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Lil Keed - Thug Luv Lyrics
Lil Keed Lyrics "Thug Luv" Yeah, woah Yeah Yeah Yeah, my girl say I'm toxic, yeah, I put her through everything I told her it's just thug love I just wanna fold your body, put you in different positions So just come and get this thug love All my OGs in the projects, yeah, they showed us what it was
Lil Keed - She Know Lyrics
Girl, stop acting like you love me When you told me the other day you don't even trust me Your mans'll crash, your partner'll crash, your ho gettin' smashed, hell yeah Yeah, yeah, I'm so ahead of these niggas, no Matilda Yeah, I know the Maybach extended, yeah, them sticks in there Yeah, I know these niggas be hating on me, I made it off welfare
Lil Keed - Why Lyrics
Why I love drugs? Why I love mink? White old Chevelle (Hey), inside peach (Hey) My dawg didn't make bail (Hey, hey), so he on a leash (Damn) I was speakin' well, I ain't need speech I just want you to follow You'll catch a halo Yeah, we throwin' packs like it's spiral You ain't tryin' me, but we'll try you
Lil Keed - Higher N Higher Lyrics
[Lil Keed:] Yeah, she wanna get higher and higher Spend racks on my bitch, yeah, we get flier Whole lot of Backwoods, I don't have a lighter Karlae got Off-White, just check the attire And I got on Reebok Classics, yeah Brand new rock wrapped in the plastic, yeah Spittin' this shit like a dragon Bite on her ear like I'm Tyson, yeah
Love is strange Love is strange Yeah Yeah Many many people take it for a game Yeah Yeah Love is strange Love is strange Many people, they don't understand They think that having love is like having money in the hand My sweet baby, love is strange Many many people seem to take it for a game La la la la la la Love is strange La la la la la la ...
Love Is Strange Love Is Strange Love, love is strange Lot of people take it for a game Once you get it You'll never wanna quit (no, no) After you've had it (yeah, yeah) You're in an awful fix Many people Don't understand (no, no) They think loving (yeah, yeah) Is money in the hand Your sweet loving Is better than a kiss When you leave me
Lil Keed - Trippin Lyrics
My lil' shooters that be trippin', they got tempers And we been fuckin' these hoes off the attempt Plugged in with the migos, I ain't talkin' Skippa Flippa Beverly Hills shoppin', I been ridin' 'round with some Locs Beverly Hills, hotty-thotty models give me throat Beverly Hills, drivin' the Bentayga off the road
Lil Keed - Player Lyrics
Tryna serve in my lane, lil' nigga, I won't let 'em get by Say you runnin' the game, lil' nigga, you don't tote a big guy I ain't heard from a thing, I'm stackin' it up on the Smith side Big thot, bitch wanna take her a dick ride Told her spend her time on the dick like she 6'5" I don't let shit slide, catch you on the flip side
Lil Keed - Hibachi Lyrics
I love her 'cause she slurpin' me so sloppy I kill a nigga, get millions, one thing 'bout me I drive the stolen car because it's faster (Skrrt, skrrt) I took off on these niggas, but no NASA My son know if I die, he a rich bastard (Rich bitch, facts) I bought my mom a Ghost like I'm Casper (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Strange love Strange highs and strange lows Strange love That's how my love goes Strange love Will you give it to me? Will you take the pai. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. ... Lil Wayne. Genres. Rock. R&B. Country. Hip Hop/Rap. Pop.
Lil Keed - It's Up Freestyle Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, Lil Keed gon' get these racks up Early mornin' gettin' in, yeah, I love these racks Yeah, we smokin' OG while countin' these racks Yeah, we smoked your OG 'cause he is a rat Yeah, young handsome oldhead, no need for old shit Yeah, these hoes annoying, in the trap house, they blowin' me My white boy, he be smokin' shit just like he ...
Lil Keed - Zaza Lyrics
Hopped up out the roof and she said she love space Got two 15s on me, I ain't talkin' bass I thank God for everything, I got away Conquered everything I wanted in this shit And AP's for the lil' bitches Money on money on money on money On money on money, I'm too stiff Word to my crew, I'm bigger than Jesus Me and Lil Keed got more hits than The ...
Lil Keed - Follow The Leader Lyrics
Lil Gotit, he with it, you know he gon' bang Don't smoke with them slimes, they shooting close range Don't smoke with them slimes, they shooting close range Yeah, your brother, yeah he cryin' bout these hoes Pillow talk, you wanna die bout these hoes Worrying 'bout if I'm getting paid for my show Bread winner, get this shit by the loaf
Lil Keed - Make U Proud Lyrics
Say she got love and affection Baby girl, wait All you had to do was stay down Smokin' big bags, deuce deuce Yeah, I blow a whole lot of bands on the lil' ho, she make me proud Yeah, blow a lot of bands on my ho, and that's no doubt Yeah, blow a lot of bands on that bitch, then fuck her mouth Yeah, Percocet-10 on me, now a nigga focused
Lil Keed - Slatt Rock Lyrics
[Lil Keed & Paper Lovee:] Ridin' with a drake in the crack of the seat I was down bad, they was laughin' at me Yeah I ran it up, put chains on me Had to add it up, put them racks on me And now they swear they love me, tryna act on me Remember all them jokes they would crack on me See me gettin' a lil money, now they all on me
Dolly Parton - Love Is Strange Lyrics
Love is strange Lots of people Take it for a game Baby whao baby My sweet baby You're the one. When you call your lover girl Do you ever do that growl thing? You mean like Baby my sweey baby You know that growl thing? My sweet baby Well how do you call your lover boy? Well I just do it all kinds of ways Do you ever just let it all hang out
Hey, anyone can get love, anyone can get laidYou know you're home when you find the ones whoStay brave enough not to tame, they let you burst into flamesStoke the coals and then watch you blow, yeahThey're the ones make you trust in the universeWhen you're lost and you're ...
