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Kool Keith - Livin' Astro Lyrics
[Kool Keith] Yeah Every morning I wake up lookin' in the mirror. I am the original black Elvis That's right; when you see me with my wig to the side. Wearin' my ...
Kool Keith - Operation Extortion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Operation Extortion' by Kool Keith. Ima cancel all the studios, Ima find you in New York / You fucked it up for everybody / When I see you Ima punch.
Kool Keith - Intro Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intro' by Kool Keith. So what do you think doctor? was i.... / I didn't mean to. / Scientific detachment. ha! / Professional ethics / I'm not just a.
Kool Keith - Girls In Jail Lyrics
[Kool Keith] The date - summer, August 25th. You was transferred from Riker's Island to Attica State Prison Gina, Thompson I told you you shouldn'ta went out ...
Kool Keith - Plastic World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plastic World' by Kool Keith. Yeah cool Keith should keep it real / He should rap about space and Mars... / Yo I'm tired of looking at everybody.
Kool Keith Lyrics
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Ultramagnetic MC's - Kool Keith Housing Things Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kool Keith Housing Things' by Ultramagnetic MC's. Well, I'm sonically, high bionically / For you dummies, ironically stupid / What are you, Cupid? /
Kool Keith - The Girls Don't Like The Job Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Girls Don't Like The Job' by Kool Keith. Hello did Cathy come in today or what? / I'm startin' to not to like what's she's doin' at me / She's.
Kool Keith - Captain Save Em Lyrics
[Kool Keith: talking] Yeah All you ladies walkin around in the club. With them fake engagement rings on. Acting like you married. The Captain is here. We shall ...
Kool Keith - Drugs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drugs' by Kool Keith. (Back in the 70's, it was all about drugs..) / Tie my arm up at night between shows / Takin soda tops off of soda pops / I used.
Kool Keith - Still The Best Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still The Best' by Kool Keith. Yeah / American and European national champion / cool Keith you know who I am / The master man Willie Biggs big.
Kool Keith - Make Up Your Mind Lyrics
[Kool Keith] Yeah.. so you called me last night. You was kinda confused huh? You didn't know what to do. All excited over these football players and baseball ...
Kool Keith - Freaks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freaks' by Kool Keith. Freaks get naked, freaks get naked / Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby / Freaks get naked, freaks get naked /
Kool Keith - Fine Girls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fine Girls' by Kool Keith. / I dial your home phone / Know your code and area zone / You trapped in mom's house, restrictions feel like Minnie Mouse.
Kool Keith - F - U M. F. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'F - U M. F.' by Kool Keith. So what you got your first deal? / Who you signed with, nigga? / Epic? / Def jam? / I don't give a fuck if you're with.
Kool Keith - Girls Would U F*ck Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girls Would U F*ck Tonight' by Kool Keith. {*girl moans in the background* / Yo Keith, yo this is Mark yo / I got this fine-ass bitch in the Pelican.
Kool Keith - Keith Turbo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keith Turbo' by Kool Keith. New York City! (Keith Turbo) / You're listening to the number one / The one and only (Keith Turbo) / Keith (Keith Turbo)
Kool Keith - Lovely Lady Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lovely Lady' by Kool Keith. Lovely lady girl you drive me crazy / I know this girl with her own crib in isolation / She's from Puerto Rico half.
Kool Keith - Maxi Curls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maxi Curls' by Kool Keith. / Maxi curl, activator / Brought to you by, cool Keith.
Kool Keith - Regular Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Regular Girl' by Kool Keith. Yo money / Yeah whassup cool Keith? / Yo that girl Kadiva gon' come to your house / With, blonde hair and boots / Tell.
Kool Keith - Eldaradoe's Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eldaradoe's' by Kool Keith. Two-thousand-two, worldwide! Everywhere.. / International.. / Yeah, I used to come on the block, and many girls would.
Kool Keith - Girls Want You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girls Want You' by Kool Keith. Oh yeah, Kool Keith baby / Girls want you to suck them clits, they want you / Girls want you to suck them tits, they.
Kool Keith - Extravagant Traveler Lyrics
Kool Keith Checkin out of the Venetian Hotel That's right, flight to Africa Mastercharge, yeah. Extravagant traveler, Puerto Rico out to Africa Extravagant traveler ...
Kool Keith - N.B.A. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'N.B.A.' by Kool Keith. Yeah... a message to the N.B.A. ('well that's alright' ) / The National, Basketball, Association / We begin ('well that's.
Kool Keith - Break U Off Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Break U Off' by Kool Keith. Yeah, I saw you, I see you too / I peeped you out, oh, you watchin' me? / I know where you go, no, you don't / I'm.
Kool Keith - Tess Shit Lyrics
Motherfucker I'm Kool Keith, motherfucker I'm cursin. You know I'm the type of guy to piss. And throw shit in your face if you're the right person. I don't give a fuck ...
Kool Keith - Lost In Space Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost in Space' by Kool Keith. Blast full at ten, Keith still solo with no manager / Them lock out, studios, need to block out / Here's my number call.
Kool Keith - Girl You Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girl You Know' by Kool Keith. You know the outcome / Girl, you know the game and when you start to run / Who is this new guy? Thinkin' he's funky /
Kool Keith - I Don't Believe You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Believe You' by Kool Keith. Yo, youre lying, hes lying and shes lying / My man over there hes lying, you know what? / Youre building up a.
Kool Keith - New York City Lyrics
New York City, we piss in it, we live in it. We die, we all take shits in it. [Kool Keith] There's a million albums out there with that opera and Shakespeare shit
I've been thinking about Kool Keith's ass for a long time now. Thinkin about how I gotta get out find out where he hangs out with his pants down. I know he likes ...
Kool Keith - Jealous Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jealous' by Kool Keith. I used to be at Mars with Flex; now everything changed / He was the only one in the room DJing - empty room / He was cool.
Kool Keith - Get Off My Elevator Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Off My Elevator' by Kool Keith. Get off my elevator! / (Security will escort you out the building) / Get off my elevator! / (That woman is very.
Kool Keith - Dark Vader Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dark Vader' by Kool Keith. Yes / I have two tickets to the NAACP Awards / The Image Awards / Secret Servicemen, you can sit down / My seats are in.
Kool Keith - I Don't Play Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Play' by Kool Keith. Yo yo yo / Worldwide worldwide / Cool Keith in Bronx housing / Ninety nine 2000 / As we get biz yeah / I'ma let you.
Kool Keith - Sly We Fly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sly We Fly' by Kool Keith. I'm known to fence ya with my black mask MC's go to hell / And I'm the obtuse and acute guy / I'm known as Motion Noggin.
Kool Keith - Mack Trucks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mack Trucks' by Kool Keith. Yeah, 2003 / Big Lou and company / Macks, Peterbilts, GMC's, white freight liners / Volvos, Marlins, Internationals /
Kool Keith - Concert Intro Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Concert Intro' by Kool Keith. INSTRUMENTAL.
Kool Keith - Sex Style Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sex Style' by Kool Keith. 'Now the first drop of juice is there for her to see / Honey that's when she backs off and just lick her teeth...' /
Kool Keith - Clifton Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Clifton' by Kool Keith. / My name is Cadillac Clifton Santiago / At the bodega, I need a fat sandwich major / You know my switches, Impala drop,

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