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Lil Boosie - Thats My Dog Lyrics
Lil Boosie Thats My Dog Lyrics. Thats My Dog lyrics performed by Lil Boosie: Dis here 4 all my real niggas [Chorus: x2] I got luv 4 my nigga, I
Lil Wayne - Real Shit Lyrics
Verse 2 (Kid-Kid): Baby You a Beast, Baby You Dawg If I Call You My Bitch, Please Dont Take It Wrong And Man I Miss My Dawg So You Know I Aint Takin Long
Brett Dennen - Comeback Kid Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Comeback Kid' by Brett Dennen. Well, maybe it's the common curse / Maybe things get bad before they get worse / I don't wanna become someone / Who
Lil Baby Lyrics - My Dawg
Lyrics to "My Dawg" song by Lil Baby: Cook that shit up Quay Baby 4 Pockets Yeah that's my dawg, yeah Yeah that's my dawg for sure Yeah t...
Lil Boosie - Betrayed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Betrayed' by Lil Boosie: If I Love You Ain't No Question I'd Give My Last One Day This Heart Gonna Get Me Zipped up in a BodyBag
Lil' Bow Wow Lyrics - The Dog In Me
It's just the dog in me And that's just the way I am Lil man with the big checks Lil man thats got big girls Wanting to teach me about sex I don't care who coming Cause I'm here now A hundred miles of riding Lil Bow Wow Drop bombs like Flex constantly And at 6 o'clock You can find me on Craig street Can't wait till I can see what the club be about Can't wait to get a whip So I can dub it out I ...
Lil Baby - My Dawg Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Dawg' by Lil Baby . / Dawgs / Just me and my dawgs / We gon' take 'em down two in a row / We gon' take 'em down two in a row / We gon' take 'em
Lil Phat - That's My Baby lyrics
→ That's My Baby lyrics This page is missing some information about the song. Please expand it to include this information. You can help by Please expand it to include this information.
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Lil One
Lyrics to "Lil One" song by Lil' Wayne: Fuck, Man I been on this block all day Hot ?? my shirt, Hot Boy that look like Baby That aint Baby T...
Lil' Phat Lyrics - That's My Baby
And pour my drank up make sure it's pouring & call my cake bay After my show cause I'm yo baby so fuck dem hoes Put me in da sassy, I'll let you drive me and bust dem legs back
Lil Wayne - Do It For The Boy Lyrics. Yung (repeated x8) Mulah bayy bayyy! Ayyy, ayyyy, would the grown and sexy say yeahh yeah.. haha. Shawty let ya hair down Ima let the top d
B.G. Lyrics - Thug'n
Lyrics to "Thug'n" song by B.G.: I be thugging and it ain't no secret I run game so when it rains on me I can peep it My mind frame s...
My Nigga Lyrics - Lil Wayne
Do, do it for the boy Baby you a beast Baby you a dog So if i call you my bitch Please don't take it wrong And man i miss my dog So you know i ain't takin' long
Lil Wayne - My Nigga Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Nigga' by Lil Wayne. ... 10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers; 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake
Bow Wow Lyrics - Girlfriend
Lyrics to "Girlfriend" song by Bow Wow: Bow Wow & Omarion Uh So special LB Dub Ahhh That's my girl, yeah True that That's my girl T...
DMX Lyrics - That's My Baby
Lyrics to "That's My Baby" song by DMX: Uh, uh, uh, uh, OWW! It's like a walk in the park She even fuck with a nigga in the dark She been fu...
Lil Durk Lyrics - Lil Niggaz
Lyrics to "Lil Niggaz" song by Lil Durk: Yea, let's get it You niggas talk like big niggas These niggas ain't done shit Well free my niggas Y...
Lil Boosie - Wipe Me Down Lyrics
LIL BOOSIE (Cause Im on, wipe me down) Hey! (Cause Im on, wipe me down) Mr. Wipe Down, here (Cause Im on, wipe me down) Here with Foxx-a-million (Cause Im on, wipe me down)
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
These bitches they just wanna have my baby Born in the 80s, crack baby Mama she was in the streets, so guess who raised me (the streets) You muthafuckin' right Couldn't get it from my mama, so I got it off the block Been working my whole life, but I ain't never punched the clock 9 years old I seen a nigga get shot, damn Niggas quick to run their mouth when they get jammed Pussy ass nigga ...
