Know its not my birthday but imma get some cake oay lyrics

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YFN Lucci - Talk That Shit Lyrics
Feb 20, 2016 Got game like Jesus Hot boy propane no fever I got niggas on the doc like a hever Bitch io... ... Bitch ion't get left I'ma leaver A couple homies went left ion't need 'em ... in one Put some cake on a nigga head on his birthday then he dead ... know ya I demand my respect but sorry I cannot comprehend if it's ...
J. STALIN LYRICS - Everyday My Birthday
Lyrics to "Everyday My Birthday" song by J. STALIN: Lookin' back and all them years I ... I'm gettin' cake like errday my birthday, AYE! ... a nigga real picky, you know I'm still in the game like Barry Bonds fuck wid me I get it 6 to 5? shit I try, ... hate cuz they money lil like micro chip but real niggas bounce back like Michael Vick.
Rihanna - Birthday Cake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Birthday Cake' by Rihanna. Come and put your ... it's good to share. print correct ... Ba-ba-baby, uh. It's not even my birthday. But he want to lick the icing off. I know you want it in the worst way ... Just get up on my body. Songwriters
Lyrics to "Decisions" song by BORGORE: Decisions, but I want it all, so I get it all. ... I'm not sharing, I'm not... ... Everyday's my birthday, cause bitches love cake.
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Money On My Mind
Lyrics to "Money On My Mind" song by LIL' WAYNE: Yeah Money on my mind Money on my mind Money on ... That cake like it's it's my birthday ... I'm diggin in the game tryna get some money out her ... I know its crazy but I can't get enough baby ... Oh No · Grown Man · Hit Em Up · Carter II · Hustler Musik · Receipt · Shooter
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Stuntin' Like My Daddy
Lyrics to "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" song by LIL' WAYNE: Vrooom On A Yamaha Chromed Out 11 Hundred ... It Ain't My Birthday But I Got My Name On the Cake
Lyrics to "Ready Or Not" song by MEEK MILL: Ready or not, here I come You can' t ... They say there down for the team but playin' two damn sides ... And when its looking sunny these niggas will rain on you ... I'm barely getting time to see my son and then she heard of me ... And I don't know why, I just feel like I'm the one
Lyrics to "Party" song by CHRIS BROWN: Oh, hey Yeah, it's Breezy Yeah, ... When I'm with my clique, we know how to party ... Girl, get your money up, I ain't even mad at you ... It's my birthday with the cake, fuck it up, then let me eat it ... Girl, come to my place, but don't bring no clothes ... 'Cause I'm just tryna pay some bills
Every day my birthday, yeah bitch I get cake. You better get dough, ho you know I taught you better. Take all his ... they have no. Choice but to watch the neon lights with my name lit ... You're not a pimp, put that on Pimp, you a fraud ... Fill her up with the gumption to hit the ground running, and go and get me some gators
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Birthday Song
Lyrics to "Birthday Song" song by 2 CHAINZ: Yeah Birthday, it's your birthday If I die bury me inside the Louis store ... All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe
J. COLE LYRICS - Can't Get Enough
Lyrics to "Can't Get Enough" song by J. COLE: (I need that) Cole World (I need that) Southside ... Now I ain't got no kids yet, but this right here's for practice ... Make an old man get his glasses, make Wesley pay his taxes ... And I ain't comin' off of my last name, 'cause I really can't take no stressing ... And everybody knows
Nicki Minaj - I'm Legit Lyrics
Plus pay the rent fo' me. If we in the ... All them bitches is my sons but who's the daddy ... Watcha done did I need some referrals ... I said well my name Nicki and it's nice to meet ya. If ya really wanna know I give ya my procedure ... Ain't at no wedding but all my girls cake tops ... Imma burn the beat down no matches though
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - I Ain't Nervous
Gettin cake like I'm Jewish My nigga ... Ain't got no problems in this bitch for certain. I see you ... Have my pants saggin like fuck it. I'm still on my business, spent my birthday in jail ... If niggas think it's a game I leave their brains on their jerseys ... She said I didn't know your dick was a recliner ... But I swear to God he heard it
Uptown Beezy, lil' Jeremy nook in my brother sprite no talkin' Bring yappas out ... I ain't got shit to do but cook like I was from Virginia These niggas ... My pants saggin' in this bitch, don't give a fuck who feel me. And if you ... I know some pussy niggas scared, probably hide bout it ... Yea it's, up there, up there, up there. Did a ...
