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LUD FOE LYRICS - Ambition Of A Rider
This my ambitions as a rider. She wanna have my baby she told me to cum inside . That hoe must be crazy. Strapped up like the Navy This a chopper, this ain't ...
LUD FOE LYRICS - What's The Issue
Lyrics to "What's The Issue" song by LUD FOE: You can look into my eyes, see the demon in me She wanna have my baby, she like put that semen in me...
Lud Foe - 187 Lyrics
May 26, 2016 Nun but killers in my squad, don't make call up Tito Young nigga, but is ... on my shoe, we stumped a nigga in the floor Say ya love me baby, whats the .... Lud Foe . She say she wanna fuck with a thug, cause my money up.
Lyrics to "Two" song by LUD FOE: Yeah I rob, pop pills, and kill too Yeah I rob, pop pill and kill too If I let off one shot ... Say she wanna pop one pill baby try two ... My location on I can meet you ... He got sent to jail, couldn't take the heat like me
Lud Foe - It's the Truth Lyrics
Oct 28, 2016 She Say Lud Foe I Love You, Its The Truth ... Seen On The News I Have My Shooters In Yo House Like Bruhman From The 5th Floor ... Them Bullets, Don't Catch A Inno Im The Truth, Im The Proof, Baby, Im The Suggs (Shoot!)
Lyrics to "One Of A Kind" song by LUD FOE: You see my watch diamonds shining I can't tell the time Cause ... Pussy nigga quit the hating and get on yo grind ... She say a nigga like me gon be hard to find ... Baby you can call me Tony Hawk
Lud Foe - Ain't Thinking Bout Her lyrics
She's a doggy bitch i'm not the owner but gave her a bone She just want me cuz she ... like my mind broke That hoe tried to take me out for dinner, i didn't even go I ... shoot all in your face like im Karl Malone Call my lawyer baby beat my case, ...
LUD FOE LYRICS - Direct Messages
Lyrics to "Direct Messages" song by LUD FOE: Bitch My outwest shit nigga 290 shit nigga ... I like my cheese with spaghetti fuckin' with my fetty you get woped brains like spaghetti, bitch ... I hit the club with some thugs throwing dubs on yo baby momma ... I got yo bitch high thought she was gone die when she hit the chronic
Lud Foe - In and Out Lyrics
Nov 29, 2016 Lyrics for In and Out by Lud Foe. ... Pistol Even Though I Was A Small Dude I'll Get Your Block Hot'50 Shots Out This AK You Diss On My Name, ...
JEREMIH LYRICS - I Shoulda Left You
Lud Foe). [Chance The Rapper:] Zaytoven Ah! What? Why you followin' me? Where you think ... Need to get some money. I shoulda left ... Baby girl say she 20 , actin' like she 16 ... G, go somewhere, would you lose my number please? You still ...
Lud Foe) Lyrics. ... Make one phone call nigga, they gon' kill someone for me. I got 2-8-0 niggas that ... [Verse 2: Lud Foe] I act a fool ... Act a fool on a bitch, when she see my car she drool ... That's something you don't want to do .... 5, Lil Baby.
What I spent on my muler was 88. Robbed a nigga, he was 88. Man I had to do it to keep the baby straight. Dog food ... I wish I grew up in '88. I wish I grew up in ' 88 [Lud Foe:] This MAC-11 hold 88. All these ... She got a nice ass, I love her face
AFROMAN LYRICS - She Won't Let Me Fuck
Lyrics to "She Won't Let Me Fuck" song by AFROMAN: Hey sugar, how you doing, huh Your pretty face ... What you mean where my girl ... (Baby) I really need to bust a nut (Ohh) She won't let me fuck (Honey) ... Like take you home, baby yeah
Lyrics to "She Want A Thug" song by BMC BOYZ: She say she wanna it's the remix She say she wanna it's the remix She say she wanna it's the remix... ... Get your body wen no one's around (wen no one's around) ... Baby girl wanna thug
NBA Youngboy - Litty Lyrics
Yeah, vibe out, we have fun, I'm up in my mood. On my ... I don't wanna drink baby girl, I just wanna smoke, yeah ... She wanna party for real ... Lud Foe lyrics.
Kodak Black feat. Boosie - Slayed Lyrics
Jun 11, 2016 My nigga slayed a nigga that I just came from hanging with I don't know what really happen. ... therefore if I get her I'ma hit her My mama say, baby you a winner not ... turned my new car to a vert I might need a new liver 'cause my body ... her over by her ankles, locked her and she called me Kurt She know I ...
