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Living breath of life come and fill me up [Chorus x2] More of You We are hungry for the more of You We are thirsty (thirsty) We lift our holy hands up. We want to ...
Joe Pace - Let Everything That Hath Breath Lyrics
Let everything that hath breath praise Him All ye lands just praise Him Lift up those hands and praise Him Bless His holy name, bless His holy name.
Free to lift up holy hands and magnify His name. I'm free to worship, free to praise . Free to lift up holy hands and magnify His name. [Vamp] He whom the Son ...
lift up holy hands unto Him. [Chorus:] Come magnify Him, Jesus is His name, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Those who worship and adore, everybody praise Him.
Cobhams Asuquo - I Still Choose to Worship You Lyrics
May 28, 2014 ... wonder what those children ever did yet we still go to church and sing shout to the Lord and we lift up holy hands and we're reading his word ...
Time To Give Lyrics - Christian Ingebrigtsen
It's time to rise up and shine. A holy light into ... Lift up holy hands and declare. It's time to ... Oh how beatuful are the feet of those who brings good news. Oh how ...
He's been good to me Lift Him up. Aw, oh lift Him & Lift Him up. He's worthy Lift Him up of power & praise Lift Him up. Come on & clap those hands Lift Him up
Here we are lifting our hands to You Here we are giving You thanks for all You do . As we praise and worship Your holy name. You are here, dwelling within our ...
Let everything that hath breath praise Him All ye lands just praise Him Lift up those hands and praise Him Bless His holy name, bless His holy name
Lift Up Your Hands To The Lord
Lift up hands to God, And He'll show you the way. And He said, "Cast your burdens upon Me Those who are heavily laden, Come to Me, all of you who are tired
J. MOSS LYRICS - We Love You
Lyrics to "We Love You" song by J. MOSS: Love with your hands Love him with the dance Everybody ... Holy and acceptable. Hold on to you. We love you. Lift up your voices and say this. We love ... (Let me see your claps those hands and say)
He is good. So give Him praise. Lift your hearts. Raise your hands. And give Him praise. Great and mighty. Holy, holy. You are worthy so we lift up Your name
Who shall stay in his holy place? Only those who have clean hands and pure hearts. So give us clean hands and pure hearts. You are our desire. Lift it up now  ...
When those purchased by His blood. Lift to Him a ... as they sing, "Holy, holy is the Lamb" ... lift up praises to the Great I Am But He lifts His hands for silence
Jars Of Clay - Needful Hands Lyrics
For those under the clouds / Staring up in awesome wonder / As tears come ... Holy. You are my strength, my voice, my eyes. I lift up needful hands. You are my  ...
KURT CARR LYRICS - In The Sanctuary
Emmanuel, we lift up Your name. Heavenly Father, coming Messiah And we ... We lift our hands to give You the praise. And we will praise You for the rest of our  ...
CASTING CROWNS LYRICS - Until The Whole World Hears
I want to be your hands and feet. I want to live a life ... Lifting up your name for all to hear the sound. Like voices in the ... Holy nation sanctified. Let this be our ...
Sammie Okposo - Na Only You Lyrics
Nov 10, 2015 Lift up those hands and worship the only one cos it's all about you Jesus Na only you Na only you I know Even if the world no say so I go let ...
Byron Cage & J Moss - We Love You Lyrics
Oct 14, 2014 We lift our voice to bless you, We lift our hands to reach you, We lift our hearts to love you,. Holy is your wonder, We present our bodies, a living ...
MERCYME LYRICS - Give Us Clean Hands
Give us clean hands. Give us pure hearts. Let us not lift our souls to another. And God let us be. A generation that seeks. That seeks your face. Oh God of Jacob
Israel & New Breed - Surely Surely Lyrics
Surely-Surely (Fo' sho') He is holy (you know) Holy-holy He is (rewind sing it one ... walls come down (I can't believe they coming down) Lift your hands open up ... diseases in the blood line, generational curses Those walls must come down ...
Heart of Worship - You Laid Aside Your Majesty Lyrics
Jun 1, 2014 So I lift my voice to You in adoration. You laid aside Your majesty You laid aside Your majesty, gave up everything for me. Suffered at the hands ...