Lil Gotit - Brotherly Love Lyrics
[Lil Gotit:] We're dope so money fold, we came from the south Rockin' the same clothes, run it up when we came out the house Still had all the hoes, nigga playin', we airin' 'em out My momma don't want for shit, lil' nigga, so what is a drought Tote them sticks, now I'm a threat When I come through, yeah, I'm bombin' your land
People are strange when you're a strangerFaces look ugly when you're aloneWomen seem wicked when you're unwantedStreets are uneven when you're downWhen you're strangeFaces come out of the rainWhen you're strangeNo one remembers your nameWhen you're strange
YSN Flow - Want Beef? (Remix) Lyrics
Remember Lil Kee hittin' plays off the bammer Remember when he had to pay rent for mama Remember when D told a nigga go harder I listened to him, now a nigga went farther Stackin' my guap, went from a lil' to a lot and now she wan' be my lil' rock They said I couldn't do it, now a lil' nigga is hot and you can't get gold out my pock'
Lil Keed - Ride Wit You Lyrics
Stretch your lil' body like scrunchie, yeah, lay it right down No, I'm not scared of that pussy, baby No need for no vibrator, baby, baby No, I won't play in that pussy, baby Yeah, I'm gon' suck on that pussy, baby I had to go hit the road, yeah I never sleep on that road When I get back, I'ma hold you I spy on that pussy, no scope, yeah
Lil Keed - Back Board Lyrics
Tell that lil' ho I'm ready, just come on, on Just know these hundreds and these hoes on me I'll treat you some girl, keep it lowkey Nigga, ever think 'bout playin' with Lil Keed? All the slimes know is R.I.P Went and got all white and a stain on me Yeah, I'm havin' ties, yeah, M-O-B Twin hoes on me so I'm at the DoubleTree
Lil Keed - Stop It Lyrics
Lil Keed "Stop It": Yeah This like my fucking third song of the night And it's only 12:09 That's the right time, you kno...
Eurythmics - Love Is A Stranger Lyrics
Love is a stranger In an open car To tempt you in And drive you far away (2x) And I want you And I want you And I want you so It's an obsession (2x) Love is a danger Of a different kind To take you away And leave you far behind And love love love Is a dangerous drug You have to receive it And you still can't Get enough of the stuff
Sarah Brightman - This Love Lyrics
Doesn't know it is love This love. This love Doesn't have to say love Doesn't need to be love Doesn't mean a thing This love. This love, aah This strange love, strange love This love. This love, aah This strange love, strange love This love
Lil Keed - Just a Dream Lyrics
Put a lil' ten piece on your head, nigga, I ain't talkin' hot wings (Let's go) Nah, you can't fuck Keed, baby, 'less you gon' do the whole team (Let's go) Just like the Scream mask, leave a long face, 'cause there's blood on the scene (Let's go) Yeah, left the family and some yellow tape and some flowers on the scene (Let's go), yeah (Let's go)
Features Song Lyrics for Mickey & Sylvia's Love Is Strange album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews.
Billy Joel - The Stranger Lyrics
But we love to try them on. Well we all fall in love But we disregard the danger Though we share so many secrets There are some we never tell Why were you so surprised That you never saw the stranger Did you ever let your lover see The stranger in yourself?
Hanson - Weird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weird' by Hanson. Isn't it weird. Isn't it strange. Even though we're just two strangers on this runaway train We're both trying to find a place in the sun We've lived in the shadows, doesn't everyone Isn't it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes.
Doors, TheBest Of DoorsPeople Are StrangePeople are strange when you're a strangerFaces look ugly when you're aloneWomen seem wicked when you're unwantedStreets are uneven when you're downWhen you're strangeFaces come out of the rainWhen you're strangeNo ...
Lil Keed - Tip Top Lyrics
Don't show me fake love, I done had enough All this water, my diamonds on fleek Give a fuck who you is, you ain't takin' from me No sleep, just creep when it come to beef Got a bad lil' bitch on the passenger seat Go pick the bitch up just to roll my weed Give me head one time, then she gotta leave YSL, Glock Block, I'm with FBG
The Score - Strange Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strange' by The Score. Lately I've been thinking everyone around me is insane March in single file cause I'm thinking that it's the only way But I'm never gonna fall in line Never gonna live life color blind Living between all the black and white, oh
Marques Houston - Stranger Lyrics
You see he wanna love you and I promise he'll never change So you go in here and you wonder Why didn't you get my number I need to understand How you can be [Chorus:] Be so strange, be so strange You can be so strange, be so strange, strange, strange You far from a stranger, stranger Swear that I know you Stranger, stranger promise that I need you
Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts - Ain't Life Strange Album Lyrics; 1. Family Man Lyrics: 2. Don't Mean Nothin' Lyrics: 3. You Can't Fix (What Ain't Broken) Lyrics: 4. Holdin' Hands Lyrics: 5. Won't Play House Lyrics: 6. Doin' Fine Lyrics: 7. If This Is Love Lyrics: 8. Ballad of the Reverend Billy Lyrics: 9. Livin' In the 90's Lyrics: 10 ...
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