YG LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
Lyrics to "I Just Wanna Party" song by YG: Mama ain't raised no fool Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool Grandpa told me never... ... Your baby mama's a flip, she wanna hit a G I'm back on that bullshit. But she ain't fuckin' and ... Shouldn't have chunked his fingers up if he ain't bangin' I'm sayin'... [Hook]
Trill Youngins - One Bitch Lyrics
May 31, 2015 i gotta bitch thats always talking bout she rich i gotta bitch thatll fight another ... pussy wet like aquafina slid to foe-town just to fuck my bitch christina b-bop ... and then my bitch katrina always tryna make a baby she brought me ...
... in the house Bitch! Hope it got 9 lives,lives She know Imma beat the kitty up Imma beat... ... Go, go on baby giddy up. Go on baby ... and you know I want that kitty. You say yay ay ... So I'm cutting your cake, like its my birthday. Drippin vanilla
THE GAME LYRICS - She Want To Have My Baby
Lyrics to "She Want To Have My Baby" song by THE GAME: Le'gggo Yeah Le' gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh Everybody fucking ...
[intro I-20] What the fuck's up! DTP in this mother fucker. And for all ya'll that don't like it. Do one thing, get the fuck back 'Cause all my niggas iz ready. Luda, 20 ...
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Pimp Ride
[Eightball:] It takes a nigga that's hard from the start, you gotta have heart, ... I'm in my caddilac, chillin like a fat mac, Smokin on a ... It's my niggas baby mama but some times I creep. ... It's funny how a hoe could make you thinks she's with 'cha
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme l... ... Got a shorty, she tryna bless me like I said, "Achoo" ... These niggas tryna take my life, they fuck around get killed
You don't want to make me mad son. Nah, Nah ... Niggas come to your apartment , make your baby mother strip. So you best ... Can't fuck her she ain't bad so ya'll can get her ass. My bitch a trap queen, and my Aunt a dope fiend. I'm a CEO ...
LUDACRIS LYRICS - Representing
You done take it a whole another level of freakiness ... Just wanna keep all your attention baby (Yeah, alright ... Just tryna see if you can break my fucking spine
GUCCI MANE LYRICS - Baby Daddy Broke
Lyrics to "Baby Daddy Broke" song by GUCCI MANE: If your boyfriend selling bricks then why that boy ... He got nothing over me cause el chapo my folk, folk, ho
I could have been a lawyer or a doctor. I said fuck that, I need mula, I'm a robber. You ain't gon' ... Fuck my teacher, she a ho, she ain't teach me shit. She told me ...
My team about that money tho, we scrappin fo that dummy dough. Don't act like das yo money ho, das nacho cheese das doritos. And I spit that hot ... And she get so loud, I be like slow down ... I do it how I do it baby swag out the ass. And I' m ...
TANK LYRICS - Money On The Floor
Cause baby here a diamond I ain't about to let it go (go) Patron in my ... Make it hurricane rain like money ain't a thang. Tell them keep the change coming. Me and my hoggs stuntin, chunking stacks in the air ... Bottles of patron, she all on me
MA$E LYRICS - What You Want
Lyrics to "What You Want" song by MA$E: Tell me what you want Tell me what you ... The reason why I love you, you don't like me cuz my status ... Anything in your path, you want you can have ... Come over here, I think I see your baby faddah
Stand up! When I move you move (just like that?) ... (Hell yeah, Hey DJ bring that back!) [Verse - 1] ... Feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my neckless. I pulled ...
THE GAME LYRICS - She Wanna Have My Baby
Lyrics to "She Wanna Have My Baby" song by THE GAME: Le'gggo Yeah Le' gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh Everybody fucking ...
Jay-Z - December 4th Lyrics
At least let me tell you why I'm this way, hold on ... She knows my purpose wasn't purpose ... I went to school got good grades could behave when I wanted
EMINEM LYRICS - Second Chance
It's my life... My own words I guess... Have you ever loved someone so much, you' d give an a... ... is she?" I don't know go play Hailie, baby, your Daddy's busy
Chief Keef - Faneto (Remix) Lyrics
Feds at my door, jump out the window, nigga ... Someone pick him up, take him to the morgue. I'm ridin' ... Baby girl these diamonds are not phony ... I Don't Like.
Maroon 5 - Animals Lyrics
Hunt you down eat you alive ... Just like animals. Animals Like animals-mals. Baby I'm. So what you trying to do to me ... You're still in my head forever stuck
JAY-Z LYRICS - Ain't No Nigga
no need..for you to ever sweat the next bitch ... you get the keys to the Lexus, with no driver ... I got more black chicks between my sheets than Essence they say ...
Party Next Door - Come And See Me Lyrics
Giving me the signs so I gotta take a hint now. I hit you up ... All she talkin' bout is come and see me for once ... I know we make time for the things that we want

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