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Blessed Be the Lord Lyrics
Jul 25, 2016 Tenors: Hallelujah... the Lord is worthy; Lift those hands, clap those hands. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him, bless His holy name. Vamp Blessed be the Lord, who reigns forever, reigns ... High & Lifted Up. Apr 20th 1999. 01 ...
Lyrics to "You Are Great" song by JUANITA BYNUM: You deserve the glory and the honor, I lift my hands in worship and I bless Your Holy name. You...
MARVIN SAPP LYRICS - He Has His Hands On You
He says He'll see you through. When you cry He's holding you. So just lift your hands up high. For He will provide. Just know He has his hands on you
William Mcdowell - We Just Want You Lyrics
Come on let's put those hands together one more time ... God we lift up our voices in this room. We lift up our ... I need some people to lift up their voice in this room ... We need you, move. Holy spirit. Revive us, Revive us, Revive us Holy Spirit
Sons of Korah - Psalm 24 (Lift Up Your Heads) lyrics
Lyrics for Psalm 24 (Lift Up Your Heads) by Sons of Korah. The earth is the ... Who may stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false. He will ... Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, O God of Jacob. Lift up your ...
BYRON CAGE LYRICS - Thou Art A Shield For Me: Psalm 3
many are they that rise up against me. Many there be ... my glory, You lift mine head. But Thou, O Lord, art ... and He heard me out of His holy hill. I laid me down  ...
"Holy Spirit". There's nothing worth more that will ever come close. No thing can compare, You're our living hope. Your presence, Lord I've tasted and seen of the  ...
CROWDER LYRICS - Lift Your Head Weary Sinner
Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high. If you're lost and wandering. Come stumbling in like a prodigal child. See the walls start crumbling. Let the gates of ...
Pray that the holy water don't go dry ... I duck these cold faces, post up fi-fie-fo- fum basis ... Lift up your head and keep moving, (Keep moving) turn the mic up
WILLIAM MURPHY LYRICS - The Sacrifice Of Praise
... had some real folks in the house tonight who say I don't always feel like lifting my hands. ... When we search for those, in spirit and in truth, we'll worship You. ... before the foundation of the world, the angels cry Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.
JOHN P. KEE LYRICS - Clap Your Hands
Lyrics to "Clap Your Hands" song by JOHN P. KEE: When I think of His mercy and His ... O clap your hands and say Amen ... His holy and righteous name
Donnie Mcclurkin - Holy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holy' by Donnie Mcclurkin: Will lift my voice and I will sing Holy, Holy To my Lord and Savior, my God and king I will sing Holy, Holy.
Heaven come down [x2] King Jesus You're the name we're lifting high. Your glory shaking up the earth and skies. Revival we wanna see Your kingdom here
SLEEPING GIANT LYRICS - "Kingdom Days In An Evil Age" (2011 ...
Holy Is The Lamb 15. ... I am holy vengeance and all we are is worship to the throne. .... I speak for those who don't have a say. ... Lift up your eyes, all you nations. ... We gave away dominion, placed it in the devils hands and Jesus took it back.
Chris Tomlin - Give Us Clean Hands Lyrics
So give us clean hands and give us pure hearts. Let us not lift our souls to another. Oh give us clean hands and give us pure hearts. Let us not lift our souls to ...
Byron Cage - Magnify Lyrics
lift up holy hands unto Him. [Chorus:] Come magnify Him, Jesus is His name, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Those who worship and adore, everybody praise Him.
CHRIS TOMLIN LYRICS - We Fall Down (My Jesus I Love Thee)
We fall down. We lay our crowns. At the feet of Jesus The greatness of. Mercy and love. At the feet of Jesus We cry holy, holy, holy. We cry holy, holy, holy
SLEEPING GIANT LYRICS - "Sons Of Thunder" (2009) album
Read up! You're going to die for that man whose blood is on my hands. So fess up ... Those who serve and protect just protecting their own best interest. As they .... Holy God Where are you in the dark and hidden place? ... Night will fall, though the darkness is real, but the sun will rise, I'll lift your head up, the true awakening,

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