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Hopsin Lyrics - Who Do You Think I Am
Lyrics to "Who Do You Think I Am" song by Hopsin: ... God damn bitch who do you think I am? ... Bitch who do you think I am? (James always act like he don't want me!) So?
Speed Gang Lyrics - Ass On Fire
Stop!...drop!! damn that ass on fire! Like god damn bitch I think I love you ... That you love so bad I know you still think About the times we had Lil bitch!!
Lil B - Pretty Boy lyrics
Pretty Boy lyrics by Lil B: Aww damn / Goddamn Based-God you got bitches / Aww damn ... Young Based-God fuck yo bitch like it's ... I Think I'm Based God. Mc ...
Gunplay Lyrics - God Damn
Lyrics to "God Damn" song by Gunplay: Hey you heard about home boy ... Handcuffs like a noose too Bitch I'm black ... Dancin' in that pussy bitch I think I'm MC Hammer
Ace Hood Lyrics - Got Damn
With a bad bitch with me and her ass so full Got damn, ... Steppin out tonight I think I’m bout to make a movie ... Got damn, got damn Why you do em like that?
[** feat. Big Sean:] [Chorus: ~Chris Brown~] Shit God damn* In the club, jumpin', let the party begin And I got 'em like, shit God damn VI. ... Life's a bitch cause ...
Lil' B Lyrics - Wonton Soup
Lyrics to "Wonton Soup" song by Lil' B: Oh my God Based God! You could fuck my bitch, Based God! You swag to the ... Eat that wonton soup, wet like wonton soup Damn I ...
Too $hort - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin' Lyrics
... Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'' by Too $hort. Ain't nuthin like pimpin just let it roll / Mother fucking shit god damn asshole / Ain't nuthin like ... think I walked ...
Tyler, The Creator Lyrics - Domo23
Lyrics to "Domo23" song ... Sick to my motherfucking tummy Bitch must think I'm a motherfucking ... It sounds like midgets in a God damn speaker Every time you play ...
Big Sean - Switch Up lyrics
Switch Up lyrics by Big Sean: ... Bitch I'm s*** as fuck You aint gotta tell me ... She look back like God damn what you think this a deli?
Lil' B Lyrics - Look Like God
Lyrics to "Look Like God" song by Lil' B: ... What with based God, he on my damn line ... I don't care bitch I look like God
Too $hort Lyrics - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
... Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'" song by Too $hort: Ain't nuthin like pimpin just let it roll Mother fucking shit god damn asshole Ain't nuthin like ... think I walked ...
Drake Lyrics - All Me
Lyrics to "All Me" song by Drake: ... nigga God bless you If having a bad bitch was a crime ... And my latest shit is like a greatest hits God damn
Too $hort Lyrics - The Bitch Sucks Dick
"The Bitch Sucks Dick" ... When a bitch drinks sperm like it's a soda ... Just suck dick, till you see no other I think my homie, ...
Tyler The Creator - Ifhy Lyrics
I think about you or something like that ... Make sure you never meet again like god damn vegans ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to Tyler, The Creator Radio on ...
Lil Wayne - Duffle Bagz Lyrics
Duffle Bagz Lyrics feat. ... I dont whip it cuz you niggas think that i'm illuminati Bitch it's christmas and i'm santa claus tryna ... Bitch i feel like im the moon ...
TYLER THE CREATOR - IFHY lyrics. ... You turned to a bitch, who let the dogs out? ... Make sure you never meet again like god damn vegans,
Bitch who do you think I am? ... (God damn!) [Hook:] Bitch who do you think I am? ... Bitch who do you think I am? James always act like he don't want me!
Master P - Bitch I Like Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bitch I Like' by Master P. See y'all niggas think I'm tripping cause I'm on that doja / See y'all true ... Bitch I Like Lyrics from Ghetto ... So nigga ...
Waka Flocka Flame - No Hands Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Hands' by Waka Flocka Flame: Can't you tell? ... Please pass me a fan damn! Girl the way you're movin' ... bitch I'm ballin' Like I'm comin' off of free ...
Mac Miller Lyrics - Lucky Ass Bitch
Lyrics to "Lucky Ass Bitch" song by Mac Miller: ... You a devil bitch, let me tell you that, feel like I been to hell and back ... God damn, that’s a lucky ass ...
Lil Wayne - I'm Me Lyrics
... bitches, I think they full of estrogen And we ... And I'm the god, and this is what I bless them with. Bitch, I'm me, I'm ... I'm tryna tell you, like I saying ...
Lil B - Everything Based Lyrics
Lil B Everything Based Lyrics. ... Young Based God fucked yo bitch cause it's nothin ... Bitch suck my dick cause I look like her father
Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics - Black Tuxedo
Lyrics to "Black Tuxedo" song by Machine ... grilled cheese with no ham, Lookin at my life like God damn, I came from ... fuck what ya think, You don't grind you ...
Lil Dicky Lyrics - Pillow Talking
I'm just pillow talking with a bitch, ayy (Do you fuck with the war?) ... Or would they be like damn earth go hard ... bitch You think it's all God?" ("No, I know it ...
Eminem Lyrics - Kill You
Lyrics to "Kill You" song by Eminem: ... (AH!) Slut, you think I won't choke no whore ... You god damn right BITCH, ...
Tila Tequila Lyrics - Fuck Ya Man
Lyrics to "Fuck Ya Man" song by Tila Tequila: Omg My God Bo? ... Omg My God Bo? Why do these girls think like ... U wanna get mad bitch I don't give a damn Bitch, ...
Rama - 300 Bars Lyrics
Why the fuck you think they callin me a Role Model?? ... Like god damn.. why you tryin' to fuck another ... Cause you a bitch with a dick.. and don't they call that a ...
Lil Uzi Vert Lyrics - 7AM
Lyrics to "7AM" song by Lil Uzi Vert: ... Like oh God damn, that's the bitch that I want Oh God damn, diamonds all on my fronts Like 7 AM I was fucking your love
Geto Boys - Dirty Bitch Lyrics
Dirty Bitch Lyrics ... I can tell by your tone you think it's funny bitch ... I'll hook you up like your kidneys failed You think I give a fuck about sittin in jail?
Drake - All Me lyrics
2 explanations to All Me lyrics by ... And my latest shit is like a greatest hits God damn ... Lil' bitch [Drake] All Me. All Me. Oh my. I think I done fucked too ...
Azizi Gibson - Crunch Time Lyrics
Lyrics for Crunch Time by Azizi ... ain't doin' shit Because the government's been lookin' through a niggas pics like 'God Damn why he always with a bad bitch?'
Lil Wayne - Damn Damn Lyrics
Damn Damn Lyrics feat. ... Like, was you saying something bitch ... Looked into the mirror like damn I'm cold Damn I'm cold and my hoe
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