Lil Wayne - I Can Take Your Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can Take Your Girl' by Lil Wayne. Now shawty got a man, Oh but I got a plan yea... / Look homie I aint trying to force your hand / But I'mma take
Lil Wayne - Got Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Got Money' by Lil Wayne. Yeah, yeah! / I need a Winn-Dixie grocery bag full of money (whoo!) / Right now to the VIP section (whoo!) / You got Young
Unknown - Hush Little Baby lyrics
Hush little baby, don' say a word Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird If that mocking bird won't sing Mama's gonna buy you a diamong ring If that diamond ring turns brass
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - BM J.R.
You play hard in the gravel like ground dog I'm underground call me groundhog Lay down lawgs call me ground law Don't confuse me with the law, naw but just confuse me with my paw Because I am the Birdman J-R I ain't tripping nigga, I play the corner like ripkin nigga With the 40 cal ripkin nigga, rip a nigga Flip ya vehicle, split ya windshield Wack ya Baby momma but I let the kid live And ...
Keyshia Cole Lyrics - Let It Go
Then let it go [Lil Kim] Here's a little lesson Lil Kim don't stress em Kick em all straight to the curb like Beckham Broke up wit my Ex he wit her for now but Little do she know she just a rebound Calling my phone she so outta pocket I been there before o'girl you need to stop it Tricking on me when he tell you he ain't got it You don't get the picture My pictures in his wallet Never ever ...
Lil Wayne - Bm J.r. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bm J.r.' by Lil Wayne. (Baby Talking) / Yea shorty, you know what I'm talkin bout' / I peepin'these niggaz out here they slippin like they ain't bout
Bow Wow - Like You Lyrics
I was the kinda guy to try to dog you out but I ain't that kinda guy you tried to make me out . You found out when you turned to my baby I showed them other brothers how to treat a lady I let you drive when I ride that Mercedes And I ain't trippin' or actin' shady 'cause baby, you know. I ain't never had nobody show me All the things that you gon' showed me And the special way I feel when you ...
Big Tymers Lyrics - I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry
Follow me baby, come with me baby [whistles] Follow me baby, come with me baby, come with me baby, come with me baby, Hey, hey, hey, this is devastating daddy the dog, barking at these hoes out my monte carlo,
Yung Chris Lyrics - Racks (Remix)
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (yeah!) Every night's a weekend, every day's a Friday night
Toby Keith Lyrics - Who's That Man
Stop and look for a little while Oh, it's plain to see The only thing missing is me That's my house and that's my car That's my dog in my back yard There's the window to the room Where she lays her pretty head I planted that tree out by the fence Not long after we moved in There's my kids and that's my wife Who's that man running my life? If I pulled in would it 'cause a scene? They're not ...
The Game Lyrics - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by The Game: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent CD I took that shit home That shit was wack...
Lil Uzi Vert - Horse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Horse' by Lil Uzi Vert. / Margiela made out of cow / Them them make you feel like a goat / On my neck got fifty thou / Diamond wet just like a boat
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Ask Them Hoes
Im crack rock fresh baby im that boy Yea put me in a pot and Watch i come back hard Yea put me on that block And watch i come back rich Now she done put me in that pussy She aint came back since [chorus:] Ask dem hoes, yea ask dem hoes, Ask dem hoes about me, ask dem hoes, Uh huh yea ask dem hoes, Ask dem hoes about me [hook:] Ima beast, ask dem hoes Ima dog, ask dem hoes Ima beast, ask dem ...
Romeo Lyrics - Bring It To The Back (Bow Wow Diss)
Lyrics to "Bring It To The Back (Bow Wow Diss)" song by Romeo: Come here little fella Where you goin I wont bite you Ha ha Those little dogs are somethin aren...
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - A Milli
Lyrics to "A Milli" song by Lil' Wayne: Young Money Ya Dig Mack, I'm going in A millionaire, I'm a young money millionaire Tougher than Nig...
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