I know you want me girl, in fact I see ya grin. Now come ... Give me my Ventolin inhaler and two Xenadrine And I'll invite ... Matter fact, make me a birthday cake
She says I'm a dog, but it takes one to know one, alright. And I can go ... See I prefer the floor, not the bed. Fiendin' for me, I can get it wet. She says I'm a ... Shawty need some transportation, but she can't afford it. How bout ... Take my time gripping on her waist line. Started this at night now it's approachin' daylight. She says ...
What I do, through and through and I gave you the news with a twist it's just his ghetto point of view ... I ain't no politician but I'll kick it within a minute. Cause see  ...
NICKI MINAJ - Don't Hurt Me lyrics
Jun 15, 2016 Tryna get up in my head, now that's a headache ... She wanna spend some time, now that's a Rollie Shawty ride the dick, just like it's stolen ... Ain't no need to talk ... You know I like it naughty, naughty, naughty ... I just wanna fuck, and get my cake ate ... But let's face it, I'm Curry, with rings like LeBron
"Hey man, get the valet man" "Man slide me down right here in the front, m... ... You know the way that Gucci play, don't make me go in my safe ... They think I got a weight problem I get so much cake ... They tried to kill my partner Rick Ross on his birthday ... And your momma may not tell you, but I bet your sister like me
DRAKE LYRICS - Free Spirit
Lyrics to "Free Spirit" song by DRAKE: Tat my name on you girl so I know it's real Tat my fucking ... They told me shit would change, but I don't really see no change in us ... I could Western Union some money, get your passport and then come
Lyrics to "Freaky Girl" song by NICKI MINAJ: Oh I get it oh okay niggas tryna niggas tryna tryna ... Shit how you gone do a freaky girl song and not include nicki minaj. I mean come on now you know my fuckin name "let's get it" ... Fuck I look like turning down some head I mean that's sorta like a bird turning down some bread.
Lil' B - G.O.R (God Of Rap) Lyrics
Yup and she get dope the balloons. Put it up ... [Interlude] Its Lil B, God Of rap - welcome to the first level ... Lil B BasedGod, I still know the BasedGod ... Im dying everyday but Im living in the moment ... Finna go push a cake, wrapped in the car, its my birthday ... Niggas do a lot of bad its no honor wit you ... But Ima step back
TRINA LYRICS - That's My Attitude
Lyrics to "That's My Attitude" song by TRINA: Money over everything (thats my attitude) Still the baddest bitch in ... Talk to ya man when I get ready (thats my attitude) ... And I aint gotta say it, you already know the name. ... Hate to brag, but I got a hundred in that, new louie bag ... Like I'm the birthday girl, its time to celebrate
Flow safe cubin links more cake u would think, It's our birth day bitches thirsty but we never let em drink, First class ... on my feet, Or either chuck taylors get money fuck haters, ... But the truth is I'm not used to this new way I make my livin, ... Never had to pay that, Get ... All money in I'm droppin after Nip ain't that some shit ,
Wamp-wamp, oh, I'ma get you wet-wet (Jeffery) Wamp-wamp, lil ... Bet that cause I'm 75% that lil mama got some wet-wet. Psh, it's wet-wet now she squirt it on the bed. She squirt on me, we ... Cause I'ma know you the best-best-best, yes. I'm stand up like the ... Claimin' the kid not my baby. But taste the cake. I gotta have a  ...
Lyrics to "All Good" song by MIGOS: Baby keep on calling my phone Wanna know ... Wanna know when I'm a come home ... But it's all good though ... That you wanna get up out the hood though ... Ok I be on a private jet to Portuguese to just pick up some Benjamin Franklins ... Mama told me don't eat no sauce from no hoes
I'm S-A-G-E, who would like to know? ... It's, pretty nigga mobbing, just the way that I grew ... And you mad cause I spoon, but I don't give a fork ... On my way to the cake, no bake-ery. Oops ... When I hit the stage, man, the club wanna pay me
Mike Sherm - 32 Bars Lyrics
Mar 22, 2016 If the bitch hella broke she get no chance. Spent more for my belt than my fucking pants. Ion stack I got fucking bands. I'm a young nigga but ...
