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"Locked Up". [AKON] Im steady tryna find a motive, Why do what I do?, Freedom aint gettin no closer, No matter how far I go, My car is stolen, no registration,
Lyrics to "Lock It Up" song by MARC E. BASSY: Four in the morning, liquor pouring You know that shit cool with me Higher than whatever It's gon' b...
DIO LYRICS - Lock Up The Wolves
Lyrics to "Lock Up The Wolves" song by DIO: In the houses of the holy To the middle of the mystic sea At the cradle of the world There's a blac...
Chris Lago - Lock Up the Rainbow Lyrics
Feb 1, 2016 Lyrics for Lock Up the Rainbow by Chris Lago. Ever Since I was a young kid, I wondered how it felt to be in love Now the year's have gon...
Lyrics to "Locked Up" song by THE CAB: Who ever said we wouldn't last? The sand kept slipping out the hourglass Why are we out of time? Al...
AKON LYRICS - Locked Up (Remix)
[Styles P] Locked up, they won't let me out, And I had a long day in court **** stressed me out, Won't gimme the bail they can't get me out, Now I'm headed to the ...
SLADE LYRICS - Lock Up Your Daughters
Lyrics to "Lock Up Your Daughters" song by SLADE: Yeh yeh yeh Sometimes you 're acting the fool Sometimes you're breaking the rules Sometimes you want...
LOCK UP LYRICS - "Necropolis Transparent" (2011) album
LOCK UP lyrics - "Necropolis Transparent" (2011) album, including "Through The Eyes Of My Shadow Self", "Stigmatyr", "Vomiting Evil"...
EMINEM LYRICS - If I Get Locked Up Tonight
Lyrics to "If I Get Locked Up Tonight" song by EMINEM: Check Check, 1,2…1,2… 1,2 (it's rolling) Yea yea yea Dr. Dre up in here Y'all know what this is. It's...
Crazy Lixx - Lock Up Your Daughter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lock up Your Daughter' by Crazy Lixx. You've seen the name on every wall of the city / and you've heard the word, this town is in for a show / it's.
Larcy - Locked Up Lyrics
Jun 2, 2015 Show me how I can love, rise above, and lock you up. Hold me captive, don't let me go I'm locked up in your love Take it captive under your ...
Lyrics to "Lock Me Up" song by THE CAB: Time to listen to my confession. I'm much less than I wanted to be, wanted to be. You shine a light...
Lock Up - Castrate The Wreckage Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Castrate The Wreckage' by Lock Up. I found freedom / Losing all hope was freedom / Self improve or self destruct / Right in your face but not visible.
Preet Harpal & Honey Singh - Lock Up Lyrics
Jan 25, 2016 Lyrics for Lock Up by Preet Harpal & Honey Singh. magian zameena khula bapu kole cash chandigarh padhe munda kare puri aash rahe ...
Lock Up - Feeding On The Opiate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feeding On The Opiate' by Lock Up. Embracing self destruction / Going nowhere fast / Wastelands in the shadow zone / Broods of fear attack / The fuel.
Lock Up - Detestation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Detestation' by Lock Up. Damned survival of the damned / Cultural genocide fractured psyche / Termites' nest of sprawling filth / White noise hordes.
Lyrics to "Lock You Up" song by CHARLI XCX: It's a long way home, but I'm making my way With so many things still left to say But I try to think...
Akon - Locked Up (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Locked Up (Remix)' by Akon. I'm steady tryna find a motive, / Why do what I do?, / Freedom ain't gettin' no closer, / No matter how far I go, / My.
Lyrics to "Lock Me Up" song by ALICE COOPER: Alice Cooper You have been accused of mass mental cruelty How do you plead? Guilty! Don't wanna be c...
