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Janis Ian - Love Is Blind Lyrics
Love is blind. Love is only sorrow. Love is no tomorrow. Since you went away. Love is blind. How well I remember. In the heat of summer pleasure. Winter fades
David Coverdale - Love Is Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is Blind' by David Coverdale. This is love. Love is blind / And true love is hard to find / It Makes you wonder now yesterdays news / At the.
Tiffany - If Love Is Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If Love Is Blind' by Tiffany. People say that you're no good for me / People say it constantly / I hear it said so much I repeat it in my sleep /
Ramzi - Your Love Is Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Love Is Blind' by Ramzi: See you all the time Never see you smile I try to picture what's.
EVE LYRICS - Love Is Blind
Lyrics to "Love Is Blind" song by EVE: Hey, yo I don't even know you and I hate you See all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you H...
But our love is blind. And sometimes it's floating away. And it's crazy, how you tell me. You love me. I always want to take you for a ride 'Cause I hate when you ...
Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In the Name of Love Lyrics
Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead you even when you're blind? In the darkness, in the middle of the night In the ...
Lyrics to "Bind Your Love" song by CHER LLOYD: Ooh, I don't care what anyone says 'Cause you and I are bigger than this And I'll be there just keep...
Victory Worship - Radical Love Lyrics
Sep 13, 2014 You lead me out of darkness and into your light I was blind but now I see Your mercy it has set me free Your favor's all around me Your radical ...
Kenny Rogers - Islands In The Stream Lyrics
Every beat of my heart. We got something going on. Tender love is blind. It requires a dedication. All this love we feel needs no conversation. We ride it together, ...
LINDA RONSTADT LYRICS - Someone To Watch Over Me
Lyrics to "Someone To Watch Over Me" song by LINDA RONSTADT: There's a saying old, says that love is blind Still we're often told, seek and ye shall find So ...
How could I be so blind? I guess I fell in love too quickly... But I'm fine. Imagine where you'd be now if you only knew (if you only knew) The one you love is the ...
BILLY JOEL LYRICS - The River Of Dreams
By the eyes of the blind. In the middle of the night. I'm not sure about a life after this. God knows I've never been a spiritual man. Baptized by the fire, I wade into ...
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after. After the life we've been ... It's hard to believe that a man with sight could be so blind. Thinkin' 'bout the better ...
Even though you've found a new love. And she's what your ... It was a time of love and laughter. Happy ever after ... To show you love's not blind. He's two and ...
ARIANA GRANDE - Best Mistake lyrics
Stars fall, and the world goes blind. Boy you know I'll be savin' my love for you, for you. Cause you're the best mistake I've ever made. But we hold on, hold on
We shared the love we shared the tears. Thought that forever it would be. I realize you lie ... My love made me blind. But I miss you finally. All of these promises ...
PARAMORE LYRICS - Hate To See Your Heart Break
I hate to see your eyes get darker as they close. But I've been there before. Love happens all the time. To people who aren't kind. And heroes who are blind
Laura Nyro - You Don't Love Me When I Cry Lyrics
... by Laura Nyro. Two mainstream die / You don't love me when I cry / Have to say goodbye / I don't want to say goodbye / ... I got drawn blind blues. All over me
"Honesty". If you search for tenderness. It isn't hard to find. You can have the love you need to live. But if you look for truthfulness. You might just as well be blind
I do love you. Still! [Chorus] We played the games that people play ... We were too blind to see. But then most of all. I do love you. Still! Submit Corrections.
'Cause all we need is love and love needs sacrifice. But it's sure worth the prize. If you get it right (eh!) 'Cause way up in the sky. There's no such thing as blind
FENIX TX LYRICS - Phoebe Cates
Wasting time going blind thinking she'll be mine. I've been in love since the day I saw fast times. It's on a permanent rewind and can you guess my favorite part
2NE1 LYRICS - Falling In Love
Lyrics to "Falling In Love" song by 2NE1: Let that Rhythm make a mess uh! Kill them! ... Nunbusin neol chyeodabol su eobseo boy I'm so blind. Jinheulg sok jinju  ...
HILLSONG WORSHIP LYRICS - Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
Was blind but now I see. Oh I can see you now. Oh I can see the love in Your eyes. Laying yourself down. Raising up the broken to life. You take our failure
HIM LYRICS - Love's Requiem
Lyrics to "Love's Requiem" song by HIM: Confusion writhes around our hearts impatiently It drains the ... We abandon the trust that kept us blind and disappear
Then I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow. I want you. I'll colour me blue. Anything it ... Without you I am colour-blind. It's raining every time I open my eyes
JLS LYRICS - Take A Chance On Me
... to "Take A Chance On Me" song by JLS: You're so scared to fall in love 'Cause ... To fall in love with someone you can trust ... They're so blind, they're so blind
On my roof. Dark and I'm burning a rose. I don't need proof. I'm torn apart & you know. What you did to me was a crime. Cold Case Love And I let you reach me ...
Daniel Padilla - Unlimited And Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unlimited and Free' by Daniel Padilla: Love is like the sun Love is in the air Love is everywhere Unlimited and free My Love.
Ginuwine - Differences Lyrics
You blind me with your love (love) with you I have no sight (no sight). Girl you open me I'm wide open. And I'm doing things I never do. But I feel so good, I feel so ...
Help me make the blind see. Misery loves its company. When I dream, I see dawn turn into dusk, into dusk. Beat but I'm not broken. Guide me through with your ...
But it's enough to keep me going (So if I keep my eyes closed, with the blind hope ) And when it's dark out, no one's around. It keeps glowing. Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh
Lyrics to "Love Drunk" song by BOYS LIKE GIRLS: Top down in the summer sun The day we met was like a hit-and-run And I still taste it on my tongue (...
Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Me Harder' by Ariana Grande : Tell me something, I need to know Then take my breath and never let it go If you just let me invade your space.
MERCYME LYRICS - I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Lyrics to "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" song by MERCYME: Over the mountains and the sea Your river runs with the love for me and I will open up my  ...
ROXETTE LYRICS - Spending My Time
A prayer gone blind. I'm spending my time. My friends keep telling me: Hey, life will go on. Time will make sure will get over you. This silly game of love you play  ...
Elyar Fox - Colourblind lyrics
And I'm not colourblind. Give me you heart girl I'm not gonna let go. Out of the dark I'm gonna love you retro. My lonely days were countless. You came my way  ...
THIRD DAY LYRICS - Your Love Oh Lord
Lyrics to "Your Love Oh Lord" song by THIRD DAY: Your love, oh Lord Reaches to the heavens Your faithfulness stretches to the sky Your righteousne...
HE IS WE LYRICS - All About Us
'Cause lovers dance when they're feeling in love. Spotlight's shining, it's all about us. It's all about us. And every heart in the room will melt. This is a feeling I've ...

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