DRAKE LYRICS - 305 To My City
Lyrics to "305 To My City" song by DRAKE: Drop down, drop-drop Shit is real ... Now shit down in diamonds, you sparkle but fuck man is sparklin' enough for you ? ... Tonight was your night, go get you some lobsters and shrimp. You smart and you know it, I get it I get it you outdo these pimps ... We're not in Kansas anymore.
You Know I'm the man, hoe? Nothing but a bird, I'm ... You ain't nothing but a creeper, baby I'm just saying, though. Saying, though ... Gotta get my partner some, she on me like Adidas Baby, you can't ... Please don't play no games ' cause I know just what you like. Knock it off the frame, baby girl, it's alright. Yeah, that pussy ...
Critics Man Critics Never Got Nothin Nice To Say man You know the one thing I noti... ... Well imma tell em [Verse 1:] Yesterday my dog died, I hog tied a ho, tied her in a bow ... So ya better get lower than Flo-Rida inside of a lowrider with no tires in the hole ... This aint a song its a warnin to brooke, hogan and david cook
Joell Ortiz - Music Saved My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Music Saved My Life' by Joell Ortiz. ... Imma have all noise on the street where we are from ... Came up in the hood but everybody was there get the best they could ... Im paying back boy let me pay you back ... All we knew is the hustle, we never know no better ... On my ten birthday she tell me to make a wish
G-EAZY LYRICS - Lotta That
I got a lot of hoes, all up on my dick. I got a lot of o's, all up ... Yeah I get a lot of checks and yeah I have a lot of sex ... Whiskey no rum ... Still going dumb cause I know where I'm from ... Heard you got some new shit coming ... These ain't Louboutins, but there's red on my shoe ... Holler at my at my manager it's 10 K for a verse
Nappy Roots - Good Day Lyrics
Let's begin now / You know today I just woke up and I said / You know instead of waitin' on a good day ... it's good to share ... Heyyy we're gonna have a good day ... Get back when I can just playin' my part ... Last night I hit the pick tree bought some Air Force ones ... So if they ain't speakin' to soon but this is a hell of a day
I get it in 'til sunrise. Doing 90 in a 65 ... Number one hustler get money. Why do you wanna count my money? I'm a hustler ... Homie I got cake that's what I'm paying them for (aha!) Ain't that funny? 'cause niggas want war but ain't got money 'cause I've ... I send some niggas with guns to you all house ... We, know magic turn
YO GOTTI LYRICS - After I Fuck Your Bitch
No fuckin' beef about it. Or I'll take ... [Verse 1] Now all y'all niggas know pimpin' ain't dead ... I'm sittin' on a brick and half, nothin' but old. These niggas lookin stupid it's hard to swallow. Imagine ... Then Imma tell you bout it. If you a ... My nigga better watch your bitch, cause she been creepin' ... Get your ass in a world of shit
Lyrics to "So Wavy" song by MAX B: It's ya boy (Yeah) Hollywood Fergie Dj Dyber , ... It's a Gain Greene wave baby ... I can get you lipstick, hundred dollar lipstick ... V-12, Oww, know you like my style, wavy ... Like the Cosby kids, or some mom and kids, I call 'em quote heads. What ya gonna do, I guess I get my cake up
Drake - From Time Lyrics
it's good to share. print correct ... That's why you trust me, I know you've been through more than most of us ... Darling you, you give but you cannot take love ... Just me and my old man getting back to basics ... Know we were going through some shit, name a couple that isn't ... Drake - Drake - No Tellin' Lyrics Lyric Video.
Eminem - We Made You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Made You' by Eminem: Know you want / Can really blame you (who can really blame you) We're the ones. ... it's good to share ... He does not mean to lesbian offend. But Lindsay please come back to seeing men ... Give me my Ventolin inhaler and two Excedrin And I'll ... Matter fact bake me a birthday cake
Usher - I Don't Mind Lyrics
it's good to share. print correct ... 'Cause I know how it is, go and handle your biz. And get ... Your body rock and your booty poppin', I'm proud to call you my bitch. They be lookin', but they can't touch you, shawty, I'm the only one to get it. So just go ... Have her own cake, her own place, blow her own gas, no role' When we in  ...

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