Lock Up - After Life In Purgatory Lyrics
Lyrics to 'After Life In Purgatory' by Lock Up. This whole world's a homicide victim / No one cares for no one / Another spoke on the wheels of suffering /
Lock up your back door. And run for your life. The man is back in town. So don't you mess me 'round 'Cause I'm T.N.T. I'm dynamite (T.N.T.) and I'll win the fight
End Of Fashion - Lock Up Your Daughters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lock Up Your Daughters' by End Of Fashion. Da-da-da, da-da-da, da- da-da-da-da / Da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da / Hey, there must be ...
Honey Singh & Preet Harpal - Lock Up lyrics
Lyrics for Lock Up by Honey Singh & Preet Harpal. ... Lock Up - Lyrics. Honey Singh, Preet Harpal. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn ...
Cinders - Locked Up Lyrics
Jun 3, 2016 Lyrics for Locked Up by Cinders. Why are you looking down At the ground below you When you could be looking up at the sky U...
Lock Up Lyrics - Capleton
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Lock Up" from "Capleton": Chorus, A di whole place mi lock up! Yo!, Bear phat woman mi have a cock up! Yo!, Nuff a dem head ...
Lock Up - Delirium Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Delirium' by Lock Up. Stuck in a stalemate / The struggle to breathe and live / We increase the dosage / To cope with the pressure / Free me from the.
Lock Up - The Jesus Virus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Jesus Virus' by Lock Up. Outbreak sparks / Sins disowned / Punished faith / Feuds decay / Desperate fall / Visions rise / The Jesus virus takes .
They're locking up the sun, the light of reason gone, n' hope has been succesfully undone. The question's burning on, where is it coming from, no-one seems to ...
Mortification - Lock Up The Night Lyrics
[Chorus] Lock up the night, release the fire, Now show The Light, pray for morning, Take out the dark, Spirit shine, Glowing eyes, show the heart of life. Take the ...
Lock Up - Submission Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Submission' by Lock Up. Fused with this / Systematically existing / To resist / Like pawns on a chess board / Power sadists / Engineering loss of.
Lock Up - Tragic Faith Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tragic Faith' by Lock Up. Chasing down and taking out / Another life, a personal theft / To live among the dead remains / Is tragic faith and.
Switch - Lock Up, Mc Sai, Tee-Jay, Diluckshan, Stylomannavan ...
Lyrics for Blackjack by Switch - Lock Up, Mc Sai, Tee-Jay, Diluckshan, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Dj Mastermind, Sheezay & Rabbit. Mac. jr media works ...
BC Kingdom - Lockup Lyrics
Jan 7, 2016 Lyrics for Lockup by BC Kingdom. Give me one hundred bullets And I'll use them correctly I'll kill you, I'll do it in Versa...
Lock Up - Slow Bleed Gorgon / Pleasures Pave Sewers Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Slow Bleed Gorgon / Pleasures Pave Sewers' by Lock Up. Shattered pieces / Poisoned minds are quick to taste / Of lesser beings / Sedated into ...
"Locked Up". I have taken a wrong turn? When will I learn? When will I learn? Shall I show them all my scars? Cherry red bleeding burn. Like an angry apple tree
Get Set Go - Lock Up Your Daughters lyrics
Lyrics for Lock Up Your Daughters by Get Set Go. ... Lock Up Your Daughters - Lyrics. Get Set Go. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn ...
R. CITY LYRICS - Locked Away
(what's up?) I wanna know would you stick around? [Adam Levine:] If I got locked away. And we lost it all today... Tell me honestly... Would you still love me the ...
Lock Up - Leech Eclipse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Leech Eclipse' by Lock Up. Death in the air, on the land, in the sea / Stockpiles of waste carving the holes in the sky / Conspiring a myth that for.
Preet Harpal feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh - Lock Up lyrics
Lyrics for Lock Up by Preet Harpal feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh.
BRUNO MARS LYRICS - Locked Out Of Heaven
Lyrics to "Locked Out Of Heaven" song by BRUNO MARS: One, two, one, two, three Oh, yeah, yeah, Oh, ... Open up your gates 'cause I can't wait to see the light

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