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Lucky Dube - Remember Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Remember Me" song by Lucky Dube: Daddy where ever you are remember me In what ever you do I love you Daddy where ever you are remembe...
Lucky Dube - Crazy World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crazy World' by Lucky Dube. So far so good we still living today / But we don't know what tomorrow brings / In this crazy world people dying like
Lucky Dube -
Lucky Dube's LUCK DUBE the way it is (lyrics) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.
Lucky Dube - Back To My Roots Lyrics. I and my go to a naughty party one day Them said it' s gonna be eerie there But when I and my go to a naughty party I and I was disappointed
Lucky Dube - It's Not Easy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Not Easy' by Lucky Dube. I remember the day I called mama on the telephone I told her mama I'm getting married, I could hear her voice On the other side of the telephone, she was smiling And she asked me a question that I proudly answered
Lucky Dube - God Bless The Women Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Bless the Women' by Lucky Dube. In the middle of the night I heard her pray so bitterly / And so softly yeah... / She prayed for her children /
Lucky Dube - Slave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slave' by Lucky Dube. Ministers of religion have visited me many times to talk about it / They say to me, I gotta leave it I gotta leave it / It's a
Lucky Dube - Teach The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Teach the World' by Lucky Dube. It takes a million people / To build up a good reputation / But it takes one stupid fool / To destroy everything they
Lucky Dube - Fugitive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fugitive' by Lucky Dube. I' ve been sitting here for many days now They' ve been looking for me for many days too From where I' m sitting I can see their angry faces It' s only a matter of time
Lucky Dube - Hold On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold On' by Lucky Dube. I knew exactly, what you were going through / It's just that I didn't have the right to discuss your problems / I saw you
Lucky Dube - Reggae Strong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reggae Strong' by Lucky Dube. Reggae in the bathroom / reggae in the bedroom / Reggae everywhere / Reggae in jail / reggae in church / Everybody
Lucky Dube - Julie! Julie! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Julie! Julie!' by Lucky Dube. I heard of this guy He lives up on the mountain They say he mixes herbs Throws the bones, tells the future
Lucky Dube - Victims Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Victims' by Lucky Dube. til now as she turns To look at me She said boy o' boy You bring tears to my eyes
Lucky Dube - Is This Freedom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Is This Freedom' by Lucky Dube. She got outside one morning To see what' s going on 'Cause she heard all the noises In the night, It' s a celebration Even though she was old and grey
Lucky Dube - Soldier Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soldier' by Lucky Dube. Stand for the truth you stand alone Stand for the truth you stand alone Government will cover up Government will cover up
Lucky Dube - The Other Side Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Other Side' by Lucky Dube. Number In The Book No glove, no love You've been hearing this so many times don't you think it's time to be a little more responsible
Lucky Dube - Release Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Release Me' by Lucky Dube. You don' t have to come with me / Down this road / 'Cause I know my way around here / Very well / It may not seem like it
Lucky Dube - Can't Blame You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can't Blame You' by Lucky Dube. Can't blame you when you're going This is something you've got to do You've got to go ho ho Trying so hard not to cry Since they say a man ain't supposed to cry
Lucky Dube - The One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The One' by Lucky Dube. It started like a joke / I never thought it would come to this / Today I'm walking in the bushes, like a criminal / Today I'm
Lucky Dube - Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong' by Lucky Dube. It seems like it only happened yesterday / Now that I think about it / Tears cannot bring you joy /
Lucky Dube - War And Crime Lyrics
Lyrics to 'War and Crime' by Lucky Dube. Every where in the world / People are fighting for freedom / Nobody knows what is right / Nobody knows what is wrong /
Lucky Dube - Dracula Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dracula' by Lucky Dube. You gonna try and hide In the dark corners Of the night But he' s gonna get you 'Cause he' s not human at all
Lucky Dube - It's Not Easy Lyrics
Lyrics to "It's Not Easy" song by Lucky Dube: Lord have mercy I remember the day I called mama on the telephone I told her mama I'm getting marrie...
Lucky Dube - Good Things Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Good Things' by Lucky Dube. There will be a time in your life / When you'll need me the most / But I won't be there / There will be a time in your
Lucky Dube - Different Colours Lyrics. Breaking those barriers All over the world Was not an easy thing Yesterday your mouth was shut yeah Couldn't make a sound eh boy But it's su
Lucky Dube It's Not Easy (lyrics). Lucky Dube It's Not ...
Lucky Dube's Lucky Dube It's Not Easy (lyrics). music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.
Lucky Dube - Big Boys Don't Cry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Boys Don't Cry' by Lucky Dube. If we both believe in Reincarnation, Maybe we will have a Chance in the next life. You felt something for me And I was so deeply in love with you.
Lucky Dube - Guns & Roses Lyrics
GUNS & ROSES Lucky Dube. I don' t know why I keep believing That one day, they' ll bring us together When they' ve shown In more ways than one That all they care about is the dollar You belong to the one political party I belong to the one musical party Our differences are worlds apart Just like guns and roses If we don' t take control Of the ...
Lucky Dube - Shembe Is The Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shembe Is The Way' by Lucky Dube. It wasn't the valley of death, I was walking in / It was the valley of confusion for many years / Different
Lucky Dube Lyrics, Music, News and Biography
Lucky Dube (born August 3, 1964, died October 18, 2007) was a reggae musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. He was named Lucky because when he was ...
Lucky Dube - Love Me (The Way I Am) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Me (The Way I Am)' by Lucky Dube. Who' s child am I gonna be tonight? Who' s bed am I gonna sleep in tonight? You told the other ones I was your brother's child You told the ones
Lucky Dube - You Stand Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Stand Alone' by Lucky Dube. Liar, liar, your pants are on fire You' ve got a nose as long as a telephone wire I swear to tell the truth Nothing but the truth So help me God
Lucky Dube - Celebrate Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Celebrate Life' by Lucky Dube. We're living in the world With alot of crazy people We're living in the world With psychopaths Everyone of them wants to rule
Lucky Dube - Taxman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Taxman' by Lucky Dube. I pay my gardener To clean up my garden I pay my doctor To check out da other ting
Lucky Dube - House Of Exile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'House of Exile' by Lucky Dube. Freedom fighter standing on a mountain in a foreign country Trying to send a message to his people back in the ghetto He had a home one time, love of a girl But he left that behind
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