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Leona Naess - Christmas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Christmas' by Leona Naess. Words are falling form your lips like Christmas to my hips / So dangerous the strangest feeling of being / I want willow.
Leona Naess - Charm Attack Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Charm Attack' by Leona Naess. He's the kind of guy who's always passin' by / And never has time to spend / And he'll take you for a spin / And won't .
Leona Naess - Calling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Calling' by Leona Naess. Roll the carpet and pour out the wine / Treat me like its your first valentine / 'cause honey, baby, you've been on my mind.
Leona Naess - Ballerina Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ballerina' by Leona Naess: The lights went.
Leona Naess - Lazy Days Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lazy Days' by Leona Naess. Why can't you be with me? / Watching American TV / We'll order in Chinese / And ask the world to stay away, please ...
Leona Naess - Anything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anything' by Leona Naess. Where, where are we? / It got so misty I couldn't see / And as you lay your head / On this sunken bed / Do you regret me? /
Leona Naess - Earthquake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Earthquake' by Leona Naess. Baby, there's no sense in this crazy / Why bring him to us / To take him away / Well, they'll be / No more holidays / In.
Leona Naess - He's Gone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'He's Gone' by Leona Naess. He has gone like meaning from a song / He is gone like a vampire in the sun / Apologies, but no 'Thank You's' please ...
Leona Naess - All I Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All I Want' by Leona Naess. All I want is the king of stone / Who's got me sprung then thrown / Maybe it was the drinking / That had me thinking /
Leona Naess - All The Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All the Stars' by Leona Naess. You killed the 80's with another love song / And well the 90's I'm happy they're gone / Oh baby now that you've joined.
Leona Naess - Star Signs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Star Signs' by Leona Naess. And I still love him tonight / No distance or time can bite / And I still feel out of place / In crowded rooms and the.
Leona Naess - Boys Like You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Boys Like You' by Leona Naess. Blue light / Flashing in my heart tonight / Telling me that I'm alright / And will be for some time / Leave me now /
Leona Naess - How Sweet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'How Sweet' by Leona Naess. I'm letting it go / Oh, gonna tear it apart / Go back to the start / Pull the strings of my little heart / Oh, gonna build.
Leona Naess - Mexico Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mexico' by Leona Naess. Where there's wrong there's always right / That's what's kept us on this road tonight. / Sand as far as the eye can see /
Leona Naess - Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Home' by Leona Naess. Home, I don't know where you could be / Look for you in mountains of oceans across the sea / Though we live under the same ...
Leona Naess - Don't Use My Broken Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Use My Broken Heart' by Leona Naess. Don't use my broken heart , to pick up other girls / You know as well as I do, should I remind / But yours.
Leona Naess - Shiny On The Inside Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shiny On The Inside' by Leona Naess. You're easily amused by what you use / By what you use on the outside / But it's what shines like silver and.
Leona Naess - Promise To Try Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Promise to Try' by Leona Naess. all the shadows have made ladders / and all that mattered, yes all that matters / is lifted from view / as i'm gazing.
Leona Naess - Dues To Pay Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dues to Pay' by Leona Naess. The moon sits above the streets / Echo the beats of the lonely city feet / As my heart sits inside it's cage / Talks.
Leona Naess - Mayor Of Your Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mayor of Your Town' by Leona Naess. Please don't chase this / It's too late, you won't wake this / I got my hi tech radio wreck, 45 to keep me alive.
Leona Naess - Comatised Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Comatised' by Leona Naess. Two days today / Don't carry much weight / But all the stars are here / And they've made it quite clear / That I am alive.
Leona Naess - Chosen Family Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chosen Family' by Leona Naess. He is no Casanova / He is no push over / He is no king, and I hope he is no queen / He is kind, and I know you'll.
Leona Naess - Paper Thin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Paper Thin' by Leona Naess. Delicate is your heart / If you move, it may stop / You run around unaware / How delicate each beat / Trembles in my ear.
Leona Naess - Sunny Sunday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sunny Sunday' by Leona Naess. couldn't sleep his skin it smelled so sweet / I couldn't stay, I'm sorry I had to creep away / I closed the door and.
Leona Naess - Un Named Lyrics. Take my lips and place them upon you, Catch my eyes and let them design you, Grab these arms and wrap them around ...
Leona Naess - Northern Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Northern Star' by Leona Naess. Northern Star / Come down from where you are / You've hung yourself so strangely / My northern star / Your three ...
Leona Naess - One Kind Of Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Kind of Love' by Leona Naess. Speak to me in rhymes / And all kinds of pretty words to defend my world / Tell me it's divine that war keeps.
Leona Naess - Weak Strong Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weak Strong Heart' by Leona Naess. I have a weak strong heart, suffers every time / we are apart / In my small room / Carries the dark and the gloom.
Leona Naess - Moon And I Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Moon And I' by Leona Naess. The moon slides across Baltimore / From Miami to the Jersey shore / Leading me home to your door / Leading me home ...
Leona Naess - I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll' by Leona Naess. Hear me now like you did back then / With an underground feeling and a solid goal -oh / So.
Leona Naess - Lonely Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonely Boy' by Leona Naess. He fills the room like Champagne / Into an empty glass / As they slither to him like snakes / Through the grass / His.
Leona Naess - Yes, It's Called Desire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yes, It's Called Desire' by Leona Naess. Sweet melodies bring bitter memories / Sing in my ear and drown out my heart / Who will it be to silence the.
Leona Naess - Blue Eyed Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Eyed Baby' by Leona Naess. Now that it's over / Now that it's gone / Now that I'm sober / With every love song / I hear you in my sleep / I hear.
Soundtrack - Calling-Leona Naess Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Calling-Leona Naess' by Soundtrack. Roll the carpet and pour out the wine / Treat me like its your first valentine / 'cause hunny baby youve been on.
Leona Naess - Heavy Like Sunday lyrics
Lyrics for Heavy Like Sunday by Leona Naess. Let's just get married Raise our own family Everyone's so unhappy They follow a heart that's asked from the start  ...
Leona Naess - Chase Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chase' by Leona Naess. When I pull you into the light / I can see right through / That hole inside / You listen to rock and roll / Believe in other.
Leona Naess - Serenade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Serenade' by Leona Naess. Clock watching and lounge listening / Waiting for my colors to shine / Swimming pools of broken fools / Whose love is.
Leona Naess - Ballerina lyrics
Lyrics for Ballerina by Leona Naess. I'll never feel the weight of your hands Inside mine like diamonds Lace so fine ballerina Cupcake and my earthquake Wake.
Leona Naess - New York Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New York Baby' by Leona Naess. Well the heat has fallen down / All across this desolate town / And the concrete jungle is dead / As I lie here in my.
Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind Lyrics. I'm not ready and I'm not even close I'm not like the rest No I ain't like most So don't hold your breath And ...

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