruined like that RattPack the gang, they all on my back RattPack the gang, we do it like that No, don't do 'em like ...
Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder - King Shit Lyrics
King shit Perfect weather, perfect temperature Travelling all the time, passport of an adventurer I need a royal court fit for an emperor That's king shit Perfect weather, perfect temperature [GQ:] I used to wish for all of this, no really I mean I went through hell just to be like spawn for this If you ain't travelling you might not be too ...
Kirko Bangz - Pole Lyrics
Say she in King of Diamonds Monday Ain't scared to get that money In back in church by Sunday But we all know shes in love with that pole, pole, pole Shes in love with that pole, pole, pole Ugh, say she in school Tuesday through Friday Friday night thats my day But Saturday through Sunday, she bout money She ain't scared of that pole, pole, pole She ain't scared of that pole, pole, pole
Badshah She Move It Like - Official Video
She Move It Like - Official Video | Badshah | Warina Hussain | ONE Album | Arvindr Khaira The No.1 Rap King of the Nation, BADSHAH, created history with his first album O.N.E. Packed with 17 Super Hit chartbusting tracks! Be it DJ Waley Babu or Heartless, this Hit Machine has made sure he shows no MERCY. From being an underground Rapper to ...
I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it Ya like to (Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. ... THAT MY DADDY USED TO TELL ME HE WAS A KING AS WELL I WAS BORN, PROBABLY ABOUT 68 YEARS AGO OVER BY
King Louie - Old Bitch Lyrics
Thinking 'bout my old bitch I'd fuck my old bitch Pocket full of bands like my old whip Smoking on that crank daddy That's my old pimp Catch a nigga like it, it's a wrap, no gift Everyday I'm high, smoking, nose bleed Like I'm tryina o.d., my hoes call me 'Goldie' I'm acting like I flip up, all I know is sucker free
1TakeJay - This Beat Hit (Wall Flower) Lyrics
Bitch, I feel like MJ with my J's on (J's on) The only nigga in the club with my shades on (shades on) I'm the flyest like Lebron I always change clothes (Ouuu) 2 3 in LA the king came home We got the same 24 what you hatin on (what you hatin on) These niggas always in their feelins like a Drake song (Bop) Your pockets broke my advice, is stay ...
Drake - 10 Bands Lyrics
Treating diamonds of Atlanta like it's king of diamonds Take a flick I look like Meechy look like Bleu DaVinci I treat V Live like it's 07 in Magic City Man I told my city I'd be gone till November, then November came Then I came, right back on my worst behav' 6 God put both hands together that's amazing grace 6 God selfish with the love, I ...
Kirko Bangz - That Pole Lyrics
She ain't scared of that pole, pole, pole Said she in love with that pole She so in love with that pole She love wakin up, love wakin up, wakin up with that doe I love it when she come home all the way drunk and all the way throwed Said "boy be on that way, so you call me on that road Got that drink up in my cup but that don't mean that I move slow
King Staccz - Pretty Face Lyrics
It's like one in the morning right now She got a pretty face, pretty waist, she's a dinner plate She's the reason that my heart gon' break if she walk away How you look good from the back like this? Eyes got a heart so I rap like this She held it down 'til I turned to a prince Now I'm a king, baby, look at the wrist
Matt Maeson - Cringe Lyrics
Lover come over, kick up the dust. I've got a secret starting to rust. She said, I'm looking like a bad man, smooth criminal. She said, my spirit doesn't move like it did before. She said, that I don't look like me no more, no more. I said, I'm just tired, she said, you're just high. And I said, I saw you in the water.
Meek Mill - R.I.C.O. Lyrics
My dad is from Memphis, and I am the king I should probably just move in to Graceland Madonna's a ting I know and I'm the king of pop I'm building Never-Never Land How he hate me when I never met the man We might just get hit with the R.I.C.O. [Meek Mill:] Meek Milly! 'Cause we in the field with them birds like we play for the Eagles
Dean Martin - Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are Coming In ...
[Both] Open up the doghouse [Both] Open up the doghouse [Both] Rover Rover move it over two cats are coming in [D] Nat you look like a man with a story [N] I sure have [N] I told my wife we oughta save money [N] That's the way it's gotta be [D] Oh gotta gotta be that way [N] She cancelled all the charge accounts gave all the gold to me [D] Well I can't see what you did wrong - I Like To Move It Lyrics
I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it I like to move it, move it We like to move it! I like to move it, move it She like to move it, move it We like to move it, move it We like to move it! Keep on jumpin' off the floor Dancin' 'til your feet is sore Party hard just like a smarty girl 'Cause that's what life is for (Yeah!)
Lil Durk - Like That Lyrics
Hoes ain't shit, her baby daddy, she killed both of them [King Von (Lil Durk):] Why you walk like that? Why you talk like that? (He told) Why you move like that? (Let's get it) Why you shoot like that? (He old) Why you lack like that? (Yeah) Why act like that? (Let's get it) Why you fu like that? (Why you fu?) You make the news like that (Yeah)
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